Sunday, May 03, 2015
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Published 5 hours ago
Baltimore’s cautionary tale
It happened in Baltimore, and before that in Ferguson, Mo. But it could happen almost anywhere — including Toledo. …

Published 5 hours ago
Don’t burden with higher taxes
Gov. John Kasich seeks a $5.2 billion tax hike on Ohio’s oil and natural gas industry. The Ohio House of Representatives rejected this effort in its budget bill, and the state Senate should do likewise. …

Published 5 hours ago
Messing up Medicaid

The House version of Ohio’s next budget includes one redeeming measure: It continues Gov. John Kasich’s highly successful Medicaid expansion, despite grumbling from Tea Party extremists who care more about rigid anti-government ideology than they do about results. …

Published 5 hours ago
Race to the bottom

To enact the new state budget by the June 30 deadline, Gov. John Kasich and the state House and Senate must reconcile deep differences in their spending plans. The House budget eliminates many of the best elements of Mr. Kasich’s proposal while making its bad features worse. The Senate will have to do better. …

Published 5 hours ago
Parking garage fight not over
Letters to the Editor
Toledo City Council voted to accept ProMedica’s proposal for its downtown move, including the idea of plopping six stories of concrete onto Promenade Park (“Council approves ProMedica deal; Garage part of downtown project,” April 29). …

Published 5 hours ago
Politican cartoon appalling

I am appalled at the “Political pop quiz” April 24 editorial cartoon by The Blade’s Kirk Walters. It shows how liberal the Blade has become. …

Published 5 hours ago
Keep Jackson St. as boulevard, but fix it

I agree with you about the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority’s proposal to restructure part of Jackson Street (“Terminal folly,” editorial, April 23). I am familiar with the boulevard, because I drive it every day on my way to my office at One SeaGate. …

Updated 21 hours ago
Apple Watch is really a shackle
Where is Howard Beale when you need him? Wearing an Apple Watch? Not on your life. …

5/2/2015 12:00 AM
Who’s the boss?

How much more time does the General Assembly plan to waste pursuing what has largely become a vendetta by a single lawmaker, albeit a powerful one? …

5/2/2015 12:00 AM
Sen. Sanders’ campaign

Whatever else they disagree on, most Americans say they’re deeply skeptical of the willingness of politicians in Washington to advance the interests of ordinary people. They also agree on the need to get big money out of politics. …

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