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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Christian Childcare, 3530 Seaman, Oregon, inspected May 31. Critical violations: Observed unsafe temperatures in cooler. All PHF must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Two yogurts, three juice, 113 containers of milk, and one cheese were discarded. Observed no date marking on food. All PHF, RTE food must be properly date marked. Inspector: Julie Nye.

Briskets, 2474 Navarre, inspected June 4. Critical violations: Observed food at unsafe temperatures. Potatoes at 70-104 degrees, cheese at 64-69 degrees, and a flat and a half of eggs at room temperature. All PHF must be kept at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria growth. Two pans of potatoes, 16 slices of cheese, and eggs discarded. Observed improper reheating of mashed potatoes (73 degrees) and gravy (128 degrees). All PHF must be reheated to 165 degrees and held at 135 degrees to prevent bacteria growth that can cause foodborne illness. Food must always be reheated in microwave, stove top, or grill. Never reheat in steam table. Potatoes and gravy discarded. Observed improper thawing of turkey, which was thawing in standing water on counter. Thawing PHF must be thawed either under cold running water, under refrigeration, or as part of the cooking process. Eight noncritical violations. Inspector: Nye.

Taco Bell, 3302 West Central, inspected June 5. Critical violation: The chlorine sanitizer in both wipe cloth buckets is too weak at time of inspection. Change sanitizer often to maintain chlorine at 50-100 ppm. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

King s Taste, 5341 North Summit, inspected June 6. Critical violations: Observed pre-portioned ham below bacon in under-counter cooler. Pre-cooked foods can be stored below raw food items. Store raw food item below pre-cooked item to prevent cross contamination. No date label on meat loaf, soup, or ham. All PHF items must be date labeled with date open/discard and discard date. There is a seven-day discard date when holding at 41 degrees or lower and a four-day discard date when holding at 42-45 degrees. Day food is made/opened is day one. Nine noncritical violations. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Toledo Yacht Club, 3900 North Summit, inspected June 7. Critical violations: The handsink by the door into the kitchen is blocked by a cash register and linen bags. Do not block handsinks. All handsinks must be clear and clean, stocked with soap and paper towels for proper handwashings. The nacho cheese at 109 degrees, air 135 degrees. The unit must maintain cheese at 135 degrees or higher. Discard cheese. Twelve noncritical violations. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Charlie s Coney Island, 1572 Spring Meadows, Springfield Township, inspected June 8. Critical violations: Observed glue stored above a prep area and window cleaner above coffee. Store all chemicals away from food or food contract surfaces to prevent contamination. Observed gyro meat improperly cooling (80 degrees) in the reach-in cooler. There is to be no cooling in any reach-in cooler. Use the walk-in cooler. Gyro meat was removed at time of inspection. Observed pie case holding above 45 degrees. Contact repair, do not use case until it holds food at 45 degrees or less. Cheese, spinach pie, bacon, cream cheese, apple sauce, coconut pie, and cheese cake discarded. Seven noncritical violations. Inspector: Jaclyn Kistler.

East Side Mini Mart, 615 Oak, inspected June 6. Critical violations: Tongs for hot dogs not properly washed-rinsed-sanitized. All utensils must be washed-rinsed-sanitized properly to prevent cross-contamination. Observed open soft drink in the ice cream freezer. Do not place open products in the ice cream freezer. All employee dinners must be kept away from food for sale to prevent cross contamination. Keep employee drinks and food on bottom shelf of walk-in cooler or bottom of cooler behind counter. Seven noncritical violations. Inspector: Gottschalk.

UT Cafe A La Cart, 3000 Arlington, inspected June 11. Critical violation: Chlorine test strips needed for sanitizing in three-compartment sink. Must be 50-100 ppm. Inspector: Mike Brady.

McDonald s, 567 East Manhattan, inspected June 11. Critical violations: Observed wet wiping cloth on food prep surfaces. When not in use, store damp or soiled wiping cloths in sanitizing solution with a chemical concentrations of proper strength. Observed two-door under-counter unit holding at 52 degrees. Equipment must be able to maintain foods items at 45 degrees or less to limit bacteria growth. Have unit repaired. Inspector: Kerry Cutcher.

LaPreciosas, 1218 Broadway, inspected June 14. Critical violations: Observed food holding above 41 degrees in two-door reach-in cooler. PHF must be 41 degrees to prevent bacteria growth. Discard food and have unit repaired. Observed improper cooling of food. Facility is licensed as Class 3 and not licensed to cool and reheat in bulk. Beans were at room temperature and in the cooler with a lid at unsafe temperatures. Provide another steam table in kitchen. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Wing Station, 614 Adams, inspected June 15. Critical violations: Provide handsoap and paper towels at handsink for proper handwashing. Improper handling of gyro meat observed. Facility is not licensed to transport food to different Wing Stations. Shave meat down completely and cool on a flat tray in the walk-in cooler. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Cipiti.

Maumee Little League, 417 Ford, Maumee, inspected June 16. Critical violation: A designated person-in-charge who is knowledgeable in all aspects of food safety must be present at all times of operation. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Maumee Little League Baseball, 900 Gibbs, Maumee, inspected June 16. A designated person-in-charge who is knowledgeable in all aspects of food safety must be present during all hours of operation. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Bauman.

Famous Dave s, 4757 Monroe, inspected June 11. Critical violations: Sour cream container is not properly iced and the sour cream is 47 degrees at time of inspection. All PHF must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower at all times. Foods must be surrounded completely in ice up to the level of food to maintain proper temperature. Cooked chicken was improperly cooled the previous night is at 47 degrees in the walk-in cooler. PHF must cool from 135 degrees to 70 degrees in two hours or less, then from 70 degrees to 41 degrees in the next four hours. Leave containers uncovered or vented unit foods cool to correct temperature. Six noncritical violations. Inspector: Sattler.

China One Buffet Inc., 3040 Navarre, Oregon. Inspected: June 11. Critical violations: Observed improper storage of raw and RTE foods. Follow proper storage order. Observed wiping cloths on counter. All sanitizer cloths must remain in a sanitizer bucket when not use to prevent bacteria growth. No date marking observed on RTE food products. All RTE foods must be date marked to determine discard date. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Nye.

Libbey Inc., 940 Ash, inspected June 12. Critical violations: Observed improper cooling of soup in six-door cooler. Refrigerated covered overnight, at 50 degrees at time of inspection. Soup discarded. Cooling must be conducted rapidly under supervision. Two hours from 135 to 70 degrees. An additional four hours to 45 degrees or less. Leave uncovered until 45 degrees or less. Do not use six-door unit to cool. Use walk-in cooler. Observed sausage patties in hot box at 131 degrees. PHF in holding must maintain 135 degrees or above to limit bacteria growth. Adjust hot box to meet requirement. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Cutcher.

Park Inn of Toledo, 101 North Summit, inspected June 12. Critical violations: Single door cooler located in wait station is holding PHF at 43-45 degrees. This cooler must hold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Dessert cooler is also holding at 43-45 degrees. Sausage held at breakfast grill was at 44 degrees. Product was not properly iced. Ice food so that ice level matches food level. Hold food at 41 degrees or below. Tomato soup at 72 degrees. Soup made previous day. Product not cooled properly. Use ice wands, ice baths, smaller portions to cool foods properly. Sanitizer bucker not provided at food prep areas before prep began. Before any food handling begins, set up sanitizer bucket. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Cipita.

Ko s Garden, 14241 Airport, Swanton, inspected June 13. Critical violations: Hair restraints must be worn by all employees working with RTE foods. All PHF open, prepared, or thawed must be marked with a seven-day expiration date. Cross contamination found in the walk-in cooler. Beef and pork being held under raw chicken. Re-arrange cooler. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Harborside Health Care Point Place Rehabilitation, 6101 North Summit, inspected June 13. Critical violations: Facility has been purchased by Sunbridge. An application for a new food license is necessary. Found sausage on the serving line at 121 degrees. Hot holding of PHF must be at 135 degrees or more to prevent the potential growth of bacteria. The item was out of temperature for less than one hour and was discarded. Observed open bottles of chocolate syrup and carmel sauce at room temperature. Label states refrigerate after opening. Items discarded. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Al s Market, 309 Crittenden, inspected June 15. Critical violation: Observed improper storage order in walk-in cooler. Raw sausage, raw chorizo, raw bacon, and raw eggs were being stored over RTE items. Store raw products on bottom shelf or do not store RTE items below raw food to avoid cross contamination. Seven noncritical violations. Inspector: Cipiti.

Krishna Grocers, 3305 North Holland Sylvania, Sylvania Township, inspected June 12. Critical violations: Facility is not licensed to portion or package any food items. Observed nine varieties of foods that are held cold at this facility and then sold by the pound. Facility cannot sell foods that are not pre-package from an approved supplier with proper labeling. There is no three-compartment sink for washing utensils and containers, and there is no handsink for food handlers to properly wash their hands before portioning foods. These bulk foods must be removed from sale. Original packaging of foods cannot be removed and foods cannot be sold outside of original manufacturing packaging. Observed improper date marking on refrigerated foods. Eight noncritical violations. Inspector: Sattler.

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