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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Dec. 16, 2004


Ernest Materni IV to Larry Voight, Jr., 1941 Metz, Oregon, $74,650.

William Warnke to Jada and Jeffrey Ellis, 5048 Bay Shore, Oregon, $128,900.

Mark Wasylyshyn to Susan Corfman, 658 Arcadia, $25,000.

Mark Wasylyshyn to Susan Corfman, 3238 and 3242 Cambridge, $31,000.

Robert and Kathie Reyes to Marcia Kreinbrink, 5723 Davis, Whitehouse, $155,000.

Renee Kendzierski to William and Karen Ruckreigle, 948 White, $62,400.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to US Contractors Inc., 4703 Middle Branch, Monclova, $48,900.

Betty Kuhn, trustee, to John Vance, 5340 Bainbridge, $239,000.

Lewis and Arlene Lammiman to Barbara Lopez, 4848 West Sylvania, $150,000.

John and Melanie Cercek, trustees, to Frank and Cynthia Osgood, 566 Thackeray, Maumee, $236,700.

Matthew and Teesha Gorka to Diane Faylor, 2749 119th, $140,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Thomas and Marilyn Bensman, 4214 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $29,900.

James and Alexandra Derosa to Jared and Alyssa Kalb, 3304 Grimsby Place, $167,500.

Alan Properties Inc. to Stephen Bradley Builders LLC, 7917 Dana Rae, Waterville, $43,900.

Alan Properties Inc. to Stephen Bradley Builders LLC, 7942 Meadowview, Waterville, $43,900.

Eugene and Carole Horvath to Wesley and Jessica Birtwhistle, 2004 Idaho, $96,500.

Dennis and Alice McDarby to Teresa Brown, 237 Kevin Place, $61,800.

Mark Maisonneuve to Daniel Newmister and Junabel Newmester, 1046 Wall, Maumee, $115,000.

Jennifer Shrewsbery to Brett Enrico, 4451 Fairview, $86,920.

Karen Dickson to Marilyn Dickson, 4565 and 5724 West Alexis, $180,000.

Jeffrey and Erin Nelson to Gregory and Lisa Goatley, 1354 Junior, Maumee, $112,000.

Westhaven Group to Brian Smith, 2018 Walnut, $18,500.

Westhaven Group to Kurt Fasnaugh, 1123 Walbridge, $500.

Michael Scott to Thomas Brewer, 1309 North Erie, $20,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Lori Smith, 519 and 523 South Dorcas, $112,900.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Housing East Redevelopment Corp., 520 Walden, $30,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Bryan Imes, 123 East Oakland, $24,100.

Kayleene McCollum to David Schwind, 605 Dussel, Maumee, $181,500.

Elmer and Judy Wahl to Carl and Loraine Holmberg, 467 North River, Waterville, $390,000.

Michael and Cynthia Wagenhauser to Matthew and Adrienne Miklovic, 6005 Settlers Ridge Circle, Sylvania, $417,000.

Renaissance Ministries to Charles Allen, 659 Norwood, $1.

James and Susan Kujawa to Cheryl Kronk, 5107 Elaine, $127,000.

Mary Good to Andrew Sweeney, 1443 and 1439 Kenyon, $82,500.

Betty Hutchinson to Deborah Hoskinson, 10375 Bailey, Waterville, $146,000.

Wehrle Development Ltd. to Kenneth and Cynthia Stokes, 8851 Galloway Ct., Sylvania, $35,900.

Edward Sadowy to Edrick Ferguson, 727 Lagrange, $5,000.

Brian and Jennifer Haigis to David and Kimberly Knapp, 8102 Silverstone, Waterville, $244,000.

Harold Meyer to Bill and Audrey Hensley, 3938 and 3956 Richfield Center, Berkey, $146,000.

Michael Phillips, co-trustee, and others to Robert and Shirley Stottlemyer, 3022 Wyndale, $132,000.

Banc One Financial Services Inc. to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 2655 Detwiler, $69,000.

Robert and Kathy Finch to John Johnson and others, 204 Kingswood Trail, $79,500.

Alexandra Slowinski to Harlan and Carol Pierce, 5731 Yermo, $112,000.

Bank One NA to Nathan Warnock, 1728 Freeman, $23,000.

James Sanford to Thomas and Joanne Reichert, 329 Tall Hickory Ct., Holland, $250,000.

Defay Berry to Karen Braxton, 1214 Parkside, $70,000.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Adam Karakas, 6409 Madison, Sylvania, $169,900.

Karen Johnson to Oswald and Ruth Tinner, 5714 Bennett, $125,000.


Ohio Valley Properties Inc. to Jerry and Dorothy Schaffner, 637 Elmdale, $215,000.

Sawicki Realty Co. to Maumee Valley Property Management Co. LLC, 1624 and 1650 Michigan and 605 West Wayne, all Maumee, $1,375,000.

MKM of Toledo Ltd. to Buck Bros. Properties LLC, 2742 Victory, $125,000.

Climb Investments Inc. to Southgate Berean Church, 1201 and 1217 Prouty and 1230, 1234, 1236, 1240, 1241, 1242, 1246, 1247, 1248, 1249, and 1252 Orchard, $260,000.

Jack and Joan Canning, trustees, to Gary Redrup, 4235 Monroe, $101,000.

Dec. 17, 2004


Gene and Jennifer Borgstahl to Kenneth Kang and Aya Mukasa, 5643 Ginger Tree, $245,000.

Norma Huffman to Nathaniel Dusseau, 2131 Evansdale, $64,000.

Thomas Weicht and Deborah Neher-Weicht to Jaclyn Palmer, 2402 Middlesex, $255,000.

David Smith to Leila Tawil and Faten Taouil, 3520 Starr, Oregon, $135,000.

James Delker, trustee, and others to Brian Bailey and others, 3415 South Detroit, $126,900.

Lester and Verna Korb to Boyd and Diana Watts, 838 Ogden, $86,000.

David Berdy to Steven and Christine Butsch, 6960 Shadowcreek, Maumee, $285,000.

Brenda Kincaid-Shrout to Mario and Stephany Gatto, 2953 Quarry, Maumee, $300,001.

Gerald and Mary Stec to Keith and Vicky Ferris, 2428 Heather Glen, Maumee, $184,000.

Jamie Campbell and others to Kathleen Capps, 1007 Valley Grove, Maumee, $110,000.

James E. Moline Builders Inc. to James and Phyllis Petty, 3821 Deer Valley, Maumee, $306,653.

William Richter to Harold Naumann, 5679 Monroe, bldg. 3, apt. 809, Sylvania, $73,700.

Veronica Morris to Wachovia Bank NA, National Banking Association, trustee, 6233 West Bancroft, $100,000.

Mary Nowak to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 122 East Central, $16,000.

Mark and Deborah Corbin to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1347 Corbin, $75,000.

James McDonagh and others to Charles Wittes and others, 3544 Beverly, $119,900.

Craig and Cheryl Bevington to Ian and Teresa King, 2315 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $249,900.

Hussein Obeid to Four Howards Ltd., 6201 Garden, units D50 and D55, Maumee, $34,000.

Mark Valore and others to Thomas and Darcy Rose, 2809 and 2811 Strauss, $148,500.

Pledged Property II LLC to Mark Belcher, 3243 Glenwood, $3,000.

Kristal Moore to Eugene Herbert, 1446 Fernwood, $27,500.

Nick and Jane Zappone to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 205 South Eber, Swanton, $135,000.

CIT Group/Consumer Finance Inc. to William and Jessica Peters, 1210 Peck, $113,965.

Dold Investments Co. to Heather and William Kepp, Jr., 2664 Wesleyan, $102,000.

Juanita Rector to Stephen and Melanie Barnes, 1465 Wilderness, Maumee, $107,000.

Lillian Orzechowski to Karen Beaudry, 1201 Higley, $82,500.

D.G. Childers Ltd. to Oregon Services Co. Inc., 530 Haley, Oregon, $34,000.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Mark and Dana Imbrock, 9261 Twin Creek, Sylvania, $79,900.

Tammy Turner to Walter Holston, Jr., 828 Johnson, $6,000.

Doreese Hicks to David and Nicole Williams, 1514 Marthal, $124,000.

Dale and Carol Delauter to Michael Palmer, Jr., and others, 2549 Cawdor, Oregon, $118,000.

Jesse Isaacs to William Coleman, 1325 Yates, $13,650.

Robin Little to Larry Jamra, 5340 and 5346 Boyd, $50,000.

Residential and Commercial

Central Property Management Inc. to PRS Investments LLC, 2428 West Central and 2802 Powhattan Pkwy., $1,050,000.


Milton and Shirley Keener to Arthur and Caryl Barner, 1625 Fulton-Lucas, Swanton, $26,000.

Dec. 20, 2004


Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Ronald and Florentine Todd, 6225 Laurel Oak, $223,145.

Brian Hufford Builder Inc. to Lois Stevens, 5884 Crossbrooke, Waterville, $254,374.

Mark Maier to Peter and Elizabeth Thomas, 778 Durango and 817 North Westwood, $68,500.

James Owczarzak, trustee, and others to Glenn and Barbara Never, 1938 Ketner, $95,900.

Brownstone Restorations Ltd. to Elaine Eddy, trustee, 2824 Goddard, $179,900.

Helen Holewinski to Richard Reau, 607 Southover, $86,500.

Quarry's Edge I LLC to Sheila Knauer, trustee, 8337 Ledgestone, Sylvania, $205,960.

Philip Fox to Steven Traylor, 4635 Burnham, $94,000.

Joseph Collins and others to Yvonne Wojtas and others, 4151 Stannard, $136,500.

Lois Ries to James Mitchell, Jr., 5203 Ketukkee Trail, $103,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Terrell Nance, 616 Broer, $76,400.

Roxane Menna to Scott and Stephanie Kraynak, 2621 Cheltenham, $173,500.

Kathryn Liebold, successor trustee, to Marvin and Tamra Gardner, 3939 Emmajean, $150,000.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Bradley and Jennie Fischer, 6244 Steeplechase Pkwy., Whitehouse, $47,500.

Heftim Group LLC to McCue Homes LLC, 812 Hilltop, $301,117.

Heftim Group LLC to HEF Inc., 804 and 808 Hilltop, $308,645.

Heftim Group LLC to McCue Homes LLC, 824 and 828 Hilltop, $305,200.

Forestview Building Co. Inc. to David Berdy, 2235 Big Hickory Run, Sylvania, $309,900.

Heftim Group LLC to HEF Inc., 1108 Linden, $271,922.

Bert Kaiser to Charles Washington, 1259 Blum, $4,500.

Olin Byrd to Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc., 962 Rogers, $24,000.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. to Charleen Hartzell, 962 Rogers, $14,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kevin Eckes and others, 2965 Sequoia, $109,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Jeffrey Trapp, 3013 Elm, $20,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Aaron and Kristy Dieter, 7053 Whiddenmill, Whitehouse, $200,115.

William Haas to Amy and John Frawley and others, 4105 Stonehenge, Sylvania, $131,000.

Trois Griffin, Jr., to L.B. Allison, 1607 Waverly, $80,000.

Veronica Paquette to Sharon Paquette, 4624 Edgemont, $62,400.


Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Midland Title Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., 460 Broadway, $52,500.

Dennis and Pamela Thompson to Bembry LLC, 3955 and 3959 Lagrange, $129,250.

Dec. 21, 2004


Gene Nowak and others to Randy and Tera Sakowski, 3845 Baybrook, $172,510.

Randy and Tera Sakowski to Tanya Toska, 4222 Asbury, $79,750.

Paul Kunkel, Jr., to Laura Berling, 5511 Ginger Tree, $215,000.

Kenneth Robinson to Lynn Heffner, 215 West Poinsetta, $92,500.

Kevin and Stacie Wood to Michelle Beabout, 3803 Leybourn, $70,000.

William and Jerri Rouleau to Julie Friedel, 3122 Elmont, $138,500.

Number One Old West Ltd. to Haven Claypool, 2437 Parkwood, $89,500.

Regina Bean to David Willford and others, 738 Colima, $73,000.

First National Acceptance Co. to Cindy Klar, 2104 Autokee, Oregon, $20,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Turnberry Custom Builders Inc., 6133 Sunny Lake Ct., Sylvania, $46,412.

Tracy Tabaczynski-Benson to Gary and Karen Colton, 3418 Kirkwall, $187,000.

Kenny Newton to Brian and Kari Brockschmidt, 1906 Nevada, $76,500.

Anthony Garzony to Mark Yevtich and others, 6500 Cornwall Ct., Unit 3, Sylvania, $55,000.

Catherine Ignaziak to Eric Peterson and others, 2128 Charlestown, $120,000.

Fannie Mae to Equity Trust Co., 4432 Walker, $49,000.

Anthony Garzony, trustee, to Mark Yevtich and others, 6500 Cornwall Ct., Unit 7, Sylvania, $55,000.

Anthony Garzony, trustee, to Mark Yevtich and others, 6500 Cornwall Ct., Unit 8, Sylvania, $53,000.

HOJ Development Inc. to Richard and Barbara Miller, 5724 Breezy Porch, Sylvania, $206,500.

Joseph and Deborah Williams to Dorothy McGlown and others, 115 Carol, $123,000.

Wayne Lawrence to William Edwards, 828 Tecumseh, $54,900.

Cameo Nusser to Ronald and Timberly Orlando, 748 Geneva, $84,000.

Stephanie Watkins to Amy Stricklin, 2541 Georgetown, $108,000.

Larsen Corp. to Paulette Oliver, 1020 Heston, $1.

Charles Childers to David Squillante, trustee, to 716 Berry, $28,000.

Donald Arman to Barbara Thomas, 631 Willard, $53,850.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Transtar Builders & Developers Inc., 2543 Cherry Lake, Sylvania, $55,900.

Anna Heuerman to Richard Dehm, 6543 South, Holland; and 515 Dewitt, Holland, $60,000.


Joseph Alvarado to Douglas Manor Ltd., 5423 Glenridge, $240,000.

Miami Investors Inc. to Allen Hotchkiss, 811 Gibbs, Maumee, $1,400,000.


Central Acres LLC to R.E. Services No 25 LLC, 8616 West Central, Sylvania, $302,500.

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