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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

March 15, 2005


Chad and Stephanie Mikesell to Arvel Henderson II, 4436 Elmhurst, $125,000.

Christopher Koby to Gregory and Lisa Goatley, 1108 Richland, Maumee, $115,000.

Carol Shelton and others to Edward and Peggy Cytlak, 235 Kosciusko, $15,000.

Kenneth and Elaine Horner to Edward Hoppel, 2933 Fulton, $950.

Beatrice Lahnum to Danielle Stanger, 2420 Broadway, $42,900.


George and Judith Good to AJIC Ltd., 4253 and 4255 Lewis, $60,000.

James and Barbara Mathers to Elizabeth Kantner, 825 and 827 Starr, $50,000.

Maumee Stone Co. to Charlie's Dodge, 725 and 801 Illinois, Maumee, $600,000.

CNL Income Fund VII Ltd. to RAI Restaurants Inc., 6635 Airport, Holland, $737,382.93.

Public Utilities

Norfolk Southern Combined Railroad Subsidiaries to JSO 2 LLC, 0 Illinois, Maumee, $156,100.

March 16, 2005


Eleanor Sonntag to Charles and Deborah Fannin, 5136 and 5140 Airport, $27,500.

William Link and others to Robert and Patricia Matuszak, 803 Gribbin, $170,000.

Julie Herkimer to Corianne Goetz, 2009 Talbot, $83,500.

Thaddeus and Connie Wegrzynowski to Gerald Langenderfer, 336 North Holland-Sylvania, $110,000.

Robert Grim to Heath Glowacki, 6102 Alexa, Sylvania, $189,200.

George Scarvelis Builders Inc. to Todd and Jill Tiell, trustees, 4747 Farm Creek, Sylvania, $355,000.

Jeffrey and Suzanne Minnick to Ralph and Catherine Kubacki, 2815 Manley, Maumee, $270,000.

Alex and Sharon Brewer to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 158 Corinth, $27,334.

David Navarre to Jason Malloy, 5331 Dubois, $32,000.

Delores Jones to Brittany Altman and others, 139 Harmony, $120,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Patrick and Rae Anne Williams, 4721 Middle Branch, Monclova, $48,900.

Mona Shaikh, trustee, to George and Jane Pavuk, trustees, 2900 Spring Water, $387,000.

Ted and Jennifer Hazard to James and Susan Schoen, 1817 Winston, $146,000.

Gerald Moser to Millennium Solutions Group, 248 California, $70,000.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to Timothy and Cynthia McGrady, 453 Foxridge, Oregon, $35,000.

Area Title Agency Inc., trustee, to John and Kathryn Docis, 2509 Hempstead, $154,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Hasty Service, 878 Maple, Waterville, $150,000.

Patricia Degnan to Curt Rockwell, 2673 Pemberton, $192,900.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Frank Lucki, 1913 Roselawn, $75,600.

Aurora Loan Services Inc. to William Dusseau, 1735 Wyndhurst, $75,000.

Delbert Cooper to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 352 West Oakland, $19,334.

Marc Dunbar to Giavonia Hood, 1219 Marmion, $50,000.

Bryce Peters Financial Corp. to Michael Black, 1201 Peck, $5,800.

Scott Zgrabik to Thomas and Sharon Skilliter, 550 Pinella Point, Holland, $587,500.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to A. Joseph Snyder Builder LLC, 6000 Sunny Lake Ct., Sylvania, $44,508.

Judith Crandall to Daniel Buel and Andrea White, 3722 Bellevue, $88,800.

Fannie Mae to Jeff Nickens, 5066 and 5070 Adella, $104,700.

Brink Park Holdings LLC to Robert Hepp, 8919 North Park Lake Circle, $38,900.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Earl Toney and others, 4261 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $34,800.

Mark and Trista Young to Sean and Carolyn Savage, 9231 Shadow Brook, Sylvania, $441,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Lawrence and Ellen McCloskey, 5439 Brook Point, $87,500.

Michael and Marie Linkes to Teresa Weller, 3148 Meadowbrook Ct., $68,000.


Adel Kamol to Reynold Romstadt and others, 505 Navarre, $17,800.

McDonald's Real Estate Co. to Nucharee Pipatjarasgit, trustee, 3015 North Holland-Sylvania, $540,000.

John Yoder to MCJM Properties Ltd., 7327 International, Holland, $70,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to John Cramer, 3640 Butz, Maumee, $52,000.

Haley & Price to Health Care and Retirement Corp., 3428 Aldringham and 4303 Monroe, $160,000.

March 17, 2005


David and Alicia Hansen to Clay Tyre and others, 4144 Heathergreen Ct., $145,000.

Marie Grimm to Kenneth Alexander, 2257 Brown, Oregon, $90,000.

Tonilynn Scharf to Marvin Dubbs, Jr., 1227 Oaktree Ct., Oregon, $238,000.

Mark Madden and others to Nour Taouil, 734 Woodville, $30,000.

Diamond Pointe Homes LLC to Brian and Brenda Spencer, 9708 Fairmeadows, Whitehouse, $282,000.

Ronald and Barbara Manrow to David and Jenna Smith, 3240 Kilburn, Berkey, $178,300.

Ruth Snell to Dennis Snell and others, 2356 Bodette, $105,000.

Paul Vandereyk to Robert Miller, 621 Koch, $129,900.

Paige and Carl Neilsen IV to Stacie and Jason Kreinbrink and others, 5943 Chaney, $128,900.

Thomas and Sharon Skilliter to Michael and Sara Skilliter, 7411 Country Trail, Holland, $350,000.

James Wilde to Alvin and Loretta Kraft, 3036 Pinehurst, 128,850.

William Cook and others to Cristy Cook and others, 215 Linden Place, $3,000.

Sam Sayed to Carl and Paige Nielsen, 6993 Ramblehurst, Sylvania, $199,900.

Edward and Mary Gehring to Evan Rubin and others, 3620 Woodley, $151,000.

John Barta to Summerfield Group LLC, 619 Reineck, $56,000.

Bernard and Bonnie Kitzman to Randall and Paula Kimmet, 4201 Parrakeet, $104,000.

Jason and Janell Toth to Bryan and Rubina Haden, 4123 Bowen, $118,500.

Fritz Properties Inc. to Eric and Amanda Randolph, 5932 Malden, $99,000.

David and Judith Gable to Amy Annarino, 2301 Ann, $132,000.

Andrew and Deborah Ranazzi to Daryl and Kathryn Kirkpatrick, 3814 Seckinger, $146,500.

Lisa Corkins to Ken Apel, 849 Western, $8,000.

Key Bank NA to Joni Daiber, 3856 Laplante, Monclova, $190,000.

Gary and Susan Hahn to Crystal Harpel, 5545 Talmadge, $239,000.

Marc Paulenich to Jenni Talpos and others, 2575 West Village, $117,800.

SM-CP Ltd. to Leslie and James Hayes, 2317 Valley Brook, $185,000.

Kenneth and Donna Carnrite to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 2425 Winding Creek, Maumee, $171,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Robert and Bernadine Hood, 2425 Winding Creek, Maumee, $171,000.

Randolph and Angela Fritz to Matthew and Deanna Cromly, 2621 Kristi Lynne, $224,500.

Florentine Helminski to Justin Ferris, 2318 Ward, $71,900.

Matt and Bridget Geha to Elias Properties of Toledo, 3832 Woodmont, $107,500.

Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc. to Matthew and Bridget Geha, 5934 Settlers Ridge, Sylvania, $287,500.

Randy and Stephanie Kummer to William and Jonie Bosse, 4457 River, $360,000.

Selena Wyman to Stacey Stalker, 2521 Edgebrook, $134,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Deniece Overton, 2357 Warren, $8,000.

Robert Degg to Federal Home Mortgage Loan Corp., 1429 Laurel, $60,000.

John Decatur to William Moreau, 5612 310th, $220,000.

Glennis Smith to Lindsay Eberly, 7710 Noward, Waterville, $120,000.

Fannie Mae to Tyler and Sherry Kottenbrock, 2646 Calverton, $66,000.

Your Home Advantage LLC to Damar Grier, 1318 Berdan, $75,000.

SG Assets 1 LLC to Lawrence McClorrine, 1654 Indiana, $2,500.


Timberstone Condominiums LLC to Jeanne Koegler, 4064 Hillandale, $107,500.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Home Source Construction LLC, 4801 Black, Monclova, $51,900.

March 18, 2005


Teresa Kasten to Howard and Rebecca Schnabel, 0 Wilkins, Swanton, $65,500.

John and Debra Sanzenbacher to Ronald Kelso, 12510 Neapolis-Waterville, Whitehouse, $180,000.

Bryan Imes to Michael Halker, 123 East Oakland, $38,500.

Bonnie Johnson-Winkle to Daniel and Jennifer Gierhart, 1901 Meadowlark, $127,000.

Ronald and Theresa Kelso to Matthew Wielinski, 8 Karis, Waterville, $141,500.

Matthew and Erica Detrick to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 1212 Hidden Ridge, $114,900.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Joyce Sudling, 1212 Hidden Ridge, $114,900.

Woodingham Ltd. to Lisa Bonds, 919 Clifton, $17,000.

Lisa Bonds to James Wade, 919 Clifton, $20,000.

David and Jean Gardner to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 1810 Wyandotte, Maumee, $259,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Laramie and Jennifer Spurlock and others, 502 Ogden, $45,000.

Saba Custom Homes LLC to Charles and Monique Hoecherl, 3153 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $53,900.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Kevin and Jennifer Herman, 6245 Steeplechase Pkwy., Whitehouse, $45,000.

Richard Sorgenfrei to Eric and Jennifer Tittle, 6116 Applegate, $145,000.

Kevin and Amanda Cool to Brian and Gina Nowakowski, 5817 Woodrow, Sylvania, $127,000.

Thomas and Kathleen Anderzack to Kelly and Scott Tipton, 3410 Zone, $118,000.

Gerald and Zenobia Kazmier to Nicole Oberle, 2641 Claredale, $119,500.

Ernest Flowers to Diana Taylor, 833 Woodward, $48,750.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Howe Companies LLC, 9768 Fairmeadow, Whitehouse, $47,500.

Michael and Rebecca Minske to Sandra Lein, 3010 West Central, Unit 314, $76,500.

Ruth Carr to Jeff Jude, 414 Dover Place, $76,000.

Allan and Christine Hamilton to Beneficial Mortgage Co., 2825 Stoneleigh, $185,000.

Beneficial Mortgage Co. to Gilbert and Shelley Akeman, 2825 Stoneleigh, $197,000.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems to Marie Sharlow and others, 5659 Roan, Sylvania, $128,000.

James Earle to Ocwen Federal Bank FSB, 425 East William, Maumee, $85,000.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Loren and Jennifer Sullivan, 9740 Preakness, Whitehouse, $45,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Charles and Joyce Woodmancy, trustees, 3111 Alex Ct., Maumee, $64,000.

Pamela Terry to Denise Terry, 1027 Belmont, $5.

Westhaven Group to Joseph and Valentina Green, 40 Lyric, $104,900.

Westhaven Group to Frederick Ansted, 1732 Gilbert, $103,500.

Deanne Andrijowych and others to Robert Janes, 3947 Garrison, $109,000.

Frank and Karen Palermo to Kevin Matthews, 720 Valleywood, $62,000.

Rosie Mitchell to Shaulonda Jones, 2372 Hollywood, $6,600.

Martin Walker II to Beneficial Ohio Inc., 3450 and 3452 145th, $76,360.

Stephanie Brenner to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3726 Willys Pkwy., $50,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jonathan Nissen, 3726 Willys Pkwy., $42,000.


Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Robert Baith, 2606 Keygate, $580,000.

Kamel and Feda Abutaha to Adil Ali, 2236 Airport, $75,000.

Commercial and Exempt

Casablanca Ltd. to John Armelagos, 6055 Brent, $1,200,000.

March 21, 2005


Gregg Snyder to Alexander and Trina Pickens, 706 East Hudson, $62,434.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Bobby and Laurie Beringer, 6237 Sugarberry, $206,000.

Evelyn Simon to Frederick and Amy Anderson, 1828 Kedron, $50,000.

Raymond Wagner, Jr., to Raymond Wagner III, 3025 121st, $113,000.

Kimberly and Ronald Baker, Jr., to Abdallah and Rania Tawil, 4664 Brown, Oregon, $80,000.

Christopher and Ann Spire to Kenneth Baum II, 3145 North Summit, $57,000.

Florence Schette, successor trustee, to Dennis and Paula Malone, 4212 Cypress, $154,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Jamie Rainey and others, 4343 Baronsmede, $90,000.

Jonathon and Stacy Hetrick to Prudential Residential Services, 3217 Waldmar, $107,500.

Randolph Killen to Nanette Hochradel, 1233 Ellis, $57,000.

Nanci Renn and others to Trinidad and Rudy Apodaco, 6119 Clover, $75,000.

Michael Ahern III to Teresa Ringenbach and Paul Kolb, Jr., 1005 Brookley, $64,400.

Stanley and Christine Rick to Peter and Vicki Fallgren, 7255 Apache Trail, Holland, $255,000.

Elizabeth Layman, trustee, to George Pratt and others, 2924 Strauss, $152,500.

David Mack to Keith Jacobs, 3860 Watson, $75,000.

Joey Sillman to Linda Dewey, 5101 Oakridge, $93,000.

James and Cora Hammond to Cora Hammond, 3643 Turret Green, $44,100.

Marie Kopka to Michael Erard, 1008 Schmidlin, Oregon, $105,000.

Judy Thomas to Stephen Draper, 2919 Densmore, $168,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Wilfredo Nunez, 659 Berry, $10,000.

John and Sheril Shafer to Shawn Tysiak, 2538 Oakwood, $63,500.

Arletta Shockley and others to Yolanda Gregory, 805 Oakwood, $1,600.

John and Sandra Wasserman to Heather and Edward Morrison III, 220 Colburn, $23,000.

Bank One NA to American Working Family Homes Inc., 3151 Parkwood, $15,000.

Eric Ungrady to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 1701 Craig, Maumee, $129,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Rong Lei, 1701 Craig, Maumee, $128,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Kathleen and Albert Cliffel, Jr., 627 Whisperlake, Holland, $61,900.

David Halsey, trustee, to Lyle and Kathleen Fortney, 4963 Westminister, Sylvania, $58,400.

Holly Curlis to Christopher and Deborah Ostander, 734 Balfe, $18,000.

SCI Ohio Funeral Services Inc. to Rebecca Cavanaugh, 3124 Talmadge, $117,700.

Residential Funding Corp. to Envasc Properties LLC, 238 Ivanhill, $49,000.

Waleed A-Nassar to Georgina Khalil, 2301 Valentine, $13,000.

Laura and Eric Naughton to Douglas and Robin Benore, 1489 Berdan, $74,500.

Dorisanne Tylinski to Fatima Taylor, 520 Dexter, $59,900.

Jorge and Carolina Vilchez to Latreese Barton, 1028 Vance, $22,700.

Westhaven Group to Desaray Robinson, 216 Dexter, $49,900.

Westhaven Group to Michael and Debra Maluchnik, 3441 Westchester, $168,000.

Joseph and Karen Heslin to Sheryl Cox, 2747 Sweetbriar Ct., $112,500.

Susan and Donald Cobb, Jr., to David and Charity Karakas, 5124 San Luis Rey, Sylvania, $302,500.

Craig and Michelle Moskowitz to Amy Swiantek and others, 7624 Hidden Springs, Holland, $207,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian Horman and Mary Brucker-Horman, 843 Rogers, $12,000.

Bradley and Paula Fuller to Joseph Bair and Sarah Harris-Bair, 402 Waggoner, $74,000.

Christopher Hieber to James Rowley, 1520 Nevada $49,000.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to Curtis and Sarah Jones, 1105 and 1107 Alldays, $13,000.

Residential and Exempt

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Marlene Golembiewski and others, 110 Ottawa, $182,000.


Eagles Landing Ltd. to Danielle Bihn, 0 Jacobs, Oregon, $115,000.

Jadco LP to Turski Properties LLC, 6139 and 6155 Summit, $340,000.

John and Ruth Hadley, co-trustees, and others to Judith and John Hadley and others, 5001 Monroe; 4021, 4029, 4049, 4051, and 4111 Royer; and 3934, 3946, 4018, and 5001 West Sylvania, $1,200,000.

Dutch's Collision Works I to Quinn Investment Co., 3858 and 3860 Lagrange, $90,000.

JJG Corp. LLC to Asmoro Brothers Investments LLC, 421 and 429 West Alexis, $1,000,000.


Gulf Oil Corp. to BOC Americas (PGS) Inc., 652 Millard, Oregon, $214,500.

March 22, 2005


Jackie Murray to Anthony Comer, 1928 Broadstone, $48,000.

Anita Burrell to Nicholas Huff, 827 and 831 Sibley, $93,000.

Anna and James Irving, Jr., to Mickey and Jacqueline Crocker, 4422 Westway, $121,000.

Aquelena Sutts to Chad and Laura Detterman, 2319 Ward, $68,000.

Matt Jasin to John Hopkins and others, 434 and 436 Irving, $72,000.

TOL Inc. to Joann Wyatt, 2860 Quarry, Maumee, $250,000.

Bradford Stalder and Kristina Kosta-Stalder to Kevin Zalecki and others, 2411 Heathcoe Ct., Maumee, $212,000.

Teresa and Raymond Krabill II to Brianne Volmar and others, 2929 121st, $104,900.

Westhaven Group to Bayview Financial Properties Trust, 410 Ohio, $25,163.

State Street Bank & Trust Co., trustee, to Peter Robinson, 231 West William, Maumee, $120,000.

Hans and Susanne Dolder to Sherri Barnett, trustee, 8740 Oak Valley, Holland, $525,000.

James McCabe to Veronica and Artie Mitchell II, 5644 Ashbrook, $172,000.

Melody Clark to Tina Helminiak, 2431 Bucklew, $109,900.

Hal McLean, Jr., trustee, to Gary and Julianne Zolciak, 7400 Kings Walk, Sylvania, $70,000.

Jaime and Meaghan Morris to Lara Kurtz, 4325 Westway, $124,000.

John and Mary Reno to Heather Toner, 4034 Marlaine, $239,000.

Alvin and Loretta Kraft to Michelle Vanetta and others, 2726 Oak Grove Place, $103,745.

Najarian Enterprises to Adrienne Skrbina, 230 Southview, $66,000.

Pledged Property II LLC to Terry Cady, 31 West Oakland, $19,900.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Mark Lozovoy, 1623 Ottawa, $5,000.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. to Scott Rozanski, 234 Dexter, $28,000.

David Hall to Jeremy and Crystal Brighton, 4025 Parrakeet, $75,000.

Ralph and Shirley Eiseman to Robert and Deborah Bracht, 6030 Vistamar, $113,500.

Daniel Bukowski to David Holtz, 2335 Wyndale Ct., $125,000.

Barbara Robinson to Anthony Rudess, 1953 Navarre, $26,230.

Kyle and Chasity O'Neill to Shane and Colleen Irvin, 4336 Overland Pkwy., $112,000.

Janet Gearhart to Joshua Smith and others, 5931 Deane, $99,000.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Chad and Cindy Lazette, 1912 Lehman, $77,500.

Morequity Inc. to Barbara Yant, 2237 and 2239 Genesee, $14,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to David Juhasz, 4206 Kingsbury, $42,500.

David and Edith Carr to Ryan and Amy Hall, 3136 Stafford, Oregon, $188,000.

N.P. Dodge, Jr., trustee, to Kevin and Pamela Grotke, 9048 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $279,000.

Orvie and Lorene Ireland to Luis and Casandra Munguia, 11635 Box, Grand Rapids, $131,000.

Casimer Nowotka to Thomas Kaye, 3102 and 3110 Mulberry, $42,500.

Fred Green to Christina White, 1216 St. John, $25,000.

Christopher Becker to Brian and Marie Morrison, 2323 Berdan, $88,000.

Tyler and Jessica Ledbetter to Relocation Advantage LLC, 1148 Hugo, Maumee, $108,000.

Relocation Advantage LLC to Nathan Kerber and others, 1148 Hugo, Maumee, $108,000.

National City Bank to Westhaven Group, 1803 Berkshire Place, $41,150.

Wendy Urban, trustee, to Troy Copeland, 444 Sunset, $118,900.

Claudette Mortiere to Nancy Belt, 6605 Garden, Maumee, $117,900.


Linda Olah, trustee, to Joyce Williamson, trustee, 501, 502, 504, 505, 507, 508, 510, 517, 518, 520, and 524 Oliver, $100,000.

Nour Taouil to Moussa Naser, 324 Fassett, $100,000.


Richard and Arlene Schaller to Mark and Julia Ryan, split from 5100 Weckerly, Monclova, $115,000.

March 23, 2005


JCW Development Ltd. to Charles Todd, 10146 Blue Creek North, Whitehouse, $34,000.

JCW Development Ltd. to Michael Wlodarski, 10136 Blue Creek South, Whitehouse, $39,500.

Chad Greeley to Darren Fortman, 1819 Alvin, $80,000.

Aaron Hayes and others to David and Heather Corwin, 1428 Shepherd, Maumee, $117,676.

Thomas and Cynthia Moreo to Carl and Judith Windnagle, 3124 Copland, $112,000.

Jennifer Zenk to Dawn Weinbrecht, 4759 295th, $123,500.

Michael and Lois Szabo to Nicholas Parker and others, 13751 Frankfort, Swanton, $190,000.

William and Diane Pawlecki to Edward and Linda Doyle, 556 Troon, Holland, $482,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to William Niedzwiecki, 4351 Pine Ridge Ct., Monclova, $82,000.

David Linker to Kevin Hayes, 3508 Harley, $125,600.

Richard and Darlene Eddington to Farah Frisch, 5240, 5242, and 5246 President, $55,500.

Gerald and Wilma Schwind, trustees, to Joseph Segura, 636 Apple, $91,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Curt and Patricia Bandeen, 2956 Back Bay, Maumee, $60,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joanne Larue, 8609 Whitecliff Ct., Sylvania, $239,900.

Richard Faulkner to Michael Fitch, 220 and 228 Wamba, $30,000.

Yeager Property Services LLC to Infinity Group Ltd., 10, 103, and 123 Dunderry, $59,000.

Joseph and Christine Bastian to Tamra Powell, 4207 Elmway, $130,117.

Jonathan Mason to Richard and Jennifer Shoemaker, 352 Sumner, $55,000.

Phyllis and James Kaiser, Jr., to Willie and Emmer Prater, 2543 Valley Brook, $154,000.

Kenneth Townsend to Bankers Trust of California NA, 30 East Park, $18,000.

Dennis and Dorothy McGhee to Mortgage Lenders Network USA, 2402 Putnam, $23,334.

Westhaven Group LLC to David Mitchell, 521 Everett, $24,000.

John Helton IV to Federal National Mortgage Association, 624 Dryden, $56,667.

Loretta Flowers to Bankers Trust of California, NA, 1143 Norwood, $12,000.

Fallen Timbers Development Co. to Christopher and Sara Kirby, 5804 Crossroads Ct., Waterville, $50,000.

James and Amy Avaritt to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2025 Strathmoor, $72,000.

Ferne Miller to Nicholas Reno, 3041 Emmick, $120,000.

Mary McCreery to KeyBank NA, split from 1115 West Woodruff, $60,000.

Citi Trust Bank to Nicole Wilson, 2135 Richmond, $135,500.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. to Troy Johnson, 644 Spring, $16,500.

Corinne Welch, trustee, to Jamison and Jennifer Diehl, 3402 Gallatin, $260,000.

Stacey Stalker to Walter and Rebecca Royster, 2041 Northridge, $81,000.

WM Specialty Mortgage LLC to Richard and Barbara Pietras, 1827 Wychwood, $37,900.

Residential and Commercial

Mark and Kelly Styacich to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 3725, 3735, and 3767 North King, $1,350,000.


Great Lakes Motor Inns Inc. to WXZ Retail Group/RA LLC, 2450 South Reynolds, $1,570,000.

Willis E. Brown Investment Co. Ltd. to Brown Family Real Estate LLC, 6155 West Central, $2,400,000.

MRW 3120 Properties LLC to Knights 83 LLC, 3120 West Central, $705,000.

Woodley Properties Ltd. to Woodley MA LLC, 3922 Woodley, $2,919,000.

Neil and Joanna Douglas to Donald Futrell, 5034 Lewis, $65,000.

March 24, 2005


Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 5736 Walnut Cove, Sylvania, $30,000.

Steven and Marissa Hartwig to GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc., 6644 Janel, Maumee, $145,700.

GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc. to Donald Espen and others, 6644 Janel, Maumee, $149,000.

Matthew Luettke to Randolph Binder, 2630 118th, $87,000.

Barbara Merzke to Stacy Scheckler, 5819 Adelaide, $78,000.

Jeffry Hexter and Angelina Gangestad-Hexter to Leon and Renee Bertrand, 4216 Meadow Green, Sylvania, $180,000.

Mary and Frank Armstrong, Jr., to Holden Properties LLC, 2004 and 2008 Brame Place, $88,000.

Frank and Rose Hammond to Donald Swiderski, 1122 Joyce, $119,900.

Trava Goben to Joseph Sarkisian and Shannon Sullivan, 1741 Winston, $97,500.

Calvin Jones to Bank of New York, trustee, 1425, 1429, and 1501 Hirzel, $30,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Monica Gonzalez, 1425, 1429, and 1501 Hirzel, $15,500.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, to Westhaven Group, 4611 283rd, $65,500.

Chris Daniels to Patricia Tuller, 33 Bronson, $25,000.

Alfred and Becky Thurman to Phillip and Sundey Miller, 821 Cherry, Waterville, $139,900.

Kevin and Birdena Kelbaugh to Household Realty Corp., 1516 East Broadway, $36,667.

Julie and Paul Meister to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 4324 Willys Pkwy., $57,334.

Stanley Brant to Wachovia Bank NA, 720 Parker, $32,000.

Citifinancial Inc. to Brandy Durden, 4112 Peak, $8,000.

Shannon Adams and others to Richard Smoot, 3156 Milwaukee, Oregon, $110,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 6013 Kinnis Ct., Sylvania, $51,410.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 6014 Secluded Ct., Sylvania, $43,900.

Shurlby Meadows to Homecomings Financial Network Inc., 2913 Parkwood, $44,000.

William and Josephine Ulmer to Curt and Angela Lyons, 5121 Silica, Sylvania, $190,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Gerald Morrissey, 5207 Rowland, $30,000.

Linda Martz to Bruce Huddleston, Jr., 5845 Garden Park, Sylvania, $118,250.

David and Kathe Michaelson to Michael and Marcia O'Neill, 3917 Sheffield Ct., $185,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Donald and Carolyn Carper, 4528 Harbour Creek Ct., Maumee, $197,614.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Ira and Carol Lake, 7343 Harpoon Ct., Maumee, $35,900.

W L Homestead LLC to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 3671 Deer Creek, Maumee, and 3664 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $135,800.

Jeffrey Sarnes to Moser Real Estate Investments LLC, 3019 Pullman, Oregon, $78,000.

Chicago Title Insurance Co., trustee, to Sarah and Sam Simpson, Jr., 3460 Rock Ct., $62,900.

Chicago Title Insurance Co., trustee, to Mel and Telysa Fields, 164 Mettler, $50,500.

Louella Bean to Richard Cook, 4860 295th, $110,000.

James Knollmiller, successor trustee, and others to Wilfred and Nancy Borer, 4664 South Detroit, $75,000.

Wilfred and Nancy Borer to Jonathan Brewer, 4664 South Detroit, $132,000.

Terry Cady to Diane Crosby and others, 3515 Watson, $88,000.

Colantha Garrett to Toni Trice, 27 South King, Holland, $165,000.

Juan Lopez to Simon Cortez, 1012 East Bancroft, $8,000.

Residential and Industrial

J. Colgan Machine and Tool Inc. to Bires Real Estate Ltd., 11 North Westwood and 28 Wamba, $244,750.

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