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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

April 15, 2005


Margie Judy to Viviano and Patricia Diaz, 5148 Grosse Pointe Pkwy., $120,000.

Delbert and Susan Alldaffer to Bess Weaver, 1100 Birch, Maumee, $122,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Bruce Palenske, 8151 Quarry View Place, Maumee, $189,900.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Scott Rozanski, 1340 Yates, $11,000.

U.S. Bank NA to Cletus Phoenix, 1145 Nebraska, $9,000.

Christine Perry to Jonathan LaPlant, 1447 Berdan, $80,000.

Ohio Citizens Bank, trustee, to Stefan Kasch and others, 2922 Pembroke and 2923 Hardale, $300,000.

Homecoming Financial Network Inc. to Wayne and Jacquelyn Bradley, 2219 Broadway, $7,000.

Travis and Amy Perkins to Eric Graves and others, 3015 Ravenwood, $118,600.

Randy and Jacqueline Kuntz to Paul and Julie Ketterman, 430 Hertford Ct., Maumee, $178,000.

Joseph Jakab to Meri Jakab, 611 Berry, $28,000.

Henry Lohmeyer to Bank of New York, trustee, 931 Mayfair, $88,422.51.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Daniel and Bernice Davis, 931 Mayfair, $73,500.

Gordon Latta to Ohio Savings Bank FSB, 1021 Alden Ct., $33,334.

Karen Roberson to Leon Roberson, Jr., 358 Richardson, $1.

Olde Farm Inc. to James and Tricia Wozniak, 4122 Herdmans Circle, $67,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Christopher and Jennifer Carpenter, 6303 Whitehouse Valley, Whitehouse, $41,900.

Gregory Ramler to Joseph Beuhler, 1127 Harding, $13,000.


Calvin Lieberman, trustee, to Lawson's Collision Inc., 1111 and 1127 Oakdale, $175,000.

James Young to Robert Brandow, 1114 North Superior, $46,000.

James Young to Robert Brandow, 610 Sixth, $43,334.

Edward and Peggy Spratt to Coma Holdings LLC, 6195 Lewis, $475,000.

John Gurecky to Toledo Ticket Co., 3954 and 3958 Castener, $30,000.

April 18, 2005


Steven and Rosemary Talmadge to Hollis Hamilton, 10545 Monclova, Monclova, $380,000.

Reynolds Construction Co. to Kathleen Maidlow, 26 Shenandoah Circle, Sylvania, $37,500.

William Jockett to Lucas Mikolayczyk, 6109 317th, $30,000.

Torrence Pullum to April Hull, 1539 Woodland, $41,284.

CIT Group Consumer Finance Inc. to Christopher and Tamara Lusiak, 6722 Janel, Maumee, $159,079.

Jeffrey Eiben to Michael and Maria Romo, 6502 Scarsdale, Maumee, $171,500.

Thistle Ridge Co. to Thomas and Becky Dalton, 11465 Jeffers, Grand Rapids, $50,100.

Amy Wichman to Bradley Austermiller and others, 2645 Westbrook, $90,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Douglas Periat, 5605 Harschel, $22,000.

Mike Paschall to Quincy and Sadiri Pratt, 1689 Belmont, $28,000.

Donald Perne to Matthew Pawlowicz, 3507 Talmadge, $114,000.

Dominick Perretti to Ellyn Lofton, 5410 Talmadge, $91,500.

Anthony Kruk to Lagrange Development Corp., 3146 Franklin, $16,000.

Alfred and Barbara Jackson to Chicago Title Insurance Co., trustee, 4244 Hunters Trail, $41,000.

Robert Hufford to Sheri and William Pleasant, 2934 Starr, Oregon, $12,750.

Berman Building Co., Inc. to William and Tarie Simile, 5869 Bear Creek, Sylvania, $260,000.

Joyce Mueller to Floyd and Turnisha Smith, 1457 Eastgate, $175,000.

Ronald and Joan Kilell to Michael Talton, 805 and 809 Wylie, $126,500.

Eagle Creek Builders & Developers Inc. to Allen Li and others, 8701 Big Cypress Circle, Sylvania, $532,000.

Marguerite Zinz to Scott and Rebecca Breidenbach, 5120 Silica, Sylvania, $130,000.

Donna Palmer, successor trustee, to Florence Kralovic, 4205 Overland Pkwy., $90,500.

M. Brock Rimmelin to Rose-Marie Laporte, 3217 Glanzman, Unit 1, $43,000.

Loran Reese to Richard Sorgenfrei and others, 14185 Brindley, Swanton, $3,500.

Credit Based Asset Servicing Corp. to Pledged Property II LLC, 324 Oak, $22,000.

Timothy Pappas to Charlotte Ross, 429 Darrow, $94,500.

Krishman Pablo to Frank Friday, Jr., 1924 Cone, $54,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Phillip Johnson, 2742 Castleton, $96,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Scott and Lynne Sellers, 4707 Round House Circle, Monclova, $59,900.

Timothy and Pamela Gilbert to Abhinit Priyadershi and Rashmi Srivastava, 2161 Plum Leaf, $179,000.

Brint Road LLC to Gerald Scanes, 5116 Brint Crossing, Sylvania, $44,900.

Jose and Linda Ibarra to MTGLQ Investors LP, 227 Segur, $8,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Dorothy Creswell, 227 Segur, $7,900.

Peggy Schaffer to Westshore Properties LLC, 418, 426, and 486 North Westwood, $40,000.

Michael and Melissa Grabowski to Dold Investment Co., 631 Cloverdale, $101,000.


John Vance Flower Shop Inc. to Beauty Bar II LLC, 2919 West Central, $510,000.


Scott Development Co. to Schwerkoske Family Partnership Ltd., 2920 Centennial, $725,000.

Richard Russell, trustee, to Kertrac Investments Ltd., 2014, 2016, 2024, 2026, and 2028 Champlain, $200,000.

April 19, 2005


M.A. Johnston Co. Inc. to Joseph and Helen Pawlicki, 7049 Shadowridge, Waterville, $232,900.

Kylee Noneman to Jian Tang, 3354 Indian, $125,000.

Baron Homes Inc. to Richard and Nina Norek, 1924 Allendale, $33,500.

Cynthia Cremeans to Brian and Shelly Kinner, 5654 Acres, Sylvania, $120,500.

M.V. Partners Limited to Robert Spencer III, 402 Harris Ct., Maumee, $204,500.

Z Properties of Toledo Ltd. to James Keil, 2117 Alvin, $58,000.

Zobrist Properties LLC to James Keil, 2115 Alvin, $78,000.

Z Properties of Toledo Ltd. to Steve and Michelle Meredith, 2121 Alvin, $84,900.

Linda McCullough Morgan, trustee, to Ollie and Iva Risner, 5931 Indian Trail, Sylvania, $218,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Daniel and Tracy Godfrey, 6044 Sunny Lake Ct., Sylvania, $41,100.

MCF Homes LLC to Joshua Devault, 5501 Whiteford, Sylvania, $118,000.

Patience Haas to Debora Nelson, 4719 Ventura, $95,100.

Brian Schweer to George West, Jr., 1148 Shelly, Maumee, $123,000.

Sawgrass Building Co. LLC to Steven and Rosemary Talmadge, 8412 Queensridge, Monclova, $280,000.

Lorraine Ehle to Old Republic National Title Insurance Co., 8939 Sand Ridge, Holland, $450,000.

Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. to Ghassan Kaloti, 8939 Sand Ridge, Holland, $450,000.

E & A Family LLC to Wesley Scott, 3854 Willys Pkwy., $120,000.

Jason Kortgoede to Kelly House and others, 3321 Sherbrooke, $100,000.

Leandra Leroux to Charles Fleig, 419 Langdon, $18,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher Hieber, 2045 La France, Oregon, $67,500.

Everett Atherine III to Alex Scott and others, 2806 Rathbun, $60,000.

Alex Scott and others to Jeffrey Seiler, 656 Greene, $28,000.

Robert Powell and others to Mary Jane Milano Takas, trustee, 6934 Springview, Maumee, $195,000.

Brink's Custom Homes Inc. to Robert and Amy Ellis, 6264 Steeplechase Pkwy., Whitehouse, $299,900.

John Delucia and Jennifer Fallon-Delucia to Prem and Asha Mehta, 7023 Shooters Hill, $225,000.

Brink's Custom Homes to Charles and Lisa Cline, 5844 Green Ivy, Monclova, $290,000.

Susan Lindsey to Keith and Tiffany Hendrix, 3003 Byrnwyck, Maumee, $182,200.

John and Margaret Solly to Tracy Pearson, 2012 Mansfield, $83,000.

Jason and Amy Luebke to Mona-Mae Mitchell, 2656 Wesleyan, $139,900.

Matthew and Barbara Veronica to John and Tanya Skouroukos, 1204 Juliet, $210,100.

George Benore and others to Brandi Kidd, 551 Arden Place, $68,700.

John and Mary Crandall to Cory and Rachel Harris, 5608 Olde Post, Sylvania, $211,000.

Brenda Postlewaite to Robert Okonski, 1725 Bateman, $73,000.

Georgann Lederman to Toni Neal, 3218 Romaker, $120,000.

Jane Fausz, trustee, to Georgann Lederman, 6542 Abbey Run, Sylvania, $112,000.

Cynthia Winfrey to Ann Couturier, 3647 Shamrock, $125,000.

Jeffrey Smith and others to Michael Koepfler and others, 1977 Lehman, $110,000.

Ronald Kulczak to Gary and Marilyn Hall, 647 East Pearl, $57,000.

Gary Hune to Brian Miller, 1583 Jermain, $12,000.

Marie Everhardt to Paula Travelbee, 714 Wyman, $82,500.

Floyd and Catherine Horton, trustees, to Virginia Stout, 405 Arcadia, $15,000.

Fred and Gloria Kasten to Michael and Kara Nocella, 203 and 207 Sunset, $116,000.

Lawrence Spieldenner to Belinda Tyree-Biel, 516 East Bancroft, $5,000.

Ruth Willer and others to Georgie and Daniel Davis, Jr., 3254 Glencairn, $129,500.

Cynthia and Donald Kerr III to Nationsbank NA, 415 Mayfair, $44,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Community Pride Investments Ltd., 415 Mayfair, $56,000.

Corey and Alison Keith to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1300 Gettysburg, Maumee, $145,000.

Mortgage Lenders Network USA to Corey Goings, 2402 Putnam, $8,600.

Bankers Trust of California NA to Northwest Investment Group LLC, 30 East Park, $7,500.

Bankers Trust Co. of California NA to Northwest Investment Group LLC, 633 Elmdale, $25,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Ronald and Joan Kilell, 6865 Reflections, Maumee, $44,800.

Transtar Builders & Developers Inc. to Zeinab Elsmaili, 8751 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $401,575.

Mary Ann Lemke to Matthew Grabarczyk and others, 4140 Westway, $84,500.

John Naseef to Betsy Frye, 531 Rochelle, $68,900.

Susan Marok to Brandon and Brianne Buford, 2328 Newport, $100,670.

Norman and Janet Czubek to Scott Czubek and others, 3006 119th, $97,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Marian Buntain, 3017 Warsaw, $9,605.

Jennifer Ferow to Brad Rellinger, 4139 Mayfield, $64,000.

Jay East to Investment Properties of Ohio Ltd., 4332 Birchall, $67,300.

Mary Kania and others to Investment Properties of Ohio Ltd., 518 California, $72,500.

Larry and Patricia Sturton to Robert and Charisse Sturton, 8529 Manci, Sylvania, $120,000.


Gerard Realty Ltd. to Silica Investors LLC, 3750 Silica, Sylvania, $1,075,000.

Moondance Partners Ltd. to Climb Investments Inc., 217 and 223 Farnsworth, Waterville, $200,000.

April 20, 2005


Theodore and Shirley Baginski to Ronita McCreary, 501 Conrad, $98,500.

Thomas Peters to Linda Vershum, 2241 Green Valley, $156,500.

Alan Properties Inc. to Diamond Pointe Homes LLC, 7882 Dana Rae, Waterville, $43,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to David and Jane Francis, 4236 Back Ridge Way, Monclova, $96,300.

Paula Wunschel, trustee, to Charles and Kristen Krall, 7031 Shooters Hill, $234,000.

Diamond Pointe Homes LLC to Leisa and Anthony Meyers, 9665 Fairmeadows, Whitehouse, $297,000.

Wendy Curry and others to Todd Blair, 235 Longdale, $80,800.

Cory and Rachel Harris to Jill Michalak, 6003 Elden, Sylvania, $140,000.

Alan Properties Inc. to Diamond Pointe Homes LLC, 7848 Dana Rae, Waterville, $43,900.

Jeffrey and Sandra Pawloski to Federal National Mortgage Association, 4313 Jackman, $54,000.

David and Robin Dudley, trustee, to Silverstone Management LLC, 5800 Stewart, Sylvania, $40,000.

Eric and Kim Hartzell to Karen McCrory and others, 3440 Fieldbrooke, Oregon, $253,500.

Albert Flick to Jason Mendelsohn and others, 1016 Keeler, Maumee, $88,000.

Thomas and Gail Thompson to Thomas and Kathryn Peternel, 4430 Margrete, Maumee, $159,500.

Susan Scott-Parthemore to Carolyn Ford, 643 Caswell, $89,000.

Frank and Rachel Estep to American General Financial Services Inc., 5208 Trellis Way, Sylvania, $64,000.

Carolyn Neff to Green Sweep Inc., 3720 Whitehouse Spencer, Swanton, $26,500.

Brent Short to Sherri Meyer, 1929 Milburn, $45,000.

Bruce and Sonia Edwards to Moser Real Estate Investments LLC, 4638 Shale, $70,600.

Linda and Richard Knitz, Jr., to Qussama El-Assir, 8401 Arquette, Oregon, $96,667.

Michael and Robin Flaum to Michael Nusbaum and others, 2567 Wimbledon Park, $280,000.

Westhaven Group to Frank and Donna Corsoe, 4549 Talmadge Green, $174,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Scott and Kerri Russell, 7040 Whiddenmill, Whitehouse, $197,775.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 551 North Church, Holland, $39,885.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James and Sue Karns, trustees, 551 North Church, Holland, $195,673.

James and Sue Karns, trustees, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 8146 and 8150 Angola, Holland, $195,673.

Brian and Sandra Sanders to Ronald and Yolanda Peterson, 955 Trailwood, $205,500.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. to Charvelle Harper, 405 Elder, $25,000.

Preston Keys to Thomas and Mary Keith, 2247 Elks Run, $189,500.

Raymond Kadri to Dawn Solly, 1746 Giant, $69,000.

Franklin Zimmerman, Jr., to Matthew and Sara Thierry, 652 Platt, $60,500

Dorothy Burns, successor trustee, to Michael and Loraine Pietrzak, 2516 and 2522 Torisdale Ct., $134,500.

Robert and Linda Bischoff to Sirva Relocation LLC, 5943 Marshwood, Sylvania, $178,623.

Sirva Relocation LLC to Brent Burton, 5943 Marshwood, Sylvania, $178,623.


Dwight Kynard to Jermaine Baker and Kenyatta Willis-Baker, 447 East Broadway, $13,500.

JG Maumee Arrowhead Hotel Ltd. to Ozre Lodging II LLC, 415 Dussel, Maumee, $4,894,057.

April 21, 2005


Robert McBride, trustee, to Tricia Delucia, 5750 Swan Creek, $175,000.

Sawicki Realty Co. to John Corsini, trustee, 9705 Dorr, Holland, $72,000.

Sawicki Realty Co. to Barbara Corsini, trustee, 9725 Dorr, Holland, $75,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Thomas and Audra Estrella, 4611 Charlesgate, Sylvania, $160,000.

Dold Investment Co. to Steven and Judith Zeiler, 4347 Carney, Maumee, $114,000.

Veronica Perkins and others to John and Jennifer Vartanian, 554 Dearden Place, $49,000.

Vladimer and Inna Goldin to Marisha Austin, 901 Booth, $4,000.

William and Faith Baker to Todd Williams and others, 4534 Douglas, $91,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 4212 Birchall, $77,500.

Keith and Cammy Floriana to Jay and Lynn Miller, 5104 Hallgate, $107,600.

Lukecorp Inc. to GAPLN Corp., 2817 Cranford, $120,000.

Carl Miller, Jr., and others to Helen Gutierrez, 3213 North Eastmoreland, Oregon, $129,500.

Pacific Premier Bank to Robert Howie, 1319 Avondale, $9,000.

Ed Van Leuven and others to Frank Clemons III, 210 Prescott, $142,500.

Lidia Gatzke to Marie and Michael Stiger II, 1537 Akron, $83,500.

Douglas Kanag, trustee, to Rebecca Jablon, 3349 Fairbanks, $155,900.

Jay and Leslie Myers to Anthony Kornmeier and others, 3717 Heatherbrook, $160,000.

Anthony Kornmeier and others to Justyn McNett and others, 3717 Heatherbrook, $141,500.

Tina Gambrell and others to Robert and Catherine Egbert, 2726 Arletta, $111,000.

Robert Kegerreis and others to John and Becky Smith, 2930 North Ontario, $27,000.

Karen Siwa and others to Kyle Mikaloff, 2357 Pt. Pleasant Way, $179,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Robert and Liu Sowa, 404 East Wayne, Maumee, $131,900.

Rufugia Hernandez to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 133 and 135 East Plumer, $16,667.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Daniel and Catherine Frick, 4611 Crosstick Ct., Sylvania, $114,000.

James and Elaine Sheehan to Brookside 7 LLC, 2400 Tiffany Village, Sylvania, $175,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Steven Smith and Paula Vantyle-Smith, 635 Whisperlake, Holland, $60,900.

Robert and Carol Dusseau to Sabrina Craig, 241 East Lake, $43,000.

Phillip and Mary Barone to Matthew and Sara Thierry, 348 Miller, $35,200.

Phillip and Mary Barone to Matthew and Sara Thierry, 240 Eastern, $36,300.

Phillip and Mary Barone to Matthew and Sara Thierry, 3024 Parkwood, $27,500.

Fallen Timbers Fairways Ltd. to Brian Hufford Builder Inc., split from 7901 Stitt, Waterville, $75,000.

Larry and Carol Warnimont to Samih Al-Jamal, 1964 North Ontario, $10,000.

James Redd to Samuel Sanders, 570 Tecumseh, $2,500.

Tammy Shular to Edit Barcenas, 1323 North Erie, $1,000.

Jeffrey and Katrina Horvath to Craig Kuchar, 1819 Evansdale, $87,500.

Christopher Smith to David Escareno, 1229 and 1231 Camden, $75,950.

Brian and Wendy Miller to Lori Stamp, 3227 Zone, $122,200.

Dale and Sandra Crowe to James Pelka, 7066 Nautica Ct., Maumee, $234,900.

Hallmark Development Co. LLC to Hallmark Homes Ltd., 9655 Fairmeadows, Whitehouse, $51,500.

Phillip and Mary Barone to Nicholas and Brooke Bradley, 651 Curtis, $8,800.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Nicholas and Jennifer Adams, 4023 Walker, $30,830.

Robert and Patricia Ruffin to Basil Poore, 1619 Waite, $6,820.

Residential and Commercial

Pearl Whitaker to Toledo Fire Fighters Museum, 904, 910, and 914 West Sylvania, $125,000.

Residential and Exempt

Lagrange Development Corp. to Kerry Briggs, 171 Hausman, $52,170.


Tami and Richard Summers III to James Irons, 3550 Bowen, $160,000.

Jiwan and Meena Gupta, trustees, to Rajiv Deenadayalu and Geetika Gupta, 5703 Ryewyck, $290,000.

John and Amanda Hugo to John Ortyl, 4565 North Summit, $87,500.

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