Saturday, April 30, 2016
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American dream elusive goal for Hispanics living in Toledo
Toledo residents Lorenzo Morales and his wife Emilia Silguero scrimped and saved for 10 years to fulfill their dream of owning their own restaurant. They achieved that in 2014 with the opening of Taqueria La Autentica Michoacana restaurant at 1218 Broadway. But it was far from easy, Mr. Morales recalls. He found navigating the bureaucracy of the city’s health and building inspection departments costly, confusing, and frustrating.
9 hours ago


Pizza chain looks to Toledo
Toppers known for quirky toppings, late hours.
2 hours ago
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Profits up, sales down at Cooper
Findlay company turned profit of $59 million in first quarter.
8 hours ago

Snapchat looks to remake image
Blamed for driving up rents in Venice, company gives back.
9 hours ago

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