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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections 4/25

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Good Times Bar & Grill Inc., 5119 Jackman, inspected Feb. 28. Observed chicken taco meat dated 1/11/11. All foods must have a seven-day discard date. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Sports Center Bar & Grill, 2114 West Alexis, inspected Jan. 28. Wiping cloths sitting out on bar, no wipe bucket is available. Cloths that are in use of wiping counters and other equipment surfaces shall be held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution at a concentration of 200 ppm quat or 50-100 ppm bleach. Inspector: Seger.

Toledo Christian Schools, 2303 Brookford, inspected Feb. 4. Pizza in hot-holding cabinet at 95 degrees. All foods held hot must maintain an internal temperature of 135 degrees or above. Thoroughly reheat pizza to above 165 degrees prior to placing in hot-holding cabinet. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Snack Shack, 5255 Heatherdowns, inspected Feb. 4. Raw ground beef patties stored above lettuce in cooler. To prevent potential cross-contamination, store all raw foods below ready-to-eat foods. Nacho cheese portioned into individual serving cups left out at room temperature. To prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, all foods must be held hot (135 degrees) or cold (41 degrees). Discard these cups of cheese and change the handling practices. Inspector: Bauman.

Big C's Smoked Bar-B-Que, inspected Jan. 28. Fish and shrimp being thawed at room temperature on ice. Food must be thawed by placing in cooler or in a pan under running cold water in the prep sink to prevent bacteria growth and food-borne illness. Fish was placed in cooler after inspection. Several items in cooler had no date markings. All open and prepared time and temperature controlled for safety food must be dated with date made and discard date. There is a seven-day discard date for all open and prepared food items; the date made/opened is Day 1. Freezing does not restart the date; the clock starts where it was left off. Handout provided. Ribs holding in steam table at 127 degrees. All hot food items must be kept at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth and food-borne illness. Raise temperature of steam table to maintain proper temperature. Inspector: Bauman.

Wayman Palmer Center, 2053 North 14th, inspected Jan. 27. Hand sink had no paper towels. All hand sinks must be stocked with soap, paper towels, and hot water at 100 degrees at all times in for proper hand-washing to occur. Observed debris and build-up on top shelves in cooler. Clean and maintain shelves regularly with sanitizer to prevent cross-contamination and buildup from growing. Inspector: Bauman.

Park Lane Supper Club LLC, 152 23rd, inspected Jan. 16. Observed quat sanitizer in a bucket at around 400 ppm and bleach sanitizer at 200 ppm in sink. All quat concentration should be at 200 ppm in both the buckets and sink, and all chlorine sanitizer needs to be between 50 and 100 ppm in both the sink and buckets. Use chlorine sanitizer test strips to get correct concentration for bleach and quat test strips to get correct concentration for quat sanitizer. Observed improper date marking today. Bacon in cooler had a prep date of 1/14. All open and prepared food must be dated with date made and discard date. There is a seven-day discard date for all open and prepared food items. The date made/opened is Day 1. If item was placed in freezer during seven days, the date period stops. Once item is taken out of freezer, place new discard date on it . Freezing product does not restart seven days. If you freeze product on Day 2, the new discard date will be five days from day item was placed back in cooler. Inspector: Bauman.

Zeke's Bar & Grill, 1950 South Eber, Holland, Feb. 1. Improper storage order found in the three-door cooler and the two-door cooler. Be sure to organize all cold holding to protect food from cross-contamination. Date marked items found in the coolers past their out date. All potentially hazardous foods opened, prepared, and thawed must be date marked with a seven-day expiration date and then discarded after the seventh day. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Circle K, 103 Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, inspected Feb. 4. The reach-in display cooler is not holding proper temperature at the time of inspection. The cooler is holding at 50 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods must cold hold at 41 degrees or lower at all times to prohibit bacteria growth. Have the unit repaired immediately. Use the walk-in cooler until unit is repaired. Inspector: Becker.

The Roadhouse, 11535 Central, Swanton, inspected Feb. 2. Observed floor in walk-in freezer peeling up. Floor needs to be repaired, freezer should be defrosted to fix it correctly. Inspector: Nicholas Kusina.

City Barbeque, 7402 West Central, inspected Feb. 4. Observed employee coming back from delivery and putting gloves on without washing hands. Hands must be washed prior to using gloves and doing any food prep. Observed employee personal items (keys, cell phone) stored in food prep area, keep all personal items in designated area. Inspector: Kusina.

Toledo Lodge #53 BPO Elks, 3520 Holland-Sylvania, inspected Feb. 14. Observed raw bacon stored above lunch meat and raw steak stored with bagged ready-to-eat food items in the two-door cooler. Store all raw meats below ready-to-eat food to protect from cross contamination. Corrected at the time of inspection. Inspector: Kusina.

Sylvania Tam-O-Shanter, Inc. Snack Bar, 7060 Sylvania, inspected Feb. 14. Unlabeled chemical spray bottles observed next to the hand sink. All chemical spray bottles must be labeled with the common name of the chemical. This will allow all employees to know what it contains. Do not store chemicals next to the hand sink. All chemicals must be stored in one area away from food, contact items and beverages to protect from cross contamination. Find a proper chemical storage area and store all chemicals in one place. Found hot dogs at 50 degrees in the Coke cooler. Hot dogs must be held at 41 degrees or lower. The Coke cooler is not approved to hold food, and it has had temperature violations on the past inspections. Discard all hot dogs and whipped cream from this cooler. Do not place any food or beverage item that requires to be held at 41 degrees or lower in this cooler. Once the cooler is repaired, beverages may be placed in the cooler, however no food may be placed in it. Inspector: Kusina.

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, 4204 West Alexis, inspected Feb. 15. No date labeling observed on cooked items. All cooked, prepared, and open time/temperature control for safety foods must be dated with date made or with discard date. The day the food was made is Day 1 for a total of seven-day discard date. Inspector: Kusina.

Manos, 1701 Adams, inspected Feb. 22. Observed several freezers in basement that require defrosting. Observed shelves in coolers in need of repair/paint to make them smooth and easily cleanable. Observed several employee drinking from cups with no lids, and one employee with open pop tarts in basement prep area; keep all personal food items in designated area away from food prep. Inspector: Kusina.

Mike's Place, 3170 Cherry, inspected Feb. 16. Observed ribs holding in the hot warmer at 118 degree, all time and temperature controlled for safety food needs to be held at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth that can cause food-borne illness. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Our Time Inc., 2100 Dorr, inspected Feb. 17. Light bulbs in walk in cooler are not shielded. All light bulbs need to be shielded to prevent cross contamination. Observed sleeves of crackers for sale. All food must have proper label and identification and be approved sources. Crackers taken off structure. Inspector: Susdorf.

Downtown, 822 Monroe, inspected Feb. 16. Donut supplier is Carol's Donut. Provide an ingredient book for all donuts and bakery items provided by Carol's Donut company. Each type of donut/bakery item sold must have its own ingredient statement. The book may have to be updated at least seasonally. Inspector: Susdorf.

NNA Inc., 350 West Bancroft, inspected Feb. 17. Observed two oatmeal boxes of baby food that were out of date. The discard date was Jan. 2011. Be careful of dates; rotate baby food regularly to prevent out of date food. Facility destroyed or discarded baby food at time of inspection. Inspector: Susdorf.

Department of Work Release, 111 Madison, inspected Feb. 24. Observed temperature logs for February in the 89 to 116 degrees range. All time and temperature controlled for safety food needs to be held at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth that can cause food-borne illness. Inspector: Susdorf.

Ohiolink Corrections & Treatment Inc., 2012 Madison, inspected Feb. 23. Observed eggs stored above bacon in cooler. All eggs mustbe stored on bottom shelf floor of cooler to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Susdorf.

Gateway Express, 4458 Monroe, inspected Jan. 7. Do not store glass cleaner or other chemicals above food, to prevent contamination. Provide an ingredients booklet for the self serve doughnut case so that the public is aware of what goes into the doughnuts. Ingredients statement for every type of doughnut is required. Provide chlorine bleach or quat sanitizer to properly sanitize food contact surfaces and clean off the three-bay sink properly. The hand sink was blocked at time of inspection. Keep the sink clear at times to properly wash hands. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

NZR Retail of Toledo Inc., 2515 West Laskey, inspected Jan. 7. Hand sink blocked at time of inspection. All hand sinks must be easily accessible at all times to properly wash hands. Relocate the microwave. Provide chlorine bleach or quat sanitizer to properly sanitize food contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

Kwik Trip, 4230 Airport, inspected Feb. 23. Freezer not operating at 32 degrees. Must be freezing. Recommend 0 to 10 below. Currently at 38 degrees. Food must be discarded if above 41 degrees. Maximum seven days at 41 to 32 degrees. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Wings Express, 1515 South Byrne, inspected Feb. 23. Observed no sanitizer on rags/wipe cloths or in buckets. Must use 100 ppm chlorine. Inspector: Brady.

Subway, 2121 Reynolds, inspected Feb. 24. Quat sanitizer not dispensing properly, only 50 ppm. Must be 200 ppm. Hand mix and check each batch with test strips. Inspector: Brady.

Wendy's, 1109 South, inspected Feb. 23. The cheese sauce is holding at 125 degrees. All food must be held at 135 degrees or greater to prevent bacteria growth. Reheat sauce to at least 165 degrees. Observed hand sink blocked with a container of broccoli. All hand sinks must remain clear to promote frequent and proper hand washing. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

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