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Commissioner, township races highlight ballot

Three contested county commissioner races and a number of contested township races will mark Tuesday's partisan primary ballot in largely Republican Lenawee County.

The District 3 seat held by Republican four-term incumbent Robert Hall is one of the county's most hotly contested races, with three Democrats vying for the right to represent their party and ultimately the people in the Hudson and Morenci areas. The commission recently has dealt with the expansion of the Lenawee County Jail and Lenawee County Airport.

Three men, including two other Republicans, are vying to unseat road commissioner Phillip Hart, who will face off against Douglas Lerch and Daniel Witt, with the winner taking on Democrat Robert Emery in November.

The only other county elected official to draw an opponent this year is first-term Democratic Sheriff Larry Richardson, who will square off in November against Republican Jack Welsh. The remaining elected county officials - Prosecutor Irving Shaw, Jr., Clerk Lou Ann Bluntschly, Treasurer Marilyn Woods, Register of Deeds Vicki Daniels, Drain Commissioner Stephen May, and Surveyor Glenn Richard - all are running unopposed.

Voters will request a partisan ballot that will list only candidates for office from the party selected.

In those races where more candidates from the same party file for the number of open seats, primary voters from that party will limit the candidates to the requisite number.

Others running for elected office in Lenawee County this year are:

County Commission

District 1: David Stimpson (R), Ronald Wimple (D).

District 2: H. Edwin Branch (R), Mark Cleveland (D).

District 3: Robert Hall (R), John Jenkins, (R), Randall Borrow (D), Joel Haynes (D), Lee Ann Minton (D).

District 4: Larry Gould (R), Jimmy Cates (D), Karin Gray (D).

District 5: Karol Bolton (D).

District 6: Dick Bailey (R), Thomas Neill, Jr. (R).

District 7: John Tuckerman (R).

District 8: Ralph Tillotson (R).

District 9: Jim Van Doren (R).

Adrian Township

Supervisor: James Koehn (R), Barbara Jones (R).

Clerk: Becky Phibbs (R).

Treasurer: Albert LeBlanc (R).

Trustee (four to be elected): Kathlees Anton (R), Karl Baer (R), Kathleen Ford (R), Michael Herr (R), Joan Jeschke (R), Lindsey Jones (R), Marie Nelson (R), Tom Romain (R), Raymond Thompson (R), Christopher Witt (R).

Blissfield Township

Supervisor: Lewis Bowman (R), Bruce Carter (R).

Clerk: Bonnie Hull (R).

Treasurer: Karen Baldwin (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): James Fischer (R), G. Reed Mapstone (R).

Cambridge Township

Supervisor: John Garrison (R).

Clerk: Rick Richardson (R).

Treasurer: Laurie Johncox (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Peter Buzby (R), Douglas Lake (R), Harold Schroeder (R).

Clinton Township

Supervisor: John DeAngelis (D), Robert Snow (D).

Clerk: Cheryl Matzinger (R).

Treasurer: Janice Pittman (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Richard Dixon (R), Basil Greenleaf (R), Chris Wittenbach (R).

Deerfield Township

Supervisor: Curt Bangerter (R).

Clerk: Shirley Soldwish (R).

Treasurer: Pam Witt (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Douglas Burke (R), Amy Madalinski (R), Brad Witt (R), Ronald Cousino (D).

Dover Township

Supervisor: Constance Rathbun (R).

Clerk: Sharon Rodriguez (R).

Treasurer: Donna Baker (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Marvin Fike (R), John Weidmayer (R), Gerald Fox (D).

Fairfield Township

Supervisor: Janet Harsh (R), Kenneth Richardson (R), Katherine Spencley (D), Dawn VanDusen (D).

Clerk: Carol DeLong (R).

Treasurer: Libbey Frank (R), Martha Middleton (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Michael Bohling (R), Curtis Emmons (R), Gaylord Herriman (R), David Schneider (R), Dan Delano (D).

Franklin Township

Supervisor: Robert Platt (R).

Clerk: Susan Whitehead (R).

Treasurer: Edward Greaney (R), Linda Posa (R), Nancy Wibbeler (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Dan VanValkenburg (R), Douglas Sherman (D).

Hudson Township

Supervisor: Frank Capper (R).

Clerk: James Bills (R).

Treasurer: Vivian Brighton (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Richard McNeil (R), Kenneth Moore (R).

Macon Township

Supervisor: Wesley Gilmore (R).

Clerk: Beth Loesch (R).

Treasurer: Beth DeJonghe (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Lee Wagner (R), David Wielfaert (R).

Constable: Gerald Korican (D).

Madison Township

Supervisor: Theodore Dusseau (R).

Clerk: Arnold Harper (D).

Treasurer: Janet Bovee (R).

Trustee (four to be elected): Roger Roback (D), Chad Rodgers (D), Wayne Smith (D), Howard Bales (R), Larry Liedel (R), Randy Miller (R).

Medina Township

Supervisor: James Craig (R).

Clerk: Roandl Merillat (R).

Treasurer: Ruth Ann Mansfield (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Jack Quigley (R), George Cleghorn (R).

Ogden Township

Supervisor: James Goetz (R).

Clerk: Phyllis Gentz (R).

Treasurer: Rick Dennison (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): James Oprsal (D), Kathleen Simon (D), Marvin Sell (R).

Palmyra Township

Supervisor: James Isley (R).

Clerk: Richard Jackson (R).

Treasurer: Dale Terry (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Bradley Ball (D), Steven Papenhagen (R).

Raisin Township

Supervisor: Larry Crittenden (R), Carl Wagner (R).

Clerk: Betty Holdridge (D).

Treasurer: DeLight Seiler (D), Stacy Gamel (R), Marge McDermott (R).

Trustee (four to be elected): James Hannah (D), Debra Brousseau (R), Steven McGee (R), Dale Mitchell (R), Lee Mohr (R), Keith Richardson (R), Pat Youngkin (R).

Ridgeway Township

Supervisor: Robert Downing (R).

Clerk: Arlyne Becker (R).

Treasurer: Dora Maschino (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Daniel Prielipp (R), Urvin Reau (R).

Riga Township

Supervisor: Joel Davis (R), Robert Knoblauch (R).

Clerk: Karlene Goetz (R).

Treasurer: Richard Beagle (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Mike DeNudt (R), Paul Dusseau (R), Larry Lipp (R).

Constable (two to be elected): Brian Bowman (R), Mark Ostrander (R), Alan Thompson (R).

Rollin Township

Supervisor: Roy Walker (R).

Clerk: Sharon Gust (R).

Treasurer: Robert Green (R), Susan Peterson (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Jerry Underfer (D), Raymond McGrath (R), Arlen Miller (R), Roscoe Wilson (R), Walter Wilson (R).

Rome Township

Supervisor: Alfred Boggs (R), Michael Griffith (R).

Clerk: Dana Harrison (R).

Treasurer: Lisa Freiss (R), Renee Previch (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Kevin Fisher (R), Rich Van Akin (R), Harvey Warrick (R).

Seneca Township

Supervisor: H. Kiel Plummer, Jr. (R).

Clerk: Kim Quist (R).

Treasurer: Rebecca Metcalf (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Donald Emmons (R), Joe Maxwell (R).

Tecumseh Township

Supervisor: Roy Schlegel (R).

Clerk: Curtis Brown (R).

Treasurer: Rick Bunch (R).

Trustee (two to be elected): Michael Freight (R), Patricia Lamb (R).

Woodstock Township

Supervisor: Clarence Ferris, Jr. (D), Molly Upell (D).

Clerk: Archie Crawford (D).

Treasurer: Jane Clark (D).

Trustee (two to be elected): Paul Arnett (D), Nelson Gamble (D), Bernard Pepper (D).

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