Monday, August 03, 2015
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Death toll from Pakistan flash floods rises to 118
ISLAMABAD (AP) -- The death toll from flash floods triggered by seasonal monsoon rains in various parts of Pakistan has risen to 118 and floodwater has inundated vast areas, leaving tens of thousands homeless, authorities said Monday.... 8/3/2015 4:52 PM

UK state to start selling shares in nationalized bank RBS
LONDON (AP) -- Britain's Treasury chief has authorized the sale of its stake in taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland - the first step in recovering money from Britain's costliest-ever bank rescue.... 8/3/2015 4:40 PM

Turkey, Kurd rebels gear up for return to all-out conflict
LICE, Turkey (AP) -- The military helicopters swooped in over the Kurdish heartland and dropped white incendiary powder on a raging brush fire - igniting a massive conflagration that raced through the mountains, devouring orchards and livestock. For Kurds living in nearby Lice, the recent Turkish operation brought back memories of the traumatic days in the 1990s when the army twice burned the town to the ground.... 8/3/2015 4:35 PM

Creators of destroyed hitchhiking robot mull rebuild
TORONTO (AP) -- The Canadian talking and tweeting hitchhiking robot that met its untimely end in the United States over the weekend might be given another chance at life.... 8/3/2015 4:32 PM

Cranes fall on houses in Netherlands, injuries reported
AMSTERDAM (AP) -- Two cranes being used in the restoration of a bridge in a central Dutch city fell onto a row of buildings Monday, flattening apartments and small shops. Local media reported up to 20 people were injured.... 8/3/2015 4:32 PM

Report: US-led strikes in Iraq, Syria killed 459 civilians
BAGHDAD (AP) -- U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria have likely killed at least 459 civilians over the past year, a report by an independent monitoring group said Monday. The coalition had no immediate comment.... 8/3/2015 4:18 PM

Hunters in Africa say they have a role in conservation
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- In 1910, Theodore Roosevelt headed a Smithsonian hunting and trapping expedition in Africa that included colleagues who prepared the wildlife he killed for shipment back to America. The former U.S. president and his son, Kermit, shot hundreds of animals.... 8/3/2015 4:14 PM

Greek stock market bloodbath as exchange reopens
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Greece's top companies lost billions in market value in a matter of minutes on Monday, when the stock exchange plunged upon reopening after a five-week closure and investors worried over a dramatic new drop in the economy.... 8/3/2015 4:08 PM

Soldiers in Hungary begin building fence to stop migrants
ASOTTHALOM, Hungary (AP) -- Hungarian soldiers started building a fence Monday on the border with Serbia, an effort meant to stop the rising flow of migrants trying to enter the European Union.... 8/3/2015 4:02 PM

Troop reinforcements march on key rebel-held base in Yemen
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Hundreds of pro-government troops and dozens of tanks and armored personnel carriers pushed north toward the al-Anad military base in Yemen on Monday, as Saudi-led coalition airstrikes cleared the path for their advance, military officials said.... 8/3/2015 3:50 PM

Former Afghan warlord says Taliban weaker amid infighting
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- The confirmed death of the Taliban's reclusive one-eyed leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has weakened the movement, giving Kabul an opportunity to step up the battle against the insurgency, an Afghan governor and one of the country's most powerful former warlords said Monday.... 8/3/2015 3:44 PM

UN states set goal to end poverty, hunger in next 15 years
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The 193 member states of the United Nations have reached agreement on a new development agenda for the next 15 years that calls for eradicating poverty and hunger, achieving gender equality, improving living standards and taking urgent action to combat climate change.... 8/3/2015 3:40 PM

Former trader given 14 years prison for market manipulation
LONDON (AP) -- A British judge sentenced a former Citibank and UBS trader to 14 years in prison Monday after a jury found him guilty of masterminding the manipulation of a key interest rate, the London Interbank Lending Rate, or Libor.... 8/3/2015 3:38 PM

Jackie Chan wants to work with son Jaycee on album, movie
BEIJING (AP) -- Action star Jackie Chan said Monday that he wants to work with his son Jaycee on a movie and an album as they mend their relationship after Jaycee was imprisoned on a drug charge.... 8/3/2015 3:11 PM

Investigators for missing Malaysia flight meet in Paris
PARIS (AP) -- French and Malaysian investigators have met with a judge in Paris after the arrival of a wing fragment that many hope will solve the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.... 8/3/2015 3:08 PM

Indian government, key northeast rebel group sign peace deal
NEW DELHI (AP) -- India's government signed a peace treaty on Monday with a key rebel group in the country's insurgency-wracked northeast.... 8/3/2015 3:05 PM

In Poland, communist-era graves overlay victims of the state
WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Fearing the power of their patriotism, Poland's communist leaders killed the nation's World War II heroes and anti-communist activists and dumped their bodies secretly in mass graves, hoping they would be forgotten. They were topped with new graves.... 8/3/2015 3:03 PM

Gulf Arabs welcome Iran nuke deal but seek further assurance
DOHA, Qatar (AP) -- Gulf Arab states on Monday welcomed the nuclear deal negotiated between Iran and world powers but said they would like further assurances that the U.S. would help them counter increasing Iranian assertiveness in the region.... 8/3/2015 3:01 PM

Zimbabwean operator says American hunter didn't break law
HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) -- A Zimbabwean safari operator accused of facilitating an illegal lion hunt for an American citizen in April denies the bow and arrow kill was unlawful and says his client acted in "good faith."... 8/3/2015 2:57 PM

Burundi tense amid gunfire after killing of a general
BUJUMBURA, Burundi (AP) -- Gunfire rang out in Burundi's capital Sunday night following the killing of a military general who was a close ally of President Pierre Nkurunziza.... 8/3/2015 2:39 PM

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