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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

July 30, 2004


Donna Heretick to Jonathan Chin, 3857 Seckinger, $95,000.

William and Maxine Gillespie, trustees, to Sharon Spencer, 2908 Claredale, $140,000.

Kathryn and Richard Bedard II to Anthony and Rochelle Fletcher, 4524 Overland Pkwy., $115,000.

Deborah Smith, trustee, to Wesley and Steffenie Merillat, 1959 Hunters Run, Holland, $207,900.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to Krista Downey, trustee, 427 Quail East, Oregon, $35,000.

Altegra Credit Corp. to Ronald Eubanks, 2130 North 13th, $15,000.

Anthony and Sherri Sherock to Matthew and Laurie Dombi, 84 Ponderosa, Oregon, $147,500.

Deborah Simms to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2617 Westbrook, $63,334.

John Rivera to H. C. Lohmeyer, 1143 and 1147 Platt, Martin, $500.

Ajaz Ahmad to Mary Duvall, 2842 Albion, $14,500.

Donald Greenman to John and Irina Blessing, 2117 and 2119 Robinwood, $100,000.

Glenn Humberston, Jr., to Glenn Humberston and others, 108 San Rafael, $22,875.

Citibank NA, trustee, to Iverson Investments Inc., 715 Chicago, $3,000.

Mendi Householder to Sirva Relocation LLC, 2002 Christian, $97,000.

Sirva Relocation LLC to Joan George, 2002 Christian, $97,000.

Robert and Christina Summers to Matthew and Heather Hull, 5906 Rambo, $120,745.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Transtar Builders & Developers Inc. 8839 Walnut Trail, Sylvania, $61,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Dennis and Kirsten Brady, 5025 and 5033 Chardonnay, Oregon, $42,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jerome and Veronica Newkirk, 1435 Lake Vista, $160,855.

Nicole Romstadt to Venture Property Investments LLC, 515 Plymouth, $37,500.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to 10th Street Partnership 130 LLC, 820 Chestnut, $3,800.

Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc. to Squires Development Co. Ltd., 4830 and 4953 Yosemite Pkwy., Sylvania, $123,178.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Daniel Lautermilch, trustee, 4935 Marble Cliff, Sylvania, $195,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Janet Parker, 11046 Villacourt, Whitehouse, $166,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Benjamin Buckenmeyer, 7311 Northquay Ct., Holland, $236,000.

Margaret Anderson, trustee, to Clifford and Ruth Kurtz, 2020 The Bluffs, $195,000.

Steven Kline, successor trustee, to Joseph Schweitzer, 4033 Hillandale, $78,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 2951 Cypress Colony, $64,900.

Gary and Brenda Rambo to Nicole Taylor and others, 556 Southfield, Maumee, $126,500.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Timberline Builders Inc., 4553 Crosstick Ct., Sylvania, $104,000.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Timberline Builders Inc., 4611 Whistling Oaks Ct., Sylvania, $112,000.

Linda Hofmeister, trustee, to Deanna Smith, 5813 Windgate, $165,000.

Mark and Cynthia Conley to Denise King, 1743 Milburn, $15,000.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Charles and Nancy Creech, 5927 Outpost, Sylvania, $121,000.

Angela Erd to James Woda, 2946 North 109th, $64,000.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Donald and Solveig Barnes, 6437 Madison Cove, Sylvania, $183,870.39.

Merlyn and Nolan Pitney, Jr., to Albert and Teresa McGaharan, 6427 Longfellow, Sylvania, $165,000.

Natalia Phillips to Charles Phillips, Jr., 2620 Consaul, $16,980.

Carolyn Preston to John Hrovatich, 1756 Macomber, $35,000.

Alan and Lori Potridge to Bryan Hiser, 1724 Winston, $147,600.

Michael and Valencia Miskiel to Jake and Christine Garrow, 414 Sunset, $83,500.

June Huffman and others to Kathy Sattler, 4508 Nantuckett, $192,000.

Ruth Brown and others to Sheila Dashner and others, 518 Michigan, Waterville, $157,500.


Ronald and Patricia Zielinski and others to Mary Vicario, 426 East Broadway, $15,000.


Richard Anderson to Old Granite Development Ltd., 7360 Noward, Waterville, $575,000.

Aug. 2, 2004


Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Corey Goings, 234 Kevin Place, $10,500.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Karyl Young, 938 Butler, $18,000.

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Christopher and Karen Walton, 1060 Gribbin, $64,750.

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Laticia Holmes, 1106 Gribbin, $60,250.

Lori Stein to Timothy and Nicole McLeod, 6645 Seaman, Oregon, $153,600.

William and Grace Chapman to Jerry and Sherry Howard, 4749 Naomi, $134,000.

Dorothy Grove to Larry and Laura Smith, 5600 Cresthaven, #21, $75,000.

Jeannette Malone, trustee, to Margaret Anderson, trustee, 4029 West Bancroft, $115,000.

Christopher and Jennifer Smith to Mark and Sheree Silcox, 1540 Scott, Swanton, $140,000.

Jeffrey and Lisa Weills to Janet Moore, 2058 Eastbrook, $75,000.

David and Linda Hamrick to Wanda Boyd, 4837 Ryan, $146,500.

Richard Huey to Stephanie Babin, 3931 Maxwell, $114,000.

Thomas Lewandowski to Jeffrey Szegedi, 1636 Vinal, $55,000.

Theodore and Marcie Rehard to Duanya Tillman, 1010 Mackow, $64,900.

Michael Hall to Michael Stevens, 148 Knower, $37,000.

Kenneth and Victoria Kohls to Brian and Meredith Kurucz, 5937 Meadowvale, $178,000.

Patricia McGee to Gregory and Mary Glowczewski, 2309 and 2311 Shoreland, $195,000.

Richard Hyman, trustee, to Mary Wood, 806 Brinton, $105,000.

Thomas and Jerilyn Altenberger to John and Gabrielle Mancy 2244 and 2246 Barrington, $260,000.

Mark Cieniewski to Matthew Desposito and others, 839 Cloverdale, $105,000.

Geoffrey and Kimberly Clark to Royce Florence, Jr., 2121 Oakhaven, $127,500.

Thomas Tingley to Patrick Krawetzke, 3939 Almeda, $75,000.

Ronald Copeland to Lila Smiley, 6818 Fenwyck, Maumee, $129,900.

Keith and Beth Winters to Angelica and Anthony Jones, Jr., 4362 Foxchapel, $69,500.

Bryan Johnson to SFJV 2002-1 LLC, 2002 Mansfield, $50,667.

Dale Krygielski to Cyril Terry, 3410 Angela Place, $79,000.

Sherry Long to John Hullibarger III, 5019 and 5023 Trellis Way, Sylvania, $70,000.

Rock Financial Corp. to Neighborhood Housing Services of Toledo Ohio Inc., 565 Orchard, $4,000.

Jay and Alicia Siders to Jerald and Susanne Paren, 2106 Fairfax, $65,700.

Westhaven Group to Robert and Florence Judkins, 1504 Watova, $98,000.

National City Bank, trustee, to Jane and Lance Fuller, trustees, 3308 Queenswood, $55,000.

Provident Bank to T & K Real Estate Investment LLC, 1663 and 1667 Belmont, $8,500.

Keith Carpenter to Dianne Carter, 243 Palmer, $50,000.

Randall and Mary Krum to Michael Nicotera, 2810 Densmore, $162,400.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Bobbie Deason, 11067 Villacourt, Whitehouse, $170,000.

Timothy and Karen Wagener to David and Natalie Kissinger, 644 Dussel, Maumee, $147,500.

Home Source Construction LLC to Vijendra Raghavendra and Divya Vijendra, 2511 Cherry Lake, Sylvania, $307,500.

Natalie Boettger to Wm Specialty Mortgage LLC, 5616 Pawnee, $78,000.

William and Mary Weber to Kathy Weber, 7032 Regents Park, $200,000.

Larry and Carol Winegar to David and Carol del Signore, 6911 and 6915 Maplewood, Sylvania, $173,625.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Elouise Cousino, trustee, 8547 Blackforest Circle, Sylvania, $40,000.

Luevenia Parks and others to Mortgage Lenders Network USA Inc., 1343 Fitchland, $14,000.

Mortgage Lenders Network USA Inc. to Rebecca Williams, 1343 Fitchland, $9,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Allan and Stacey Meyette, 822 West Sylvania, $29,000.

Ellen Nunnally to Gerald and Mary Morrissey, 427 Eastern, $5,000.

John and Barbara Tighe to Kathryn Boehm, 2228 Bridlewood, $240,000.

Key Trust Co. of Ohio NA to John and Jill Lawrence, 106 East Harrison, Maumee, $235,000.

BVP Construction Ltd. to Michael Todak, trustee, 9955 North Blue Prairie, Whitehouse, $339,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Salisbury, 6201 Garden, Unit G110, Maumee, $36,500.

David and Barbara Laird to Paul Nel, 929 West Wayne, Maumee, $165,000.

Transtar Builders and Developers Inc. to Sung and Young Hah, 9000 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $332,500.

Joseph and Mary Zawierucha to James Vandervlucht, 3904 and 3910 Rushland, $118,500.

Ridgewater Real Estate Co. to Deborah Widman, 3339 Swan Ridge, Maumee, $110,000.

Todd Sauerwein to Glenn Jasas, 12530 La Fontaine, Curtice, $500.

Carol Ziemann to Mark Miller, Jr., 6237 and 6243 Blossman, $85,000.

Timothy and Marla Halko to Gerald and Ann Hinz, 823 and 827 Scott, Maumee, $129,900.

John and Nancy Chesick to Eddie and Glover Jackson, 622 East Lake, $84,000.

Pamela Downour to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 5442 Bay Shore, Oregon, $200,000.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Terry Crutcher, 110 Ottawa, Unit 2-D, $169,000.

Dean and Penny Oswald to Suzanne Born, 2557 Wyndale Ct., $125,000.

Martin and Monica Pritchard, trustees, to Grant and Pamela Langdon, 4117 and 4123 Airedale, $221,800.

Benjamin and Kay Sommers to Randy and Tammy Smith, 2350 and 2354 Caledonia, $33,000.

Melvin Reid to Linette Stewart, 1218 Fernwood, $1.


Constance and Rex Shook, trustees, to Darren and Jenni Hamilton, 18, 38, and 64 City Park, $715,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Anna Ramirez, 1513 Waite, $22,500.

Golwin Williams to Ottawa Community Development Corp., 3368 Monroe, $21,423.


Wickes Lumber Co. to Landra Corp., 1249 South McCord, Holland, $422,000.

Aug. 3, 2004


James Keeler, trustee, to Matthew Holdridge, 1110 Eleanor, $88,500.

Frank Tarschis, trustee, to John Cryan, trustee, and others, 2436 Barrington, $100,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Larry Greenlee and others, 1400 Southridge, Waterville, $282,000.

Hussein Obeid to Mehmet Kubur, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 16, $44,500.

James and Christine Kovacs to Chad Miller, 3332 Aldringham, $140,000.

Michael Hatzinikolis to Beionca Sultan-Batey, 3616 Nearing, $67,000.

Michael Carter to Robert Baker, 4137 Dorchester, $98,225.

David Decant to Gregory and Karen Reichert, 120 South Berlin, Oregon, $151,900.

Eddy Brundt to Andrew Schneider, 158 Dartmouth, $118,300.

Brian Blosser to Manuel Rodriguez, 1869 Airport, $41,200.

Brendan and Julie Smith to Anneke Frank and others, $129,500.

Jennifer Young to Timothy and Carolyn Smith, 2620 101st, $92,500.

Cathleen McHugh to Amber Edds, 3730 Hazelhurst, $74,000.

Michael Watson to Jeffrey Graham, 1866 Norwood, $19,000.

Assist Real Estate Transactions to Chris Schults, 4135 MacAuley Ct., $37,000.

Keith Morris to David Fought, 3228 Radford, $73,200.

Brian Gahn to Kevin Beining, 4411 Commonwealth, $110,600.

Andrei McLachlan to Donald and Sheryl Jones, 573 South, $31,000.

Elaine Hoefflin to Kollin and Manda Rice, 1410 South Lallendorf, Oregon, $244,000.

Wesley McKee and De-Lite Carson-McKee to Randall and Jennifer Kuiz, 1440 Gould, $85,000.

Brett and Amy Ryder to Timothy and Nadine Vandervoort, 5546 Eagle Trace, Sylvania, $269,900.

Kevin Carter to George Moore, 2430 Fulton, $48,000.

Daniel Kershner to Robert and Pamela Helvey, 109 Sandbury Ct., Holland, $185,000.

Donald and Neisa Hill to Matthew Lewandowski, 3566 Indian, $166,000.

David and Debra Smith to Amy Ryder, 7311 Glynn Ct., Sylvania, $162,500.

David Lump to Cealashea Baggett, 2904 Letchworth Pkwy., $110,206.

Matthew Johnson and others to Michael and Angela Lavera, 2012 Northridge, $102,900.

Alla Spivak to Gayle Mobley, 4225 Circleview, $99,900.

Timothy and Kristine Hendricks to Margaret Ako Abunaw, 1627 Woodhurst, $165,000.

Herine Hood to Gerald and Rosalind Hill, 317 North Hawley, $12,500.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Robert Furr, 960 Western, $5,000.

Richard and Paulette Thigpen to Dawn Thigpen, 183 Champion, $56,250.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 7861 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $55,800.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joe Brown Builders Inc., 3030 Deep Water, Maumee, $65,900.

Janet O'Neail to Kelly Korb and others, 3846 Watson, $82,500.

Carolyn Marble to Robert Koles II, 336 Heffner, $30,000.

Peter and Michele McGowan to Martha Lemus and others, 449 Standing Timbers, $235,000.

Grant and Pamela Langdon to Charles Allen III, 2535 Parkwood, $160,000.

Jules Isaacson to George and Betty Schlaudecker, trustees, 4343 West Bancroft, Unit 3-B, $185,000.

Jon and Kristi Molter to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 3722 Hampstead, Sylvania, $192,500.

Novastar Mortgage Inc. to Mark Belcher, 436 Cumberland Place, $4,000.

Patrick and Lisa Wofford to Maurice McWilliams, 938 Frederick, $55,000.

John and Karen Minnick to John Lenortavage, 1968 Brent Valley, Holland, $21,900.

Mildred Hatfield, trustee, to Thomas and Margaret Duross, 3650 Rose Glenn, $255,000.

Thomas and Margaret Duross to John and Deborah Balser, 2438 Meadowwood, $274,500.

Roy and Angela Bean to A&A Investment Group LLC, 850 and 852 Belmont, $2,500.

James Thorrington to Phillip and Cynthia Perry, 702 Collins Park and 665 Koester, $68,500.

Grady Snell, Jr., and others to Grady Snell, Jr., and others, 731 Fernwood, $1.

Aug. 4, 2004


Crown Building Co. to Antoinette Moubayed, trustee, 5706 Walnut Cove, Sylvania, $274,000.

Jean Paul Lemerand to Raymond Shunck, trustee, 3507 Mapleway, $168,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to George Scarvelis Builders Inc., 4350 Cranberry, Sylvania, $98,463.

John Cryan and others, co-trustees, to Frank Tarschis, trustee, 7739 Gillcrest, Sylvania, $255,000.

Laura Cronenwett to Tracy Germann, 5727 Aspen, $89,900.

Mark and Karen Ruhe to Marcus Page III and others, 2628 Sherbrooke, $129,600.

Julie Hanson, trustee, to Matthew and Elizabeth Manges, 6206 Pembridge, $167,000.

Robert and Kristine Kegerreis to Stephen and Michelle House, 5713 Sandy Creek, Sylvania, $148,000.

David and Carol Del Signore to Aaron and Michelle Marks, 2041 Marengo, $116,500.

Charter One Credit Corp. to Chad Corder, 4127 North Haven, $83,500.

Joseph and Tina Glass to Ramon Deanda, 119 West Foulkes, $74,900.

Charles Schufelt to Leslie Currier, 6110 Vail, $97,000.

Gerald and Tok Sun Johnston to Daron Graves, 3402, 3408, and 3410 Moffat, $137,000.

Stephen and Michelle House to Stacey Barker, 4549 Monac, $130,500.

Sharon Hyder to Matthew Yarder, 5408 Fern, $97,000.

Timothy and Shelly Isley to Charles and Melissa Dieringer, 6129 Pembridge, $122,500.

Amy Kieswetter and others to Christopher McBride, 912 Hilltop, $147,000.

Alton Tschan and others to Allen Vernoski and others 5318 Pageland, $87,000.

Joseph and Kristen Garlinghouse to Joseph Sulaica, 2647 Powhattan Pkwy., $116,000.

Stuart and Judy Roberts to Mark and Karen Ruhe, 335 Hickory, Waterville, $173,900.

William and Mary Dold to Rafic and Dunia Awada, 3117 Elmont, $103,000.

Anthony and Patricia Repar to Dawn Anderson, 4113 Penelope, $108,500.

William and Phyllis Keith to Julie and Charles Kessinger, Jr., 6060 Fairhaven, $93,000.

Emad Khalil to Harner Enterprises Ltd., 4255 Foxchapel, $48,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Lamar and Shannon Taylor, 2321 St. James Wood, $194,900.

Susan Mattick to Michael and Emily Diettrich, 3123 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $305,000.

Diane and Lowell Neerman, Jr., to Sean Rodak, 7930 Hidden View, Holland, $209,500.

Barry Walters, Jr., to Joe and Sally Martinez, 1808 Wychwood, $89,000.

Philip Lazos to Rama Iyer and Ajay Padhye, 914 Linden, $122,000.

Elaine Adkins, successor trustee, to Aaron and Jacqueline Greisinger, 1333 Birch, Maumee, $128,000.

Sharon Herod to Christine Saunders, 12610 Waterville-Swanton, Whitehouse, $137,000.

Renee Zaciewski to Carrie Miller, 4240 Eaglehurst, Sylvania, $195,500.

Gerald and Jean Sheridan to Sheryl and Robert Day III, 5106 Summer, Sylvania, $220,000.

Christina Jones to Alton and Rae Tschan, 5305 Lenticel, $137,500.

Danial Poffenberger to Eric and Jennifer Johnson, 908 Alvison, $78,900.

T&J Investors to Richard and Terrie Auler, 1012 Cady, Maumee, $111,000.

Organized Neighbors Yielding Excellence Inc. to Quincy Hogan, 815 Imani Circle, $25,000.

Angela and Jonathon Leach to Eric Durrant, 1470 Harpers Ferry, Maumee, $137,000.

Lawrence Young to Timothy and Deborah Vaneman, 2705 Westcastle, Unit C, $117,000.

Aaron Thrush and others to Kevin McKee, 4034 Stonehenge, Sylvania, $98,500.

Phillip Baum, Jr., to Matthew Weaver, 4144 Starr, Oregon, $140,000.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc., 7706 Hickory Grove, Sylvania, $61,900.

Clifford and Trudy Stubbs to Mahesh Dalvi and Sampada Mulaye, 4051 Meadow Green, Sylvania, $189,900.

Wayne Lemke to Florence Jones, 1443 and 1445 South, $75,000.

John Le Pla to Bradley and Deborah Dukes, 3020 Northwood, $105,000.

Ricky Paredes to Joseph and Blanca Rodriguez, 3570 Nearing, $28,325.

Lori Patton to Ken and Patti Fischer, 735 Lodge, $46,300.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Diana Lehman, trustee, 4516 Whistling Oaks Ct., Sylvania, $112,000.

C. Bodi, trustee, to Lawrence Stuart, 2112 North Ontario, $3,000.

Daniel Cook to Lisa Bunge and others, 5550 Black, Waterville, $198,000.

Thomas Gillis to Fannie Mae, 5066 and 5070 Adella, $66,000.

Robert Bedacht to Louis Gonzales III, 2035 and 2039 North Erie, $23,500.

Rose Russo and others to Michael and Betty Csehi, 661 Reineck, $85,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to David Teachout, 937 South, $5,000.

Edward and Nancy Nowak to Todd Lawrence, 501 Cambridge Park North, Maumee, $180,500.

Aaron and Michelle Marks to Joseph and Stephanie Dennehy, 2004 Hogarth, $122,055.

Michael Siravo to Angela Fowler, 3443 Mulberry, $82,000.

Gregory Hill to Danielle Wyse, 5159 Estess, Sylvania, $92,000.

Timothy Roberts to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 1525 South Crissey, Holland, $50,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Christopher and Melissa Hoyle, 1525 South Crissey, Holland, $69.900.

Mark Lojewski, Jr., to Marco Lojewski, 1414 Ketcham, $1.

James Parritt to Amy Boozan, 5856 Green Ivy, Monclova, $337,000.

Thomas Gruenwald to Mouhanad and Saeda Sarsour, 4428 Rose Garden, $97,000.

Russell and Sheryl Cox to Larry Phillips and Amy Dombkowski, 2619 Fairbanks, $141,000.

John and Diane Pietrowski, trustee, to James Kaliniak, 5463 San Paulo, $123,000.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Ronald and Jamie Parton, 2380 Albon, Holland, $50,000.

Oretha Lawson to James and Ann Mahon, 3933 Donegal, $78,000.

Melinda Richardson to Margret Richardson, 1568 Hagley, $81,000.

Joseph and Molly Gerweck to Christopher and Kerry Becker, 826 Cherry, Waterville, $128,000.

Robert and Pamela Helvey to Danielle Blakesley, 719 Waybridge, $111,240.

Brian Lipszyc to Richard Zibbel, Jr., 3043 Glencairn, $115,000.

David Stout to Gregory Dick, 2139 Ottawa River, $151,250.

Carl and Ethelda King to Bank of New York, 228 Leander, $49,000.

Bank of New York to Ben Sinkey, 228 Leander, $58,000.

Westhaven Group to Donald and Gina Cousino, 1926 Airport, $70,700.

John Smithers to Ruth Turner and others, 402 Wilkshire, Waterville, $149,000.

James and Betty Struble to Gregoris and Barbara Morris, 2609 Valley Brook, $113,000.

Pamela Wawrzyniak to Ryan and Betty Sakowski, 4414 Eastway, $93,000.

James and Yeou Dih Ball to Steven Delonge, 6005 Washburn, Berkey, $420,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Competitive Homes Properties Inc., 419 Clyde, $20,750.


Damas Parking Co. Inc. to Aquarius Athletic Club Inc., 907 Conant, Maumee, $710,000.

Aug. 5, 2004


Lisa Gargac to Prudential Relocation Inc., 3014 Pemberton, $147,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Divakar Pai, 3014 Pemberton, $117,600.

Robin Maly to Sami and Sabah Jomaa, 6170 Lookover Ct., $126,000.

Dolores Helminski to Jacob and Lindsey Storrer, 2304 Roseann, $147,000.

Timothy and Kendra Kayser to John and Nancy Chesick, 602 Anmarie Ct., Oregon, $284,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Vineet Gupta and others, 4406 Cranberry, Sylvania, $97,234.

Patrick and Lisa Wofford to Maurice McWilliams, 337 Victoria Place, $94,000.

Mid-Ohio Securities Corp. to Loyd Truly, 2001 Birkdale, $58,000.

Loyd Truly III to Richard Cloutier, 2001 Birkdale, $119,900.

Patricia Zink to Linda Young-Pickett and Kalvin Pickett, 6119 Willowvale, $160,000.

Sean and Maudra Henneman to Deborah and John Drabek, 1855 Strathmoor, $117,000.

David Miramontes to Brian and Jacqueline Roberts, 2169 Chalmette, $154,500.

Craig Smith and Angela Conti-Smith, 2731 Schneider, $119,000.

Duane and Sandra Ulrich to Geraldine Squarcette, 3510 Bayberry Place, Oregon, $153,500.

Tina Baer to Timothy Grimes, 151 North Goodrich, Oregon, $97,000.

William Coyle to Daniel Palmer, 604 East Indiana, Maumee, $85,000.

Inez Howell to Edwin Clayborne, 1265 Vance, $5,500.

Kathy Williams to Chase Manhattan Bank, 1839 Macomber, $19,334.

Chase Manhattan Bank to Kevin Carter, 1839 Macomber, $31,600.

PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. to Right House Realty Ltd., 5148 Davewood, $110,000.

Joung Yoon and others to Scott Grimmett, 526 Barker, $71,000.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Robert and Nancy O'Neil, 6445 Madison Cove, Sylvania, $169,900.

Herman and Wilma Bersticker, trustees, to Paul Bersticker, 3443 Radisson, $100,000.

Patricia Groves to Chad Buck, 2621 Victory, $55,600.

Sandra Dewar to William Haas, 4103 Stonehenge, Sylvania, $157,000.

W.L.Homestead LLC to Donald and Julie Moul, 7757 Forest Creek Ct., Maumee, $432,378.

Sara Ott to Edward Whitten, 903 McKinley, $53,500.

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