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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

July 7, 2003


Monica and Steven Koszycki to Thomas Meeker, Jr., 563 Andora, $93,000.

Norma and Joseph Stalma to Monica and Steve Koszycki, 3229 Heatherdowns, $127,000.

Jason Spiess to David Jaynes and others, 6063 White Oak, $145,000.

Susan and Timothy Wojkiewicz to Steve Jindal and others, 5632 Country Lake, Sylvania, $61,000.

Jennifer and Steven Medlin to Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp., 6109 Deepwood, Sylvania, $202,000.

Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp. to Pamela and Michael McPeek, 6109 Deepwood, Sylvania, $202,000.

Sandra Kwiatkowski to Christina and Joshua Knack, 3848 Dikway, $75,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee to Faten Taouil, 550 Woodville, $7,000.

Howard Waller to Kelly and Paul Garza, Jr., 723 South Dorcas, Holland, $73,000.

Harriet Groch to Jason Jude, 2161 Airport, $69,000.

Carolyn and Martin Bihn to William and April Chappell, 1755 Ambleside, Oregon, $128,000.

Paula Gerrard to Richard Wunderley, 551 Plymouth, $45,000.

Kris Turnbull and others to Mary and Lindsay Baker, 3641 Philmar, $160,000.

James Mossing and Bonnie Fruchey-Mossing to Susan and Richard Boose, 2821 105th, $83,000.

Melody and John Basta to Yvonne Priest, 3613 145th, $76,900.

Alaska Seaboard Partners to Waleed Al-Nassar, 2301 and 2303 Valentine, $25,000.

Wingate Building Co. to Cynthia and Robert Ruch, 802 Wind Breeze, $187,750.

Bridge Tillman to Ryan Carr, 2347 South Country Club, $165,000.

Catherine Heaston to David Caughorn and others, 5617 East Rowland, $103,500.

Janet and Richard Schroeder to Manuel Mora and others, 1049 Harding, $21,000.

Joseph Owens to Diana Alkassimy, 5963, 5969, 5971, and 5979 Lakeside, $125,000.

Janice and Robert Browns to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., 5502 Brixton, Sylvania, $147,000.

Emogene and William Johnson to Katherine Patterson, 2482 and 2484 Broadway, $65,000.

Eric Warnock to John Castillo and others, 7027 Mourning Dove, $422,000.

Sylvan Lakes to Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc. ,7662 Sylvan Oaks Way, Sylvania, $44,500.

Carol Kloesen to Dawn Hall-Bialorucki, 425 Layer, Holland, $86,240.

Robert Thigpen to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1909 Glencove, $50,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Westhaven Group LLC, 1909 Glencove, $43,000.

Joseph Wines to Household Realty Corp., 3718 Revere, $50,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Eric Lehman, 3718 Revere, $59,600.

Mary Cooley to Household Realty Corp., 2125 South, $40,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Sharon Cygnor, 2125 South, $29,900.

Daniel Hudson to Sharon Evans, 2355 Valentine, $12,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co. to Laser Properties, 5502 Brixton, Sylvania, $154,000.

Edith and David Carr to Donald Davis, 1710, 1718, and 1720 Gill, $78,462.

Christina and Paul Lopez to Fairbanks Capital Corp. 745 Valleywood, $43,000.

Gail Miller to Melissa and Brian Pietrzak, 5618 Comet, $115,000.

Sean Su to Graciela Garcia and others, 2215 Mulberry, $13,000.

Leslie and Jeffrey Zapiecki to Kristen Knann|lien, 4134 Parrakeet, $79,300.

Margaret Nowicki to Mary and Douglas Kriegel, 4343 Lyman, $87,500.

Mark Dennis to Catherine Dinkens, 5873 Staghorn, $60,000.

Relocation Advantage to Gayane Avanian, 2004 Cherrylawn, $152,400.

Emmett Hallick to Susan Rodriquez, 1461 South and other property, $1,900.

Ezekiel Smalley to Gina Hamernik, 7110 and 7116 Hill, $60,000.

Raymond Kadri to Mark Humphrey and others, 5801 Acres, Sylvania, $117,500.

Veterans Administration to Betty Jacobs, 1653 Vance, $12,500.


HMP Properties Inc. to Jai Ganesh, 150 Dussel, Maumee, $1,575,000.

Samira and Soubhi Saleh to MS Christina Inc. and others, 3535 Airport, $53,000.


July 8, 2003


Stephanie Tisdale to Shannon Tisdale, 2616 West Village, $125,000.

Michael Elson, trustee, to Patrick Elson, 5612 Douglas, $70,000.

Betty and Leo Montrie to Willie Randolph, 3536 Bluff, $9,000.

Erika and Kevin Simpson to Deborah Klicko, 3457 and 3459 149th, $92,000.

Melody Branum to Linda Santiago and Scott Sattler, 5651 Mitchaw, Sylvania, $214,500.

Lisa Gregory to Kristin Franklin, 4047 Jackman, $104,500.

Joseph Stubler to Daniel Minard, trustee, 502 East Streicher, $16,500.

Joan St. Julian to Mary Dixon, 5530 Harvest, $64,000.

Myrna Kinsman to Joan St. Julian, 6132 Dellwood, $124,900.

Kim Breskow-Harner and Michael Harner to Youngsook Yoon, 2361 St. James Wood, $198,500.

Shawn Garner to Debra Rokicki, 720 South Westwood, $60,000.

Christy and Donald Hennessey, Jr., to Brent Hennessey, 4811 Brott, $120,000.

Larry and Diane Wamsley to Lynette Dunbar, 1437 Rollins, $110,000.

Patricia Klotz, trustee, to Anna Naumovski, 6020 Rockdale, Sylvania, $160,000.

George Nimmo to Brian Henry and others, 3640 Larchmont, $74,000.

Fallen Timbers Fairways Ltd. to Marilyn and Willaim Shuler, 7862 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $136,500.

Todd Togrul and others to Lisa and Richard Jaeger, 5935 Iron, Waterville, $263,000.

Jackie and Christopher Claus to Charles Strauss, Jr., 4329 Brown, Oregon, $132,000.

Cynthia and Daniel Steltmann to Anthony Diaz, 6733 Garden, Maumee, $120,000.

Timothy Duncan to Karen and Brian Hunker, 7044 Springfield, Holland, $127,500.

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Jaime and James Holmes, 1134 Gribbin, $63,000.

Debra and Anthony Hurst to Janelle and Michael Burzynski, 2417 Hiddenbrook, $103,000.

Sonia and Chris Schaffer to Terri and Brad Burroughs, 6874 Shooters Hill, $189,900.

Paulette and David Yurkovich to Joseph Veberroth, 569 Sylvandale, Oregon, $121,000.

Martha Adams to Ruth Lowry, 6201 Garden, Unit H146, Maumee, $54,000.

Mercurio Developers Inc. to Debra and Rick Bryan, 6846 Sylvania, #C, Sylvania, $109,900.

Joan and Roy Heinz, trustees, to Julie Fannin, 1309 Applegate, Waterville, $114,000.

Kelly Vincent to Joyce and John Barteck, 3334 Rainbow, Oregon, $173,000.

Joyce and John Barteck to Elisia and Isaac Miranda, 426 Utah, $76,000.

Madden & Sons to Ling Yu Chen and Zhixing Pan, 5534 Anchor Hills, Sylvania, $433,000.

Richard Prokup and others to Sara and Robert Lazzerini, 3047 Matthew, Monclova, $342,660.

Ann Mitchell to Stacey and William Leffler, 3417 Shakespeare, $190,000.

Mark Shambarger and others to Helisa and Dennis Rowan, 4703 Clover, $121,500.

Catherine and Ronald Hurst to John Ewing, 4855 Imperial, $140,000.

Charlotte and James Jiannuzzi to Amanda and Sven Nelson, 736 Wright, $93,000.

Joyce Ten Eyck to Carol Zacharias, 1024 Front, $52,000.

Kristopher Barry to Novastar Mortgage Inc. 2536 Plum Leaf, $80,000.

Bank One National Association, trustee, to Robert Church, 3012 Wicklow, $88,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Dorothy and Herbert Thomas, 1821 Cone, $13,500.

Bankers Trust Co., trustee, to Lisa and Patrick Wofford, 341 Victoria, $13,000.

Abed Elder to Khalood Ftaiha, 3328 Aldring|ham, $120,000.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. to Mary and Robert Reighard, 4231 Tejon, $147,500.

Judith and Gene Monroe to B.R. Gill, 1140 Hamilton, $16,000.

Jack Vanhee to Marsha and James McCoy, 8673 Augusta, Holland, $330,700.

Carol and Michael Szyperski to Christy Lawrence, 4248 Stannard, $155,500.

Margaret Gill to MCF LLC, 5679 Monroe St., Bldg. 4, Apt. 1109, Sylvania, $87,000.

James Walterschied to Kenneth Smith, 2335 Roseview, $102,920.

Marsha McCoy to Bonnie and Mark Johnson, 6233 West Sylvania, $215,000.

Brenda and Robert King to Fairbanks Capital Corp., 320 North Norden, Oregon, $90,417.

Andrew Oess to Angela and Joseph Westenkirchner, 880 and 884 Wright, $114,000.

Lisa and Gary Lutman to Kymberly Murdock, 303 Chorus, $85,000.

Nina Richardson to Kim Breskow-Harner and Michael Harner, 4323 Truxton, $53,511.

Donna Williams to Shelli Kilburn, 1998 Colony, $115,000.

Alan Properties, Inc. to Robert Snyder, 7818 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $40,500.

Westhaven Group to Community Center of Hope, 2345, 2349, and 2353 Auburn, $10,000.

George Sakelaris to Hristos Rongakis, 1045, 1047, and 1049 Western, $131,500.


Anchor Point Boat-A-Minium Association to Dianne and Joseph Berry, 10905 Corduroy (rear) and other property, $3,600.


July 9, 2003


Mary Clark to Judith and Chester Zapadka, 6450 East Baywood and 6446 Lakeway, both Oregon, $20,000.

Sandra Clark to Judith and Chester Zapadka, 2071 East Baywood, Oregon, $55,000.

Margaret Thornton, trustee, to Rebecca and Jose Martinez, 4923 Cranston, $180,000.

Donna and Ronald Theiss to Effi and David Theiss, 3750 Frampton, $80,000.

Katherine and James Head to Renee Rice, 1101 Miami, $53,000.

Janet Erven to Barbara Bauchman, 1214 Hidden Ridge, $100,000.

Dorothy Hendricks to Deanna Ousky, 10245 South River, Waterville, $249,900.

Yvonne and Lee Burlingame to Marilyn and Daniel Punches, 1945 Rhode Island, Holland, $140,000.

Irene and Joseph Fackelman to Barbara and John Laplante, 4757 Santa Maria, $174,900.

Kenneth Harp II to Westhaven Group, 3947 Burnham, $39,500.

Susan and Paul Lyell to Lisa and Paul Mulinix, 1922 Dority, $8,000.

Jason Tansey and others to Karin and Ryan Painter, 3414 and 3418 Anderson, $108,000.

Diane and Vincent Debo to Beatriz Roman, 2251 Burroughs, $152,500.

Jack Bolduan to Tonya Dixon, 2249 Plum Leaf, $185,500.

Jennifer and Charles Muck, Jr., to Meghan King, 2712 Merrimac, $124,000.

Edward and Debbie Couture to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, 2702 Latonia, $53,334.

Robert Oehlers to Perrysburg Title Agency, Inc., trustee, 532 Southover, $46,000.

Charline Buehrer to Michelle Hayden, 206 University, $92,500.

Susan Myers to David Dillard and others, 908 Hayes, $117,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Steeve Vanderpol, 4923 Marble Cliff, Sylvania, $233,000.

Derryl Glaze to Nicole and Nicholas Myers, 2237 Barrington, $178,000.

Heather and John Ford to Sarah Neal, 5207 and 5211 Newhart, $87,900.

David Hardison to Teresa Spearman, 902 Alldays, $14,000.

Mark Gilliland to Lisa and Paul Razo, Jr., 7735 Little, Sylvania, $245,000.

Deloris and Santos Urbina to Oralia Chapa, 827 Vinton, $6,500.

Thomas Brown to Adel Kamal, 1429 South, $24,200.

Sheryl Raczkowski to Mary Noonan, 5814 Woodside, $140,000.

Cathrine and Peter Marinelli to Amy and Kenneth Rosemond, 5734 St. Clements, $172,500.

Mary Noonan to Jaime and Mathew Lapoint, 2742 Tarrytowne, $161,500.

Rodney Kinn to Marc Paulenich, 2575 West Village, $113,000.

Jodi and Cameron Sloan to Ruth and John Nowaczyk, 7657 Waterpoint, Holland, $181,000.

Saba Custom Homes to Mary and Jeffrey Stein, 3009 Quarry, Maumee, $302,500.

Roger and Linda Lindhurst to Kelly and Thomas Sommers, 940 Cloverdale, $85,000.

Richard Detling-Nusser to Elizabeth and William Sigler, 3011 Hopewell, $211,000.

Pat Matin, trustee, to Margaret and Ronald Miller, 804 Second, $29,250.

James Bruzda to Katherine Bielski, 2913 Jodore, $114,000.

Eva and William Hadgigeorge to Richard Mocznianski, 6820 Queen Annes, $239,250.

Patrick Gilsdorf to Cory Hill, 2915 Powhattan, $95,000.

Dean Livingston to Shirley Bowdre, 2871 Boxwood, $112,000.

Rose Haley, successor trustee of the Haley Living Trust, to Metropolitan Title Company, trustee, 330 Ferris, $18,144.

Bruce Krupp to Pamela Mitchell, 586 Prouty, $47,000.

Candace Bollin to Marie and Paul Reynolds, 736 Hilltop, $166,500.

Westhaven Group to Sukhminder and Swaran Mavi, 919 Noble, $17,050.

Kenneth Mickel to Carol Fox, trustee, 8554 Stone Oak, Holland, $32,000.

David Moore to Jeffrey Whaley, 841 Ogden, $72,900.

Patricia Kurtz to Joanne and Richard Dusseau, 5064 South Main, Sylvania, $153,500.

Susan and William Bresnahan to David and Mary Kieser, 708 Geneva, $96,820.

Teri and Kenneth Taylor to Ingomar Limited Partnership, 743 Clark, $40,000.

Rand Derby to Thomas Derby, 2019 Idaho, $40,000.

Richard Dawley to Joshua Little, 536 Woodsdale, $92,500.

Jacquelyn Leahy and others to Cynthia and Campbell Brady and others, 10837 Lakeview, Whitehouse, $86,334.


Virginia and Lamonte Warner to Karen and John Simon, 10801 Shaffer, Swanton, $55,000.


Jessica Poage to Jason Rodriguez, 2200 Scottwood, Unit 4, and other property, $76,000.


Northern Distributing to Kroger Co., 1300 and 1360 Michigan, Waterville, $3,825,000.


July 10, 2003


Karen Contos, successor trustee, and others to Victoria and Joseph Steck, 1007 Schmidlin, Oregon, $140,000.

Bryce Hemans and others to Lynette Williams, 5737 Windgate, $169,900.

Marguerite and Walter Alder to Northwest Title of Ohio, trustee, 827 Kingston, $55,000.

Karen Gill to Carol and Mark Schroder, 4158 Mayfield, $55,000.

Gladieux Lumber & Supply Co. Inc. to Bobby Hancock and others, 5438 Bay Shore, Oregon, $171,000.

Teresa Perkins to Heather Hoover, 2058 Arkansas, Oregon, $50,000.

Mark Moore to Violeta and Jason Middaugh, 1812 Bond, $75,000.

Stuart and Pamela Cohen to Christine and Larry Folley, 1844 North Ontario, $17,000.

Chad Achenbach to Dorothy and Sean Miller, 2055 South, $78,700.

Michelle and Hisham Bassiouni to Linda Miranda-Ketron, 545 South Stephen, Oregon, $130,000.

Paul Brinker, Jr., to Colletta Richards, trustee, 4730 Glendale, $89,900.

Sonja Duncan to Peter Theodorou, 3828 Woodmont, $49,500.

Shane Sieg and others to Cindy Findlay, 3526 Brant, $127,000.

Kathy and Craig Zahniser to Brad Hafner and others, 5926 Monclova, Maumee, $130,500.

Thomas Rotte and others to Charles Bodette and others, 5633 Bent Oak, Sylvania, $235,000.

Helen and Robert Szana to Christina and Michael Evans, 8260 River and 8246 North River, Waterville, $255,000.

Mary and Dale Heffner to Chad Martin, 1500 Sabra, $87,550.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, to Marcella and Ronald Hawk, 1068 Bending Brook, Waterville, $265,00.

Helyn Carr to Gail and James Moon, 2301 Heather Glen, Maumee, $245,000.

Linda Butzin to John Rabideau, 3263 and 3265 Jackman, $45,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Lucille Sarnes, trustee, 7027 Nightingale, Holland, $166,900.

Mid Ohio Securities Custodian to Harry Young Building Co., 5949 Porsha, Sylvania, $43,936.

Nancy and John Hilkens to Denise Salo, 4146 Peak, $64,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Greg Besase, 5958 Sarah Lake, Sylvania, $182,965.

Suzette and David Hartman to Deborah and Dale Bettinger, 12875 Doran, Grand Rapids, $206,000.

Therese Geiger to Marjorie Romanoff, trustee, 4343 West Bancroft, Unit 4-B, $171,000.

Cheryl and Darin Freeman to Dale Tenney, 3154 Sherbrooke, $103,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Kirk Paneff, 8645 Whitecliff, Sylvania, $270,000.

Kellie Poszekaj to Anthony Duran, 4213 Circleview, $95,000.

Deborah and William Thomas to Bank One, 2023 Lehman, $90,400.

Bank One to Renea Bais, 2023 Lehman, $109,801.

Philip Pelton, Jr., to Valeria Pitts-Bennett, 3419 Mulberry, $59,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Diann and Donald Hack, 5950 Sarah Lake, Sylvania, $189,490.

Adell Westrick to Karin and Timothy Perozek, 2513 West Village, $102,000.

Florence Schnell to Julie and Stephen Rowe, 2719 Eastmoreland, Oregon, $130,400.

Stephen Rowe and others to Constance and John Carter, Jr., 643 Dearborn, $60,000.

Metropolitan Title Co. of Ohio, trustee, to James Meyer, 2650 Westbrook, $85,500.

Crandenbrook Corp. to Helen and Robert Megyesi, 6624 and 6630 North, Whitehouse, $36,000.

Ethel Aseltyne to T.S.I. Dominion Ltd., 6640 North River, Waterville, $127,000.

Limmie Reynolds, Jr., to Melvin Gaines, 1434 Parkside, $70,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Home Source Construction, 6510 Saddle Bridge Drive East, Whitehouse, $45,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Lori and Arthur Hanrehan, 2010 Orchard, $295,500.

Delores Cottrell to Juanita and Larry Bechtol, 11708 Rachel, Curtice, $79,000.

Arlene McMaster to Mark Skolnicki and others, 4655 Carskaddon, $208,160.

Laurie and Michael Reilly to Carol and Charles Stainfield, 9520 Monclova, Monclova, $284,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Kelly and Thomas Taylor, 7744 Forest Creek, Maumee, $65,900.

Amanda and Andrew Schade to William Dibling, 5612 and 5618 Cushman, Sylvania, $110,000.

Michael Powers and others to Timothy and Jane Wilde, 3010 Westbrook, $112,200.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas Swartz, 1850 Winston, $89,000.

Patricia Stobinski to Michael Dilley, 3443 Forest Grove, $110,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Doris Moore, 549 Crystal Lake, Holland, $159,900.

Thomas Brown to Linda McCabe, 2020 Cherrylawn, $99,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Saba Custom Homes, 5719 Maple Creek, Sylvania, $42,825.

Nancy and Jon Allard to Mollie Warrington-Tucker and Dean Tucker, 2208, 2212, and 2214 Aberdeen, $119,970.

Barbara and John Walters to Jon and Nancy Allard, 520 Greenfield, Maumee, $197,500.

James Newman to Barbara Dargartz and others, 746 Barclay, $77,000.

Carol Wiener to Emily Simon, 2356 Manda Lane North, $150,000.

Joanne and Theodore Mincica to Carol Wiener, 7921 Hidden Harbour Drive East, Holland, $240,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Stephen Bowsher, 700 Whisperwood, Holland, $247,050.

Timothy Mills to Adam Carper and others, 4415 Commonwealth, $99,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Custom Builder, 724 Whisperwood, Holland, $45,9000.

Charlotte and Clifford Monsen to Pamela Wood, 726 Weston, $55,000.

Esther Odom to Toni Hall, 5720 Waterford, $141,500.

Evelyn Triplett to Joycelyn Burks, 961 Avondale, $38,950.

Kerry and Darren Phipps to Jodi and Eduardo Garcia, 6905 Gettysburg, Sylvania, $193,000.

Associates Financial Services Co. Inc. to William Chapman and others, 628 Ashwood, $15,000.

Martha and David McKenzie to Richard Curran, 401 Ford, Maumee, $190,000.

Ethel Tefft to Hassan Semaan, 2337 Marengo, $86,000.

Randolph Peek to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 4119 Caroline, $40,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to West|haven Group, 4119 Caroline, $47,000.

Tammy and Eric Roberts to Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc., 29 Garfield, $18,000.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. to Westhaven Group, 29 Garfield, $15,150.

Sue Hicks, trustee, to 1001 Starr Investments, 1014 and 1016 Front, $30,000.

Virginia Thrasher to Deborah and Michael Griffith, 2926 and 2940 Heysler, $150,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Westhaven Group Inc., 630 Gawil, $36,450.

Barbara Liggons to Deborah Liggons, 738 Woodland, $1.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc., 9360 St Angelas Way, Sylvania, $36,000.

Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc. to Squires Development Co. LTD., 9360 St. Angelas Way, Sylvania, $38,400.

Marilyn and William Shuler to Amy Ashner, 2552 Bittersweet, $122,000.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc., 9344 St. Angelas Way, Sylvania, $36,000.

Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc. to Squires Development Co. LTD., 9344 St. Angelas Way, Sylvania, $38,400.


Colony Properties to Monroe-West, 3555 Grantley, $215,000.

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