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Police: Messages detail crime

Sylvania police say the dialogue below is a transcript of an online instant messaging conversation between Elissa Schuster, 23, a Sylvania woman accused of raping a 4-year-old girl, and John Fleming, 36, a Tampa man charged with possession of child pornography for receiving e-mailed pictures of the child.

Her online name was identified by police as Lustylis429, and her messages were conducted in boldface type. Mr. Fleming's online name was identified by police as Buckin4God2.

The conversation occurred between 12:29 and 12:55 a.m., but police reported yesterday they have not yet been able to verify the date of this dialogue. Portions of the conversation have been removed by The Blade because of lewd subject content or references to the victim's identity.

Lustylis429: hey there!

Buckin4God2: where is dat pic

Buckin4God2: u promised

Lustylis429: which one?

Buckin4God2: da naked one ?

Lustyliss429: how much can i trust u...

Buckin4God2: very

Lustylis429: are you sure

Buckin4God2: can you send it please

Buckin4God2: yes

Buckin4God2: can u send it

Lustylis429: ur not an undercover cop r u ... lol

Buckin4God2: no

Lustylis429: ok ... give me a sec

Lustylis429: congrats on ur win tonight

Lustylis429: erase it after i send please

Buckin4God2: is she there?

Lustylis429: yes

Buckin4God2: yes but we did

Lustylis429: she says ur cute

Buckin4God2: you gonna take em [pictures] now?

Lustylis429: yes

Lustylis429: hmmmm . . . . what do i get out of it?

Buckin4God2: u can meet me

Lustylis429: when

Buckin4God2: face to face this week

Buckin4God2: and i will marry u . . . . give you this ring i bought fr u

Buckin4God2: tuesday

Buckin4God2: let me see da pics

Lustylis429: ok give me like 2 mins

Lustylis429: ok one sec . . . . this is all i could get . . . , she is very crabby

Lustylis429: i am transferring them right now. . . .

Buckin4God2: ok

Buckin4God2: hmm

Lustylis429: sending now

Buckin4God2: send me more

Buckin4God2: frontal with face

Lustylis429: 12:43 a.m. i don't want to send her face over this. . . . .

Buckin4God2: can i see her face

Buckin4God2: oh come on please

Buckin4God2: dagg

Lustylis429: do you understand where i am comin from, who knows who is watchin

Buckin4God2: be fair

Lustylis429: i will send a separate one of just her face

Buckin4God2: no . . . . send me a frontal that is with da face

Buckin4God2: oh come on

Buckin4God2: now i am [mad]

Lustylis429: i don't want to be a pedafile . . . . or have people think i am into kiddie porn

Buckin4God2: \>:0 [Internet messaging symbol indicating the writer is upset.]

Lustylis429: no don't be [mad]

Lustylis429: i will do it 4 u . . . .

Buckin4God2: no one will know

Buckin4God2: with her face

Lustylis429: well she is very crabby, but i will ask her

Lustylis429: ok i am transferring it now . . . . but this is it b/c she is getting very mad at me

Lustylis429: so do u think u can do me a favor?

Buckin4God2: anyways lookin at her . . . . um i am not dat attracted

Buckin4God2: i am attracted to u

Lustylis429: well that is good

Buckin4God2: what favor?

Lustylis429: do u think u can have me come for a game with a friend and get me tickets?

Lustylis429: & i want a jersey of urs

Buckin4God2: sure

Lustylis429: just so you know i have ur pic on my desktop . . . lol

Lustylis429: ok

Buckin4God2: ok

Buckin4God2 signed off at 12:55 a.m.

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