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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Sept. 22, 2003


Leda Tassell to Amy and Christopher Carson, 644 Cloverdale, $77,000.

Annie Rambus to Rodney Searcy, 3027 Fulton, $300.

Betty McKenzie to Eric Renzhofer, 2519 Marlboro, $15,000.

Gail Hastings to Mathew Sherette, 2446 104th, $100,500.

Scott Farnsworth to Lisa Barrow, 2545 Bittersweet, $125,000.

Carolyn Ankney-Bartley and William Bartley to Jennifer and James Bartley, 8510 Jerusalem, Curtice, $68,000.

Frances and Ronald Kusz, trustees, to Ron Kusz, Jr., 757 and 803 Alvison, $70,000.

Jacqueline and Robert Boyer to Nancy and Kurt Zimmerman, 679 Lorain, $20,000.

Thomas Giovanni to Karen and Dale Czaja, 302 Pasadena, $84,500.

Sue Reynoldson, trustee, to Investment Properties of Ohio, 2931 Plumbrook, Maumee, $215,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Laura and Peter Dery, 6202 Sugarberry, $186,000.

Douglas McElheney to Daniel Calverley, 2224 Vaness, $74,230.

Kimberly and David Winckowski to Renee and Michael Charchol, Jr., 3466 Fieldbrooke, Oregon, $203,000.

Mary Jane Czyznikiewicz to Cathleen Smith and others, 3220 Maple, $65,500.

Ryan Schmitt to Omar and Ghulam Feda, 635 and 639 Jean, $101,200.

Terri Jo Tomaski-Rodriquez to Lisa Thomas, 5316 Secor, $155,100.

Jeffrey Knaggs to Lisa Cromwell, 3954 Imperial, $138,000.

Carole and Thomas Kwiatkowski to Helen and William McDermott, 427 Gramercy, $95,500.

Lisa and Steven Dickens to Matthew Schroeder, 2539 Berdan, $123,000.

Louisville Title Agency, trustee, to Heather and John Kavalick, 7131 Elli Harbour, Maumee, $34,400.

Jeremy Santus to Audrey and John Santus, 1052 Rosedale, Maumee, $113,000.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to Heather and Mark Dansack, 7427 Pinafore, Maumee, $42,900.

Frederick Denmark, Jr., to Michelle Denmark, 2658 Bleeker, Oregon, $2,658.

Gloria Kistler to Nancy Kistler, 2736 Edgehill, $541,500.

Jose Parja to Hortencia Estrada-Martinez, 1327 Elmwood, $100.

Judy and Timothy Felix to Sharon and Adam Loukx, 1861 Lynbrook, $155,000.

William Rixey to Kevin Phillips and others, 1508 Hoag, $2,175.

Basil Morales and others to Joeylyn and Michael Dale, 848 Prouty, $12,500.


Ohio Land to David Pickering, 116 East William, Maumee, $115,000.

Hazel Gallagher to Mary and Gerald Morrissey, 1425 South, $8,000.

Mutt & Jeff Ice Cream Co. Inc. to Sky-Rocket Investments Inc., 2059 West Laskey, $150,000.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Therese Killian, 110 Ottawa, Unit 4C, $128,400.


Sept. 23, 2003


Sarah Sullivan to Sharalee Pate, 2556 Elsie, $72,000.

High Tech Properties Inc. to Elizabeth and Robert Longeway, 5019 Westminster, Sylvania, $111,250.

Florence and James Kutz, trustees, to Scott Kazura, 1745 Wilshire, $127,000.

Joseph Zak to Cassandra and John Zak, 3037 Powhattan, $82,000.

Inna and Vladimir Galperin to Deborah Define and others, 2143 St. Andrews Bluffs, $166,000.

George Mikolajczyk to Brandon McGilvray, 2527 102nd, $103,500.

Corene and Donald Druschel, trustees, to Michael Druschel, 1960 Albon, Holland and other property, $150,000.

Lucy and Gabriel Pinciotti to Sharon and Forest Gorkowski, 2424 Scottwood, $144,000.

Gale Frederick and others to Kimberly and Robert Blok, 1959 and 1961 Richmond, $249,000.

Tracy and John Carte to Lindsay and Thomas Christie, 8265 Southampton, Holland, $289,900.

Frances Ashbacher to Pamela Kleinert, 2625 Amara, Unit 5, $114,000.

Lena Bosch to Margaret Martin, 2333 Drummond, $138,000.

Arlene Klinger to Donna Schwartz, 5952 Elden, Sylvania, $145,000.

William Crosser, Jr., to Todd Palenske, 3444 Queenswood, $132,000.

David Marion to Cheryl and Thomas Lorrowski, 1924 Loxley, $45,000.

Lisa and Patrick Wooford to Troy Montgomery, 130 Islington and other property, $82,000.

James Selders to Yvonne and Robert Selders, Jr., 12131 Patton, Grand Rapids, $130,000.

Richard Griffin and others to GPS Paralegal Services Inc. and others, 1340 Fitchland, $14,000.

Guirguis Ragheb to Barbara and Kirk Holdcroft, 2712 Sherbrooke, $95,700.

Ernestine and Scott Beaudry to Tracy Tersigni, 2425 Drummond, $182,500.

Andrew Hoag to David Majors, 2620 West Village, $143,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Corene and Donald Druschel, trustees, 11070 Villacourt Lane, Whitehouse, $166,900.

Rose Haley, trustee, to Dawn Dennis, 3306 Kenwood, $147,000.

John Trumbull to Metropolitan Title Co., trustee, 618 Oswald, $37,000.

Tina Dubois to Sandra and Howard Sliker, 5305 Norton, $100,000.

Kristina and James McHugh to Annmarie and Basil Koory, 3937 Imperial, $156,500.

Edward Hoeffel to Timothy Lowrie, 3061 123rd, $91,000.

Noreen Shank, successor trustee, to Joyce and Charles Miller, 1123 Nela Pkwy., $117,700.

Kelly and Darryl Mohr to Mary Newport, 3304 West Lincolnshire, $126,900.

Lillian Kaminsky, trustee, to Travis Calvet, 3238 Aldringham, $106,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Jacqueline Terrell, 321 Kingswood, $61,860.

Cindy and Richard Cherry to Stephanie and Philip Neitzel, 2607 Westbrook, $83,000.

Constance and Stephen Suffety to Michael Pasch, 11 Edgewater, $121,000.

Nancy Housley to Diane and Larry Bush, 5502, 5504 and 5510 Fortune, $93,250.

Amy and Scott Young to James Weirick, 5515 303rd, $192,000.

Barbara and Michael Hurst to Michael Hurst, 14035 Shaffer, Swanton, $19,000.

Patricia and Thomas Daniel to Linda and Gary Miller, 908 Mallard, Oregon, $289,000.

Lousiville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc., 8903 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $47,715.

Marjorie Prond to Mary and James Gilling|ham, 3216 Meadowlake, $140,000.

Marjorie and Charles Erichson to Kristina and Douglas Lewis, 5625 Woods, $155,500.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Kevin and Darla Omey, 5965 Secluded, Sylvania, $230,660.

Shirley and Donald Geoffrion to Angela Rodriguez, 421 Troy, $3,000.

Jean Czerniak, trustee, to Anna Schroeder, 1309 Kelsey, $65,000.

Marilyn and Paul Dartt to KTB Investments Ltd., 1121 Liberty, $25,000.

Tammy and George Serres to Bank One, N.A., 506 and 508 Craig, $21,334.

Suzette Sigrist to Azab Abdul-Majeed, 2278 108th, $93,500.

Jason Root to Susan and Vincent Perez, 7739 Old Sycamore, Sylvania, $615,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Dawn and Brad Ballard, 11021 Chapelstone, Whitehouse, $193,500.

Joyce Michalski to Kirsti McClintock, 1350 Laurel, $71,000.

Christopher Graves and others to Matthew Goller and others, 2936 and 2938 Escott, $104,500.

Dawn and Brad Ballard to Robert Beuschlein, trustee, 60 Mount Vernon, Waterville, $116,000.

WM Specialty Mortgage to Westhaven Group, 1152 Colton, $5,400.

Juscot Property Group Inc. to Sharon and Gerald Kramer, Jr., 3407 Grayling, $93,000.


Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Valerie and Peter Garforth, 110 Ottawa, Unit 5, $301,950.


Sept. 24, 2003


David Wiley and others to Anwar Saleh, 2044, 2046, and 2048 Woodford, $29,500.

Milton Dotts to Norma Kunzer, 1031 Richland, Maumee, $86,000.

Barbara and Lucius Sears, Jr., to Sherry Howard and others, 477 Canal, Waterville, $220,000.

Francisca and Eduardo Marroquin to Jeanette and John Hrovatich, 2027 Northridge, $98,500.

James Parritt to Carol Martin, 1753 Jermain, $82,000.

Jennifer Payette to Julie and Milton Pommeranz, 2813 Sherbrooke, $119,500.

Wendy and Michael Ungar to Joan and Thomas Williams, 5303 Brandy, Sylvania, $175,000.

Gilbert Bentley to Heidi Nusom, 9250 Garden, Monclova, $89,650.

Ronald and Margaret Young to Donald and Rhonda Farawell, Jr., 810 Clark, $18,500.

Renee and Michael Charchol, Jr. to Brenda Davies, 3218 Lantern, Oregon, $109,900.

Elizabeth and Randy Faneuff to Michael Sanders, 556 Plymoutn. $32,000.

Elizabeth and Randy Faneuff to Michael Sanders, 558 Plymouth, $32,000.

Mary and Bruce Lazar to Jenean and Brian Feree, 6012 Jeffrey, Sylvania, $179,900.

Landamerica Onestop Inc. to Mary and Bruce Lazar, 6015 Settlers Ridge, Sylvania, $390,000.

Diamond Properties Development to Charlotte Gentry-Sanford, trustee, 1425 Buckingham, $5,500.

Thaliah Cassis to Competitive Home Properties, Inc., trustee, 414 Parker, $28,500.

James and Andrea Merillat to Jennifer and Donald Stewart, 5841 Gay, $100,000.

Lasalle Bank to Brian Smith, 208 Rockingham, $11,000.

Eva Boyd to Faye Tipple, 605 Nicholas, $93,000.

Venture Property Investments Inc. to Sandra Everhart, 1838 North Stadium, Oregon, $93,730.

Volmar Properties LLC to Jennifer Vaughn, 3560 149th, $77,200.

Sarah and John Becerra to Kimberly and David Winckowski, 4334 Pearson, Oregon, $254,700.

Midland Agency of Northwest, Ohio Inc., trustee, to Maryann Solomon, 5908 Sarah Lake, Sylvania, $179,145.

Mary and Ahmet Kahraman to Laurie and Joseph Kruszynski, 7174 Regents Park, $224,000.

Ilara Glaznavs to Kelly and Joel Leganik, 3029 Higgins, $5,000.

Larry Cardwell to Brian Smith, 2843 North Detroit, $5,000.

Ulysses Humphries to Michael Wyant, 1448 Oakwood, $1.

Eleanor and Nathaniel Gillette to Heather and Michael Williams, Jr., 6830 Kipling, Holland, $126,000.

National City Home Loan Services Inc. to Jennifer and Kyle Mauk, 4202 Dahlia, $53,900.

Charlotte Bronowicz to Dawn Weaver, trustee, 4910 Naomi, $121,000.

Hazel and Robert McQuillin, trustees, to Yvonne and Lee Burlingame, 3225 Scarsborough, $166,500.

Edith Barton, trustee, to Marian and Boyd Thompson, trustees, 3010 West Central, Unit 106, $85,000.

Anne Henry to Anthony Smith, 2120 Bakewell, $30,200.

Donald Homier to Terry Jourdain, 5406 301st, $27,500.


Paul Lorenzen to WHA Lands, 9876 Maumee Western, Monclova, $138,600.


Earlton Cousino, trustee, to Diana and Keith Hymore, 1945 Ottawa, $163,392.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Michael Roberts, 110 Ottawa, Unit 3-F, $153,000.


Sept. 25, 2003


Hussein Hariri to Edwin Valentin, 2510 Locust, $35,000.

Ruthann Weis to Robert Hauter, 2836 South 109th, $115,000.

Penni Pegish to Angela and Jacob Christopher, 2730 Burwell, $98,100.

Anna Bussdieker to Dawn and Kenneth Brakefield, 740 Hampton, $57,000.

Diann and William Jackson, Jr., to Tina and Raymond Martin, 1230 Glenview, $115,000.

Erma Hutchinson to Christina and Christopher Weist, 471 North River, Waterville, $40,000.

Frank Graff successor trustee, to Crystal West, 3025 Gunckel, $100,000.

Douglas Kurdys to Penni and Daniel Pelow, 1304 Antietam, Maumee, $149,900.

Scott Wendland Custom Homes Inc. to Lisa and Frank Fink, 4771 Rhone, Maumee, $61,000.

Florentine and Ronald Todd, Jr., to Patrick Ingram and others, 4842 Catalina, $101,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Gary Reynolds Builders, 8911 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $47,646.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to River Hills Construction Co., 8900 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $46,852.

Olivia Curbeam-Newby to Cynthia Krause, 2324 Birch Run, Sylvania, $230,000.

William Clark to Bobbi Mancillas, 1828 Dunham, $55,000.

Sylvia Werdehoff to Patricia and Tommy Ladd, 5744 Adelaide, $97,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Molly and Joseph Gill, Jr., 4523 Cam Bay, Maumee, $240,000.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Patriot Properties, 4801 Farm Creek, Sylvania, $59,900.

Joanne and Michael Minniear to Bob Evans Farms Inc., 6035 Graystone, Sylvania, $140,500.

Sabina Marcinkowski to Jesus Alvarado, 47 West Capistrano, $87,665.

Deborah Clark to Kathleen and John Tanner, 12228 Soul, Swanton, $227,500.

Phyllis Zenz to Roberta Acosta, 3743 Shamrock, $145,000.

James Shaw to Joe Nunn, Jr., 126 and 130 East Park, $58,000.

Joseph Francis to Veronique and Edward Pulhuj, 2851 119th, $114,000.

Kenneth Millinger to Lindsey Stieben and others, 568 Thurston, $77,000.

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Melissa James, 6015 Bryan, Oregon, $58,500.

Christine Gray to Jeffrey Birdwell, 5452 Thornbrook, $77,971.

Bank of America to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, 754 Parker, $31,000.

Midland Agency Inc., trustee, to Brenda and Scott Budy, 6001 Brookestone Village, Sylvania, $194,429.

Jack Rinker to Carolyn Ignasiak, 4842 293rd and other property, $78,695.

Linda and Kenneth Kraus to Sandra and Thomas Sandlin, 4324 Douglas, $69,000.

Rhonda and Robert Barboza to Thomas Lichtenberg, Jr., 3238 Cheltenham, $128,000.

The Westhaven Group to Bassam and Hania Bassett, 1922 Grecourt, $79,000.

Susan and Rocky Ulrey to Christine Rayfus and others, 1330 North Berkey Southern, Swanton, $215,000.

Richard Paton to Mohammed Hegazy and others, 7857 Hedingham, Sylvania, $185,000.

Westhaven Group to Michael and Deborah Sliwinski, 2494 Broadway, $56,000.

Jean Doebler to Eric Renzhofer, 331 Leland, $8,800.

Jean Doebler to Eric Renzhofer, 274 Walbridge, $8,800.

Joan and Paul Miller to Kimberly and Trace Walls, 2448 Kimberly, $162,000.

Renee Werley to Metropolitan Title Company, trustee, 407 South McCord, $72,400.

Diane and Brian Hertzfeld to Jason Gregory, 6732 South, Whitehouse, $174,900.

Hamidi and Adeb Boraby to Eryca Johns, 528 Shea, $77,000.

Nancy and Harold Booth to Michael Miller, 1206 Shelly, Maumee, $123,000.

Housing East Redevelopment Corp. to Housing Housing Services of Toledo, Inc., 503 Utah, $3,500.


Teresa Swolsky to Marino Design Group, 1731, 1749, and 1755 Drouillard; 1816 and 1822 Groll; 2344, 2348, and 2350 Woodville; and other property, $557,560.

Davidson Crane & Conveyor to Nancey and Neil Whitehead, 10905 Corduroy (rear), Oregon, $2,500.

William Seely to Chubby Cheeze Pizza LLC, 460 Broadway, $36,000.


Sept. 26, 2003


Leroy and Deborah Bopery to Jeffery and Dena Nowakowski, 6731 Convent, Sylvania, $173,000.

Helen Pope, trustee, to Jess and Patricia Bringolf, 605 Michigan, Waterville, $132,500.

Violet Drake to Jennifer Drake, 1643 Stanbery Ct., $97,000.

Renee Radwanski to Julia Bales, 3532 Dean, $45,000.

H. Roberta St. Clair to Westhaven Group, 1441 Western, $12,100.

Rick Van Landingham to David Paterson, trustee, 1405 and 1415 Paxton, $1.

Constance Dierks and others to Nancy Page, 5026 San Luis Rey, Sylvania, $57,500.

Anna Tursich, successor trustee, to Richard Tursich, Jr., 812 Alvison, $90,000.

Patricia Raddatz to Timothy and Virginia Fry, 914 Clifton, $70,000.

Emily Merritt to John and Melissa Hogan, 5116 Silica, Sylvania, $123,500.

Mitchell Development Co. to Shawna Farnol, 7246 Wood Creek, Maumee, $51,900.

Kevin and Joan Campbell to John and Mary Heilman, 3627 Wild Pheasant, Sylvania, $199,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Richard Baumgartner Builders, 7865 North Branch, Monclova, $45,750.

W L Homestead LLC to J. Robert Jesionowski, 7727 Forest Creek Ct., Maumee, $67,900.

Tom Searle to Amy and Charles Hatch, Jr., 2516 Brenner Ct., $124,000.

Ruth O'Loughlin to Autumn Tangas, 2550 Live Oak, Sylvania, $280,000.

Wallace and Rosemary Williams to Rickey and Linda Boyd, 1801 Joffre, $56,600.

Kevin Overy to Mary O'Rourke, 5923 Walnut Circle, Unit 2, $33,000.

John Dugan to Paul Horn, 3008 Daleford, $95,700.

Gerald and Phyllis Smith to Marcia Fox, 6843 Milrose, $229,000.

Anthony and Joan Tscheme to James McAuley, 1240 Kirk, Maumee, $86,500.


Monther and Neeran Bajouka to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 6727 Hill and 36 South Dorcas, $1,050,000.

Michael and Cheryl Fitzpatrick to Nick Hasan, trustee, 2964 West Sylvania, $52,000.

Muhieddine and Afaf Ramadan to Youssef Ramadan, 813 South Byrne $35,000.


Sept. 29, 2003


Gregory Meyers to Susan Katsaris-Peeps and Ronald Peeps, Jr., 2824 Back Bay, Maumee, $59,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Matthew and Laurie Dewitz, 10119 Saddle Bridge North, Whitehouse, $44,900.

Jeffery Barrett to Deborah McDowell, 4638 286th, $90,000.

Sadie Spino, trustee, to Kay Langenderfer, 2836 Sequoia, $152,000.

Irene Bias to Scott Spencer, 896 Loch Haven, Maumee, $82,500.

Ernest and Grace Smith to Gary Doran, 322 and 326 Gramercy, $110,000.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Biju and Janet Vasekeetil, 7646 Sylvan Oaks Way, Sylvania, $44,900.

J. Thomas Signature Builders Ltd. to David and Juliet Oppenlander, 5826 Sherwood Circle, Monclova, $292,000.

Michael and Kathy Wheeler to Kim Breskow-Harner and Michael Harner, 202 Independence, $39,000.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 9204 Twin Creek, Sylvania, $64,900.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 4839 Deer Brook Ct., Sylvania, $61,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to All American Homes of Indiana LLC, 8 parcels on Back Bay; 21 parcels on Indian Town; 12 parcels on Long View; and 17 parcels on Long Tree, all Maumee, $2,087,800.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Heather and Charles Marlowe III, 7147 Elli Harbour, Maumee, $257,625.

Margaret Maas, trustee, to Joseph Carlo, 506 St. Louis, $64,500.

Alex Clay to Scott Gosch, 1326 and 1330 Gordon, $33,900.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to Oregon Services Co. Inc., 542 Foxridge, Oregon, $35,000.

Wanda and Jeffrey Lamb to Brian and Michealene Malin, 5558 Pickle, Oregon, $197,000.

Rita Hauck to Amy and Kenneth Jankowski, Jr., 223 White, $72,900.

Delores Haack to Eugene and Carole Horvath, 2004 Idaho, $94,000.

Donald Bollinger to Thomas Baker, 1026 Mambrino, Oregon, $96,000.

E. Christine Cunning to Vicki and Michael Bryson, 2645 and 2647 122nd, $72,000.

Joseph Adams to Geraldine Cottey, 4915 and 4919 Roywood, $96,500.

Gary Luther to Ronald Haupricht, 4208 Regis, $119,000.

Lori Stahl to Dean and Toni Watkins, 1040 Woodsdale, $44,000.

Thomas and Irene Pfaffenberger to Kevin Brothers, 2832 116th, $94,500.

Raydon Bittner to Jamie Wietrzykowski, 5519 West Rowland, $94,000.

Nathan Brandon to Jamie Kincaid, 740 Bronx, $71,500.

Donald Barnette, Jr., and others to Robert Holder, Jr., 2926 Gracewood, $45,000.

Theodore Whitaker to George Mikolajczyk, 2934 Capri, $179,000.

John and Norma Cross to Joseph Davis, 3234 Cottage, $45,000.

Julie McMaster to Barbara Kenney, 6557 Cornwall Ct., Sylvania, $78,440.

Dorothy Amspaugh to Dale Varnes, 1646 and 1650 Landis, Oregon, $75,500.

Brian Bury and others to Amy Benton, 5638 Dornell, Sylvania, $124,000.

Thelma Shope to Geoffrey Tracy and others, 1808 Kensington, $67,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Chad and Jennifer Crooks, 9551 St. Christine Ct., Sylvania, $227,793.

Mehring Co. to Steven Ross, executor, 6934 Cedar Creek, $315,000.

Cimarron Custom Homes Inc. to William and Virginia Nieset, 3600 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $413,381.

Ragaa Ibrahim to BDAR LLC, 1008 Western, $16,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Richard and Paula Mlcek, 8447 Kacie, Monclova, $59,000.

Derek and Stacy Leck to Frederick Young, 3814 Oak Forest, $139,000.

Robert Owen to Andrew Slee, 5311 Belpre, $1,000.

Michael Patterson to Paul Thebo, 3734 Anderson Pkwy., $97,000.

David and Mona Rathke to David and Margaret Borysiak, 4237 Butternut Ct., Sylvania, $52,000.

Paul and Lynda Baumann, trustees, to Pamela Romo, 2721 Goddard, $139,000.

Westhaven Group to James Whitiker, 1107 Page, $7,700.

Westhaven Group to Paul Horn, 1971 Chase, $9,130.

Raymond Leonard to Alan Ashby, 510 Thad, $57,500.

Bank One NA to Paul Horn, 720 East Broadway, $15,000.

Citifinancial Inc. to Benjamin Gould, 11957 Canal, Curtice, $9,000.

Linnette Depinet to Eric and Kim Hartzell, 3440 Fieldbrooke, Oregon, $230,000.

Eben Ratliff to Whitetail Investments Ltd., 1501 Roosevelt, $18,000.

Charles Leary to Gany and Rovelyn Micua, 550 Ogden, $93,500.

Eileen Havens to Woodingham Ltd., 919 and 923 Clifton, $65,000.

Jeffrey and Tina Streeter to Joseph and Laura Gercak, 2842 Elsie, $86,000.

Muhieddine and Afaf Ramadan to Issa Wehby, 1517 White, $5,000.

Rose Development LLC to Christopher and Christine Foetisch, 4865 Cinnamon, Sylvania, $125,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to George/Sears Custom Homes Inc., 7873 North Branch, Monclova, $45,750.

Joy Gregory and others to Marilyn Hall, 2251 Westmonte, $3,476.30.

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