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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

April 2, 2004


AKB Properties LLC to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 4405 Talmadge, $1,250,000.

Linda Olah, successor co-trustee, and others to Elite Holdings LLC, 3248 South, $135,000.

Laurie and William Newton, Jr., to Carr's Rental Properties Ltd., 1211 Starr, $97,000.

Norbert Miller to James and Virginia Todd, 1304 and 1306 Nevada, $60,200.

April 5, 2004


John and Gloria Ryan to John and Kelly Mulligan, 3909 Satinwood, $160,000.

Karen Lloyd to Jennifer Cordeiro, 2640 Grantwood, $102,000.

Paul Chwialkowski and others to Troy Ziemkiewicz, 4332 Drummond, $125,000.

Marcia Calmes to SFS Knight Holdings Ltd., 2126 Evansdale, $68,511.40.

Denise Phillips to Eva Espen, 3417 Anderson Pkwy., $102,500.

Kenneth and Reba Rose to Michael and Tammi Pettaway, 1138 Vieth, Oregon, $33,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Dickie and Loretta Schrader, trustees, 7351 Anchorage, Maumee, $38,900.

Heftim Group LLC to Geneva Walthall, 812 Hilltop, $168,900.

Judith and James Konrad, Jr., to Joe Lee and others, 1722 Mansfield, $74,900.

Margaret Nowak to Jack and Teri Jones, 1108 Maple Ct., Waterville, $124,900.

Gary and Merle Liebnau to Noe and Esmeralda Benavides, 633 Carlton, $79,900.

William and Janice Gstalder to Shelly Moore, 5161 Fredelia, $161,000.

Wieslwa Gawle to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, 38 East Pearl, $36,000.

Alice Lubinski to Shaun Cowell, 282 Stillwater, $45,000.

Connie Wofford and others to Kelly Bejaige, 4710 Glendale, $102,000.

Loren Anderson III to Jason Garey, 2436 Orchard Hills, $135,000.

Prudential Residential Services to Loren Anderson III, 219 Longmeadow, Holland, $212,000.

John Campbell, Jr., to Richard and Roseann Warner, 454 California, $61,000.

Kim Realty Co. to Marvin Davis, 1656 Ottawa, $8,000.

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Bobby Pope, 1121 Lincoln, $26,300.

Joseph Molnar to Patricia Kinsley, 2513 Bexford Place, $160,000.

Georgia Taylor to Daryl Richardson, 1334 Woodland, $12,200.

Juanita Wilson to Timothy and Brittney Stultz, 5620 Black, Waterville, $55,000.

Charles and Myrtle Hill to Michael Mattoni, 3842 Seckinger, $71,500.

Don Kuhn Builders Inc. to Derek and Julie Stein, 2502 Waterford Village, Sylvania, $415,000.

Terry and Jan Fraunfelder to Jeffrey Eiben, 6502 Scarsdale, Maumee, $165,000.

Teresa and Bruce Corner, Jr., to Marc Losek and others, 2055 Mansfield, $76,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Mary Pawlowicz, 2214 Woods Edge Ct., $244,000.

Fornwald Fine Homes Inc. to Phillip Miller, 2952 Cypress Colony, $320,000.

Michele Bender to Cynthia and Clarence Bernhard, Jr., 5201 Springdale, $58,500.

Joanne Schaff to Julie and Paul Heinrichs II, 7633 Gillcrest, Sylvania, $220,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Transtar Builders and Developers Inc., 7803 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $56,050.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Forestview Building Co. Inc., 3739 Wrens Nest, Maumee, $86,700.

Invest Properties LLC to Jeffery Ward, 5933 Rega, $120,000.

Mary Wisher to RDM/Webb Builders Inc., 3349 Piero, $26,000.

Mary and John Thwaites to Thomas Roman, 1808 Rose Ct., $120,000.

Westhaven Group to Delgil Ltd., 136 Austin, $35,000.

George and Tempas Wagner, trustees, to Daniel and Jacqueline Zervas, 418 Fassett, $55,000.

Tempas and George Wagner, trustees, to Michael and Heather Zervas, 826 Oak, $40,000.

Tracy Nine to Steven Stricklin, 3408 Glenwood, $1.

Residential and Exempt

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Chukwuemeka Okonkwo, 1455 and 1457 North Superior, $50,000.


George and Mary Magill to John and Vicki Mays, 2820 Lagrange, $69,000.

Michael Prephan to Belinda Tyree, 3123 Lagrange, $35,000.

Robert Mix to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 2370 Eastgate, $1,130,000.

Carl Wheeler to Ned Hein, trustee, 3900 Sunforest Ct., Suite 232, $145,000.

Allison Fine and others to Beong and Soon Kim, 4349 Monroe, $235,000.


TCP Properties Ltd. to St. Joseph Properties LLC, 4750 West Bancroft, $500,000.

April 6, 2004


William Krouse to Gerald Murphy, 1315 Luscombe, $94,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Betty Ford and others, 1127 North Erie, $2,500.

Dean Cannon to Kristi Massie, 5849 Pickard, $110,500.

David and Joyce Grodi to Stephen Doak, Jr., 2040 Northwyck, $89,500.

Craig and Kimberly Lemieux to Mark Jensen and Caroline Streak-Jensen, 4244 Halifax, $370,000.

Bruce Delnay, Jr., to Lawrence Mau, 3529 Torrance, $73,000.

Sally and James Kurth, Jr., to Chad and Jessica Provo, 3839 Hoiles, $75,000.

Bryan Dibling to Kevin and Jamie Orians, 852 Prouty, $64,200.

Edward and Theresa Sztuk to Terry and Jan Fraunfelder, 632 Scenic Circle, Holland, $295,000.

Michelle Woolridge to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1007 Woodland, $13,334.

Brian Lubinski to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., 855 Toronto, $56,667.

Cassandra Garry to Craig Leonhardt, 2705 and 2707 Claredale, $110,000.

David Jones and others to Natalie Briney, 5536 Bennett, $126,000.

Rebecca Clark to Paul Shufelt, 3014 121st, $92,000.

Harner Enterprises Ltd. to Jami Quillen, 10175 Dorr, Holland, $78,000.

Cynthia McMullen to Tracey Skiver, 2734 Hayden, Oregon, $47,000.

Michael Harner and Kim Breskow-Harner to Redell Napper and others, 4337 Hunters Trail, $83,000.

Westhaven Group to Sherry Watson, 3415 Upton, $59,000.

Westhaven Group to Lisa Cutcher, 1240 Gordon, $48,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joseph and Kimberly Madden, 9114 Beautiful, Sylvania, $77,411.

Jane and Dan Dombrowsky to Virginia and George Krueger III, 0 Lose, Monclova, $65,000.

Herbert and Ann Broderick to Bank One NA, trustee, 430 Walden, $16,667.

Alan and Jennifer Murnane to Andrew and Sarilee Stuart, 5627 Golf Creek, Sylvania, $545,000.

Dale and Yvonne Mock to Gabriel Barrow, 1236 Cady, Maumee, $125,000.

Larry Flowers to Deniece Overton, 2707 Glenwood, $1,100.

Allie Richardson to C. Faith Investments Ltd., 1424 Norwood, $10,000.

Jennifer Sogge to Pam and Charles Yeager, 502 River, Maumee, $286,600.

Jay C. Reynolds Builder Inc. to James Owen III and others, 9338 Saner Ct., Sylvania, $256,000.

Leslie Laduke to Dana Johnson, 1013 and 1015 Michigan, Maumee, $86,200.

Dennis McGarvey to Martin and Lynn Pedro, 2838 and 2973 113th, $39,600.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Alla Spivak, 4225 Circleview, $61,500.

Mark Yeager to Lawrence and Ellen Macek, 519 Regina Pkwy., $138,220.

Herbert Derose and others to Tara Miller, 2523 Arletta, $67,900.

MCS Investments LLC to Danielle Megel, 4057 West Bancroft, $114,500.

W. C. Myers to Howard and Elaine Harthorne, 2302 Hinde, $88,500.

D. K. Garrison, trustee, to A. Cupp, trustee, 4016 Sampson, $30,000.

Corey Swan to Provident Bank, 2128 Dana, $50,000.

TCIF LLC to Tiffany Sniegowski, 2128 Dana, $68,000.

Roosevelt Talley to Interbay Funding LLC, 3174 Glenwood, $9,000.

Interbay Funding LLC to Keven Machon, 3174 Glenwood, $9,000.

Johnny Pullum to Kenya Johnson, 1538 Woodland, $20,000.

Wendy Mahoney to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 3619 West Laskey, $62,500.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Ryan Brillhart, 3619 West Laskey, $81,000.

Joseph and Marcia Schoen to Phillip Kennedy, 3723 Grantley, $130,000.

Robert Koppert to Joshua Koppert, 5030 and 5034 Kellogg, $88,000.

Westhaven Group to Michael and Sharhonda Wilson, 449 East Park, $56,000.


Helen Hawley to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 2534 Key, $930,000.

Inland Wellington Apartments to Houck Properties II LLC, 4312 North Holland-Sylvania, $5,025,000.

Keith Snyder to Joe Nunn, 215 Islington, $172,000.

John and Herta Johnson to Said Elmajzoub, 432 Second, $30,000.

James and Virginia Todd to Toledo Rental Homes LLC, 431 and 439 Kenilworth, $260,000.

April 7, 2004


Hoang Nguyen and Tien Tran to Gary and Elissa Teal, 528 South Westwood, $79,000.

Larry and Selma Cox, co-trustees, to Lona Turner, 2785 South Berkey-Southern, Swanton, $65,000.

Cynthia Naumann to Aron and Jennifer Velasquez, 1248 Cady, Maumee, $111,000.

John and Debbie Wodarski, to Martha Collier, 3633 Southlawn, $157,000.

Douglas and Sandra Leupold to Angela Rede, 2320 Roseview, $77,000.

John and Denise Roberts to William Duhamel, 3312 Franklin, $35,000.

Ester Francis and others to Lawrence Weis, 3201 Cheltenham, $40,000.

Larry Dietrich to Sean Fitzgerald, 438 West Crawford, $78,600.

Paula and Robert Benton, Jr., to Tricia Vislay, 5467 Bay Shore, Oregon, $212,500.

Fannie Mae to Frances Meagher, 215 White, $74,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 7901 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $65,550.

Marc and Beth Moore to Albert and Betty Cooper, 815 West Capistrano, $101,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Edward Madeo, 8435 Kacie, Monclova, $56,000.

Thomas Wesley, Jr., and others to Bank One NA, 226 Orville, $40,000.

Winifred Badgett to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 1640 Freeman, $9,000.

Glenn Coleman, Jr., to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1537 Milburn, $14,000.

Tonya McMorris to Citibank NA, trustee, 936 Parkside, $55,000.

Lawrence Benedict and others to Stephanie Collmenter, 2719 Gladhaven, Oregon, $150,000.

Della Boos to Dolores Miller, 3545 Bayberry Place, Oregon, $136,000.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to Harry Young Building Co., 505 Foxridge, Oregon, $35,000.

Elaine Sampson and others to Sarah Dewey, 464 Whitlock, $80,000.

John Horoschak and Laurie Hepner to Gary Fruchtman, 7020 Westwind, Sylvania, $161,000.

James and Rose Granecki to Ronald and Barbara Reiser, 301 Manakiki, Holland, $235,500.

Monica Webster to Brian Duffy, 2826 Letchworth Pkwy., $128,400.

Marsha Orlowski to Matthew Vick, 1981 Grimes Golden, $110,000.

Michael Mota to Luis and Marguerite Alvarado, 619 Bronson, $27,500.

Dawn Delauter to Peter and Sharon Vandenberghe, 105 West Ridge, Swanton, $244,000.

Hazel Laipply to John and Cynthia Noegel, 2110 Maginnis, Oregon, $81,958.

D & N Realty Holding Ltd. to James and Heather Eberly, 4436 and 4440 Belmar, $110,500.

Patricia Bronikowski to John Thompson, 1738 Mahala, Oregon, $76,472.

Inna Goldin to Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority, 620 Earl, $22,000.

Donnell Wolf to Shawn Diepenhorst, 1727 and 1729 Duncan, $65,000.

EMC Mortgage Corp. to Jose and Regina Gomez, 2054 Mansfield, $45,000.

Ronald Murd and Tonya Iffland-Murd to Robin and Pete Reese III, 3209 Maple, $44,500.

Charles Devore to Mary Merrill, 2945 Shoreland, $182,000.

Zandra Hampton to mark Yeager, 5448 Bannockburn, $121,750.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jack and Donna Baumgartner, 5026 Wynnpark, Oregon, $23,500.

Bonnie Kubicki to Brian Weseman, 259 Raymer, $45,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Earnest and Michelle Samas, 5959 Secluded Ct., Sylvania, $246,000.

Mack and Arlene Moon to James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC, 625 East Shoreline, Holland, $92,500.

Donald and Terry Stoll to Infinity Group Ltd., 5843 Sugar Hill Ct., Sylvania, $29,000.

Donald and Terry Stoll to Infinity Group Ltd., 5837 Sugar Hill Ct., Sylvania, $29,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jeffrey and Susan Roscoe, 30 Winding Creek Place, Sylvania, $43,900.

John Maher to Equity One Inc., 571 Viking, $16,000.

Equity One Inc. to National Vestige Inc., 571 Viking, $10,500.

Richard and Denise Yunker to Karen and Gregory Woods, 556 South Lathrop, Swanton, $200,000.

Residential and Commercial

Mike Taouil to Harnoor LLC, 603 Oak; 406 and 410 Nevada; and 508 Woodville, $600,000.

Residential and Exempt

Deborah Brown to Citibank NA, trustee, 1302 Fitchland, $35,000.


East Side Mini Mart Inc. to Harnoor LLC, 611 Oak, $600,000.

University of Toledo Foundation to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 1805 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, $612,500.

HLR Ltd. to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 1855 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, $237,500.

April 8, 2004


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to A. Joseph Snyder Builder LLC, 6147 White Eagle West, Sylvania, $46,632.

Alan Properties Inc. to J. Moses Construction Ltd., 7935 and 7943 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $85,800.

Dale Sharp, trustee, and others to Jennifer Douse, $2918 Chipplegate, $70,525.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 6011, 6017, 6023, 6029, 6035 and 6041 Secluded Ct., and 9349, 9361 and 9362 Rocky Water Ct., all Sylvania, $346,500.

Lynn Banachowski to Rodrick Allen and Tammy Calabrese-Allen, 1130 Rosedale, Maumee, $123,000.

William Hoffman to Bradley Raby, 4025 Bowen, $99,000.

Alexander and Jacqueline Franco to U.S. Bank, trustee, 226 Wasaon, $17,334.

Youssef and Nuha Saadeh to Todd and Maryellen Copic, 628 Cambridge Park North, Maumee, $165,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Whitehouse Corners LLC, 4310 Willys Pkwy., $57,000.

Jesus Benavidez, Jr., to National City Bank, 351 Milford, $26,667.

National City Bank to Westhaven Group, 351 Milford, $25,000.

Linda Johnston to David Smith, Jr., and others, 914 and 916 Rex, $23,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Aline Wells, 4860 Marble Cliff, Sylvania, $50,000.

Westhaven Group to Steven Mitchell, 904 East Central, $22,000.

Nannie Goodin to Mickey and James Ward, Jr., 4650 North McCord, Sylvania, $92,000.

U.S. Bank, trustee, to M. Del Rosario Lozano and others, 226 Wasaon, $4,300.

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. to Justin Kendrioski, 340 North Berlin, $54,000.

Seimet & Son Construction Inc. to Michael and Patricia England, 5639 Eagles Landing, Oregon, $289,900.

Dave Shock to Daniel Archer, 5543 Whiteford, Sylvania, $48,000.

Alan Ashby to Scott Bliss and Sonyia Ray, 510 Thad, $87,600.

Barbara Kahle to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, 857 Continental, Waterville, $110,000.

Penny Decker to David Krouse, 5421 Harvest, $94,500.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Chalita Burks, 266 East Lake, $58,900.

Beth Kutcher, successor trustee, and others to Nancy Manworren, 5965 Angleview, Sylvania, $143,000.

Eugenia Watkins to Randall Fuller, 637 Nesslewood, $7,000.

Jacobs/Punnett Inc. to Sterling Store Properties LLC, 6815 Dorr, $170,000.

Thomas Neuhaus to Todd Stebbins, 5354 Hill, $60,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to WECC Development LLC, 10122 Saddle Bridge South, Whitehouse, $45,900.

Thomas and Laurie Pokornik to Woodingham Ltd., 4306 Kingsbury, $77,400.

Westhaven Group LLC to Steven Mitchell, 1122 and 1124 North Michigan, $18,150.

Stephen and Meggan Morr to John Schering, 7724 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $156,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Steven House, 613 Laguna Point, Holland, $465,000.

Jeanne Johnson to Keyna Coleman, 5543 Greenridge, $184,000.

Henry and Ruth Drake, co-trustees, to Donald Yark III, 4815 Rose Glenn, $220,000.

James Johns to Jeremiah and Christine Johnson, 1425 Rollins, $86,000.

Michelle Rhee and others to Adam and Susan Theall, 2334 Poplar Ct., Sylvania, $272,000.

Residential and Agricultural

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., escrow agent, to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 9510 and 9560 Brint, Sylvania, $1,027,000.


ASC Enterprises Ltd. to Sterling Store Properties LLC, 0 Dorr, $80,000.

April 9, 2004


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Donald and Janice McCray, 7141 Nightingale, Holland, $176,900.

Beatrice Sanderson, trustee, to Sarah Kirkendall-Ison, 5857 Summit, Sylvania, $105,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Nathan and Melissa Hillman, 632 White Oak, $191,728.32.

Charles Jennings to Jason and Autumn Myers, 1437 Pool, $70,000.

Anthony Sloma to Dolores Griss, 6016 Park, Sylvania, $113,000.

Barbara Kutcher to Jane Hadad, 3342 Corey, $135,000.

Danny Furney to Rose and Carl Streicher II, 1836 Brim, $20,000.

Lukecorp Inc. to Donna Burrell, 739 Ranch, $49,000.

Michael and Pamela Gallagher to Candice Corley, 5171 Bay Shore, Oregon, $70,000.

Kevin and Lisa Casey to Larry Castle, Jr., 14 East Springwood, Oregon, $150,000.

Gertrude Hager to Chester and Judith Zapadka, 5679 Monroe, Bldg. 4, Apt. 917, Sylvania, $80,000.

Debra Kozak and others to Jeffrey and Karen Burgoon, 4607 Manorwood, $46,500.

Thomas Semmler to American First Title Agency Inc., trustee, 2403 North Reynolds, $70,000.

D. Garrison, trustee, to Jeffrey and Kelly Foster, 1017 Vance, $9,900.


Robert and Jane Kulwicki, trustees, to Timothy and Teri Murphy, 108 Indiana, Maumee, $163,000.

April 12, 2004


Jason and Alison Wittenmyer to John Ferns, 9910 Bucher, Whitehouse, $170,000.

Jerry McCarver to James and Marilyn Young, 1101 Waverly, $55,000.

Neil Griffin to Shawn Packard, 8361 Maumee Western, Monclova, $70,000.

Troy and Lisa Yost to Cory Cleavenger, 455 West Poinsetta, $90,000.

Timothy Reed to Lydia Hoffman, 1436 Walbridge, $62,500.

Hanifan-Obenauf Builders Inc. to Terry and Kathryn Parsons, 11030 Oak Pointe, Whitehouse, $303,900.

Shirley Carroll to Lisa D'Ascenzo, 4037 Willys Pkwy., $62,000.

Ralph and Rita Bailey to James and Shannon Albright, 1820 Bateman, $77,000.

Cheryl and Stanley Kolebuck, Jr., to Troy and Lisa Yost, 614 Coeli, $128,000.

Brent Scoble to Larry and Helen Wilkinson, 2625 106th, $108,000.

Infinity Group Ltd. to Douglas Rowe, 4746 Haddington, $146,500.

Michael Connett to Daniel Finkel, 1028 Eleanor, $85,000.

James and Sandra Aldridge to Alfred and Shirley Hattery, co-trustees, 1023 and 1027 Wardell and 1124 Atkins, $74,900.

Terrell Campbell and others to Trina Cousino, 2660 Tully, $130,500.

Shirley Pelton to Derek Bodine, 3034 123rd, $74,000.

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