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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections 4/11

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.

Subway Sandwiches, 540 Reynolds, inspected Feb. 22. Ice machine due for cleaning and sanitizing (use 200 ppm quat sanitizer). Observed mold build up on the side. Auto sanitizer dispenser not working; hand mix until repaired. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Reynolds Garden Cafe, 1245 Reynolds, inspected Feb. 4. Observed inadequate hot water (takes too long to reach faucet). Insulate or solve. Observed pooling water on clean-dish side. Raise drain board to eliminate pooling water. Thermometer needed in small one-door, reach-in prep top cooler. Inspector: Brady.

James O’Grady Activity Center, 5522 Dorr, inspected Feb. 15. No sanitizer available. Sanitizer must be available at all times for the 3-compartment sink and to make wiping cloth buckets. Provide an approved sanitizer for the sink and wiping cloth buckets. Regular chlorine bleach can be used as a sanitizer. Unlabeled chemical spray bottles observed on the counter next to the stove. All chemical spray bottles must be labeled to allow all employees to know what it contains. All chemicals must be stored in one area away from food, and food contact items to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Brady.

Chinese Favorites, 4939 Dorr, inspected Feb. 17. Observed raw chicken stored above beef in reach-in freezer. To prevent potential cross contamination, follow food storage guidelines on hand out provided. Repeat violations. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Mr. Gyros & More, 3833 Airport, inspected Feb. 18. No sanitizer bucket observed during inspection. This is a must throughout workday. Use 100 ppm plain chlorine. No hand towels available at hand sink. This is a must. Hand wash at least 20 seconds. Inspector: Brady.

YMCA Child Development Center, 5025 Glendale, inspected Feb. 10. Dishwasher is not dispensing chlorine. Must be 55-100 ppm. Use 3- compartment sink put in 50-100 ppm chlorine or 200 ppm quat sanitizer until repaired. Inspector: Brady.

Steak & Shake, 2141 Reynolds, inspected Feb. 7. Front prep top cooler has some water on bottom. Repair. Do not store anything in standing water. Inspector: Brady.

Subway, 2121 Reynolds, inspected Feb. 8. Auto sanitizer dispensing unit not dispensing quat sanitizer properly. Must be 200 ppm. Hand mix until repaired. Inspector: Brady.

Cafe Lourdes, 6832 Convent, Sylvania, inspected Feb. 22. No date labeling observed on prepared food in the 1-door True cooler. All open and prepared food must have a date. There is a 7-day discard date for all open and prepared food. The day open/prepared is day one for a total of 7 days. No hand soap at the upstairs Cafe kitchen hand sink. All hand sinks must be stocked at all times with hand soap, paper towels and hot/cold running water (100 degrees) for proper hand washing to occur. Provide soap for this sink. Brady.

Seafood Restaurant, Inc., 5504 Alexis, Sylvania, inspected Feb. 22. Observed raw fish stored over fries in the 2-door True cooler on the line. Do not store raw food above fries. Follow proper food storage order in all coolers to prevent cross contamination. Store raw food below ready-to-eat food items to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Brady.

Rising Sun, Inc. DBA: En Japanese Steakhouse, 5834 Monroe, inspected Feb. 23. Found time/temperature control for safety food at 50 degrees in the walk-in cooler. All coolers must maintain food at or below 41 degrees at all times to prevent the possible growth of bacteria. All food in the walk-in cooler must be discarded. Contact inspector once fixed to conduct a reinspection. Discarded 3 containers of cooked noodles, a container of tofu, 3 large packages of beef, and 1 large package of beef filet. The 2-compartment sink must have a 2-inch air gap to the sewer line. This sink is used to wash produce and prep food. All food prep sinks must have a 2-inch air gap to the sewer line. Contact a plumber to install an air gap. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

The Toledo Club, 235 14th, inspected Feb. 24. Observed improper cooling for tomato soup. Observed large containers of tomato soup with the lid on in the walk-in cooler. All food must be cooled correctly to prevent the possible growth of bacteria. When cooling large amounts of soup, cool by using an ice wand, break it up into smaller amounts or place in an ice bath with an ice wand. Always cool food uncovered to allow the heat to escape. Cool from 135 to 70 degrees in 2 hours and from 70 to 41 degrees in additional 4 hours. Always monitor time and temperature of cooling items. Inspector: Gottschalk.

New Empire Chinese Restaurant, 6540 Centers, Holland, inspected Feb. 16. Observed raw chicken stored above raw beef. Keep all raw poultry products below other observed raw meats to prevent contamination of food. Observed mold growth in ice machine; clean regularly. Observed food stored on floor of walk-in freezer, keep all food at least 6 inches off floor to prevent contamination by premises. Inspector: Nicholas Kusina.
Central Park West, 3141 Central Park West, inspected Feb. 22. Observed pop sprayer with mold growth in nozzle; clean regularly. Inspector: Kusina.

Emmanuel Paschalis-Manos, 1701 Adams, inspected Feb. 22. Observed several freezers in basement that require defrosting. Observed shelves in coolers in need of repair/paint to make them smooth and easily cleanable. Observed several employees drinking from cups with no lids, and one employee with open Pop-Tarts in basement prep area; keep all personal food items in designated area away from food prep. Inspector: Kusina.
Sidelines Wings N Things, 2111 Mellwood, inspected Feb. 15. The walk-in cooler is holding food above 41 degrees. All food must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Adjust the cooler temperature accordingly. Observed chicken salad dated 1/27 and a bag of shredded not dated in the walk-in cooler. All food must be labeled with a date to prevent the growth of bacteria. Food held at 41 degrees may be kept up to seven days. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Charlie’s Restaurant, 12407 Airport, Swanton, inspected Feb. 16. The cook line prep top is holding foods warm at about 46 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods must cold hold at 41 degrees or less at all times to prevent the growth of bacteria. Have the unit serviced immediately. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Magic Wok, 6829 Airport, Holland, inspected Feb. 15. Unlabeled squirt bottles containing chemical found in the facility. All squirt bottles must be labeled with a the common name of the product inside to prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Becker.

Church’s Chicken, 1530 Byrne, inspected Feb. 1. Unable to locate chlorine or quaternary ammonia strips. Use 200 ppm quat sanitizer or plain chlorine. Inspector: Brady.

Save-A-Lot Food Store, 1703 Airport, inspected Feb. 1. Working thermometer needed for free-standing hotdog case. Observed raw eggs stored on top of margarine in walk-in daily cooler. Do not store raw potentially hazardous food on top of ready-to-eat foods. Inspector: Brady.

Baskin Robbins, 1313 Reynolds, inspected Feb. 3. Observed cup and ice scoop down inside ice bin. Keep outside ice bin to prevent contamination of ice. Observed sanitizer (chlorine/at 400 ppm. Must be 50-100 ppm to sanitize properly. Inspector: Brady.

Dolly and Joe’s, 1045 Reynolds, inspected Feb. 3. Metal stem food thermometer needed. Hand sink is needed closer to dish washing area. Install near microwave or on right side near shelf/refrigerator. Ice machine still not adequate for portable ice. Replace; use frozen bagged ice until repaired. A repeat violation. Observed rusty, moldy band saw in walk-in cooler. Remove until rusting completely removed. Also clean properly after use. Inspector: Brady.

Applebee’s, 2825 Glendale, inspected Dec. 7. Observed sanitizer bucket empty. Must be in use on cook line and on all food contact surfaces during work day. Fix valve on dipping well at bar. Observed ice cream scoop in standing water. Inspector: Brady.

Community Variety, 2165 Ashland, inspected Feb. 11. Observed rib tips on hot holder at 120 to 125 degrees. All time and temperature controlled for safety food needs to be held at 135 degrees or higher to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause food-borne illnesses. Observed several food items with no dates on them in cooler. All open and prepared food must be dated with date made and discard date. There is a 7-day discard date for all open and prepared food items. The date made/opened is day one. Observed dates in the walk-in cooler and freezer. Date labeling must be consistent throughout all coolers/freezers. Inspector: Becker.

Blair’s Fish Market, 12 East Bancroft, inspected Feb. 10. Observed improper thawing. Observed fish in plastic container of cold water at room temperature. When thawing fish, fish needs to be either put into the cooler to thaw or under running cold water in prep sink. Observed boxes of fish on floor in walk-in freezer and boxes of tartar sauce on floor in dry storage area. All food needs to be stored at least six inches off of the floor to prevent cross contamination. Observed chlorine bleach sanitizer at above 200 ppm in the bucket by the grill area. All chlorine sanitizer buckets should be at 100 ppm. Use chlorine test strips daily to get correct concentration and prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Becker.

Family Food Center, 1212 North Detroit, inspected Feb. 9. Meat room hand sink was not stocked with paper towels at the time of inspection. All hand sinks must be stocked at all times to allow employees to wash their hands. Stock the hand sink with paper towels. Repeat violation. Observed raw chicken over raw beef on the storage trays in the meat room walk in cooler. All beef must be stored above raw chicken to prevent cross contamination. Follow proper storage order in all coolers and shelves. Found out-of-date baby food on the sales shelf at the time inspection. Employees must check all baby food dates to make sure they are not past the discard date. All out-of-date baby food must be removed from sale. Practice good rotation of product, first in, first out. See voluntary destruction form for details. Repeat violation. Inspector: Becker.
Charlie’s Homemade Pizza and Edibles, 6600 Sylvania, Feb. 16. Observed improper cooling of sauce in walk-in cooler. Sauce was 48 degrees, and was discarded. All food must be cooled from 135 to 70 degrees in 2 hours and from 70 to 41 degrees in additional 4 hours. Different options were discussed at the time of inspection. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Gateway Express Marathon, 3819 Haverhill, inspected Feb. 17. Observed 3-compartment sink with no form of sanitizer or test strips. Three-compartment sink must be able to be set up to wash, rinse, and sanitize of all equipment. A sanitizing solution must be used. Use test strips to verify concentration. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Gladieux Plaza, 938 Berdan, inspected Feb. 17. Observed food stored directly on floor of walk-in freezer. All food must be stored a minimum of 6 inches above the floor. Observed bulk storage bins not properly covered. Working containers holding food or food ingredients that are removed from their original packages for use in a food service operation or retail food establishment, such as cooking oils, flour, herbs, potatoes flakes, salt, spices, and sugar shall be identified with the common name of the food except that containers holding food that can be readily and unmistakably recognized such as dry pasta need not be identified. Observed daily’s drink mixes and juice mixes that are opened and require refrigeration once opened. Read boxes and containers carefully. All opened drink mixesmust be discarded. Inspector: Seger.

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