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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Feb. 10, 2004


Daniel and Jerri Fink to Gerald and Michelle Fairchild, 1748 Cambridge Park East, Maumee, $162,000.

Westhaven Group to Leslie Mullins, 917 Forsythe, $48,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Barbara Liske, 5105 Wynnpark, Oregon, $23,000.

Steven Corbin to Westhaven Group, 1841 Airport, $35,000.

Kevin Slaviero to Elaine Miller, 6205 Bahiamar, $95,000.

Alan Properties Inc. to Christopher and Rebecca Williamson, 7017 Shadowridge, Waterville, $42,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Matthew Dewood, 1734, 1804, and 1818 Fredonia, $4,500.

Joe Brown Builders Inc. to Tom and Kathleen Kimble, 3533 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $434,000.

Robert Alsip to Raul Miller, 836 Rogers, $15,000.

Phillip Johnston to Daniel and Stacie Flores, 6017 Acoma, $90,000.

Herman Petree to Rosemary Perez, 1532 North Michigan, $6,000.

Charles and Mary Faller to John Stratidakis, 2058 Greenwood, $30,000.


Donna Tiplady and others to Dale and Barbara Matthews, 9180 Providence-Neapolis-Swanton, Grand Rapids, $21,000.

Feb. 11, 2004


Steve and Becky Bartalsky to William Talbott, 1680 Woodhurst, $154,500.

Paul Brumett, Jr., to Ohio Savings Bank, 6126 Welsford Ct., Maumee, $180,000.

United Guaranty Residential Insurance Co. to Earnest and Georgia Bolton, 6126 Welsford Ct., Maumee, $220,000.

Robert Crawford II and Amy Markey-Crawford to Michael and Andrea Voogd, 6405 South Fulton-Lucas, Swanton, $125,000.

Rose Sifuentes to Provident Bank, 428 South, $19,900.

David and Brenda Pedelose to Bank of New York, trustee, 758 Yondota, $24,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Elizabeth Sawyer, 758 Yondota, $9,550.

Virginia Jan to Romiro Garcia, 1508 Vinal, $40,000.

Ron and Melonni Peace to Franklin and Sandra Vassar, 520 Raymer, $27,715.

Libera Ireland to Robert Nusbaum, Jr., 5633 Clover, $110,000.

Lagrange Development Corp. to Troy Heck, 147 and 151 Palmer, $56,000.

Michael Kelting and others to Ruth Wilson, 3629 Wersell, $45,000.

Mark Erard to Steven Martin, 126 South Stadium, Oregon, $94,800.

Barbara Brink, trustee, to Steven and Carrie Goyer, 1206 and 1274 Opal, $87,900.

George and Michele Makras to D & M Enterprise, 1901 Scarsbrook Circle, $95,000.

Douglas Nye to Andrew Korotney, 721 and 725 Underwood, $6,000.

Teddy and Vicki Lanham to Bank of New York, trustee, 2003 Brame Place, $37,000.

Alberta Banks to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, 2109 Collingwood, $62,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA to Dudley Hanson, 2109 Collingwood, $104,000.

Robert and Lynda Yambert to Nichole Brown and others, 3545 Wyckliffe Pkwy., $119,000.

Gene Brandeberry to Gary Groszewski, 8358 West Bancroft, $108,000.

Michelle Buckland to Pamela Taylor, 2829 and 2833 Cranford, $123,000.

Mack and Arlene Moon to Michael and Cindy Breeze, 661 East Shoreline, Holland, $98,000.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Jeffry and Bridget Kwiatkowski, 9124 Twin Creek, Sylvania, $60,795.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Shirley and Dale Hall, 8927 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $48,984.

Helen Hillabrand to Khary McClellan, 1207 Manila, $18,000.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, to Matthew and Tanya Gray, 9546 Arbor Mist Ct., Sylvania, $46,524.

Harry Smith to David Talmage, 3550 Maxwell, $96,000.

Josephine Herman to Lorene Montgomery, 1559 Homer, $24,000.

Virginia Clarke to Equicredit Corp. of America, 4250 Indian, $133,334.

Tyrone and Kathleen Herron to National City Bank, 1426 Walbridge, $34,334.

Mark Wasylyshyn to Jeffrey Graham, 1105 Evesham, $29,500.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to Stacey and Claude Brown, Jr., 6015 320th, $83,780.

Northside Corp. to Ed Heiser, 1525 North Huron, $100.


United Wholesale Grocery Co. to United Properties Group LLC, 3138 Hill, $112,073.84.

Feb. 19, 2004


Charter One Bank NA to Jeffrey Geiger, 1227 Erie, Holland, $74,500.

Mace Odneal, Jr., and others to Troy Halter and others, 740 Clark, $30,000.

Mace Odneal, Jr., and others to Troy Halter and others, 657 Prentice, $12,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to John and Grace Perkins, 2946 Deep Water, Maumee, $74,900.

D. Garrison, trustee, to D. Garmon, trustee, 818 Noble, $11,900.

D. Garrison, trustee, to M. Carter, trustee, 317 Rockingham, $19,900.

Darl Altman to James and Claudia Kozlowski, 1428 and 1436 Albon, Holland, $150,000.

Lalanai Gibson to Kimi Harris, 839 Fernwood, $1,500.

Irvin and Esther Flate, co-trustees, and others to Eric Channer, 6803 Brint, Sylvania, $123,000.

Ross Lewandowski and others to Jeff and Tracy Rosenbrook, 823 Linda, $112,000.

Summit Diversified Investment LLC, trustee, to Richard and Ruth Halliburton, 1820 Appledore Place, $89,250.

David Bermejo and others to First Union National Bank, trustee, 710 Thomas, $14,000.

Deborah Riley-Jackson to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 154 Lyric, $60,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Kirk and Barbara Holdcroft, 154 Lyric, $67.500.

Helen Klosinski to Kathleen Napierala, trustee, 3744 Wrenwood, $67,500.

Rebecca Henderson to Sean McGuire, 3724 McGregor, $75,000.

Gary and Jacquelyn Miller to James McCabe, 86 Mallard Run, Maumee, $138,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Cedar Creek Valley Ltd., 5108 Bay Ridge Ct., Oregon, $32,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Cedar Creek Valley Ltd., 5120 Bay Ridge Ct., Oregon, $32,500.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Cedar Creek Valley Ltd., 5170 Bay Ridge Ct., Oregon, $32,500.

Patrick and Pamela Johnson to Michael Ledford, 709 West Poinsetta, $120,000.

Sophia Szykowny and others, co-trustees, to Lucynthia Harris, 614 Greening, $72,165.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Buckeye Specialty Homes Co., 8854 Walnut Trail, Sylvania, $56,900.

Michael Bury to Jeffrey Bury, 564 Valleywood, $53,000.


HEF Inc. to Ted and Margaret Peacock, 1000 West State Line, $1,550,000.

Panka Heffern to Gerald Whitty, 10905 Corduroy, water slips E-44 and E45, Oregon, $6,000.

Commercial and Exempt

Harvey Tolson to Fordmau LLC and others, 1380 Ford, Maumee, $14,100,000.

Feb. 20, 2004


Timothy Leeds to Anne Roder and others, 3114 Ravenwood, $122,000.

Natalie and Edward Karamol, Jr. to Matthew Williams, 10605 Providence-Neapolis-Swanton, Grand Rapids, $101,000.

Natalie Denko to Daren Short, 347 Darrow, $70,000.

Kreg Moosman and others to Allen Ahrens, 26 Karyl, Waterville, $148,000.

Eddie and Chris Boggs to Julie and Daniel Hoffman, 2441 Gradwohl, $71,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Sheila Watkins, 928 Brookley, $78,900.

Bobbie Burks to Melicent Branch, 3523 Whitegate, $149,000.

Robert and Cynthia Harrison to Jeremy and Debra Knoff, 2335 Fawn Hollow, $187,900.

Peggy and Linda Jones to Troy Motsinger and others, 940 Prouty, $20,000.

Edwin Davis to Lucretia Davis, 1127 London, $16,100.

Gary McCarthy to Zalmai Sediqe, 5913 San Reno, Sylvania, $98,100.

Christine Abbey to Wrenwood Holding Co. Ltd., 4333 Albon, Monclova, $490,000.

Jordan Munoz to Robert and Angelica Boyd, 3416 Zone, $83,500.

Craig and Ginger Whitman to Robert Shenefield, Jr., 847 Waterville-Monclova, Waterville, $167,750.

Pledged Property II LLC to Ray Kadri, 1019 Mott, $12,000.

Sean and Jennifer McGuire to Jordan and Sarah Munoz, 3449 Donerail, $139,900.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Mark Lones, 110 Ottawa, $154,900.

Patrick and Tara Frimat to Andrew and Jacqueline Berenzweig, 4504 Dovewood, Sylvania, $385,000.

Michael Lewinski to Oak Savanna Ltd., 1945 Arlington, and 3549 Hazelhurst, $117,000.

James and Gloria Sharp to U.S. Bank NA, 850 Forsythe, $16,667.

U.S. Bank NA to Dennis Legeza, 850 Forsythe, $7,500.

Dawn Leonard to Household Realty Corp., 528 Heathshire, $48,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Alma Herbert, 528 Heathshire, $62,000.

Marcella Malone to Gary and Jacquelyn Miller, 70 Mallard Run, Maumee, $127,500.

Genevieve Piotrowski to William and Pamela Piotrowski, 923 Mayfair, $33,746.

Rose Mary Lawton to Joseph Lawton, 6525 Country Place, Sylvania, $115,000.


Bancsites Inc. to 5830 Monroe Realty LLC, 5810 Monroe, Sylvania, $976,000.

Adib Smidi to Felix and Jewell Alexander, 1155 and 1159 Tecumseh and 414 Hoag, $7,000.

Robert Domini to John McCarthy, 410 Shadowbrook, Oregon, $136,000.

MCS Investments LLC to Timberstone Condominiums LLC, 4064 Hillandale and 213 Richards, $625,000.

Feb. 23, 2004


Chad and Tresa Robbins to Joseph Hendershot, 3940 Almeda, $94,900.

Jacqueline Nash to Karen and Edward Medina, 332 Independence, $61,000.

Beth and Jeffrey Brown to Tammy Jacob, 2937 Indianola, $103,000.

Kevin Culp and Raquel Upshaw-Culp to Karen Warren, 1665 Fallbrook, $176,000.

Reginald Leister to GMAC Mortgage Corp., 1934 and 1936 Berdan, $52,332.64.

Abdol and Brenda Abdouni to Daniel and Amy Firsdon, 3232 Cromwell, Oregon, $134,000.

Nora Longsworth to Donald and Darla McMannis, 5050 Parkside, Oregon, $162,000.

Margarete Simon to Jack and Susan Chitwood, 44 Wolf Ridge, Holland, $297,000.

Jayme Muszynski to Jamie and Chad Reed, 2037 Newport, $81,800.

Jeff Roytek to Robert and Kathryn Mockensturm, 2550 Ivy Place, $85,000.

John and Rebecca Peer to Irene Trew, 2141 Loxley, $100,000.

Dawn Okos to Amanda Reese, 3751 Stannard, $114,400.

Virginia and Stanley Kuron, Jr., to Westhaven Group LLC, 2140 Ottawa River, $76,500.

Isaac and Betty Johnson to Jerry Earley, 2042 Upton, $75,000.

Farouk Barakat to Kheirieh Hammoud, 1168 Radcliffe, $36,000.

Orlando Kynard to Bank One NA, trustee, 3392 Otto, $32,000.

Donna Hayslett to Deutsche Bank National Trust, Co., trustee, 4336 Asbury, $40,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust, Co., trustee, to Steven and Vicki Kimler, 4336 Asbury, $56,500.

Augustine Zdybek to Jada Ridley, 3633 Wersell, $63,472.50.

Stephen Orth and others to Bank of New York, 4025 Fairview, $40,000.

Bank of New York to Christopher Bittel, 4025 Fairview, $42,500.

Florence Schroeder to SM-CP Ltd., 2317 Valley Brook, $44,000.

Clarence Fisher, Jr., to Freddie Henry, 914 North Detroit, $1.

David Russell, trustee, to Wayde Buehler, 4419 Oak Creek, $85,000.

Bonita Reilly to Eric Lemkin and others, 4552 Tamworth, Sylvania, $189,900.

William and Sandra Brymer to Michael Mock, 108 West Ridge, Swanton, $235,000.


Stephen Niemiec to Randal and Joyce Musch, 3217 Dorian, $160,000.

John and Dorothy Watkins, co-trustees, and others to TSC Investors II LLC, 7786 Central, $500,000.

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