Wednesday, July 09, 2014
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New Waterville store a place to relax, light up cigar
Cigar in hand, John Henry gestures to black-and-white photos of some of the biggest names in the history of blues and rock music playing in and around Toledo. There’s Muddy Waters. Clapton. Springsteen. Bad Company, tuning their guitars in a men’s room at the old Sports Arena. A youthful Elvis in the mid 1950s. A haggard Elvis on his last tour. “There’s ZZ Top when they were thin and didn’t have big beards,” Mr. Henry muses.
10 hours ago


Google connects Glass, charities
5 charities chosen to develop ideas to enhance their work with Glass.
11 hours ago

Crumbling of Crumbs is warning
Experts: Fad-based businesses risky.
15 hours ago

Math, science grads earn most
Survey shows it matters more what students study when it comes to income.
15 hours ago

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