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Egypt's currency drops to new low against the dollar
CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's central bank says the Egyptian pound has fallen to a new low against the dollar, its second such drop since Thursday.... 7/5/2015 12:31 PM

UK's Princess Charlotte to be christened on queen's estate
LONDON (AP) -- Britain's Princess Charlotte, the nine-week-old baby of Prince William and his wife Kate, is to be christened Sunday at a church on Queen Elizabeth II's country estate.... 7/5/2015 12:26 PM

Syrian troops, Hezbollah enter rebel-held mountain resort
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- State media says Syrian forces backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters have entered a rebel-held mountain resort near the border with Lebanon, a day after launching a major offensive to capture the town.... 7/5/2015 12:23 PM

Land mine blast in east Ukraine kills 5 soldiers, wounds 3
MOSCOW (AP) -- Ukraine says five of its soldiers were killed and three wounded when a land mine exploded in the east of the country, where government troops are fighting Russia-backed separatists.... 7/5/2015 12:18 PM

Storm causes floods, knocks out power in north Philippines
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- A tropical storm blew across the northern Philippines on Sunday, causing floods and power outages in several towns and prompting rescue teams to scramble to evacuate villagers in low-lying communities.... 7/5/2015 12:13 PM

The Latest: Solid turnout seen so far in Greek bailout vote
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- The latest from the bailout referendum in Greece (all times local):... 7/5/2015 12:12 PM

Malaysian leader faces risk of criminal charges over fund
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- Prime Minister Najib Razak is facing the risk of criminal charges over allegations that hundreds of millions of dollars were funneled from an indebted state fund to his personal bank accounts, the first time a Malaysian leader has faced criminal allegations.... 7/5/2015 12:02 PM

Deadly strikes by US-led coalition targeting IS in Raqqa
BEIRUT (AP) -- U.S.-led coalition aircraft unleashed a series of airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group's stronghold of Raqqa in eastern Syria, killing at least 10 militants and wounding many others in one of the largest coalition operations carried out in Syria to date, the coalition said Sunday.... 7/5/2015 11:55 AM

San Antonio Missions receive world heritage status from UN
BONN, Germany (AP) -- The San Antonio Missions in Texas have been awarded world heritage status by the U.N.'s cultural body.... 7/5/2015 11:51 AM

Wildfires break out in Spain, Portugal; 1,350 evacuated
MADRID (AP) -- More than 1,350 residents have been evacuated in Spain's northeastern region of Aragon as a wildfire spreads through a pine forest amid a lingering heat wave, a local official said Sunday.... 7/5/2015 11:46 AM

Top US, Iranian diplomats locked in nuclear talks
VIENNA (AP) -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif are locked in negotiation with just two days left before their latest deadline for a comprehensive nuclear pact.... 7/5/2015 11:23 AM

Burglars in Spain posed as phone workers to case premises
MADRID (AP) -- Spanish police have arrested three suspects who allegedly committed 26 burglaries in the southern city of Malaga after posing as telephone engineers to study their targets.... 7/5/2015 11:03 AM

Zoo tram accident in northeastern Thailand kills 5 people
BANGKOK (AP) -- Two trams used to shuttle visitors around a zoo in northeastern Thailand collided Sunday, killing five people and injuring more than 30, police said.... 7/5/2015 10:11 AM

Israeli PM warns of growing concessions in Iran nuke talks
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's prime minister says each day that passes brings greater Western concessions toward Iran in talks over its nuclear program.... 7/5/2015 10:04 AM

Russian craft delivers long-awaited cargo to space station
MOSCOW (AP) -- An unmanned Russian cargo ship has docked successfully at the International Space Station, where it was anxiously awaited by the U.S.-Russian crew after the successive failures of two previous supply missions.... 7/5/2015 9:58 AM

Police: Weapons factory blast in Montenegro kills 1 person
PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) -- Police say an explosion at a weapons factory in central Montenegro has killed one person and injured several others.... 7/5/2015 9:43 AM

2 choices, many possible results for Greece's landmark vote
LONDON (AP) -- The Greek people are voting on a future in which they face two painful prospects: the slow grind of years more of austerity cuts or the country's potentially catastrophic exit from the 19-nation eurozone.... 7/5/2015 9:35 AM

Yes or no? Greeks vote on high-stakes bailout referendum
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Greeks were voting Sunday in a referendum on their nation's financial future, with opinion polls showing that residents were evenly split on whether to accept creditors' demands for more austerity in return for rescue loans or defiantly reject the deal.... 7/5/2015 9:28 AM

Shoe factory collapses in eastern China, killing 11 people
BEIJING (AP) -- A shoe factory collapsed in eastern China during a weekend shift, killing at least 11 people and injuring more than 30, officials said Sunday.... 7/5/2015 9:27 AM

7/7 spurred tough anti-terror measures some say went too far
LONDON (AP) -- After four home-grown suicide bombers killed 52 London commuters on July 7, 2005, Prime Minister Tony Blair vowed that Britain would stop at nothing to defeat terrorism. "Let no one be in any doubt," he said. "The rules of the game are changing."... 7/5/2015 9:02 AM

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