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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Jan. 21, 2005


Alan Properties Inc. to Robin and Stephanie Homer, 7983 Meadowview, Waterville, $44,900.

Kevin Graff to Thomas Miller, 5005 Ryan, $126,400.

David and Sandra Ogle to Allen and Jennifer Czyzewski, 372 South Detroit, $72,500.

Richard Tima to Ryan and Shannon Bible, 2356 Petee, $31,000.

Raymond and Diane Bihn to Donna and Brian McCornick, Jr., 6027 Frances Ct., Sylvania, $240,000.

Keith Snyder to Erich Metzger and others, 4148 Commonwealth, $116,000.

Bradley and Judith Peacock to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 3425 Edgevale, $311,000.

Randy and Irma Watson to Blanche Sanchez, 326 Troy, $1.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Sophia Fisher, 6019 Kinnis Ct., Sylvania, $49,500.

Albert and Tracy Brown to West Shore Properties LLC, 238 Richards, $68,121.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Bertram Morrow, 1029 Page, $3,000.

Isa Farrow to M & T Trust Co., trustee, 3420 Mulberry, $32,000.

M & T Trust Co., trustee, to Michael Siravo, 3420 Mulberry, $50,000.

Miae-Diae Enterprises to Phillip Bosh, 2002 Brussels, $81,000.

Miccala and Floyd McCarver to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 3235 Parkwood, $44,000.

Damonn Wingard to Bank of New York, trustee, 814 and 818 Woodstock, $33,334.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Leona Moore, 814 and 818 Woodstock, $26,900.

Jeremy and Deanna Gapp to Bradley and Heather Densmore, 3401 Algonquin Pkwy., $100,000.

Chris Witt to Miguel Rios, 1226 Sherman, $500.

Willard and Judith Flegle to Ross Finley, 445 Oakdale, $69,000.

Ernest Licata, successor trustee, and others to Carole Licata, 5829 Benalex, $70,000.

Leonard and Linda Webb to Cynthia Cremeans and others, 5710 Cedar Point, Oregon, $57,000.

Shirley Buchelt-Vannorman to Dale Schutt, Jr., 1962 North Ontario, $3,500.

David Tomesek to Allen and Joy Klocheska, 4416 285th, $136,000.


Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Cardinal Partners Ltd., 652 Eleanor, $80,000.

Jan. 24, 2005


Neil and Laura Stubbs to Roy Cherry and others, 5839 Hillcroft, $172,000.

Douglas Mitchell to John Ray, 6608 Coppersmith, Sylvania, $85,000.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Srinivas Katragadda and Bindu Chaliki Katragadda, 9339 Duck Lake Ct., Sylvania, $79,436.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Joan Algiere, 7039 Nightingale, Holland, $193,900.

Helen Serafin to Allen and Elizabeth Dubois, 1521 River, Maumee, $95,000.

Liberty Savings Bank FSB to James Klempner, 1211 Varland, $22,500.

Anthony Sopko to Douglas and Jacqueline Klempner, 0 Royalton, $275.

Tyler Tresize to Akilah Jackson, 4825 Imperial, $124,000.

Frank and Stella Wu to Faustino and Rosa Luna, 3757 Sylvan Wood, Sylvania, $154,000.

John Carr to Gregory Hug, 6155 White Oak, $137,500.

Roger Hutchinson, successor trustee, to Robert Tankoos, 3022 Emmick, $130,000.

Cynthia Christian to Trevor Coleman, 4464 283rd, $127,000.

Gary Miller to Anthony Perlaky, 254 Milford, $20,000.

Reo Management 2002 Inc. to John and Jennifer Smith, 855 Toronto, $61,000.

TCIF REO 2 LLC to Tonette Thomas, 547 Jervis, $10,500.

John and Sherinda Key to Donna Sampel, 2135 Hawthorne, $1.

Linda Panyuscsik to Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc., 5457 Ruth, $63,400.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. to Dustin and Rebekah Collins, 5457 Ruth, $52,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Wilfred and Cindy Birtwhistle, 1626 Hurd, $60,500.

Frank and Sandra Mikolajczyk to Brian Extine, 2329 Newport, $96,500.

Michael and Laurie Toth to Rodney and Cathy Cathers, 2631 Eastvale, Oregon, $159,000.

John and Marie Boone to Jeffrey and Donna Baller, 2157 Eastedge, $132,500.


Philip and Linda Jakubowski to Cecile Mahr, 11001, 11003, 11007, and 11013 Dike, Curtice, $155,000.

Residential and Commercial

Sugar Creek Co. Inc. to Richard Heidebrink and others, 3417, 3427, 3435, 0, and 3439 Beverly, $853,000.

Jan. 25, 2005


Victor and Sandra Seelman to Mary Giannini, 4754 Rhone, Maumee, $109,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Stonehaven Building Co., 7816 South Branch, Monclova, $59,900.

Marie Wandscher to Tina Mosby, 1017 Radcliffe, $68,500.

Joseph Warnka to Cynthia Christian, 2529 108th, $77,000.

James Hester to Tony and Tricia Mattimoe, 11230 Reed, Whitehouse, $380,000.

Scott and Anna Highman to Granville and Regina Smith, 665 Glen Abbey, Holland, $338,726.

Iola Williams to Fredrick and Patina Isabell, 20 Melrose, $82,500.

Ruthella and David Garwacki to Warren and Kymberly Smith, 4846 Oak Glen, $156,880.

Dianne Thrash to Naverra Craig, 4323 Shawn, $69,500.

Eva Nagle to Mary Munoz, 434 West Capistrano, $68,000.

Heather and Michael Stubbs to Melvin Gaines, 643 and 649 Elysian, $74,200.

Michelle Thornbury to Michael and Lois Szabo, 13751 Frankfort, Swanton, $10.

Richard and Roxanna Logsdon to Centex Home Equity, 263 Alzale and 264 Roberta, both Curtice, $49,417.81.

Leslye Colbert to JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, 4166 Dahlia, $51,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, to Christopher and Tammi Arthur, 4166 Dahlia, $65,000.

Robert and Loriann Drown to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 10642 Waterville, Whitehouse, $63,334.

KeyBank NA to Anthony Mierzejewski, 824 Lagrange, $5,600.

Berdine Barron to Northwest Shores Investors LLC, 5404 Clover, $25,707.26.

Robert Jesionowski to Karl and Lois Ruecker, 4243 Ranchers Circle, Maumee, $43,000.

Charles and Kathleen Bayer to Kurt and Jennifer Pollex, 2711 Joelle, $240,000.

James Millon and others to Jennifer Bembry, 6729 Embassy Ct., Unit 0-61, Maumee, $154,000.

Chantal Oblander to Brandon Bihn, 5671 Acres, Sylvania, $42,000.

Trisha and Jerry Pirkle, Jr., to Dicky and Julia Correa, 4525 Brookline, Sylvania, $148,000.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Julia Leytze, 6424 Madison, Sylvania, $175,301.

Mary Phelps, successor trustee, to Frank and Sandra Mikolajczyk, 5911 Reinwood, $170,000.

Charles and Deborah Smith to Ronald and Dawn Price, 8327 Dorr, $152,500.

Nicholas Goucher and others to Federal National Mortgage Association, 354 and 356 Baden, $12,000.


Robert and Karen Wolfe to SFTF LLC, 531 West Bancroft, $66,500.

Airport Highway Investment Enterprises Inc. to Zerby Properties Ltd., 8300 Airport, Holland, $250,000.


Carolyn Moore to Sylvania Cobblestone Developers Inc., split from 0 Holt, Sylvania, $635,331.

Carolyn Moore to Brookside7 LLC, split from 0 Holt, Sylvania, $137,409.

Jan. 26, 2005


Lynxs Ltd. to Joyce Sparks, 1753 London Ridge Ct., $34,900.

Steven and Danielle Hochanadel to Ryan Toneff, 2654 Luverne, Oregon, $119,999.

Juanita Lucke to Douglas and Suzanne Nichol, trustees, 754 East Shoreline, Holland, $231,000.

Richard and Beverly Meeker to Brandon Grady and others, 233 Plymouth, $37,500.

Kimberly Braxton to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 5600 Cresthaven, #34, $77,800.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Tiffany Degood, 5600 Cresthaven, #34, $77,800.

John and Lisa Campbell to Austin Zdawczyk, 1729 Watkins, $107,000.

Noelle Rheinbolt to Randall Unruh, 1141 Cady, Maumee, $26,000.

Ananias Snipes to Terry Snipes, 1210 and 1212 Lincoln, $6,000.

Andrew Horvath to Tina Meach, 2407 Woodford, $5,000.

Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, 4005 Fairview, $42,000.

Michael and Judith Cole to Aaron Franke, 4341 and 4345 Asbury, $86,430.

Alice Siwa to Nichole Harold, 510 Darrow, $66,500.

Sheila Kendrick to William and Joanne Hartough, 1010 Linden, $153,900.

Todd and Rhonda Gracyk to Nicholas Dallas, 239 Deigle, $77,800.

George and Carol Moore to James Moody, 3392 Otto, $33,100.

Richard Wiles, Jr., to James Wilson and others, 10410 Ramm, Whitehouse, $217,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Kamran Rafiq, 2902 Maple Colony, $411,500.

Bank One NA to Yung Tsou and Tsou Shou, 7627 Covert, $80,000.

Willie and Lou McLain to Bank One NA, 942 Avondale, $26,000.

Bank One NA to Patricia Hamilton, 942 Avondale, $9,700.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Joann Reed, 2340 North Erie, $50,000.

Chester and Betty Szymanski to Melanie Reinbolt, 744 Dryden, $87,218.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 8329 Sycamore Woods, Holland, $42,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Johnathon Osmon, 524 Niagara, Holland, $186,000.

Sadie Morgan to Jennifer Morgan, 2826 117th, $70,000.

Patricia Blubaugh-Wright to Hamden Abugheneima, 852 Rogers, $5,500.

Dante Harrison to Lorraine Carter, 402 Boston Place, $40,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Frank and Rose Hammond, 8219 Sycamore Woods, Holland, $34,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Jason Wiesler and others, 2922 Edgebrook, $80,000.

Fannie Mae to Jose Martinez, 718 Redwood, $16,000.

Theodore Turner to Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc., 1239 Hamilton, $30,000.

Richard Benson to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 3417 Elm, $50,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Tonya Cole, 413 Elm, $74,900.

Barbara and Gary Baird to Jason Myers, 6969 Westwyck, Whitehouse, $116,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Richard and Hyunsook Davitt, 7301 Clipper Ct., Maumee, $59,800.

Loretta Grzechowiak to Jeffrey Sniadecki, 823 Ambia, $7,500.

Robert Youngs to Gordon McLean and others, 1572 Eleanor, $68,610.

Joan Osborn to Colin Capshaw, 1716 Circular, $135,000.

Betty Lewis to Charles Labiche, 1311 Avondale, $500.

Tracy and Robert Diller, Jr., to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 2533 Gradwohl, $160,000.

Eric Wertzbaugher and others to Rhett Wertzbaugher, 311 Cass, Maumee, $94,500.


Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. to Sylvania Church of God, 3230 and 3300 Strayer, Maumee, $7,000,000.


John Zeiler, Jr., to Mark Tuttle, split from 1464 Berkey, Swanton, $95,000.

Jan. 27, 2005


Most Rev. Leonard P. Blair to Nuthatch Properties LLC, 7254 Corduroy, Oregon, $84,000.

Terrence Horrigan and Elizabeth Clarke-Horrigan to JLMJ Investments LLC, 1454 Wilderness, Maumee, $72,000.

Elvah Donald to Jerry and Denice Woods, 3791 West Alexis, $73,500.

Loucinda Wolfe, trustee, to Carl and Hatsuse Kovach, 1230 Hugo, Maumee, $95,000.

Real Estate Bargains to Families Housing Initiative LLC, 1253 Lucas, $7,200.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Vicki Friess, 7356 Harpoon Ct., Maumee, $35,900.

Lenore Fraley to Stefanie Stark, 3725 Elmhurst, $85,000.

Ann Kiser-Eastman to Adam Spear and others, 2649 102nd, $97,000.

Sue Marquis to John and Sabrina Vasko, 253 Licking, $15,000.

Mark Williams and others to Michael Williams, 6852 North River, Waterville, $70,000.

Eddie Byrd to Stephanie King, 939 Avondale, $45,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Stephanie McIntyre, 4119 Caroline, $70,400.

Phillip Warner to John and Ann Corfman, 897 Colburn, $7,591.62.

Michael and Amanda Taggart to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 8049 Lea Ct., Holland, $202,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to John and Michelle Jeffrey, 8049 Lea Ct., Holland, $202,000.

Jeffrey and Dawn Durivage to Gayle Schaber and others, 2435 South Country Club Pkwy., $205,900.

Douglas and Debra Golus to Amy Burns, 907 Broer, $45,000.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Venu Thanikella, 4225 Cranberry, Sylvania, $56,500.

Westhaven Group LLC to Dana Svoboda, 43 East Streicher, $15,000.

Montalena Allen to Robin Staples, 1152 Colton, $40,000.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Venkateshwar and Shailaja Thati, 4209 Cranberry, Sylvania, $52,900.

Sylvan Lakes LLC to Jalander Kontham, 4217 Cranberry, Sylvania, $54,500.

Arsenio and Mylissa Archibeque to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 2719 Northvale, Oregon, $86,667.

Robert Walker to Charles and Judith Kovach, 4359 Lyman, $65,500.

Anna Piel to Ting Hsiao and An Cheng, 2308 Cheshire Woods, $182,800.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Bertram Morrow, 3364 North Detroit, $8,000.

Ray Scott, Jr., to Four Howards Ltd., 6201 Garden, Unit D62, Maumee, $17,000.

John Greeno to Anita Bedacht, 2024 Glencove, $70,000.

Dennie and Terry Fenter, Jr., to Homecomings Financial Network, 749 Deal, $40,667.

Sharon Fairbanks to Paul Escobar, 1216 Sherman, $1.


Riverside Partners Group Ltd. to 59th Street Bridge Group Inc., 1036 and 1126 River, Maumee, $800,000.

Glass City Federal Credit Union to Danny and Nancy Reynolds, 2210 and 2214 West Laskey, $100,000.

Garlund Custer to John Stone, 10905 Corduroy, water slip G-53, Oregon, $1,800.

Shirley Campbell, trustee, to Sky-Rocket Investments Inc., 2109 West Laskey, $272,428.67.

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