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Feedback: June 10 column

Below are excerpts of e-mail responses to the June 10 “Half a Six Pack” questions (an abbreviated form of “Six Pack to Go”). Each question has five responses from readers. (Sorry, but Russ serves as the “gatekeeper” - he determines the five answers to accompany each question.) In order to make this a reader-friendly feature, some lengthy answers submitted by readers may have been shortened.

1) Don't you have a feeling that if Jenna Bush would have had her two alcohol-related incidents prior to the Nov. 7 election, her father wouldn't be residing in the White House right now?

  • I believe he would have had a tougher time becoming president. Really I think the incident happens all the time with college kids. This does not make it right. The girls are definitely a chip off the old block.

  • No, no, no. Clinton had Gennifer Flowers, Whitewater, and more and still got elected. Bush's daughters, after all, are kids. Bush got elected (not really), even though he's dumber than a stone. What difference would this make?

  • With their track record so far this year, I am not sure that there were not some incidents that went unreported simply because they were not "famous" yet.

  • Hard to say. The actions of the daughters should not, however, have anything to do with the father's electability.

  • Very possible, as the Democrats would have assassinated the character of the girl as well as her father over the incident. Of course, they continually looked the other way and covered up the most heinous, criminal actions of former President Clinton. An A-1 scumbag in my book. Nothing Jenna could do would catch the former president.

    2) Didn't the United Auto Workers overreact when it called for a boycott of Toledo Hospital?

  • Definitely, the UAW overreacted. At least Lloyd Mahaffey did. His tirade was the epitome of the old "union thug" characterization of years back. He is advocating blackmail and that is very bad for the community, the hospital, and the union, which has done so many positive things in the community. Too bad to slip back to the thug mentality. His ill-chosen and whining words reflect on the entire union. Perhaps it needs to clean house.

  • I wouldn't blame the entire UAW, but a local leader certainly acted like a jerk.

  • Thumbs up to the UAW leaders. Finally, someone has the guts to stand up to Toledo Hospital and Promedica. For many years, Promedica and Toledo Hospital have bullied everyone else. I wonder how they like a taste of their own medicine.

  • They overreacted, but then I feel that the unions are desperate.

  • Yes, and it illustrated perfectly why they lost. They were trying to recruit educated professionals to join an auto-workers union. Such tactics as "telling" folks where to get health care is exactly the wrong tactic. Nurses are not factory workers. The vote at St. V's was very close and health-care workers talk to one another. I would tend to believe that it was not TTH management that caused them to lose the issue as much as talking to colleagues across town.

    3) If your 12-year-old niece from Georgia were visiting for a week, where would be the best place to spend a day after you've already taken her to Franklin Park Mall, Cedar Point, the Toledo Zoo, and COSI? (OK, I admit it: My wife and I are desperate for suggestions.)

  • I don't know about questions 1 and 2 in your column this morning, but here are my suggestions for question 3: A trip on the Maumee riverboat; Toledo Botanical Garden; Maumee Bay State Park; Crane Creek State Park; Oak Openings Preserve; Wildwood Metropark. Good luck!

  • Take the Jet Express to Put-in-Bay (not on the weekend, though . try like a Tuesday when the drunks are not as prevalent). And then show her the joys of minor league baseball - take her to a Mud Hens game (hey, my 12-year-old nice loves watching the Hens). And you've forgotten a true Toledo gem - the museum!

  • Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio. A no-brainer. Can I get extra points for that?

  • Fort Meigs in Perrysburg is a unique historical spot, as well as Fallen Timbers and Put-in-Bay. The Toledo Museum of Art has a world-recognized collection. The beautiful campus of the University of Toledo would be an encouragement for higher learning. Volunteering at a hospital or library might be an interesting challenge. (A good book will take you anywhere you want to go!)

  • Wood County Historical Museum at Rt. 6 east of I-75 exit past Bowling Green. The best-kept secret in the area.

  • I have often wondered why schools reward misbehaving students with vacation days. Does it not make common sense to punish these students by having them attend more school than less?

  • Would you rather sit through an algebra class or rake leaves? We both know we'd rather rake leaves.

  • Wouldn't it have been wonderful if you had investigated the demise of the Jefferson Center last June? Also, look at the lack of help the courts and probation officers give us. Stopping would-about-to-be-thugs is a community problem and needs the involvement. I am sick to death of opinions without investigation to substantiate them.

  • I would rather that these students be out of the classroom than disrupting the educational process for the majority of their classmates. Some things to think about: You cannot get blood from a turnip and you cannot get these students to work in school, let alone do physical work for the community. I would hate to be the supervisor of these students because they would cause lots of headaches.

  • I thought that the idea for out-of-school suspensions of having to work during the suspension is an outstanding idea. First choice would be for the students to work within the schools, which would defer some expenses. But doing something helpful for the community would be acceptable. Try to keep this one alive through a definitive response from TPS.

  • You "slant" your questions? Gee, if I'd been paying attention last week, I might have gotten some points.

  • Did you happen to attend the Pizza Challenge on Friday night (June 8)? Remember the `60s rock group, Paul Revere and the Raiders? Mark Lindsay, who was the lead singer, brought a band here to headline Friday night. Well, let me tell you, Mr. Lindsay shouldn't have been anywhere near a stage that night. He made an absolute fool of himself, trying to be a rock star. He even fell at one point, trying to make a leap onto a speaker! His voice cracked, he couldn't carry a tune, and the drummer was the only musician in the bunch who could play a lick. Sad, sad, sad!

  • Your commentary column should appear on the front page!

  • You are, without a doubt, the worst excuse for a columnist the Toledo Blade has ever employed. Every sentence you produce is banal, thought-free and utterly without wit, sophisticated ideas, or even a germ of a notion of what it is to write an opinion column.

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