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Sylvania area restaurant inspections: 11-26

Recently released inspection reports of Sylvania and Sylvania Township food-service operations.


Mayflower Restaurant, 1396 Sylvania, inspected Nov. 8. Mold developing in ice machine on side walls. Properly clean and sanitize ice machine to prevent mold buildup. Food items uncovered in coolers. Keep food in coolers covered to prevent cross contamination. No date marking observed. Any food items held longer than 24 hours must have a seven-day discard date. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Dale’s Diner, 34 N. Third, Waterville, inspected Nov. 6. There must be an employee present during all hours of operation who has at least a Level One food safety certification. Submit to this office proof of certification. Cooked potatoes out at room temperature. Once cooked the potatoes must either be maintained hot at 135 degrees or higher, or cold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Keep the potatoes warm in table-top warmer or oven, or cold in the cooler adjacent to the cook line. Potatoes can then be reheated to 165 degrees pre order. Sanitizer is not available in the facility for the sanitizer buckets or the three-bay sink. Chlorine is used in the facility, and there is none available. Sanitizer must always be available for use in sanitizer buckets and three-bay sink. Obtain chlorine bleach immediately. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Cafe Marie, 7819 W. Central, inspected Oct. 24. Soups improperly reheated in the hot-holding unit at 101 and 118 degrees. Food items being reheated must be done with a direct heat source (microwave or stove top). The food must be reheated to 165 degrees within two hours to limit bacteria growth. Soups taken out of hot-holding unit and placed on stove top. Hash past 10/22 discard date. Ready-to-eat food items must be discarded after the seven-day discard date to prevent bacteria growth. Hash was discarded. Inspector: Julie Nye.

Organic Bliss Gluten-Free Deli and Bakery, 3723 N. King, inspected Oct. 31. Several items without date marks. Ready-to-eat food items must have a seven-day date mark to determine the discard date, to limit bacteria growth. Inspector: Nye.

Kroger, 7545 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected Oct. 30. Improper labeling in the deli-area display cooler and meat-area display cooler. Food must be properly labeled with all ingredients, common names of the products, liability statement, weight, and, if the product is raw, safe-handling instructions. Missing ingredients in the bagel and donuts self-serve area. Items that are offered for sale must have lists of ingredients. Produce hand sink blocked. Hand sinks must be free from blockage so they are easily accessible. Racks removed from the sink. Two-door milk cooler holding at 42 to 43 degrees (milk and juice). Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Lower cooler temperature to maintain food at 41 degrees or below. Inspector: Nye.

Alexandria’s Diner, 5834 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 6. Improper dating on open lunch meat. When open and sliced lunch meat is removed from the freezer, a thaw date must be placed on the bag. This will allow employees to know when to use it by. Freezing stops the date clock, but it picks up where it left off. Time/temperature control for safety foods stored in the True two-door GDM cooler. As stated in the pre-license inspection, this cooler is only approved for beverages. No food and beverages may be placed in this cooler. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Subway, 5803 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 7. Sanitizer tested at 0 ppm in the wiping cloth bucket. For quat sanitizer, the wiping cloth bucket and three-bay sink should test at 200 ppm. Use quat test kit to check the concentration of sanitizer available and change as needed. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Papa John’s Pizza, 4024 N. Holland Sylvania, inspected Nov. 7. No sanitizer bucket available. Set up a sanitizer wiping cloth bucket prior to beginning to work and keep the in use wiping cloth in the solution. Change the sanitizer bucket as needed. For quat sanitizer, the concentration should test at 200 ppm. Quat in the sanitizer compartment of the three-bay sink tested at 0 ppm. Quat sanitizer should test at 200 ppm. Use the test kit to check sanitizer concentration. Sink drained and set up properly and sanitizer retested at 200 ppm. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Arbor Hills Junior High School, 5334 Whitford, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 7. Two cans of stainless-steel cleaner in the snack area on a top shelf. Place all cleaning chemicals in one area away from food/beverage and food-contact items to protect from contamination. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Waffle House, 6715 W. Central, inspected Oct. 17. Food product in prep-top cooler at improper temperatures of 42 to 54 degrees. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. The cooler is holding temperature at 41 degrees in some areas, but the tomatoes were in a shallow pan. The facility put the tomatoes into a deeper pan. Inspector: Nye.

Subway, 7621 Sylvania, inspected Oct. 20. Under-counter cooler holding at 47 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or below. Repair the cooler or adjust temperature. Inspector: Brady.

Fairways Bar & Grill, 8256 W. Central, inspected Oct. 29. Food at improper temperature of 42 to 47 degrees (tomatoes, cheese, pickles, and ham) in the cook-line prep-top cooler. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Lower temperature or repair the cooler. No date mark on the whole lunch meat. Ready-to-eat food must be properly dated to determine discard date. Make sure items are discarded after seven days and completely remove date stickers from containers while washing. Inspector: Nye.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Barry Bagels, 3305 W. Central.


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