Friday, April 29, 2016
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2 British men accused of funding Brussels bomb suspect
LONDON (AP) -- Two British men have been accused of giving money to a key suspect in the Brussels and Paris bombings.... 4/29/2016 12:12 PM

South Sudan forms new coalition government of national unity
JUBA, South Sudan (AP) -- South Sudan's leaders have formed a transitional coalition government including politicians from the government and the armed opposition who have been at war for two and a half years.... 4/29/2016 12:07 PM

Italy's anti-terror chief: nabbed quartet were 'dangerous'
ROME (AP) -- Italy's top anti-terror prosecutor says four suspects arrested in northern Italy were "very dangerous."... 4/29/2016 12:05 PM

Eurozone economy speeds up, reaches size it was back in 2008
LONDON (AP) -- It's been a long and tortuous journey, but the eurozone economy is finally back to the size it was before the global financial crisis.... 4/29/2016 11:58 AM

Scandal-plagued, Rome is becoming a 'do it yourself' city
ROME (AP) -- Armed with shovels and sacks of cold asphalt, Rome's residents fill potholes. Defying rats, they yank weeds and bag trash along the Tiber's banks and in urban parks. Tired of waiting years for the city to replace diseased trees, neighbors dig into their own pockets to pay for new ones for their block.... 4/29/2016 11:55 AM

Poland again denies entry to nationalist Russian bikers
WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Poland's foreign minister says "security regulations" were behind the decision to ban pro-Kremlin Russian bikers from riding through Poland as they mark the anniversary of the end of World War II.... 4/29/2016 11:55 AM

South Africa: Court says charges against Zuma to be reviewed
PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) -- A South African court has ruled that a decision to drop 738 corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma should be reviewed, adding to the leader's legal troubles.... 4/29/2016 11:52 AM

North Korea sends another US citizen to prison
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- North Korea on Friday sentenced a U.S. citizen of Korean heritage to 10 years in prison after convicting him of espionage and subversion, the second American it has put behind bars this year.... 4/29/2016 11:52 AM

Helicopter carrying oil workers crashes in western Norway
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- A helicopter carrying around 13 people from an offshore oil field crashed Friday near the western Norwegian city of Bergen, police said. Many are feared dead.... 4/29/2016 11:48 AM

The Latest: Biden meets with Vatican secretary of state
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- The Latest on Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Vatican City and Rome (all times local):... 4/29/2016 11:47 AM

Voting underway in key runoff parliamentary election in Iran
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iranians voted Friday in the country's parliamentary runoff elections, state media reported, a key polling that is expected to decide exactly how much power moderate forces backing President Hassan Rouhani will have in the next legislature.... 4/29/2016 11:45 AM

Sri Lankan protest demands new probe of journalist's killing
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) -- Hundreds of journalists and media rights activists have protested to demand Sri Lanka's government start a fresh investigation into the abduction and killing of a prominent ethnic Tamil journalist 11 years ago, during the country's civil war.... 4/29/2016 11:42 AM

At the Vatican, Biden calls for global commitment to cancer
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Casting cancer as a scourge with no boundaries, Vice President Joe Biden came to the Vatican on Friday to call for a global commitment to fund cancer research rooted in appreciation for the real people's lives that doctors and researchers hold in their hands.... 4/29/2016 11:38 AM

The Latest: Syrian TV: Rebels shell Aleppo mosque, kill 15
BEIRUT (AP) -- The Latest on developments in Syria's civil war (all times local):... 4/29/2016 11:36 AM

Syrian state TV: Rebels shell mosque in government-held part of Aleppo, killing at least 1...
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- Syrian state TV: Rebels shell mosque in government-held part of Aleppo, killing at least 15.... 4/29/2016 11:33 AM

Former SS Auschwitz guard apologizes at trial in Germany
DETMOLD, Germany (AP) -- A 94-year-old former SS sergeant has told a German court he is "ashamed" that he served as a guard in the Nazis' Auschwitz death camp and that he knew what was going on there but did nothing to stop it.... 4/29/2016 11:26 AM

Spain: Park workers discover huge Roman coin trove
MADRID (AP) -- Workers laying pipes in a southern Spanish park have unearthed a 600-kilogram (1,300-pound) trove of Roman coins in what culture officials say is a unique historic discovery.... 4/29/2016 11:19 AM

Spain: Park workers hit on huge Roman coin trove by accident
MADRID (AP) -- Workers laying pipes in a southern Spanish park have unearthed a 600-kilogram (1,300-pound) trove of Roman coins in what culture officials say is a unique discovery.... 4/29/2016 11:18 AM

Rio Olympic flame visits UN office in Geneva
GENEVA (AP) -- The Olympic flame for the Rio de Janeiro Games came to the United Nations in Geneva on Friday, where officials said a team of refugee athletes will bring a message of hope for refugees around the world.... 4/29/2016 11:17 AM

In Sweden, 5 charged with murder over tavern shooting
STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Swedish prosecutors have charged five men with murder over a shooting in Sweden's second largest city last year that left two dead and eight wounded. Three others were charged with accessory to murder.... 4/29/2016 11:06 AM

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