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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers



Federal National Mortgage Association to David Lawrence, 910 Park Colony Blvd., Curtice, $120,000.

Russell Davis, Jr., and others to Christopher Lillie, 11055 Bunting Rd., Curtice, $25,000.



Beverly Barden and others to Marie and Daniel Fritsch, 4701 Berkey Southern Rd., Berkey, $60,000.



Timothy SBarker to Lucas Cornell, 10339 Yawberg Rd., Grand Rapids, $40,000.



Daniel Ludwig to Eyob Measho and others, 7061 Goldleaf Dr., Holland, $175,000.

Adeline Wisner to Jane and James Saltzman, 7019 Springfield Dr., Holland, $82,500.

Bank One, trustee, to Nicole Helminiak, 7155 Hall St., Holland, $54,000.

Bernard Claus to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 8717 Ponte Vedra Ct., Holland, $52,000.

Catherine and Michael Hall to Christina and Michael Bruce, 2063 Albon Rd., Holland, $2,500.

Darlene and Roman Avila to Bank One, trustee, 7155 Hall St., Holland, $55,000.

Deborah and Thomas Merritt to Nora Sutherland, 9114 Rolling Hill Rd., Holland, $386,000.

Ingrid and Paul Holloway to Christy O Larry, 2119 Holloway Rd., Holland, $115,000.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC to Douglas Baumgartner, 651 East Shoreline Dr., Holland, $340,000.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC to Thomas Poulson and others, 7261 Northquay Court, Holland, $280,500.

Kristina and Darwin Coveney to Ann Visser-Young and Samuel Young, 725 Quigley Rd., Holland, $167,800.

Lily Bartol to Rebecca and Richard Neeley, 1115 Clark St., Holland, $168,000.

Lori and Richard Jevince to Laura Schiffer, 855 South Hill Park Dr., Holland, $102,000.

Mary Beth and Terrence Goatley to Carolyn Latham, 8647 Stone Oak Dr., Holland, $235,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Lori and Richard Jevince, 541 Springwood Ln., Holland, $170,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Payal and Deepak Patel, 6907 Clearview Cove, Holland, $180,500.

Pamela and Brian Byrd to James Parker, 50 Irwin Rd., Holland, $71,250.

Pamela and Kenneth Solly, Jr., to Eric Snyder, 10801 and 10837 West Bancroft St., Holland, $190,000.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, to Kimberley Cunningham, 1048 Hialea Ct., Holland, $36,000.

Sharon and Ronald Vanbuskirk to Ghassan Shunnar, 442 Cove Harbour Dr. West, Holland, $276,250.



Claystone Custom Homes LLC to Tammi and Raymond Schnebelen, 3926 Coneflower Ln., Maumee, $469,000.

Grace and John Perkin to Marjorie and Joe Kaminski, 8053 Quarry Rd., Maumee, $234,000.

Joan and Richard Farthing to Kathaleen and William Santry, 208 West Harrison St. and 209 Front St., both Maumee, $121,000.

John Dusha, successor trustee, and others to Thomas Pezzin, 1022 Hugo Ave., Maumee, $48,400.

Joseph Jesionowski to Diane and Frederick Walls, 4258 Stable Path Dr., Maumee, $219,000.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Forestview Building Co., Inc., 7932 Honeysuckle Dr., Maumee, $59,400.

McCarthy Builders Inc., to Norma Kunzer, 4472 Crystal Ridge Dr. East, Maumee, $29,900.

Ruben Holguin to Moser Real Estate Investments LLC, 1024 and 1026 Birch Ave., Maumee, $87,000.

Russell Steele and others to Renee Shane, 1130 Cady St., Maumee, $98,500.

Tammi and Raymond Schnebelen, Jr., to Barbara and Daniel Cummins, 3123 Indian Springs Rd., Maumee, $337,000.

Terrie and Richard Auler to Heather Jo Cupp, 1012 Cady St., Maumee, $144,900.



Shari and Daniel Fleming to Jane Pierson, 1931 Hartford Lane, Holland, $208,500.



Leslie Earnest to Jeffrey Morrin, 8422 Stitt Rd., Monclova, $86,500.

Louisville Title Agency Inc, trustee, to Tara and Todd Zare, 5742 Wild Lily Ln., Monclova, $50,350.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Toni and John Bookenberger, 7809 South Branch, Monclova, $82,900.

Saba Custom Homes LLC to Kim and William Bishop, 3057 Matthew Circle, Monclova, $365,000.



Deborah Gring to Elisha and Craig Pelland, 1552 Berkey Rd., Swanton, $128,000.

Geneva Wheaton to Frank Badgett, 10637 Old State Line Rd. (rear), Swanton, $14,000.

Twyla Wheaton to Frank Badgett, 10637 Old State Line Rd., Swanton, $21,000.

A. Joseph Snyder Builder LLC. to Jodi and John Schantz, 8841 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $55,700.

Brint Road LLC to Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc., 5157 Brint Crossing Blvd., Sylvania, $41,900.

Brint Road LLC to Vinoda and Viveka Nagisetty, 5133 Brint Crossing Blvd., Sylvania, $43,900.

Brittany and Corey Burnett to Laura and Kevin Nelson, 7226 Grenlock Dr., Sylvania, $206,000.

David Bull to Karen McClellan, 6025 Quarrys Edge Ln., Sylvania, $154,500.

Fred Swade and others to Juan Bassi-Moguel, 6031 Sunny Lake Ct., Sylvania, $236,000.

Helen Lambros to David R. Webb Builder Inc., 5522 Allison Ln., Sylvania, $31,000.

Kimberlie and Ron England to Carrie and James Wood, 8167 Mitchell Dr., Sylvania, $232,000.

Kristi and Christopher Pawlak to Samuel Windom, 3808 Farmbrook Dr., Sylvania, $162,000.

Lisa and Todd Rhea to Prudential Residential Services, 7447 Whispering Oak Dr., Sylvania, $317,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Ching and Mark Coger, 9532 Amanda Circle, Sylvania, $190,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jennifer and Jeffrey Gerwin, 6025 Thomasville Ct., Sylvania, $198,800.

Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc. to Sandra and Mark Scott, 5957 Settlers Ridge Cir., Sylvania, $310,000.

Pauline Harrell to Susan and Kenneth Koher, 5868 Wyndstone Dr., Sylvania, $188,000.

Prudential Residential Services to Michael Mack, 7447 Whispering Oak Dr., Sylvania, $317,000.

River Hills Construction Co. to Laurie and Christopher Keating, 8900 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $330,000.

Shakil Kahn to Norman Thal, Jr., successor trustee, 5831 Monroe St., Unit 602, Sylvania, $235,000.

Sharon and Carl Morton to Morris McPhail, 5679 Monroe St., Unit 101, Sylvania, $119,000.

Stephanie and Dennis Batey to Tamara and Christopher Meehan, 6820 Brint Rd., Sylvania, $136,000.

Tracy and Justin McCarty to Barbara and Kevin Carter, 5663 Maple Creek Blvd., Sylvania, $289,000.

Vicki and Matthew Hogrefe to Kristin and James Moriarty, 7317 Country Meadow Ct., Sylvania, $277,000.



Alan Properties Inc. to Hallmark Homes Ltd., 7867 and 7875 Dana Rae Dr., Waterville, $87,800.

Barbara Nye to Jim Valtin and others, 829 Cherry Ln., Waterville, $115,001.

Karen and Robert Friemoth to Mary and Jeffrey Morrin, 5900 Waterville Monclova Rd., Waterville, $129,000.

Ruth Baker to American Homecrafters of Ohio LLC, 7902 Stitt Rd., Waterville, $144,900.



Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Donald Dine, 6252 South Berkey Southern Rd., Whitehouse, $220,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corporation to Verna and John Church, 6927 South Berkey Southern Rd., Whitehouse, $205,000.

David Marquart to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 6252 South Berkey Southern Rd., Whitehouse, $225,000.

Jab Development Ltd. to Home Source Construction LLC., 6455 White Oak Ln., Whitehouse, $63,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Albert Martens, 11007 Villacourt Ln., Whitehouse, $179,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Donald Aberl, Jr., and others, 7060 Whiddenmill Dr., Whitehouse, $194,662.


Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee to FAB Properties LLC., 6411 Finzel Rd., Whitehouse, $39,900.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Patricia Baker, 6411 Finzel Rd., Whitehouse, $42,900.



Emily Drlik to Priscilla Krauzer, 524 Emerald Ave., $10,500.

Jimmie Jones to Dorothy Syph, 610 Vance St., $4,500.



Irene Erving to Bay Financial Savings Bank, 832 North Ontario St., $26,667.

Jody and Michael Culley to Charles McDonald, 1538 North Michigan St., $23,000.



Cathy and Rodney Cathers to Kevin and Cassandra Wieczorek, 855 Kingston Ave., $63,600.

Diane Kellerbauer to Bank One, trustee, 716 Clark St., $28,000.

Doris Allen to Melanie and Benjamin Trost, 710 Kelsey Ave., $69,960.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Shaun Powell, 817 Willow Ave., $25,500.

Joseph Horvath to Michelle Morris, 2119 Calendonia St., $39,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, to Norma Thomas, 1325 Varland Ave., $30,000.

Louann and Rock Martin to Francisco Estrada, Jr., 957 Kingston Ave., $28,000.

Robert Chasteen to Wallace Chasteen, 116 Creston St., $1.

Sandra and Everett Milam to Mortgage Lenders Network USA, 938 and 940 Hull St., $33,334.

TCIF REO 2 LLC to Scott Martin, 123, 125, and 127 East Florence Ave., $17,000.

The Money Store to Michael Bittel, 736 Yondota St., $14,800.

Thomas Swartzlander to JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, 1325 Varland Ave., $36,667.

Virginia Koraska, successor trustee, to Brenda Bondy, 247 Summerdale Ave., $68,000.

Westhaven Group to Kathleen and Geoffrey Stinson, 1531 Albert St., $54,900.

William Snider to Wendy and Cheryl Snider, 1514 Remington St., $45,000.



Alaska Seaboard Partners Limited Partnership to JAB Investment Inc., 1568 Jermain Dr., $8,500.

Beth and Craig Katynski to Mary Kelly and Paul Pfeiffer, 4125 Sheraton Rd., $280,000.

Chad Sattler to Jeffrey Thibert, 3251 Sherbrooke Rd., $90,775.

James Rutledge to Nasir Ali and others, 2647 Goddard Rd., $164,000.

Joan Mullin to Westhaven Group LLC, 2642 Middlesex Dr., $132,000.

Judith and Wendell McConnaha to Angela Jones, 2828 (rear) and 2830 Cheltenham Rd., $189,900.

Julie Manthey to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2677 Latonia Blvd., $85,000.

Larry Jamra to Beatrice Hardy, 3015 Northwood, $101,000.

Marlene and Charles Church to Melissa and Matthew Clarkson, 2356 Meadowwood Dr., $167,000.

Mary Stewart and William Rutchow to Thomas Sandy III and others, 3124 Goddard Rd., $123,750.

Nester Lanclos to Jean and Otis Sawyer, 2228 Orchard Rd., $475,000.

Norman Postlewait to Melissa Mickel and others, 2933 Drummond Rd., $165,000.

Rodney Hildebrant to Naran Burchinow, and others, trustees, 3532 Ridgewood Rd., $973,000.

Steven Below to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3011 Wicklow Rd., $80,000.


Gregory Hilty to Lorri Shaffer, 2515 West Central Ave. and 3042 Letchworth Pkwy., $198,000.



Danna Klag to Jeanneen Williams, 627 Carver Blvd., $72,900.

Darryl Richardson to Wayne Richardson, 1943 Fernwood Ave., $80,000.

Eddie Taylor, Jr., to Wells Fargo Minnesota, 4138 Nebraska Ave., $40,000.

Emma Wilburn to Linda Wilson, 1126 Avondale Ave., $2,000.

Helen Ignasiak to Rosalind Chambers, 702 Marmion Ave., $37,900.

Jennie Carrington to Kidd Corp., 1027 Broer Ave., $1,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Tanya Scott, 531 South Detroit Ave., $63,500.

William Green to Cynthia Foster, 1726 Roosevelt Circle, $62,000.



Bennie Sumners to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 933 and 937 Homer Ave., $26,000.

Kurfess Enterprises LLC to Valerie Harris, 723 East Oakland St., $70,000.

Lisa and Patrick Wofford to Maurice McWilliams, 827 Moore St., $14,350.

Marcia and Timothy Hudgin, trustees, to Valery and David Vuong, 626 East Park St., $57,900.

Michaline and Joseph Pesartic to Towana Purley, 3231 Maple St., $66,000.

Scott Sutter to Donna Washington, 1113 Page St., $32,000.



Anne and Philip Snyder to James Clark, 551 Eastern Ave., $25,000.

Annette Ducharme to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2341 Airport Hwy., $50,000.

Dwight Cain to Michael Ottney, 1161 Gordon St., $10,000.

Gary Heft and others to Gerald Crippen, 736 Bronx Dr., $83,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Daniel Kachenmeister, 1011 Alden Ct., $21,000.

Kenneth Gillie to James Perry, 540 Myers St., $69,000.

Krista and Mitchell Lampkin to Amanda Redder, 563 and 605 Wyman St., $84,250.

Kyle Sniecinski to Household Realty Corp., 1011 Alden Ct., $37,334.

Linda Bristow to Randall Nye, Jr., 914 Geneva Ave., $89,900.

Mary Bates to Lisa Lewis, 513 Danberry St., $83,000.

Melinda Miller to Zachery Fisher, 227 Mayberry St., $75,500.

Nicole and Peter Johnson to Heather Johnson and others, 837 Geneva Ave., $90,900.

Robert Fernatt to SFJV 2002-1 LLC, 553 Geneva Ave., $40,000.

Robert Murray and others to Barb Yant, 717 East Broadway St., $5,500.

Scott Sutter to Richard Chadwell, 1541 and 1545 Air Line Ave., $44,900.

Terry McNair to Metropolitan Title Co., trustee, 883 Colburn St., $12,000.

Timothy Olejniczak, trustee, to Janice Ebersole and others, 144 Western Ave., $28,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Maurice Martin, 527 Knower St., $1,210.


Mariner Health Care of Toledo Inc. to SMV Toledo LLC, 1011 North Byrne Rd., $4,717,898.



Grace Temple Church of God In Christ to C&T Investments Inc., 2806 Fulton St., $47,500.

Homecomings Financial Network, Inc. to Marjorie Dottling, 2913 Parkwood Ave., $25,000.

Keenan Stokes to Karma Stokes, 3208 Maplewood Ave., $1.


Dale Satterwhite to Daniel Frehiwet, 407 Arcadia Ave., $4,000.



Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Kelly and Charles Hartford, 2018 North Erie St., $28,000.

Carr s Rental Properties Ltd. to Kera Provencher and others, 2536 Redfox Dr., $180,000.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to Lori and David Balogh, 2207 Mayport Dr., $179,900.

Daphne Michener to Citibank NA, trustee, 2745 131st St., $80,665.

Diane and Larry Bush to Kari Earl, 5415 302nd St., $65,000.

Eileen and Edward Stivers to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2130 Chase St., $16,667.

Gayle Logan to Nicholas Madden, 2718 Detwiler Dr., $127,900.

Gladys Falbo to Christopher Falbo, 6057 325th St., $63,000.

Jenaro Ramirez to ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc., 6034 Vistamar Rd., $83,334.

Kelly Roberts to Beneficial Ohio Inc., 2018 North Erie St., $24,000.

Matthew Zoldowski to Jason Hershey, 6041 Windamar Rd., $108,5000.

Melissa and Shilo McDole to Michelle Metty, 3533 146th St., $76,900.

Michelle and Jeffrey Monhollen to Candice Flaugher, 5337 and 5339 Homeland Dr., $146,000.

Paula and Robert Benton to John Fisher, 3645 Waldorf Dr., $50,000.

Ruth Scharbach to Christine Head, 6026 321st St., $90,000.


North-Cross Development Co. Ltd. to DP Toledo LLC., 0 Jason St., $314,352.



Carol Nieft to Kevin and Aretha Spears, 1486 Gould Rd., $108,500.

Amanda Latour to Angela Mouch, 1451 Hagley Rd., $70,000.

Beverly Roberts to Daniel Sim, 1371 McClure Rd., $88,000.

Carol and Philip Meuser, trustees, to Humaira Ahmad, 3931 Hoiles Ave., $46,000.

Eugene Adams and others to Stacy Wallace, 3827 Baltimore St., $50,000.

Helen and Edward Labo to Donna and David Mullins, 1639 Primrose Ave., $55,000.

Jane Finkbeiner to John Nino, 837 and 903 Custer Dr., $40,700.

Linda Rayman to Holly Athanas, 3707 Revere Dr., $89,600.

Mary and Donald Lublin to Megan Richard, 3616 Almeda Dr., $69,000.

Rebecca and Richard Neely, Jr., to Nicole and Nicholas Tomlinson II, 4150 Birchall Rd., $106,000.

Rose Flahie, trustee, to Paul Hochanadel, 4159 North Lockwood Ave., $93,814.

Shirley and Howard Hunt to Charles Gotberg, 4625 Overland Pkwy., $63,000.

Tricia and Robert Tripp to Katherine and John Schmidt, 738 Southover Rd., $106,500.



Albert Dudek to Susan Shank, 1702 Wychwood St., $71,500.

Anthony Legeza, Jr., and others to Joy Abrell, 5846 Georgedale Rd., $92,000.

David Lardinais to Jerel Fish and others, 3927 Elmhurst Rd., $119,500.

Dawn and Matthew Wilson to Amanda Rieger, 5502 Gay St., $84,460.

Julie Garand to Daniel Finley, 1929 Marlow Rd., $83,000.

Kathleen and Kevin Czajkowski to Nancy and Paul Swiergosz, 6146 Dixon Ave., $162,000.

Laura and Kevin Liska to Todd Stebbins, 2026 Talbot St., $62,000.

Lynn Baker, trustee, to Michael Schlievert, 2416 Beaufort Ave., $86,000.

Margaret and Joseph Blaze II to Anna and Timothy Robinson, 4833 Elmhurst Rd., $123,600.

Midass Properties LLC. to Renee Larsen, 2514 Edgebrook Dr., $142,000.

Raymond Roberts to Christine Dermer, 2051 Fairfax Rd., $49,000.

Robert Newbold to David Dechristopher, 1833 Mansfield Rd., $64,900.

Ronald Cochrell, trustee, to Julie and David Gilbert, 2845 Elsie Ave., $92,750.

Ruth Van Etten and others to John Farquharson, 2515 Elsie Ave., $69,900.

Thomas Troutman to Karen Cuda-Troutman, 2423 Roseview Dr., $90,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA to Denise and Phillip Wingate, 1824 Bigelow St., $15,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Jason Pierce, 2335 Berdan Ave., $79,200.


Thomas Manton, successor trustee, to AITF Properties Ltd., 4398 Monroe St., $1,060,000.



Andrea Perry to Cori and Joseph Justus, 2853 Medford Dr., $90,800.

Florine Kay and Robert Meyers to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3118 Colby Dr., $100,000.

Karin and Timothy Perozek to Ann Dudics, 2513 West Village Dr., $104,000.

Katherine Bowes to Kimberly Bachmeyer, 3448 Oakway Dr., $132,000.

Kathleen and Stanley Svoboda to Amanda and Gregory Albers, 3274 Escott Ave., $124,000.

Kenneth Palicki to Jack Fynes, 3217 Glanzman Rd., Unit 63X, $76,000.

Lois and Karl Ruecker to Patricia Moomey and others, 4265 Miramar Dr., $161,300.

Mary Juan to Ria and Chris Morey, 2021 Cass Rd., $100,000.

Mary Swaro, trustee, to Angela Stefanelli, 2704 Southwood Rd., $84,859.

Sandra and Daniel Bondelies to Marian and Timothy Buntain, 3613 Golfgate Dr., $143,000.



Ann and Peter Kirchoff to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 5042 Secretariat Rd., $369,300.

Bank One to Kimberly and Steven Lajiness, 6040 Reo St., $80,000.

Carol and Daniel Rominski to Antoinette and David Banks, 941 Trailwood Ct., $207,000.

Caroline and Roger Lumm, trustees, to Connie Epley, 228 Hilton Dr., $79,999.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kelby and Thomas Sodemand, 5042 Secretariat Rd., $369,300.

Cheryl Schondel to Spencer Hughey, 5348 Rector St., $60,000.

First Union National Bank, trustee, to Westhaven Group, 330 Dulton Dr., $57,500.

Gary Calhoun to Rebecca and Timothy Welty, 2268 Carriage Dr., $146,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Saumen Chattupadhyay, 6225 Sugarberry Ln., $195,000.

Helen McCabe to Bertha and Cleveland Henderson, 5223 Pickfair Dr., $145,000.

Marie Schmidt-Studyvin and Roger Studyvin to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1117 Cuba St., $100,000.

Michael Development LTD to Dorothy and Donald Miller, 1025 Shadow Lane, $120,000.

Modesto Sanchez, Jr., to First Union National Bank, trustee, 330 Dulton Dr., $73,489.

Paul Fuller to Leticia and Augusto Torres, 5034 Golden Rd., $100,100.

Rita Jornd to Ceasar Salazar, 3215 Scarsborough Rd., $220,000.

Theodore Perry to Dorothy Handley, 1068 Kinder Rd., $175,000.

Wright Custom Homes Ltd. to Reginald Wilson, 1139 Park Ln., $98,375.



Adam Akers to Sandra and Timothy Strayer, 5333 Seaman St., Oregon, $151,800.

Beneficial Mortgage Co. to Paul Horn, 2060 Blandin Ave., Oregon, $66,500.

Delores Cottrell to Gary Gambino, 5101 Parkside Dr., Oregon, $228,500.

Jody and Michael Culley to Kathy Holter, 604 North Lallendorf Rd., Oregon, $157,000.

Julie and David Schivelbein to Elizabeth and Andrew Collins, 213 Waterfox Dr., Oregon, $227,000.

Mary and James Meach to Beneficial Mortgage Co., 2060 Blandin Ave., Oregon, $55,667.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Delores and William Wilson, 5011 Wynnpark Dr., Oregon, $186,900.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Daniel Minard, 209 North Wynn Rd., Oregon, $101,000.



Beth Ann and Michael O Quinn to NRT Relocation LLC, 2912 Squirrel Bend, $350,000.

Irene Goodman, trustee, to Patricia Smith, 2922 Glaston Oaks Ct., $189,000.

Kathy Weber to Laura and Thomas Kemp, 7032 Regents Park Blvd., $234,000.

Nancy Doney, trustee, to Joyce Mutter, 3420 Piney Pointe Dr., $305,000.

NRT Relocation LLC to Karen and Mark Goodman, 2912 Squirrel Bend, $350,000.



Annelle Ritter to Debra and Richard Easterwood, 8545 Arquette Rd., Oregon, $145,000.


Robert Knapp to David Grant, 10905 Corduroy (rear) , Oregon, $2,000.



Keybank NA to Laura Roman, 346 and 350 Batavia St., $15,200.

U.S. Bank, trustee, to Tamika and Tyreese Smith, 2356 Maplewood Ave., $44,300.


Michael Shull to Trishia Ethridge, 2018 Glenwood Ave., $21,500.



Alice Truchan to Lyn Gabriel and Frank Mendoza, 4811 Oakridge Dr., $120,000.

Caroline Glowski to Justin Keeler, 4848 Harvest Ln., $94,500.

Curtis Easter and others to Household Realty Corp., 4143 Vogel Dr., $166,667.

Cynthia and Thomas Wanamaker to Mark Kruse, 4632 Beaconfield Ct., $185,000.

Deborah Ludwig to Charles Gotberg, 5136 Rambo Ln., $66,500.

George and Jane Pavuk, trustees, to Martha Kreuz, 3847 Satinwood Dr., $171,000.

Joseph Riley to Dennis Compton, 5849 Comet Ave., $133,500.

Karen McClellan to Vanessa Hollabaugh, 4519 Imperial Dr., $147,700.

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