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Military/school reunions

Sixth Reunion for Asheville and Tacoma Class Navy Patrol Gunboats Tenders and Staffs, will be Aug. 20-24 at the Sheraton Park Ridge hotel in Valley Forge, Pa. Make reservations by early July. Call 757-479-2261 or e-mail Terry McManuels at macs@visi.net.

USS Canberra, CA-70 and CAG-2, 2003 annual reunion, Oct. 8,9,10, and 11 in St. Louis. For information call Bryan Humphrey at 410-208-4911 or Kenneth Minick at 740-423-8976.

11th Airborne Division Association 2003 reunion, Omaha, Neb., Aug. 13-17. Headquarters will be in the Holiday Inn Central, 3321 South 72nd St., Omaha, Neb. 68124. Chairman is Gale Foutch, 712-322-5947. Local contact: Frank Crane, 419-425-9223.

USS FORRESTAL CVA/CV/AVT-59 annual reunion will be Sept. 23-28 in Virginia Beach, Va. Please call Jim Stewart at 215-943-7626 or 888-434-5955 or e-mail forrestal-cva59@juno.com.

U. S. LST Association 2003 reunion convention, in Dallas Aug. 26-Sept. 1. Contact Bob Garner, 1-800-228-5870 or e-mail; USLST@KMBS.com.

USS Long Beach CGN-9 Association, Inc., reunion is Sept. 8-14, Radisson Hotel & Suites, 4243 Genesee St., Buffalo, NY. Information: Don Shade, 866-3352 or 716-569-2314, or www.usslongbeach-assoc.org.

USS San Marcos (LSD-25) former crewmen will hold next reunion in the fall in Annapolis, MD. Contact Ray Willis: 419-331-4699 or e-mail DinaMLRS@aol.com.

USS Mount McKinley Association reunion, San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 10-14, for veterans of the Army, Navy, and Marines who served on the Amphibious Force Flagship, USS Mount McKinley AGC/LCC-7. Call Dwight Janzen, 509-534-3549 or e-mail d.janzen@gte.net.

USS VAN VOORHIS (DE-1028) will hold next reunion in September in Lancaster, Pa. Contact Bob Kitchen at 215-698-1858 or e-mail trimbleL@msn.com.

USS Wilhoite DE/DER 397, 11th reunion Sept. 3-6 in Oklahoma City, Okla. Information: Frank Roche, 570-287-3992 or John Mauldin, 405-354-9204.

USS WILKINSON (DL-5) reunion will be in Branson, Mo., in September. For more information call John Manley at 310-834-8068 or e-mail rnjmanley@aol.com.

USS WILLIS A LEE (DL-4) will have next reunion in September in Branson, Mo., for more information call Frank Graham at 718-934-6410 or e-mail frankdl4@optonline.net.

USS YANCEY (AKA-93) will have next reunion in the fall in Corpus Christi, Texas. Contact George Clifton at 708-425-8531 or e-mail clifs@ameritech.net.

VC-12/VAW-12 and her sister squadrons are planning their next reunion for September in Annapolis, Md. Contact Edward Seykowski at 219-462-3636 or e-mail edseykow@juno.com.

USS RUDYERD BAY (CVE-81) and VC-77 & VC-96 will be holding their next reunion Sept. 25-28 in Norfolk, Va. Contact Alvin Mower at 909-358-0538 or Mrs. Carlos Broyles at 858-277-2819.

USS IWO JIMA Association's reunion will be Oct. 16-19 in Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Va.. For information call 866-237-3137 or e-mail yujack@megalink.net.

USS SPERRY is looking for shipmates from 1942 – 1982 for a 10th reunion. Please e-mail george-carole@modempool.com.

Auburndale reunion, noon-4p.m., Aug. 10 in Walbridge Park on Broadway in South Toledo.

Bowsher High School, Class of 1973 is planning a 30-year reunion for Nov. 29 at the Eagles in Maumee. Call Gail at 419-385-2885 or gdmikols@aol.com or Cathy at 419-385-8618.

Central Catholic High School Class of 1952 monthly luncheon the last Tuesday of each month, 12:30 p.m., Macomber Caf , 1501 Monroe St. Call Bill Cassidy, 419-385-4008. Class of 1954 class reunion, call John Keller, 419-882-7792. Class of 1967 35th reunion, call Bill Kanary, 419-536-1035. Class of 1987 call Carolyn Eaton, 419-255-2306 ext. 189 to start plans.

Cardinal Stritch High School will have their first annual Golf Outing on Aug. 16, with a shot gun start at 8 a.m. at Eagle's Landing Golf Club, 5530 Bay Shore Rd., Oregon, sponsored by the Cardinal Stritch Alumni Association. For information call the school at 419-693-0465 or Kara Pastorek at 419-475-5313.

Clay High School Class of 1955 ladies' noon lunch, last Wednesday monthly, Maumee Bay State Park dining room, 1400 Park Rd. Reservations: 419-693-1290. Class of 1963 is having their 40th reunion on Oct. 10 and 11. Come to the homecoming game on Oct. 10 followed by a party at Brenda Fondessy's barn. Dinner party on Oct. 11 at Chippewa Golf Course at 7 p.m. For more information call Joyce Hauter at 419-666-1464 or Brenda at 419-836-7478 or e-mail clay63@accesstoledo.com. Class of 1982, fall reunion; call Jim at 419-855-7522.

DeVilbiss High School Class of 1960, first Thursday each month at noon, Easy Street Caf , 822 Washington St. Call David, 419-874-1651. Third Annual Tiger Night Reunion, 7p.m.-midnight, Aug. 2. Contact Ron Thompson at 440-285-1705 or e-mail at RLT2800@aol.com.

Dundee Alumni Banquet will be Aug. 23 at Grafton Hall in Carleton, Mich. For more information call Jan Missler at 734-529-2275 or e-mail cardinalbird_2000@yahoo.com

Evergreen High School Class of 1983 is trying to locate classmates for a reunion this year. Please call Rob at 419-868-6672.

Genoa High School Class of 1982 seeks classmates for a reunion. Contact Jackie Henrich-Brown at 419-661-9626 or e-mail dogdegirl1030@aol.com or Renee Wright at 419-855-3062 or jadecat@accesstoledo.com. Class of 1993 reunion will be Aug. 23 at the Holiday Inn, Toledo. Call Heather at 419-923-4216 or e-mail hrlumbrezer@yahoo.com.

Lake High School Class of 1973 seeks classmates for reunion. Call Cyndie at 419-666-1773 or e-mail Brooke at Bstagne@UTnet.UToledo.edu. Class of 1978 is planning their 25th reunion for 6 p.m. Nov. 29 at The Boardwalk. They are still looking for classmates. Please contact Randy Gross at 419-666-5795 or Flyer144@prodigy.net.

Libbey High School Class of 1943 seeks classmates for a reunion, call 419-836-8412 or 419-726-4034. Class of 1953, send addresses to buckets@earthlink.net. Class of 1963 40th class reunion on Oct. 11 at Luke's Barn in Maumee. For information call Sharon at 419-385-6765 or 419-385-0007 or e-mail Sabh4526@aol.com.

Macomber-Whitney High School Class of 1950, 11:30 a.m. lunch the last Thursday each month at Macomber Caf , 1501 Monroe St. Seeking classmates for reunion. Call Alice at 419-475-7445, or e-mail AMM1932@aol.com. Class of 1952; call Otto, 419-385-8907.

Maumee High School Class of 1968 is planning their 35th reunion on Aug. 9, classmates who have not been contacted call Cindy Naumann at 419-897-0810. Class of 1983 20 year reunion Aug. 2 at the Pinnacle in Maumee. Call Gerald at 419-385-2568 or e-mail cchap@buckeye-express.com.

Northside Family Reunion, for people who grew up in the Bancroft/Franklin area, will be Aug. 30 at the Macomber Building, tickets are $15 or $18 at the door. Call 419-290-8525.

Old Chase School area reunion, 1-5 p.m. Aug. 9, Harbor Light Lodge F& AM 746, 3024 131st St., Point Place.

Rossford High School 60s Reunion (1960-1969), Oct. 4, DC Ranch in Perrysburg. Visit www.eteamz.com/rhs60sreunion, or call 419-666-4947. Class of 1953 50th reunion, Oct. 4 at Belmont Country Club. Information: 419-661-1977.

Scott High School Class of 1953 is looking for information on graduates for 50th reunion, Sept. 12-14. Call Allen Chabler 419-841-3311. Class of 1963 is planning 40th class reunion. Call 419-241-7372 with names and addresses of classmates.

Springfield High School Class of 1982 call Robin Slates, 419-893-2339. Class of 1983 call Terri Vargas at 419-877-0961.

St. Ann's class of 1955 Fighting Frogs Breakfast Club 2002, 11 a.m. first Sunday each month at Charlie's, 6945 Central Ave., Sylvania Twp. Call Mike 419-389-0105.

St. Hedwig Grade School all-class reunion to celebrate 100th birthday of the school. Information: 419-729-3148 or 419-729-3658.

St. John The Baptist Grade School Class of 1975 in Point Place is planning 30th reunion for 2005. Leave name and e-mail address at Classmates.com under St. John or at 19752005@yahoogroups.com. or call MaryBeth Parker at 419-385-6531.

St. Teresa School is planning a reunion for all classes, Aug. 23. Information: Bobbie Beagle at 419-478-1054 or e-mail Lovemice@msn.com.

Swanton High School Class of 1973 will have it's 30th class reunion on Aug. 8 and 9 at Centennial Terrace, 5773 Centennial Rd. For more information call Janet Ritter at 419-826-9146 or Tom Tolford at 419-867-7277.

Start High School Class of 1966 is having a reunion on Aug. 30 at the Olander Park Event Building from 6 p.m.-Midnight. For more information e-mail start66reunion@aol.com or call Yevonne at 419-531-7690. Class of 1978 is planning their 25th reunion for Aug. 16 at the Pinnacle. For more information call Joanna at 419-535-0935 or E-mail lbillius@applied.com. Class of 1983 is planning their 20th reunion for Sept. 6 at Blessed Sacrament Community Center. Go to Classmates.com or call David Akers at 419-865-8735 or DBAkersSHS1983@aol.com, or Pam Geisler-Cousino at 734-848-8579 or pamcousino2003@hotmail.com or Jesse “Skip” Matthews at 419-727-1426 or jesse.skip.matthews@att.net.

Sylvania Burnham Class of 1953 will have their 50th reunion on Sept. 13. For information call Carolyn at 419-536-7789 or Kathy at 419-856-2857.

Sylvania High School Class of 1973 will have their 30 year reunion Oct. 10-12. Contact Tracy (Thomas) Ziemke at 419-829-6463 or Baron Black at 419-841-4750.

Sylvania Northview Class of 1983 will have their 20-year reunion Aug. 8-11. For more information call Kim (Richards) Lewis at 419-882-1960. Visit Sylvania schools web-site at www.sylvanianorthview.org. Class of 1993 will have its 10-year reunion Aug. 23 at the Village Inn, 4984 North Holland-Sylvania Rd., Sylvania, starting at 7 p.m. Cover charge is $15, payable at the door. Reservations are requested, call Ron Seibel at 800-755-1185, ext. 484, or e-mail Tracy (Jensen) Sprout at tracysprout@visi.com.

Sylvania Southview Class of 1983 is planning a 20-year reunion for Aug. 7-9. For more information call Robin at 419-531-6224.

Waite High School “Golden Years Luncheon”, for all classes that have celebrated their 50th year reunion, will be Sept. 9, at the Maumee Elks. For more information call Judy at 419-693-6114. Class of 1943 ladies' luncheon third Thursday each month. Call Martha, 419-385-3295. 60th reunion will be Oct. 12 from 12:30-3 p.m. in the Wooden Indian Room at the Holiday Inn French Quarters, 10630 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg Twp. Cost is $20. Information: Gwen at 419-666-9512. Class of 1948 ladies' luncheon at 11:30 a.m. third Monday each month. Reservations: Ruth, 419-693-7800. Class of 1956, 1 p.m. third Wednesday each month, Easy Street Caf , 822 Washington St. Class of 1963 planning 40th reunion for Sept. 19-21. Information: Rick Rowland at 419-666-6610 or Karen Roscoe Ross at 419-878-3540 or www.waitehighschool.com. Class of 1993, 2003 reunion. Call K. Horvath, 419-849-2624.

Whitmer High School Class of 1982 seeks classmates for reunion. Call Mary, 419-867-8442. Class of 1983 planning 20th reunion. Send name and address to jkkrix@hotmail.com or call Kelli Baker Krix at 419-861-7352.

Whitney Class of 1973 is having a 30-year reunion on Aug. 16. Information: Jude Fackleman at 419-882-2136 or e-mail Mary Brown at whitney19732003@yahoo.com.

Woodward High School Class of 1948 will hold a luncheon at 1 p.m. Aug. 26 at Madison's on Main, 5147 South Main St., Sylvania. For reservations call Juanita at 419-878-2242. Class of 1953 seeks classmates for 50-year reunion. Contact Della at 419-385-6663. Class of 1954 planning 50th reunion for September 2004. Name and address to Gerry at 734-847-6676, Doretta at 419-474-5224 or Barb at 419-882-3567. Class of 1963 seeks classmates for a 40-year reunion on Oct. 17. Visit www.classmates.com or call 734-847-8819 or 419-476-7944. Class of 1973 30th reunion Oct. 4 in the Courtyard at the Navy Bistro. Call Linda E. at LSEdelman12@aol.com or Barney T. at 419-693-8752. You can also visit www.classmates.com.

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