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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Sept. 30, 2004


Stephanie and Jonathan Wilson to Stefanie and Kevin Semler, 6014 Pembridge, $131,600.

Mark Mitchell, trustee, to Countrywide Home Loans Inc., $305,000.

Orland Sunderman to Margaret and Kirk Descampe, 3422 Maple, $25,000.

Mary and Brian Wheeler to Erwin Diener, 4558 Vicksburg, Sylvania, $188,000.

Cynthia Snyder to Bank of New York, 6528 Lincoln Green, Holland, $80,000.

Bank of New York to Hanna Kutcher, 6528 Lincoln Green, Holland, $64,500.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Alla Spivak, 3301 West Lincolnshire, $89,000.

Christina and John Yeager to Ohio Savings Bank, 1130 Clarion, Holland, $50,000.

Timothy Perkins to Bank One NA, trustee, 2457 Warren, $14,000.

James Ford to Kenny Terry, 701 Balfe, $44,000.

Tatiana and Craig Wilson to Crissie Frye, 550 Highland Creek Court, Holland, $181,900.

Shirley and Rodney Stanton to Bradley Spice, 2345 Murray, $74,200.

Hazel Syph to Bob Robinson, 909 Junction, $12,000.

Thelma and Robert Lanz to Kimberly and Richard Stratton, 2501 Carriage, $162,250.

MRL Development II Ltd. to Iris and David Strenke, 7161 Dorr St., $95,500.

Westhaven Group LLC to Lynette Haynes, 5430 and 5432 310th St., $85,000.

Heather and Jonathan Kruk to Salim Haddad, 2213 Dahlia Circle, $50,001.

Way International to Dogwood Realty LLC, 5937 Therfield Dr., Sylvania, $145,000.

Bryan Imes to Francis Tresso and others, 339 Boston Place, $77,000.

Mary Beth and Steven Alberti to 3D Realty LLC, 1735 Roosevelt Circle, $68,500.

Sheila Nicholson, trustee, to Jason Wroblewski, 2021 and 2025 Richmond, $260,000.

Olde Farm Inc. to Christine and John Rupp, 4117 Herdmans Circle, Maumee, $64,900.


Mubarak and Hasan Odeh to D-N-R Investments LLC, 1723 Broadway St., $145,000.

Earnest and Clenora Brown to Scott Smith, 318 Islington, $101,000.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, to Jeffrey Ford, 5833 Ryewyck, $227,500.

Dana Corp. to University of Toledo Foundation, 4164 and 4160 Dorr, $400,000.

Oct. 1, 2004


Edward Schmidt, trustee, and others to Carol and Michael Anderson, 1626 River, Maumee, $267,300.

Lynn and Charles Wilkins, trustees, to Jeffrey Miller, 5002 and 5012 Ottawa River, $232,500.

Blue Spruce Properties LLC to Jeremy Mantei, 1942 Roselawn, $117,000.

Daniela and Terry Wyatt to Andrea Wyatt, 2065 Hogarth, $153,000.

Baron Homes Inc. to Lori and Jeffery Wagoner, 1976 Allendale, $160,100.

Nicole and Timothy McLeod to Kristi and Jason Pfaff, 1605 Homestead, $84,000.

Douglas Rath and others to James Jones and others, 425 East John, Maumee, $224,000.

Christine Guerrero to Charlotte Alexander, 2660 Gracewood, $93,900.

Laurel and Wilmer Longstaff to Cynthia and David Davis, Jr., 8460 Nebraska, $168,900.

Margaret Smith, trustee, to Bahaa Agha, 1842 Brownstone, Unit B-31, $51,500.

Donna and Gregory Johnson to Amanda and Adam Bashaw, 5617 Douglas, $96,000.

Clyde McCoy III to Najib and Julianne Badreddine, 5551 and 5555 308th, $118,000.

Carl Mingione to Ibifuro and Nicole Iyalla, 3445 Worley, $76,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Burton Ramm, 0 Indian Trail, $60.83.

Timothy Julious to Nosa Oviahon, 2031 Miles, $8,000.

Ellen Sautter to Brian Platzke, 7963 Garden, Holland, $135,000.

Darlene Mathews to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1615 and 1619 Rancamp, Holland, $80,801.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Karen and William Wills and others, 1615 and 1619 Rancamp, Holland, $110,000.

Timothy and Shanon Montie to Keith Douglas and others, 521 Pleasant, $25,240.

Westhaven Group to Joel Sharbonneau, 551 Orchard, $41,000.

Westhaven Group to Elinor Gary, 968 Gordon, $51,000.

Thomas Hutt to Megan Keane, 5814 and 5820 Georgedale, $104,000.

Thomas Shinaul to Lashondra Rayford, 1752 Tecumseh, $53,000.

Charlotte Kurucz to Larry Bradley, 1523 Milroy, $79,500.

Deane and David Luce to Lauren and Stephen Anderson, 12634 Frankfort, Swanton, $255,000.

Dale and James Singleton to Gloria Kimbers, 824 and 826 Norwood, $1.

Patricia and Vincent Mills to Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc., 1454 Chester, $21,900.

Linnea and Charles Garth to Bank of New York, 635 Southbriar, $48,000.

Bank of New York to M. Siravo, 635 Southbriar, $39,000.

Flagstar Bank to Claude Montgomery, Jr., 1311 Eastland, Oregon, $151,500.

Rachel Holmes to Nicole Rouen, 1326 Stanwix, $103,000.

Paul Wood and others to Tina and David Mueller, 1735 Cambridge Park East, Maumee, $155,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Sharon and Kevin Horrigan, 7352 Captain Harbour, Maumee, $36,900.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Brenda Heath, 330 Mayberry, $51,500.

Beneficial Mortgage Co. to Alina and Theodor Rais, 2211 Mellwood, $50,000.

Beverly and John Ricciardo to Beneficial Mortgage Co. 7751 Dorr, $70,000.

Carmen and Luis Oppenheimer to Household Financial Services Inc., 2834 Stickney, $21,333.

Sharon Gantzos and others to Linda and Thomas Carter, 6148 Applegate, $117,500.

Mabel Raitz, trustee, to Valerie and Bernard Lloyd, 3233 Beverly, $122,500.

Joseph Ciszewski to George Royer, 1860 Plympton, Oregon, $5,000.


Lion Secor Real Estate Co. Inc. to Westgate Village Shopping Center, 3301, 3328, 3336, and 3415 West Central, $1,500,000.

Toledo L&L Realty Co. to 23-29 Summit Street LLC, 23 North Summit, $550,000.

Oct. 4, 2004


Daniel Dressler to Sharon and Richard Elfring, 6959 Longwater, Maumee, $177,660.

Beverly and Theodore Ellinger to Marjorie and Lawrence Hunter, 1885 Lynbrook, $179,900.

Debra Clink to John Buescher, 1244 Hidden Ridge, $125,000.

Bruce Bradeberry and others to Debra Clink, 7301 Woodshire, Holland, $193,000.

Neighborhood Housing Services to Marjorie Glass, 869 Yondota, $95,000.

Alisa and John Norquist to Elena Miller, 2242 Westmonte, $76,000.

Mary Zielinski to Chad Koepfler, 4533 South Detroit, $87,000.

Bruce Wetzel to Erin and Nicholas Tallent, 4438 Carney, Maumee, $137,500.

Jodi and Todd Bostater to Juleah and Thomas Clunk, 6014 Glenbeigh, Sylvania, $187,000.

Robert Leahy to Thomas Pfaff, 223 West Dudley, Maumee, $145,000.

D and E Motels Ltd. to Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, 11254 Airport, Swanton, $175,000.

Ruth Hotz to Diana and Jonathan Barbara, 3045 116th, $139,900.

Bryan Wadlington to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 2123 Ottawa River, $152,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Toni McGuiness, 2123 Ottawa River, $149,000.

Nancy and Domenic Montalto to Helen Mitchell, 61 Mallard Run, Maumee, $144,097.

Patrick Carmody to Sally Thompson, 2655 Strauss, $130,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Marc and Deborah Givens, 9507 Amanda, Sylvania, $200,884.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Forestview Building Co. Inc., 2292 and 2298 Big Hickory Run, $104,000.

Olde Farm Inc. to Debora and Brian Fawcett, 4146 Herdmans, Maumee, $49,488.

Christine and Todd Schweer to Tammy Crabtree, 2432 Paradise, $109,500.

Christine and Henry Butler to Dana and Patrick Holzemer, 7136 Westmeadow, Whitehouse, $189,900.

Catherine St. Francis and Raymond Brooks to Russell Kersh, 9735 Bucher, Whitehouse, $526,250.

Bank One NA to Richard Cloutier, 6921 Wharton, Holland, $77,400.

Peggy and Daniel Blodgett to Susan Kangars, 1386 Cranbrook, Maumee, $127,200.

Fallen Timbers Fairways Ltd. to Sandra and Thomas Stapleton, 7811 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $165,000.

Margaret and August Dittemore to Elizabeth and Alan Sprunk, 8745 Orchard Lake, Holland, $390,000.

Zalmai Sediqe to Jessica and Allyn Sewald, 5913 San Reno, Sylvania, $126,000.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Daniel Pfitzer, 110 Ottawa, $171,500.

Blue Ash Inc. to Jon Henley, 861 Geneva, $77,320.

Sean Pollard, Jr., to Joseph Smith, 3119 Pomeroy, $19,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Harry Young, 2417 Waterford Village, Sylvania, $99,900.

Anita Giovannucci to Michele and Douglas Avery, 12549 La Fontaine, Curtice, $55,474.

Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc. to Kim and Loren Wheatley, 7717 Hickory Grove, Sylvania, $232,379.

Brian Volmar to Rhesa and Carl Jones, 652 Woodville, $39,000.

Ahmad Smidi and others to Jennifer and Timothy Huber, 2606 and 2608 Hayden, Oregon, $103,000.

Amy Jennewine to Thomas Howard 6006 and 6014 Park, Sylvania, $148,000.

Ann Farkas to Kirk Holdcroft, 5319 Hill, $70,000.

JCW Development Ltd. to Karen and Don Vollmar, 10153 Blue Creek North, Whitehouse, $39,500.

Dorothy Hardison to Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, 1015 Alden, $14,000.

Donnell and Michael Collins to Crystal and Craig Truhan, 4154 Suder, $63,500.

Crystal Frazier and others to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, 1511 Crestwood, $60,000.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, to David O'Malley, 1511 Crestwood, $76,250.

Wachovia Bank NA, trustee, to Maria and William Sanders, 1129 Peck, $4,500.

Lasalle Bank NA, trustee, to Bonnie and Kenneth Trumbull, 3639 Leybourn, $38,000.

Selina Griswold to Darcel and Lawrence Henry, 2307 East Grecourt, $204,000.

Timothy Williams to Chad Teague, 249 Leland, $41,000.

Timothy Williams to Chad Teague, 245 Leland, $45,000.

Timothy Williams to Chad Teague, 510 Prouty, $40,000.

Anita Thurman to Ulysses McClendon, 1075 Norwood, $15,000.

Betty Pilaczynski and others to Betty Pilaczynski and others, 12858 Airport, Swanton, $15,000.

Teresa and Raymond St. Marie to Jayne St. Marie, 334 Willard, $66,000.

Your Home Advantage to Raymond Johnson, 11180 Centerville, Whitehouse, $160,000.

Kathy Fisher to Shannon Thal, 6034 Gillingham, Sylvania, $145,000.

Terence Foley to Larry and Sarah Jones, 1002 Wright, $71,250.

Timothy Westrick to Frank Swincicki, Jr., 3816 Elmhurst, $147,000.

Karen Heintschel to Jason Resendez and others, 222 Valleywood, $55,000.

Hazel Becker to Michele and Robert Helminski, 5518 Brophy, $77,000.

G.Q. and S. Booth to Sheree to Collin McDaniel, 2415 West Sylvania, $87,650.

Pamela Thomford, successor trustee, to Keybank NA, trustee, 5657 Eaglebrook, $197,500.

Paul Croy, trustee, to Charlotte Kowalewski, 4358 Clarewood, $153,000.

Betsy Lee and David Carter to Elizabeth Gavin, 2703 Densmore, $182,500.

David Davis to Raymond Reidling and others, 533 West Crawford, $89,700.

Keith Coachman to Jacqueline Price, 1524 Tecumseh, $100.

Shirley and Robert Kingsley to Linda and Jack Gerber, 437 Hiett, $12,000.


Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Robert Mix, 7718 West Central, $2,175,000.

Colleen Williams to Gary Bartek and others, 7015 Angola, Holland, $117,000.

Whole Health Dentistry to Eric Guilliod, Jr., 117 East Indiana, Maumee, $103,000.

Mercurio Developers Inc. to Rialto Properties, 5942 Renaissance, $109,900.

Elsie Roy to Leslie Kohli, 2601 Chase, $85,000.

Oct. 5, 2004


Richard Lavalley, Jr., successor trustee, to Daniel MacClintock, 2641 Cheltenham, $155,000.

Kipp and Dianna Van Tassel to Joseph and Carol Collins, 5684 Heatherbank, $215,000.

Charles Hong to Louis Jefferson, 3457 Cragmoor, $123,000.

Michael and Julie Tanner to Steve Drouillard, 869 David, $85,900.

Richard and Carol Gurzynski to Shirley Silas, 240 Majestic, $76,000.

Marc Hawkins to David Prince, 1683 Western, $75,000.

Diane Mason to Jennifer Hartman, 3703 Willys Pkwy., $61,500.

Lawrence and Dawn Whitney to M.V. Partners Ltd., 6738 Shieldwood, $139,000.

Dana Earnest to Stephanie King, 4538 Cam Bay Ct., Maumee, $182,000.

Stanley Pakulski to Daryl Coleman, 3152 Elm, $5,000.

James and Angela Wern to Kenneth and Maureen Mohney, 3017 118th, $123,500.

James Hockenberger to Jennifer Rodgers, 742 Spencer, $67,000.

MBW Investments to Albert Lucarelli, Jr., 665 West Delaware, $64,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Thomas and Nancy Mitchey, 7255 Clipper Ct., Maumee, $71,800.

Betty Merce, trustee, to David Talmage, 620 Southfield, Maumee, $124,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 6844 Reflections, Maumee, $31,800.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jack and Karen Everingham, 7256 Clipper Ct., Maumee, $71,800.

Denise Empey to Kirk Holdcroft, 1422 and 1436 Prouty, $28,001.

Jane and Kenneth Sattler to Brian and Kimberly Taber, 10152 South Eber, Whitehouse, $130,000.

David Squillante to Sammy and Doris Lewis, 3147 Hartman, $26,000.

Arthur and Mary Martin to Belinda and Arthur Martin, Jr., 1810 Wilshire, $132,000.

Barbara Luck and others to Vontyna and Allen Smith, 738 Hilltop, $156,200.

Avalon Homes Building Co. LLC to Richard and Juanita Lauffer, 4110 Brown, Oregon, $240,000.

Jeffrey Dufore to Jonathan Hockenberry, 261 Cyril, $78,000.

Ruth Lovell to Annette Pursel, 5212 Regency, Unit C, $107,000.

Ross Heller and others to Kenneth Rajner and others, 227 Willard, $67,000.

Brenda Sarahman to Tomas and Cassandra Roman, 3455 Glynn, $128,900.

Carl and Rhesa Jones to Jared Hooks, 1416 Beecham, $38,300.

Randy and Kathy Scott to Faustino Amaya, 3923 Burnham, $44,000.

Carol Michel, trustee, to Stuart Gelwarg, trustee, 1925 West Crest, $143,000.

Sheldon and Nema Sanderson to Joyce Law, 1817 Jermain, $90,000.

Michael Stokes to Patrick Lipscomb, 1445 and 1447 Moore, $25,000.

Mildred Klein to Roger Dargartz, 2128 South, $57,000.

Angela Rodriguez to Richard L. Roberts, Sr., LLC, 421 Troy, $14,000.

Patrick Pietrowski to Richard Many, 425 Chicago, $35,000.

Kevin and Cheryle Gregory to 4 Guys & A Roof Roofing Co., 3404 and 3410 Ravenwood, $100,700.

Betty Jane Blay to Dorothy Retzloff, 5936 and 5940 Curson, $35,000.

Jeanne Wechsel to Jonathan Wechsel, 5563, 5565, and 5601 Vail, $120,000.

Morris and Lila Baker, trustees, to Rebecca Courtright, 1650 Berwick, $72,700.

Deborah Powell to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 906 Coventry, $30,700.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Anthony and Kimberly Henderson, 906 Coventry, $45,000.

Aaron Stange to David Griffin, 650 Dryden, $102,000.

Wachovia Bank NA to Tracy Carr, 237 East Harbor View, Harbor View, $8,000.

Linda Herden and others to M & I Bank FSB, 3222 Maple, $28,000.

Ira and Sarah Johnson to David Juhasz, 5511 Whiteford, Sylvania, $46,500.

Eva Moss to Dorothy Day, 34 West Delaware, $10,000.

Patrick and Ann Williams to Joseph Beuhler, 2117 Dundee, $90,000.

Deborah and David Mills, Jr., to Joseph Beuhler, 532 Lodge, $90,000.

Alan Buckenmeyer, successor trustee, to Kirk and Lisa Keaffaber, 4304 Bonniebrook, $236,500.

Donnell Wolf to Diane Perry, 4517 Commonwealth, $113,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Gloria and Kenneth Cairns, trustees, 7365 Captain Harbour Ct., Maumee, $39,800.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Sean and Angela O'Loughlin, 9133 Bowman Farms, Sylvania, $65,895.

Esther McKenzie to Brian and Robin Fetterly, 5514 San Juan, $120,500.

Frank Youngblood to William Wolfe, 1837 Wychwood, $15,000.

US Bank NA to Rose Mary Fair, 4349 Boydson, $55,000.

Timothy Dalton to Household Finance Corp., 1814 Bigelow, $28,000.

Terry Pinson to Dale Kazmierczak, Jr., and others, 1340 Oak, $13,000.

Christopher and Christine Graney to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 2533 Arletta, $56,667.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Darrell Cunningham, 2533 Arletta, $92,500.

Jason and Shellie Thompson to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 3645 Suder, $59,100.


Sawicki Realty Co. to MJ Real Estate Holdings Ltd., 2731 Glendale, $1,256,000.

Walter Gliszynski to Michael Marquis, 4753 North Detroit, $70,000.


Duane Kerscher, trustee, and others to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 7140 Maumee-Western, Maumee, $550,000.

Oct. 6, 2004


John Mag, Jr., to 502 West Sophia LLC, 426 West Sophia, Maumee, $55,000.

Lawrence and Marjorie Hunter to Eric Yarberry and others, 1753 South Parkway, Maumee, $132,500.

Robert and Janice Parquet to Suzanne Parquet, 6727 Janel, Maumee, $160,000.

George Scarvelis Builders Inc. to Tallat Rizk and Dala Nassif, 5608 Golden Pond, Sylvania, $470,000.

Michael and Diane O'Donnell to Mona Shaikh, trustee, 5240 Tidewater, Sylvania, $620,000.

Kathryn Boehm to Lucille Frick, trustee, 1655 Charmaine, $121,000.

Fabrication Club Inc. to Gerald and Renea Glenn, 818 West Sylvania, $45,000.

Gerald and Renea Glenn to Stephen Micham, 818 West Sylvania, $65,000.

John and Adeline Stanish to David Peters, 407 Pasadena, $72,500.

Timothy and Laura Marsh to Daniel and Kristie Stradtman, 3807 Elmhurst, $141,000.

David Langendorfer, Jr., to Nina Beckford, 160 Eldred, $48,181.

David Olzak and others to Robert and Lizabeth Conboy, 4908 Monac, $128,000.

Robert and Lizabeth Conboy to Matthew Cunningham and others, 3058 123rd, $96,500.

Bobby Johnson to Aja Knowles, 1013 Ranch, $64,000.

Ida Ronan, successor trustee, to Jeffrey and Joanne Richards, 2704 Ivy Place, $105,000.

Todd Drennan to Patrick Kruzel, 2270 Townley, $140,000.

James McCornock to Larry and Anne Scott, 5805 Greenridge, $134,000.

Larry and Anne Scott to Daniel Lorigan II and others, 3634 Hazelhurst, $73,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Tiffany Ritson, 2437 Roseview, $88,000.

Great Works Construction LLC to Justin Nye, 4904 Douglas, $96,605.

Sharen Navarre to Jeffrey Peace and others, 10961 Dorr, Holland, $177,000.

Gary and Janice Dickinson to Nhan Phan and Tina Tran, 4160 Shade Tree, $108,500.

Stephen Nagle to Craig Herschel, 4217 Garrison, $123,000.

B. William Tanner, trustee, to Delores Pratt, 5441 Cresthaven, $91,000.

Mazen Ali and Lisa Sahad-Ali to Anthony Morrison and others, 426 Melrose, $10,000.

John and Kathryn Bailey to Charles and Charlene McCain, 3005 Avatar Ct., $462,500.

William and Janette Cooper to Thomas Moeller and Martha Spencer-Moeller, 1043 Kirk, Maumee, $128,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to F. Quinn and Felicia Quintin, 535 Springwood, Holland, $188,269.

Patrick Holzemer and others to Colleen and Shayne Stanfield, 2336 Georgetown, $131,000.

Bank One NA to D&B Realty Ltd., 5018 Yorkshire, $52,000.

SBMRK Investments Ltd. to Suzanne Harvey, 2826 Gunckel, $129,000.

R. Scott Shern to Chad and Gwen Mullet, 1914 Alvin, $66,250.

Vincent and Vivian Reardon to Ted and Bev Ellinger, 2707 Pheasant, $145,000.

James E. Moline Builders Inc. to Patrick and Barbara Moulin, 2912 Deer Valley, Maumee, $369,000.

Brett and Cherie Pelok to Eric and Sara Bannwart, 6411 Coppersmith, Sylvania, $164,000.

Homer Willis to Johnnie Walker, 855 Indiana, $1,000.

Matthew and Joy Schwartz to John Werner, Jr., 1422 Kedron, $67,400.

Muriel Matthews to Thomas Sallah, 1924 North Westwood, $68,000.

Linda Cook to Lucas and Kara Cook, 5638 Roan, Sylvania, $131,250.

Joseph Ray and others to Martin and Carrielane Lohrmann, 2007 Dority, $125,900.

Jessie Wormely to Bertha Lillard, 1039 Nebraska, $20,500.

Lukecorp Inc. to Ricky Hightower, 3311 Blackstone, $52,900.

Brenda Ramey to Tamara Hughes, 1216 Secor, $68,000.

U.S. Bank NA, trustee, to One Way Properties LLC, 1435 Goodale, $14,000.

Rocky Ridge Air Park Inc. to Old Granite Development Ltd., 7420 Noward, Waterville, $520,000.

Thomas Miller and others to Brian and Calla Fraley, 2236 Marlow, $105,000.

Carrie Theis to Wesley Jones, 325 Ferris, $49,146.

Toledo Northwestern Ohio Foodbank Inc. to Grace Temple Cogic, 3023 Fulton, $2,000.

Ronald Caris to Tyrone and Linda Bowden, 3041 Wicklow, $119,500.

Keith and Mary Bell to David Brown, 5949 Wakefield, Sylvania, $173,500.

Thomas Wilhelm to Nathaniel and Katrese Sutton, 353 Langdon, $29,900.

David Liebherr to Elvis Shepherd, 209, 215, 223, and 227 Alzale, Curtice, $3,600.

Richard and Ida Hobby to Pamela Rose, trustee, 1649 North Reynolds, $52,500.

Michael and Heather Stubbs to Karissa Slusher, 5416 Gay, $130,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Duane Deloney, 2558 Ivy Place, $99,500.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Doris Jeffers, 407 South McCord, $90,000.

Elyse Salisbury and others to John Ewing, 4120 Fitch, $24,200.

Misty Lantz to Gemcap Equity Manage Inc., 547 West Crawford, $55,600.

Aileen Obliski and others to Joshua and Roberta Brenner, 840 Rall, $93,900.

Richard and Eileen Weinstein to Curtis and Josephine Dorfmeyer and others, 2439 Middlesex, $215,000.

Georgie Dunlap to Patricia Jones, 9739 Frankfort, Holland, $83,200.

Marguerite Czarnecki to Aurelia and Charlie Simmons, Jr., 619 Maywood, $19,900.

Scott and Lisa Syring to Todd Ruehle, 2118 Robinwood, $151,000.

Grace Heiney to Adam Duncan, 2318 Shetland, $146,000.

Adam Duncan to Christy and Gregory Stilwell, 5221 Bilby Way, Sylvania, $95,000.

Miranda Marshall to Jurry Taalib-Deen, 1644 Palmwood, $3,500.

Jacqueline Kingsland to Provident Bank, 41 North McCord, $40,002.

Provident Bank to Bambang Katamsi, 41 North McCord, $35,000.

Kim Duke to Nady Garcia, 2013 Reinwood, $182,000.

Gary Stewart to Sandra Hicks, 508 Clifton, $71,900.


James and Katheryne Putman to Dennis and Mary Nevins, 6014 Red Oak, $311,000.

James and Katheryne Putman to Dennis and Mary Nevins, 6004 Red Oak, $311,000.

JE and JJ Realty Investments Ltd. to Holland Oasis LLC, 935 and 949 McCord, Holland, $675,000.

Oct. 7, 2004


Thistle Ridge Co. to Mark and Trista Young, 11301 Jeffers, Grand Rapids, $45,800.

John and Nancy Mahler to Terry and Shirley Haggard, 5750 Timbers Green, Waterville, $300,000.

Kevin and Kelly English to Joseph Poskarbiewicz, 3222 Wendover, $124,900.

Brian Hufford Builder Inc. to Patrick and Corinne Amico, 5832 Waterville, $227,100.

Linda Johnson to Robert Schings, 852 Hampton, $85,900.

Jerald Lenning to Vicky Baker, 3107 Lantern, Oregon, $112,500.

Joseph Gibson to Mari Ann Szczublewski, 1241 Clark, Holland, $87,500.

Ila Wandtke to Gary Wandtke, 732 Plymouth, $20,000.

Gary Wandtke to Robert Ellerbush, 732 Plymouth, $59,000.

Helen De Lay to Stephen Hulbirt, 810 and 812 Scott, Maumee, $110,000.

Colin and Jayna Brosmer to Oleg and Oxana Grinevitch, 7716 Cortland Ct., Holland, $249,000.

John Ford to Lorraine Malcolm and others, 50 Carol, $85,500.

James and Diana Leitner to Thomas and Kelly Richards, 6619 Mill, Sylvania, $115,000.

James Mayes to Bruce and Rose Camp, 2727 Oak Grove Place, $55,000.

John Howard, successor trustee, to Jeffrey Wenz, 1824 Rose Arbor, $153,500.

Alice Oberly and others to Joyce Scherer, 2934 South 109th, $126,000.

Daniel Berns to Sarah Hemp, 5713 Tibaron, Unit 211, $79,700.

Danny and Rhonda Anaya to Abdul Akl, 4701 Kilburn, Berkey, $80,000.

Janine and Dreafus Woods, Jr., to Adam Gilsdorf and others, 4809 Sadalia, $125,000.

Eduardo and Fely Medina to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 6632 Lincoln Pkwy., Sylvania, $130,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Kelli and Jeremy Baumhower, 6632 Lincoln Pkwy., Sylvania, $151,900.

Gregory Gordan to Virgil and Victoria Wurster, 3014 Brock, $77,000.

Marian Kesler to Nicklos Hatzidakis, 6002 North Main, Sylvania, $79,700.

Stephanie St. John to Theresa St. John, 5332 307th, $30,000.

Craig Vette to Mark and Daniel Albright, 6608 Foxtail, Maumee, $238,000.

Donna Wadas to Jason Widmer and others, 4414 Caroline, $65,500.

Wehrle Development Ltd. to Christine Topoleski, 8927 Galloway Ct., Sylvania, $29,500.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Judy Surerus, 4342 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $45,800.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Raymond and Judith Coci, 6836 Reflections, Maumee, $31,800.

Residential and Commercial

David and Gloria Heigel to Robert Kaiser, 3436 and 3440 West Alexis, $130,000.

Robert Kaiser to Ronald Denman, 3436 and 3440 West Alexis, $140,000.


Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Philip and Shain Buerk, 7313 International, Holland, $750,000.

Oct. 8, 2004


James and Cheryl Oedy to Richard and Christine Raleigh, 916 River, Maumee, $624,800.

Luella Conrad to Kara Drowatzky, 4243 West Bancroft, Unit 106E, $80,000.

John Daschbach and Patricia Kleeberger-Daschbach to Ryan and Heidi Vetter, 3722 Sherbrooke, $104,000.

John and Carol French to Jon French, 1931 Glencairn, $115,000.

Loretta Bucher to Christopher and Candice Fussell, 3238 North Eastmoreland, Oregon, $144,500.

Emily Fuehr to Mark Walton, 3247 Schneider, $134,500.

Squires Development Co. Ltd. to Tari and William Baskin, 7730 South Branch, Monclova, $49,200.

Cimarron Custom Homes Inc. to James and Judith Baber, 7719 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $567,900.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Donald and Mary Crider, 4226 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $33,800.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Ferne Hutchinson, trustee, 4220 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $32,800.

Jason and Keri Buchs to David and Karen Chumchal, 8006 Longworth, Holland, $150,000.

Lucy Kutscher to Kevin Kutscher, 2126 Perth, $60,000.

Brian Hufford Builder Inc. to John and Judy Lafferty, 5836 Crossbrooke, Waterville, $231,596.

US Bank NA, trustee, to James McAuley, 911 Michigan, Maumee, $76,500.

Westhaven Group to Liliana Cohen, 449 Clark, $46,000.

Eugenia Peters to Infinity Group Ltd., 2945 Oxbridge, $20,500.

Adam Wolfram to John Wilcox, 910 Geneva, $85,900.

Scott Sutter to Donald Perry, 294 West Park, $39,000.

Edward Thomas to David and Kristal Chandler, 336 Crestway, Oregon, $117,000.

Michael and Deborah Griffith to Tun and Ruth Win, 4138 Boynton, Sylvania, $274,000.

Janet Witfoth to Bradley Cox, 3461 146th, $95,700.

Kristina Hall to John Rowe, Jr., 5925 Atwell, $119,200.

Demetria Blackshear to Kevin Carter, 1537 Milburn, $5,000.

Kenneth and Shirley Baccus to Jason Swain-Anderson, 1023 King, $1,000.

Irene Gerber to William Elsea, 1918 Chase, $9,000.

John and Lynn White to Marblestone Management LLC, 2212 and 2234 Digby, $38,000.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Hugh Moore, 6401 Madison Cove, Sylvania, $150,000.

James Williams to Bank One NA, trustee, 23 West Park, $24,000.

Phillip Kyser to Robert and Candice Kyser, 2425 Nebraska, $75,000.

Wayne and Jacquelyn Bradley to Woodland Investments of Catawba Island LLC, 1633 and 1635 Homestead, $60,000.

Ronald and Gayle Stewart to Mary Machon, 2613 Berdan, $118,000.

Douglas Cook to James Riedy and Mary Conley-Riedy, 5600 Cresthaven, Unit 14, $71,400.

Joshua Stuart to Daniel and Elizabeth Fager, 6111 Sunrise Circle, Sylvania, $118,100.

Residential and Industrial

Schultz Die Casting Co./Gerity Schultz Corp. to Clinton Street Properties LLC, 1800, 1840, 1846, 1850, 1900, 1902, 1912, 1914, and 1948 Clinton and 1681 Eden Ct., $15,000.


JWJ Investments Inc. to Tanen Ltd., 6202 Trust, Holland, $1,975,000.

Doukides Investments LLC to Nickross Ltd., 4027 North Holland-Sylvania, $217,000.

Lucille Evans, trustee, to Toledo Hospital, 2056 North Cove, $375,000.


AM. L. T. Services Inc., trustee, and New Horizons Realty Co. to Timberstone Construction, 434 and 454 Matzinger, $800,000.

Oct. 12, 2004


M. V. Partners Ltd. to Stallion Investments LLC, 5843 Central Park, Sylvania, and 2436 Portsmouth, $175,300.

M. V. Partners Ltd. to Stallion Investments LLC, 4316 Burnham, 6035 323rd, 2452 Portsmouth, 3022 Isabella, 321 Deline, and 541 Toronto, $273,800.

Aaron Green to Terry Guy and Tonia Ramey-Guy, 357 East Streicher, $60,000.

Dolores Cole to Kenneth and Tamera Robinson, 14041 Sylvania, Berkey, $180,000.

Donald and Una Anderson to Charles and Joanne Mann, trustees, 6528 Carrietowne, $225,000.

Karen Aufdemberge to James Corkins, 4535 Woolcut, $87,000.

William and Erica Lee to Housing East Redevelopment Corp., 427 St. Louis, $40,000.

Housing East Redevelopment Corp. to Timothy Miller, 427 St. Louis, $88,000.

Danny and Deborah Freeman to Thomas and Barbara Buczkowski, self-trustees, 6046 Benalex, $133,500.

Thistle Ridge Co. to John and Julie Roehl, 11455 Jeffers, Grand Rapids, $45,000.

John and Alison Cayson to Arlen and Kathleen Miller, 3007 Cheltenham, $173,000.

Brian Gehring to Todd Rains, 2620 Thoman Place, $110,000.

Eileen Miller to Erin Incorvaia, 3926 South Detroit, $85,567.

Rita Moore to Matthew and Sharon Lyons, 667 Caswell, $92,324.

Wendi Allman to Welles Bowen Realty Inc., 5256 Secor, $155,000.

Carol Blair, trustee, to Michael Schwind and Bridgette Roman, 3846 Sulphur Springs, $528,000.

Sharilyn Brune to Joseph and Molly Reilly, 3670 Brookside, $585,000.

Susan and Paul Finn, Jr., to Thomas Schory, 12445 West Bancroft, Swanton, $151,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joe Brown Builders Inc., 3050 Deep Water, Maumee, $59,900.

James Kohne and others to Philip and Margarita Langley-Jones, 325 Lacombe, Maumee, $140,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to John Rosiak, 6859 Reflections, Maumee, $42,800.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to James and Marianne Lutz, 4249 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $33,800.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to William and Shirley Justen, 4250 Crystal Ridge West, Maumee, $28,900.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Marjorie Locke, 4273 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $29,900.

Nicholas Blair and others to Julie Donley and others, 460 Thurston, $79,500.

Gregory and Julia Lewis to Tamron McFarland and others, 2310 Country Squire, $169,900.

Richard and Cindy Losie to Mark Davis, 818 Tappan, Maumee, $89,000.

James Klewer and others to Joseph Swantack, Jr., 731 Clark, $25,300.

Rida Hazimi to Scott and Judith Graeff, 5331 Tavistock, $200,501.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Benjamin and Stacey Hamm, 7033 Whiddenmill, Whitehouse, $193,950.

Daniel Minard to Kathleen and John Mondell, 7145 Grenlock, Sylvania, $140,000.

Thelma Clarke to Bonnie Knepper, 2810 and 2812 Algonquin Pkwy., $142,000.

Tom Kindl to William Schulte, 808 Satin Leaf, $197,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Rommie Swade, 6045 Sunny Lake Ct., Sylvania, $46,443.

Cecelia Komisarek to Susan Stagner, 2229 Drummond, $105,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Transtar Builders and Developers Inc., 7944 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $61,200.

Andrew and Elizabeth Blakely to Michael and Diane O'Donnell, 2760 Redberry Ct., $260,000.

Barbara Hampton to Paul Summers, 1004 Buckingham, $38,000.

Richard and Louise Sargeont to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1216 Birch, Maumee, $56,667.

Mike Adams to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3745 Doty, $96,667.

Eric Grimes to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 358 Rockingham, $16,000.

Gary Bays to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 341 Oconnell, $16,667.

ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc. to Gregory and Joanna Tarkowski, 4402 Merriweather, $190,000.

Randy and Deborah Crosby to ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc., 2851 Wyndale, $100,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Princess Walker, 630 Russell, $66,500.

Michael Connerton to Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, trustee, 710 Prouty, $27,334.

Michael and Stephanie Wilkinson to Centex Home Equity Co. LLC, 160 Nevada, $40,000.

Centex Home Equity Co. LLC to Dwayne Perry, 160 Nevada, $74,500.

Patricia Schermerhorn to Bank of New York, trustee, 875 Lamonde, Maumee, $78,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Stallion Investments, 875 Lamonde, Maumee, $76,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to W.B. Investment Properties LLC, 2016 Woodbridge, $34,500.

Lashall Richard to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 525 East Hudson, $45,000.

Angela Tierney to Alan and Alma Michalak, 2741 and 2745 106th, $135,000.

Dale and Sheri Shafer to Brad Myrice and Kasey Hodges, 1833 Willowhill, $140,000.

Citifinancial Inc. to Margaret and Matthew Walters, 5846 Hillcroft, $125,000.

Steffanie Brandenburg to Ramon Tardy, 6319 Dorr, $84,000.


Curtis James Investments to GE Capital Franchise Finance Corp., 7340 West Central, $1,848,510.


Linda and James Farley and others to Hussein Obeid, split from 3612 Washburn, Berkey, $49,500.


Moorhouse Real Estate Development LLC to Verlin Estis, 249 East Central, $750.

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