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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 7-14



Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Empire Chen Restaurant, 2502 Navarre, Oregon, inspected July 7. Eggs stored on top of broccoli in walk in cooler. Raw shell eggs must be stored below ready to eat food. Raw foods stored above ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler. Practice proper storage order to prevent cross contamination. Cook scooping raw chicken with bowl then placing the bowl on top of raw beef. This is cross contamination between raw chicken and raw beef. Do not use bowls to scoop or store the raw chicken scoop in the raw beef product. No date marking on egg rolls in walk-in cooler. Ready to eat food must have proper date making. Product must only be date marked for 7 days then discarded. Egg rolls being stored in greasy/​dirty wire basket in walk-in cooler. These wire baskets are not easily cleanable. Egg rolls and food must be stored in approved containers. Food being stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler. Food must be stored 6 inches off the floor to prevent cross contamination. Improper cooling of noodles in walk-in cooler. Noodles must not be covered when being cooled and must be cooled in smaller containers. Whipped topping being held at improper temperatures at 46 degrees in bar cooler. Food must be stored at 41 degrees or below to limit bacteria growth. Cooler also appears to be leaking. Repair cooler to hold at proper temperatures. Inspector: Emily Anderson.

Lutheran Home of Toledo Kitchen, 131 N. Wheeling, inspected July 7. Open package of hot dogs lack seven-day discard date. Inspector: Anderson.

Toledo 76, 4711 S. Detroit, inspected June 27. Baked food stored with and above candy. Candy must be stored away from or below food and food contact items. Keep the hand sink in the cutter area stocked with soap and paper towels. Label this sink for hand washing only. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

U & I Lounge, 720 Illinois, Maumee, inspected June 27. Raw bacon stored over ready-to-eat food in the bottom of the prep top cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and eggs below or separate from ready-to-eat food and beverages. Inspector: Sattler.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1010 Conant, Maumee, inspected June 27. Cole slaw is holding cold at 45 degrees in the front cold holding unit. This is a food and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust unit to hold foods at proper temperature. The quat sanitizer is too strong at over 500 ppm in the wipe cloth bucket at the front. Dilute quat sanitizer to 200 ppm to safely and effectively sanitize food contact surfaces. Inspector: Sattler.

Ohio Skate of Maumee, 1370 Conant, Maumee, inspected June 26. A piece of equipment stored in the hand wash sink.. Hand sink may be used for hand washing only and must be kept clear and accessible. Inspector: Sattler.

Sunoco, 2461 Navarre, Oregon, inspected July 4. Milk holding at improper temperature of 45 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Three compartment sink inoperable. This sink must be in good working order and accessible for cleaning/​sanitizing coffee pots and utensils. Utensils must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized. Cease use of coffee and cappuccino machine until sink is repaired. Beverages stored on the floor. Food items must be stored 6 inches off the floor to prevent contamination. Provide sanitize and sanitize test strips to properly sanitize items and test the sanitizer strength. Sanitizer must be available. Chlorine sanitizer will need to be 50-100 ppm (white strips that turn blue) and quat sanitizer is 200 ppm (orange strips that turn green). Inspector: Anderson.

Subway, 942 Phillips, inspected July 1. Build up inside of pop nozzles. Properly clean and sanitize pop nozzles daily to prevent build up. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Good Times Bar & Grill, Inc., 5119 Jackman, inspected July 1. Prep top cooler holding above 41 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or below. Cooler adjusted. Inspector: Seger.

The Wings Spot, 4900 Jackman, inspected July 1. Dipper well turned off and ice cream scoops submerged in water. Ice cream scoops must be stored in running water of sufficient velocity to flush particulates to the drain. Dipper well must remain on. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Tim Hortons, 1801 W. Laskey, inspected July 2. Physical facility and equipment require additional cleaning. Equipment food contact surfaces and utensils must be clean to sight and touch. The food contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans must be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil accumulations. Non-food contact surfaces of equipment must be kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. Inspector: Seger.

Molly’s Diner, 2430 Laskey, inspected July 2. Dish machine not properly sanitizing dishes. Contact service provider. Portion cups in bulk food. A scoop with a handle must be used in bulk food to protect food from cross contamination due to hand contact. Inspector: Seger.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1830 Laskey, inspected June 30. Delfield freezer on fryer line not functioning properly. Freezer must hold food in a frozen state. Repair freezer. Inadequate cleaning practices for maintaining flooring. Areas of corners and under equipment require additional cleaning to prevent excess build up that can attract pests. Repeat violation. Physical facility in disrepair. Additional cleaning required for equipment, walls, ceilings and flooring. Current practices inadequate. Build up on hood system and ventilation systems. Intake and exhaust air ducts must be cleaned and filters changed so they are not a source of contamination by dust, dirt, and other materials. Inspector: Seger.

Magic Wok, 2040 Laskey, inspected June 30. Several unlabeled spray bottles. Working containers used for poisonous or toxic materials such cleaners and sanitizer taken from bulk supplies must be clearly and individually identified with the common name material. Inspector: Seger.

Maumee River Yacht Club Pool House, 2733 Broadway, inspected July 1. No bucket of sanitizer was setup. A bucket of sanitizer to wipe down food contact surfaces is required for all hours of operation. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

La Cachanilla Tamaleria & More, 222 S. Summit, inspected July 1. Salsa cooler holding above 41 degrees and has an ambient air temperature. Food shall be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Adjust the cooler and contact a licensed repair service if necessary. The reach-in cooler is holding food above 41 degrees and has an ambient air temperature. Food shall be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Adjust the cooler accordingly and contact a licensed repair service if necessary. The reach in cooler has been adjusted and now holding at 40 degrees. Inspector: Wilke.

McDonald’‍s, 1540 Broadway, inspected July 1. Wet wiping towels not in use stored on counter tops. Store wet wiping towel when not in use in the sanitizer bucket to prevent the growth of bacteria. A food container lid stored in the hand sink. Hand sinks shall be free and clear of clutter to promote proper hand washing. Corrected. Shell eggs sitting out at room temperature and they were not properly timed. Food must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Keep the eggs refrigerated or time them properly. Inspector: Wilke.

Maumee Little League Baseball, 417 Ford, Maumee, inspected July 2. Food handler eating a sucker in the kitchen. No eating may be done in the kitchen to prevent contamination. There is no person in charge who possesses safe food handling knowledge. There must be at all hours of operation a person in charge. Inspector: Wilke.

Sylvania Country Club - Main Kitchen, 5201 Corey, Sylvania, inspected July 2. Heavy pink build up inside the beverage holsters at the bars. To prevent the growth of mold or bacteria, properly wash and sanitize these surfaces everyday. Provide a beverage waste line at one of the holsters. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

21 West Lounge, 5605 W. Alexis, Sylvania, inspected July 2. Build up on the ice drop area and inside the ice machine. Place the ice machine on a regular cleaning and sanitation schedule. To prevent the growth of mold or bacteria, clean and sanitize inside surfaces. Inspector: Cipiti.

Kroger, 4633 Suder, inspected July 2. The open air case is holding shredded cheese above 41 degrees and has an ambient air temperature of 54 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or less. The open air case is holding sliced cheese above 41 degrees and has an ambient air temperature of 56 degrees. Adjust the cooler temperature accordingly and make sure that the defrost cycle is set correctly. The open air case is holding sliced cheese above 41 degrees and has an ambient air temperature of 56 degrees. Adjust cooler temperature and make sure that the defrost cycle is set correctly. Discard the out of temperature food. The hand sink in the produce room only has 82 degrees water. Hand sinks must have a least 100 degrees water to properly wash hands. Restore the hot water immediately. Sliced salami in the deli dated for longer than seven days. Duct tape is not an approved material to repair equipment in the facility. Reattach the blast chiller face plate without the aid of duct tape. The dessert pudding parfaits in the bakery display case are holding at 45 degrees. Food shall be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Parfaits were relocated to a colder section of the cooler. Inspector: Cipiti.

Oregon Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 904 Isaac Streets, Oregon, inspected July 2. Raw fish stored above ready-to-eat food. Raw meats must be stored to prevent cross contamination. Mayo and butter holding above 41 degrees in the upright cooler. Food must be at 41 degrees or below to prevent the growth of bacteria. Lower half of cooler is holding at 41 degrees and below. Upper part of cooler is holding at temperatures between 45 and 51 degrees. Repair cooler so it is holding at temperature of 41 degrees or below. Food product was placed in walk in cooler. Significant build up in ice/​water dispenser in serving kitchen. Clean and sanitize ice machine and have it serviced every 6 months to prevent the build up. Inspector: Anderson.

Meijer’s, 1725 S. Wheeling, Oregon, inspected July 1. Hand sink blocked in the deli area. Hand sinks must be free from blockage for proper hand washing. This hand sink is in the center of the department, and the closest to the chicken prep and cooking areas. Move the equipment to be able to use the hand sink. Inspector: Anderson.

Sylvania Country Club - Swimming Pool, 5201 Corey, Sylvania, inspected June 30. Dark build up on the inside of the ice machine. Clean and sanitize inside surfaces to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria. A supply of sanitizer was not available. During hours of operation, setup a sanitizer bucket with approved sanitizer to ensure food contact areas are being sanitized. Quat tablets are available mix with water and verify concentration with a test kit. Maintain at 200 ppm. Food handlers putting on gloves when handling ready to eat food without first washing hands. To prevent contamination to gloves, first wash hands then place gloves on. Time/​temperature control for safety food holding at 48-56 degrees inside a cooler stored just outside the pool kitchen. This cooler is turned on before loading food in. The cooler must be turned on with ample enough time to achieve safe temperature before loading food inside. Verify 41 degrees before placing food in it. Food that are in this cooler must be discarded. Inspector: Cipiti.

R.S. Restaurants, Inc., 6064 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected June 30. The prep top cooler on the cook line holding 4 center pans of food above 41 degrees (45-50 degrees) left side only. Right side verified at below 41 degrees. Cold holding must be maintained at 41 degrees or below to prevent the growth of bacteria. Strauss refrigeration was contacted. These food items were discarded. Pans with water were put into replace and monitor temperatures. The dish machine not dispensing chlorine during the final rinse cycle. Chlorine must be dispensed at 50 ppm during the final rinse cycle to ensure proper sanitizing. Eco-lab was contacted and on site by the end of inspection. Do not use dish machine until repaired. Inspector: Cipiti.

Speedway, 6601 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected June 27. Opened food marked for 8 day. Example 9 a.m. 6/​25 and 9 a.m. 7/​2. Seven days is the maximum hold time allowed for opened food. Adjust policy to reflect proper date marking procedures according to the Ohio Food Code. Inspector: Cipiti.

Hamway’s on the Main, 5577 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected June 27. Bare hand contact with ready to eat food preparing a fruit salad. Bare hand contact with ready to eat food is not permitted. Employees must wear gloves or use deli paper or a utensil. Always wash hands prior to placing glove on. The bar hand sink need to be stocked with disposable paper towels instead of using cloth towels which can harbor bacteria. Inspector: Cipiti.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 266 E. Alexis, inspected June 23. Chicken holding at 48-54 degrees and potatoes holding at 65 degrees in one of the coolers. Maintain cold food at 41 degrees or below to prevent the growth of bacteria that can lead to food related illnesses. Excessive water inside cooler and on the floor under it. These items were discarded. Empty pans were placed in unit fill with water and check every hour to monitor temperatures. Chicken holding at 49 degrees, ham 52 degrees, salsa 51 degrees, and lettuce 55 degrees holding in the prep top cooler directly across from the hot grill. Manager believes the cooler was in a defrost cycle. Food were discarded. Maintain cold food at 41 degrees or below. Repair person arrived on site to service coolers. Do not use this cooler for food until repairs are made, 41 degrees or below is verified, and a health inspector verifies temperatures. The scoop handle in direct contact with the almonds. To prevent contamination to food, store handle to ensure it does not come into direct contact with food. Inspector: Cipiti.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 5649 W. Alexis, Sylvania, inspected June 24. The sanitizer bucket below 200 ppm. The bucket was refreshed and verified at 200 ppm. Change more frequently to ensure 200 ppm is maintained. Inspector: Cipiti.

Stop N Shop, 5502 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected June 24. No supply of sanitizer available. Provide a supply of sanitizer for the three compartment sink to ensure supplies and surfaces are being properly sanitized everyday. Provide a sanitizer test kit. Hot water was unavailable at the three compartment sink and hand sink. The hot water was shut off at the water heater. Manager turned the hot water back on during inspection. Leave hot on at all times. Hand soap and paper towels unavailable at the hand sink behind the counter. To ensure proper hand washing is taking place, stock hand sinks with proper supplies. Inspector: Cipiti.

Steak ’N Shake, 5395 Monroe, inspected June 24. Food holding above 41 degrees lettuce 47 degrees, sauce 47 degrees, and tomatoes 49 degrees. Food discarded. Monitor temperatures closely and do not use for storing food until safe temperatures are verified. Maintain cold holding at 41 degrees or below. Improper cooling of pasta in the walk in cooler. Pasta was at 54.5 degrees, bagged and stacked in a large pan. While food is cooling, keep it uncovered and in a thin layer to decrease the time it takes to reach safe temperatures. Cooling log was started for pasta and chili but not filled out. Inspector: Cipiti.

King’s Chef Chinese Restaurant, 6746 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected June 25. Raw fish being stored directly over top produce. To prevent cross contamination, store raw fish below ready-to-eat produce. Heavy food debris/​grease present under the cook line and along this wall. To prevent pest attraction thoroughly clean these surfaces on a routine basis. Excess grease can also produce a fire hazard. Inspector: Citpit.

Kroger, 7546 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected June 30. Front hand sink in the deli department blocked with a cart in front of the hand sink. No hand soap stocked in the back hand sink in the deli department. To ensure proper hand washing is taking place, stock sinks with necessary supplies and never put anything in front of the hand sink. These items were corrected. Food holding above 41 degrees at the olive bar station (43-45 degrees). Maintain cold holding of food below 41 degrees to prevent the growth of bacteria that can lead to food related illnesses. A chemical spray bottle being stored on the cup rack in Starbucks stand. To prevent chemical contamination to the cups, store bottle below or away from food/​food supplies. A container of white rice and brown rice without date marks. This rice was prepared June 29. Mark each container with a date mark to determined discard date. Inspector: Cipiti.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Little Miracles Montessori School, 9009 Sylvania Metamora, Sylvania.

Oakleaf Toledo, LTD, 4220 Holland Sylvania.

Sprague’s Farms Markets, 1327 S. Wheeling, Oregon.

Little Sisters of the Poor, 930 S. Wynn, Oregon.

Subway, 1455 W. Alexis.

Family Dollar, 4925 Jackman.

Dollar Tree, 1935 W. Laskey.

Speedway, 1922 W. Laskey.

Stop N Shop, 1702 W. Laskey.

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