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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

April 21, 2004


David and Leslie Clark to Katrina Ruffin, 3525 Willow Brook, $102,000.

Mark Swan to Margaret Heckert, 3149 Elm, $39,000.

Westhaven Group to Anthony Garzony, trustee, 970 East Broadway, $37,000.

Margaret Broich to Sheila Reynolds, 2618 118th, $92,000.

Raymond and Joan Hehl to Robert and Traci Heinze, 10383 Bailey, Waterville, $167,000.

Phyllis Madrzykowski to Keith Kain and others, 1035 Kirk, Maumee, $127,425.

Viola Shannon to Larry and Shirley Garland, 1961 Chase, $4,000.

Brian and Stephanie Coil to Paula Rivers, 722 Lodge, $85,500.

Herbie Betz to Michael Bacon, 341 and 343 Hiett, $22,550.

Hanifan-Obenauf Builders Inc. to Richard Yunker and Denise Couturier-Yunker, 11040 Oak Pointe, Whitehouse, $44,000.

Kimberly White to Nancy Hill and Daniel Harris, 2838 Meadowwood, $213,900.

Christopher and Agnes Fischer to Marjorie Miley, 1933 and 2001 Dority, $125,000.

Mark and Rebecca Caldwell to Ann Reed Crowell and James Crowell, Jr., 2551 Christie, $108,500.

Linda Demuth to Holly Foust, 737 Wright, $80,000.

Monzer and Tamani Jawhar to K. Tyson Fankhauser, 3221 North McCord, $180,000.

Kellie Green to Molly Taylor, 3028 Maeterlinck, $107,500.

Charles Cobau and Teresa Betts Cobau to David and Teena Liber, 4919 Forest Hill, $260,350.

Robert Lee to Eric Hayes, 1229 Page, $2,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Brink's Custom Homes, 8436 Queensridge, Monclova, and 5844 Green Ivy, Monclova, $97,000.

David Oswald to Brian and Rachel Kalas, 5842 Wakefield, Sylvania, $187,000.

Patricia Lecorchick, trustee, to Tai Kim, 8922 Oak Valley, Holland, $540,000.

Clarence and Vernell Stateman to Clarence Stateman, 43 and 45 Wamba, $19,950.

Wayne and Dana Chaney to Thomas Rickman, 1024 Patchen, Oregon, $10,000.

Ardell Williams to Matthew Kinsman, 1545 Lebanon, $44,000.

Maryann Gancarz, successor trustee, to Donald Reed, 3416 Angela, $82,000.

Gary Reynolds Builders Inc. to Katina and Michael Mills, Jr., 8911 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $337,000.

Agnes Bennett to David McCann, 3403 McGregor, $20,000.

Sarah Garza-Forgette to Assist Real Estate Transactions, 5120 Selma, $65,000.

Residential and Commercial

Peggy Starks to Keith Coachman, 1712 North Detroit; 1524 Tecumseh; and 1215 Woodstock, $100.


Robert Mix to JRF Ventures Ltd., 8165 Airport, Holland, $400,000.

Elizabeth and Edward Christenson to GKS Enterprises Ltd., 219 West Wayne, Maumee, $246,500.


Generations Limited Partnership to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 6155 Weckerly and 6432 Field, both Whitehouse, $1,190,161.20.

April 22, 2004


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Wyrick Custom Homes LLC, 4652 Terra Ct., Monclova, $58,750.

Michael Dennehy to Janet Vorhees, 2349 Portsmouth, $118,000.

William De Han to John De Han and others, 2044 Brookdale, $125,000.

Riverside Partners Group Ltd. to Kirk and Constance Kern, 0 River, Maumee, $57,000.

Charter One Credit Corp. to Kimmy Lorenc, 1435 South, $35,000.

Marcell Murphey to David Carr, 6145 Seaman, Oregon, $100,000.

Mark and Heather Dansack to Joshua and Lisa Morse, 524 Georgetown, Oregon, $227,000.

Sandra Cammarn to Jay and Susan Beaver, 3643 Torrance, $96,000.

Nancy Olmstead to Christopher Pawson, 1821 Wellesley, $46,000.

Robert and Cynthia Collins to Wayne and Patricia Bockert, 6818 Sunridge, Holland, $240,000.

Scott and Danielle Hawkins to Roberta Oswald, 3418 Bellevue, $95,500.

Mary Topolski to Michael Lopez, 1811 and 1817 Bigelow, $75,000.

Louis and Monica Mildenberger to James Mildenberger, 3536 Dean, $15,000.

Husein Ahmed to Key Construction of Toledo Inc., 544 East Central, $8,000.

Richard Holmes III to Michelle Bauchman, 6806 Woodlake, $95,500.

Luke Ulmer to Donald Boose, 1133 Noble, $26,300.

Federal Loan Mortgage Corp. to Andrew Adkinson, 1606 Pool, $35,700.

Timothy Ciboro to Geneva Ornelas, 825 Noble, $28,000.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders, 5667 Breeze Bay, Sylvania, $58,642.

William Shipman to Paulette Ruesink, 4762 298th, $75,000.

Westhaven Group to Josie and Joseph Stokes, Jr., 1351 and 1353 Laurel, $83,700.

Sandra Washington to Armond Wright, 2252, 2260, and 2262 Fulton, $8,000.

Eugene Dean and Vicky Chandler, successor trustees, to Eugene Dean, 2910 Fulton, $25,000.


Owens-Illinois General Inc. to University Residences at Westwood LLC, 1744 North Westwood, $1,000,000.


Kountryside Land Development Co. Inc. to Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc., 5505 Keener, Monclova, $499,000.

April 23, 2004


Brent Arp to Carl Dettmer, 1245 Applegate, Waterville, $116,500.

Douglas Spencer, successor trustee, to Dana Jamgochian, 5528 Bonniebrook, Sylvania, $180,000.

Susan Jarrett-Jones to Orville Douglas, 1409 Lawnview, $52,000.

Larry Donnelly to John and Jean Anderson, 2036 Broadway, $27,500.

Timothy O'Connor to Point Capital Properties, 160 Lancaster, $20,000.

Herbie Betz to Janet Albright, 349 Hiett, $20,900.

Larry Donnelly to Janet Albright, 2030 Broadway, $21,450.

Laura and John Kolb to Timothy McKibben and others, 4338 Vermaas, $79,400.

Garry Domoe to Keith and Jacqueline Willingham, 5044 Yorkshire, $66,500.

Beneficial Mortgage Co. to Jason and Tatum Edinger, 2650 Cheltenham, $150,000.

Michael and Kathleen Roemmele to Andrew and Erin Wells, 5206 Planet, $165,000.

Citifinancial Inc. to Mohamed Baksh, 1827 and 1831 Homer, $9,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Keith and Lisa Cranmore, 3361 Lagrange, $44,000.

Ron Eubanks to Charles Waters Jr., 832 Mark, $64,000.

Dorothy Ashley, trustee, to Eric Ashley, 4729 Haddington, $108,000.

Paul Elwood to Hussien Shousher, 5866 Graystone, Sylvania, $105,901.

Green Bear Partners Ltd. to RDM/Webb Builder Inc., 2361 Kemper, $11,000.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Ruth O'Loughlin, 110 Ottawa, Unit 4D, $173,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc., 4940 Yosemite Pkwy., Sylvania, $63,617.

Michael Dahlke to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 6333 Verna, $46,667.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Alisa Iffland, 5045 Wynnpark, Oregon, $20,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Ronald and Sharon VanBuskirk, 4848 Marble Cliff, Sylvania, $50,000.

Steven and Rhonda Bowman to Carl Thomas, 2914 119th, $109,000.

Mark and Angela McKarus to Bhaskarappa Jakkaraddi and Vidya Ajaradder, 7020 Mourning Dove Ct., $345,000.

Westhaven Group to David Hayward, 317 Eldred, $42,900.

Elsie Naguit to Bank One NA, 2418 Luddington, $62,796.11.

Bank One NA to Joel Graham, 2418 Luddington, $101,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Elaine and Lon Woodard, Jr., 531 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $48,900.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to Shannon and Nicholas Koppinger III, 7428 Winterberry Ct., Maumee, $38,900.

Elsie Ziegelhofer to Debra Dickerson, 3101 Gracewood, $106,500.

Eileen Stemen to Robert Patton, 1723 Caxton, $81,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builder Inc., 4840 Yosemite, Sylvania, $61,832.

Michael Perry to Rose Garza, trustee, 3346 Blairmont, $120,000.

Michael and Arlene Whelan to Todd and Barbara Riggs, 5305 Spring Meadow, Sylvania, $347,500.

Rose Garza, trustee, to David Coldiron, 1111 Birch, Maumee, $132,500.

Michael Knox and others to Garritt and Kelly Vogt, 1620 Wildwood, $141,500.

Olde Farm Inc. to Kendalbrook Co, 4207 Ranchers Circle, $45,900.

Gerald Mills and others to Mouin and Ghada Elkhatib, 7220 Tottenham, $235,000.

Eric and Carrie Richmond to Sirva Relocation LLC, 3329 Northwood, $89,400.

Sirva Relocation LLC to Bradley Riggs, 3329 Northwood, $89,400.

Scott Sutter to Kenneth Sandford, 3249 Parkwood, $36,900.

Ernest Nelson III to Samantha Tolin, 3208 Warsaw, $1,000.

Carr's Rental Properties Ltd. to Marilyn Metzger, 2726 104th, $65,000.

Rudolph and Socorro Almaguer to John Almaguer, 2616 and 2618 Edgar, $80,000.

Alice Podlas to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 533 Everett, $28,500.


Michael Bain to Nancy Bain, 656 West Sylvania, $56,000.

Kevin and Gina Kaufman to Kevin and Mary Martin, 4126 Stonehenge, Sylvania, $320,000.

Gerald Krafft to Estel and Laurie Hudson, 229 South Schwanberger, Swanton, $7,000.

April 26, 2004


Samuel Fisher and others to Vincent Donofrio and others, 1924 Hurd, $66,000.

Stephen Hatkevich and others to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 2956 Back Bay, Maumee, $58,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to D. S. Holdings of Northwest Ohio LLC, 9155 Beautiful, Sylvania, $112,212.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Michael and Mary Gavioli, 5041 Seaman, Oregon, $140,000.

Harry and Carole Rice to Craig Fluellen, 5029 Selma, $99,484.

Darlene Snyder to Daniel Ramsier, 5319 Belpre, $128,000.

Carla Schwartz to Steven Mertz, Jr., 1647 Pool, $76,500.

Mary and Eugene Kutz to April Franklin, $4654 Oakridge, $157,500.

Beth Harpster to Anthony Peraino, 3630 Leybourn, $78,500.

Dana Jamgochian to Lori and David Donovan, Jr., 6143 Randon, $200,850.

Glenna Moose and others to Mia McCarthy, 3940 Beverly, $100,000.

Kirk and Barbara Holdcroft to Mary and Keven Machon, 2826 Rathbun, $63,000.

Kirk and Barbara Holdcroft to Mary and Keven Machon, 3039 Douglas, $112,000.

Kevin Snyder to Barbara and Robert Mason, 2031 Nevada, $46,000.

Steadman Lodge No. 208 Knights of Pythias to ICMC Inc., 3835 Baltimore, $40,000.

George Oliger, Jr., to Robert Wuest, 2029 Mason, $63,000.

Ilene Sanders to Elsene Slowinski and others, 6607 Kingsbridge, Sylvania, $125,000.

Austin and Elisha Hess to Jennifer Morris, 3507 St. Bernard, $86,500.

Keith Spaulding, successor trustee, to Usbaldon and Patricia Diaz, 4136 Bowen, $77,000.

Michael and Deanna Ritson to Richard and Candace Bundren, 4914 Cedarhurst, $127,000.

Mary Biniecki to John Kauffman, 2218 Dundee, $76,500.

Nicholas Demski to Windylake Properties LLC, 1138 Cribb, $66.500.

Robert Knapp and others to Craig and Mary Beth Niedermier, 6548 Country Place, Sylvania, $154,500.

Kimberly Winhoven to Alaska Seaboard Partners LP, 1521 Primrose, $40,000.

Ryan and Deanna McAlees to Wendy Sharp, 2902 Gunckel, $115,500.

Aquil Mahdi to Alex Leach, 2030 Elliott, $3,000.

Grant Haviland and others to Jason and Amy Legree, 3520 Island, $190,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Buckeye Specialty Homes Co., 8846 and 8862 Walnut Trail and 2546 Cherry Lake, both Sylvania, $167,700.

Cheryl Lyons to Joseph and Deborah Reinhart, 4702 Copland, $122,700.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 5965 Porsha, Sylvania, $43,681.

Robin Aughenbaugh to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 4805 Rose Glenn, $238,000.

Alaska Seaboard Partners LP to Bradley Brown, 1110 and 1114 Elysian, $35,000.

Stephen and Doriann Rothermel to Jonathan Christie, 545 Southfield, Maumee, $148,000.

Joseph Austin and others to Piasi Coker, 1315 Vance, $1,000.

Keith and Brenda Moosman to Kreg Moosman, 10001 Neapolis-Waterville, Waterville, $67,000.

Michael and Deborah Hunter to Jeffrey Tonkovich, 2451 Orchard Hills, $141,000.

Margaret Smith to Carol McDole, 1266 Hugo, Maumee, $20,000.

Robert and Claudia Hesbit to Robert and Ann Hemming, 2509 Charlestown, $120,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Sandra and Frederick Schneck III, 563 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $239,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Keith Sykes, 6841 Running Brook Way, Holland, $173,000.

Linda Mosier to Deanna and Ryan McAlees, 7157 Cloister, $200,000.

Tonia Johnson to Associates Financial Services Co. Inc., 1153 Oakwood, $28,000.

Associates Financial Services Co. Inc. to Charles Smith, 1153 Oakwood, $11,900.

Alan Gladieux to Tracie Pank, 4416 Commonwealth, $99,000.

Eagle Creek Builders & Developers Inc. to Richard and Loretta Cox, 9024 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $330,000.

Linda Kaczmarek to Equity Trust Co., 579 Spring, $16,500.

Linda Kaczmarek to Robert Beauregard, 558 Spring, $30,800.

Linda Kaczmarek to Robert Beauregard, 1050 Klondike, $30,800.

Edrena Cooper to US Bank, trustee, 902 Sherman, $12,000.

Henry Boost to Charles and Marcia Ellis, 549 Dussel, Maumee, $160,000.

Pamela Rybka to Casimer Nowotka, 5546 San Juan, $100,000.


Allen and Caroline Bishop to Dependable Construction LLC, 5402 and 5406 Alger, Sylvania, $60,000.

April 27, 2004


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Matthew and Jennifer Homier, 4664 Calico Ct., Monclova, $48,750.

Greg Beaudoin to Danny Beaudoin, 3484 145th, $69,000.

Stephen Micham to Salvador and Irene Hernandez, 574 Milton, $49,970.

Michael and Angel Myers to Jeff Chipps, 1208 Harrow, $120,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Cynthia Simon, 5631 304th, $210,000.

Mary Anaya and others to Jennifer and Karl Zacharias, 2919 South 109th, $112,900.

Tim Williams to Michael and Angel Myers, 2548 Scottwood, $102,000.

Mary and Robert Ford to William and Marjorie Prueter, 6537 Woodhall, Sylvania, $72,000.

Cynthia Smale to Debra Owings and others, 1393 Wildwood, $106,900.

Paula Fields to Anthony Tyson, 4631 Harvest, $97,000.

John and Eileen Pfeifer to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. 7875 Windsor Wood Ct., Maumee, $376,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Edward and Barbara Sidlar, 7875 Windsor Wood Ct., Maumee, $376,500.

KDP Enterprises to David and Ellen Najarian, 3401 River, $133,500.

Harris Hodge to Tracy Radford-Mulligan, 331 Independence, $70,125.

Edward Johnson and others to Thomas Rhoades, 3403 Heatherdowns, $109,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Sherry Cox, 119 West Streicher, $54,900.

Pauline Heinl to Kurt and Wendy Kaczander, 4147 Beverly, $112,000.

Vicky Pershing Wiley to Joseph and Mary Grappin, 2141 Lonacre, Holland, $258,375.

Joyce Meadowcroft to Wesley Grudzien, 6930 Milrose, $152,000.

Susan Gray, trustee, to Chao Zhang and others, 7226 Regents Park, $222,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Konstandinas Vosdoganis, 5652 Breezy Porch, Sylvania, $171,500.

Catherine Grabowski to Paul Waldo, 5022 Stengel, $89,000.

Joseph Dantzer to Gerald Schroeder, 1533 Colorado, $88,000.

Gloria Johnson to Rhonda Murrell, 2106 Parkdale, $70,000.

Kim Realty Co. Inc. and others to Tyler and Sherry Kottenbrock, 2642 Calverton, $83,700.

Sue Lavoy to Martin Busha, 2720 Elsie, $123,000.

Emma Moody to Gary Moody, Jr., 805 Hoag, $1,000.

Genoa Banking Co. to Johnita Foy, 5820 Semoff, $102,000.

Kathryn Mills to Dennis and Nicole Murphy, 2522 Point Pleasant Way, $130,000.

Linda Kaczmarek to Jose Martinez, 419 Palmer, $19,800.

Paul Philibin to Igor Beaufils, 1977 Pinelawn, $162,000.

Nicole and Dennis Murphy, Jr., to Jason Zielinski, 3717 149th, $73,000.

Nettie Reese to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 31 East Lake, $20,000.

Frances Otey, successor trustee, to Michelle Corron, 2312 Greenlawn, $136,000.

Cathy Deangelo, trustee, to Richard and Deborah Ference, 6127 Merle, $76,950.

Aimee Allen to Prudential Relocation Inc., 4718 Homerdale, $229,200.

Ellsworth Whitney, successor trustee, to Patrick Ray, 6039 Larchway Ct., $139,900.

Michael and Johanna Debacker to Daniel and Kristin Martinez, 4738 Country Walk, Sylvania, $295,000.

James and Carolyn Zink, trustees, to Brent Meller, 4618 Blackstone East, Maumee, $177,000.

Anne and Kevin Zimmerman to Dana Lewis, 1433 and 1929 Luscombe, $132,950.

John and Sarah Becerra to Elisa Martinez, 1130 Earlwood, Oregon, $85,500.

Marilyn Graff, trustee, to Louis and Megan Demeter, 3121 Cheltenham, $105,900.

Mark and Alisa Smith to Rodney and Margaret Shaw, 12220 Neapolis-Waterville, Whitehouse, $190,000.

Trina Foley to David Rassenfoss and others, 3919 Bowen, $133,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Larry Bloom and others, 4718 Homerdale, $229,200.

Larry Bloom to Linda Mosier, 6660 Kingsbridge, Sylvania, $117,500.

M.R. Development LLC to Vicky Wiley, 825 Tall Pines, $259,000.

Maurice and Cynthia Rotondo to Patricia Wesley, 29 Woodforest Pkwy., Sylvania, $261,000.

Twila Rauhut to Louis and Charlene Laberdee, 3231 South Eastmoreland, Oregon, $157,000.

Mary Brower to Whitehouse Corners LLC, 239 Raymer, $43,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Barbara and Robert Mason II, 470 Howland, $33,000.

Daniel Yanke and others to Tommie Walters, 816 North Crissey, Holland, $20,000.

Olde Farm Inc. to Robert and Allison Braker, 7021 Harvester, Maumee, $49,900.

Kenneth and Constance Dick to Wieslwa Gawle, 3741 Terrace, $59,000.

Shirley and Edward Mills, Jr., to Robert and Kelly Wurzelbacher, 330 South Harefoote, Holland, $130,000.

Brian McDonagh to Gary McDonagh, 3417 145th, $55,000.

Residential and Exempt

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Michael and Mary Duschl, 345 Boston Place, $54,250.


Brad Burggraf to Lucie Loach, 1951 North Summit, $100,000.

Westhaven Group to Carroll and Kathleen Hetrick, 3248 and 3252 Franklin, $71,400.


Herman and Beverly Langenderfer, trustees, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 9047 and 9101 West Sylvania, $915,000.

April 28, 2004


Five Star Properties of Oregon LLC to Deanna Cox, 262 Plymouth, $75,000.

Jeffery and Sherry Nagle to David and Christine Fetterly, 4545 Willys Pkwy., $65,000.

Sawicki Realty Co. to Ralph and Lynnea Chinella, 920 Irwin, Holland, $75,500.

Glenn and Doris Levy, trustees, to Joel and Sarah Dollarhide, 437 South Fargo, Oregon, $147,000.

Howard Vining to William McGuire, 1942 Hurd, $27,000.

Laurie Willard to Mark Stansley, 1855 West Alexis, $82,000.

Mitchell Development Co. to Jason and Erin Brown, 7235 Hunters Chase, Maumee, $48,500.

Ingomar LP to David Langendorfer, Jr., 743 Clark, $24,000.

Randall St. John to Electric Capital Corp., 117 North Goodrich, Oregon, $85,000.

Michael and Virginia Madden to David Demczyk, 2420 Greenlawn, $125,500.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to Robert McClain and others, 540 Quail East, Oregon, $35,000.

Arthur Benarth to Schober Rentals No. 3, 2025 Blandin, Oregon, $58,000.

Robert and Dorothea Besgrove to Jeffrey and Jennifer Enck, 647 Sweetwater, Oregon, $262,000.

Ronald and Wilma Easton to Robert and Dorothea Besgrove, 4223 Deer Run, Oregon, $261,000.

Karen Sneed to Ronnell Pace, 5723 313th, $128,000.

James Oswald to Jeffrey and Sherry Oswald, 4433 Bellevista, $58,500.

Mark Lederman and others to Michael and Deborah Heck, 435 South Yondota, Curtice, $114,500.

Donnie Sherer to Rayshawn Craig, 5 Bronson Place, $45,000.

Helen Williams to Alan Pennington, 1166 Westgate, $98,500.

Shelli Kilburn to Vivian Hill, 641 East Pearl, $70,500.

Mary Wunderle to Susan Wingate, 514 Ansonia, Oregon, $142,500.

Cathy Wojnarowski to Mark Dodd, 5247 Jackman, $42,375.

Pearl Biblewski to Jeffrey Biblewski, 816 Carver, $93,000.

Evelyn Tipton to Christie Arena, 2532 West Village, $105,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Victor and Sandra Seelman, 4754 Rhone, Maumee, $99,900.

Dennis Reneau to Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority, 602 Earl, $20,000.

Jacqueline Heller, trustee, to Arthur and Catherine Lilje, trustees, 5341 Brandy, Sylvania, $230,000.

Shawn and Robert Masters III to Sara Elekonich and others, 1214 Hawk, $89,000.

Matthew Vitek to Mark and Karen Freyhof, 123, 125, 129, and 131 Van Buren, $102,500.

Karen Albert to Susan Terrill, 730 Bowman, $1,370.58.

Forestview Building Co. Inc. to Susan Gray, trustee, 2247 Big Hickory Run, Sylvania, $225,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Thomas and Rebecca Blair, 4747 Starboard, Maumee, $64,800.

Karen Fall-Miller to Andrew Slawinski, 8350 Providence-Neapolis-Swanton, Neapolis, $107,400.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to Annalisa and Daniel Johnson, 7454 Pinafore, Maumee, $40,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Gina Fugate, $118,000.

Mary Cole to Catherine Olsen, 1154 Higley, $83,900.

Dominic and Barbara Torio to Nicole Arthurs, 3931 Garrison, $129,900.

Transtar Builders and Developers Inc. to Brian and Kathryn Macconnachie, 2565 Spruce Loop, Sylvania, $370,000.

Nikki Taylor to Kenneth Rahm, 3435 Rushland, $110,000.

Jerry and Deborah Gause to Audra Schultz, 2310 Tremainsville, $126,400.

William Schraml to David and Anne Myers, 8231 Cherry Blossom, Holland, $235,000.

Diane Ames to Neil and Joan Hosack, 3550 Muirfield, $128,900.

Westhaven Group to John and Audrey Gordon, $44,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to George Kuehnl III, 422 East Central, $10,000.

Robert and Virginia York to Anthony Sheppard and others, 2620 Tully, $128,800.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc., 7717 Hickory Grove, Sylvania, $47,900.

Joanne Musteric to David McClellan, 4708 North May, $122,900.

Cynthia White-Noss and others to Homer and Diane Yarrito, 2146 Mayport, $139,120.

John and Carol Dutcher to Michael Govito, 2636 Wesleyan, $122,900.

Robert Armstrong to Lubert Lestage, 209 Corinth, $21,000.

Andrew Wells and others to Dustin and Amy Pauken, 3513 Burton, $87,000.

Josephine Nazaire to Jose and Joann Mondragon, 428 Shrewsbury, Holland, $106,000.

William Stevens to Cynthia Wright, 921 Belmont, $500.

Stephen Schwartz to Elsie Ziegelhofer and others, 7452 Timbers Edge, $172,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Geoffrey and Amy Skibinski, 7044 Mourning Dove Ct., $60,000.


Robert and Geneva Leonard, co-trustees, to Arlington CK Ltd., 3310 and 3348 Arlington, $825,000.

Jan and Barbara Jacobs to JMD Ventures LLC, 155 Matzinger, $175,000.

Monroe Street Special Inc. to Stephen D. Taylor Family Properties LLC, 3121, 3127, and 3131 Knoll; 6238, 6250, 6252, 6254, 6256, and 6316 West Central; and 3122, 3132, 3142, 3145, 3153, 3154, 3205, 3210, and 3219 Moffat, $2,300,000.

Gary Rombkowski to Steven and Barbara Shinaver, 10905 Corduroy, water slip C-11, Oregon, $500.

April 29, 2004


Patrice Hych to Harold Cayne, 1690 Vance, $30,000.

Beth Vollmar to Damian and Adrienne Albright, 5525 Sunnyside, $119,000.

Trent and Janice Buehrer to Douglas and Rebecca Collins, 6839 Fredericksburg, Sylvania, $166,000.

Edward Stobbe, trustee, and others to Trent and Janice Buehrer, 5602 Bonniebrook, Sylvania, $200,000.

Carroll Montgomery to James King, 4317 and 4325 South Berkey-Southern, Swanton, $85,000.

Scott and Jodi Weber to Joe and Debora Bergstedt, 3008 Ravenwood, $101,000.

James and Jacklyn Frederick to James Latimer and others, 4404 Fleetwood, Sylvania, $280,000.

Damian and Adrienne Albright to Deborah Hickman, 817 Toronto, $76,000.

Srinivas and Anuradha Manchiraju to Prudential Relocation Inc., 8242 Deerpointe, $185,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Mark and Juliet Halsey, 8242 Deerpointe, $185,000.

Terry Hennessey to Patricia and Gene Bodeman, Jr., 5938 Brainard, Sylvania, $168,000.

Robert and Patricia Baker to Joseph and Suzanne Moore, 4332 Pickle, Oregon, $235,000.

Dean Kohne to Kenmore Partnership, 256 North Coy, Oregon, $23,000.

Keith Gray and Kim Jefferson to Banker's Trust Co. of California, 9401 Dorr, $106,667.

Arlin and Annette Odom to Banc One Financial Services Inc. 2655 Detwiler, $86,000.

Jerry Jones and others to Shirley Geiman, 1210 Fort, Maumee, $128,500.

Sarah Golladay to Key Bank USA NA, 1111 Oakwood, $12,667.

Robert McGovern and others to Benny and Mary Rutherford, 5840 Sylvan Ridge, $245,000.

Fred and Sandra Thompson to Jerry and Shawna Watkins, 6110 Reo, $112,000.

Michele Norton to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 525 Hampton, $56,668.

Gary and Mary Kuns to Brian Hufford Builder Inc., 7901 Stitt, Waterville, $70,000.

Joseph Jesionowski to James Jesionowski, 4316 Stable Path, Maumee, $227,000.

Mark and Shelly Schafer to Russell Korb, 6743 Maplewood, Sylvania, $127,000.

Christopher and Ashley Beyer to Jeffrey Meyers and others, 203 South McCord, $125,000.

Olde Farm Inc. to Cambridge Fine Custom Homes LLC, 4201 Ranchers Circle, Maumee, $45,900.

Jeanette Kaiser to Garry and Sherry Pant, 1054 Clark, Holland, and 7325 Angola, Holland, $188,350.

Mohamad and Alia El-Majzoub to Carol Sirotnyak, 2030 Bakewell, $2,400.

Bruce and Christine Alwood to Deborah Corey, 312, St. Marys, $1,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Scott and Wendy Yarnell, 10150 Bridle Ct., Whitehouse, $45,900.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to John and Helen Gercak, 7656 Hickory Grove, Sylvania, $57,900.

Alta Baucom to Anthony Hicks, 2920 and 2924 North Ontario, $11,900.

Bank One NA to Kenneth and Bonnie Trumbull, 226 Orville, $32,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Steven and Robin Sohnly, 7021 Heller, Whitehouse, $187,900.

Janet Pearson to John and Sherinda Key, 2135 Hawthorne, $1.

Carol Wiktorowski and others to Lion's Den LLC, 2746 Elm, $26,000.

Douglas and Vicki Jerzykowski to Brad and Christie Lennex, 724 Waybridge, $109,900.

Theresa Miller, trustee, to Michael Bowlin, 5753 Home, $108,500.

Bobbi Corleone to Federal National Mortgage Association, 614 East Pearl, $28,000.


John and Sarah Becerra to Marcos and Rose Estrada, 193 East Broadway, $141,000.


Betty Morrison to JAB Development Ltd., 6501 Berkey-Southern, Whitehouse, $295,000.

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