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St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Michele and Jean-Yves Delisle, New Knoxville, Ohio, boy, Oct. 14.

Wendy and John Drake, Erie, girl, Friday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Kimberly and Kenneth Lee, Findlay, boy, Friday.

Juleah Coleman, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Jennifer and Howie Scally, Temperance, boy, Friday.

Toledo Hospital

Rebecca Neil, Monroe, girl, Saturday.

Sanaa Issa and Ahmad Al-Shyyab, Toledo, girl. Saturday.

Desiree Stewart, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Lakesha Amison, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Iva and Jack Brazgau, Maumee, girl, Sunday.


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations

Subway, 5840 West Central. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Do not leave back door open; this allows insects and rodents to enter. Portable ventilating fan was dusty. Fans can blow dust into food. Inspector: James Herzberg.

Blimpie's Subs & Salads, 5318 Heatherdowns. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Wipe cloths must be used in conjunction with sanitizer solution for wiping down all food contact surfaces. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Marco's Pizza, 3678 Rugby. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: No sanitizer found in three-compartment sink with dishes in process. Must be 200 ppm quat energy ammonia. Ammonia test strips needed. Ham and sausage found at 56 degrees in prep top reach in portion 52 degrees; do not use for potentially hazardous food. Meat is to be 41 degrees or less to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Brady.

Chuggy's Ice Cream, 921 Oakdale. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Observed food products stored next paint thinner. Discontinue storing chemical next to food to avoid product contamination. Inspected: Jacklyn Kistler.

Good Times Sports Bar, 5119 Jackman. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Keep all boxes kept stored 6 inches off of floor in walk-in cooler to prevent possible contamination. Label all spray bottles with name of chemical to avoid chemical contamination. Obtain sanitizer test to ensure proper amount of sanitizer is being used. Inspector: Jeff Neistadt.

Jing Chuan Restaurant, 4424 Secor. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Thoroughly clean and sanitize interior of ice machine; it has mold growth and rust deposits. Do not store drink mixes inside ice machine; this ice is for human consumption. Storing drink mixer inside machine contaminates ice. Keep all shallow pans of food covered to prevent possible contamination. Many cold holding items were being kept above 45 degrees. All cold holding items must be held at or below 45 degrees at all times to prevent microbe growth. Discard food items held above 45 degrees. Keep all boxes of food stored at least 6 inches off floor to prevent possible contamination. Inspector: All bulk food bins in dry storage area must be properly labeled with name of food product. Keep all wipe rags inside sanitizer solution in between uses. There were many wipe rags that were dirty on top of food contact surfaces. Dirty wipe rags can spread bacteria to clean food contact surfaces. Eggs were being stored above produce in walk-in cooler; eggs are a potentially hazardous food item and must be kept below produce. All employees must wear disposable gloves when handling ready-to-eat food products. Employee was seen handling pickles without gloves at time of inspection. Chicken was being stored in grocery bags at time of inspection; do not store food products in non-food-grade bags. Inspector: Neistadt.

Glassmen Hall, 610 East Broadway. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Observed hot dogs thawing out on counter. Do not thaw food out by placing it on counter. You can thaw food by placing it in refrigerator or go from freezer to cook. Employees working/preparing/cooking food must wear a hat or hairnet. Not hat or hairnet observed at time of inspection. This was noted on last inspection May 6. Gloves or utensils must be used when touching ready-to-eat foods. Hands must be washed before putting gloves on. Change gloves often. People cannot pass through kitchen and snack bar area to use restroom. Close doors, and post “do not enter” signs. People walking through kitchen can contaminate food. All opened food must be labeled with date it was opened/cooked and discard date. A 4-day discard date will be used because cooler is at 42-45 degrees; the date opened/prepared counts as day 1. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Bay View Yacht Club, 3900 North Summit. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Observed chemicals stored above single-use items. All chemicals must be stored below food and utensils to prevent contamination. Date-label food with date food is opened and with discard date. A 7-day discard date is allowed since refrigerator holds at 41 degrees. Date the food package is opened counts as day 1. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Applebees, 7360 West Central. Sylvania Township. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Mashed potatoes in hot holding were 115 degrees to 120 degrees. All potentially hazardous food must be kept at 140 degrees or above. Found three dipper wells containing serving utensils not operating. Serving utensils must be stored in running water to prevent bacteria growth. Found salad dressing cups being used as scoops in three sauces. Use ladles with handles to serve food to prevent contamination. Clean dusty vents in ceiling over salad preparation area. Inspector: Herzberg.

Subway, 4900 McCord, Sylvania. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Do not store sandwich cutting knives in sanitizer. Knives should be stored clean and dry. Inspector: Herzberg.

Budapest Restaurant, 3314 Monroe. Inspection date: Sept. 3. Violations: Date-mark all potentially hazardous foods you are holding for longer than 24 hours. Coolers are at 41 degrees or less, so restaurant can hold foods for up to 7 days including day it was prepared or opened. Cooked noodles in cooler at 60 to 61 degrees; potentially hazardous food must be held at 45 degrees or less. Inspector: Debbie Dacquisto.

Bob Evans, 6435 Centers, Springfield Township. Inspection date: Sept. 4. Violations: Cook line cooler is not holding temperature. This is a repeat violation and an ongoing problem. If cooler is not fixed or replaced upon follow up inspection, a public health order will be issued. Inspector: Heidi Sanders.

New Empire Restaurant, 6540 Centers, Springfield Township. Inspection date: Sept. 4. Violations: Thoroughly clean and oak pop nozzles. Make sure sanitizer rags are kept in sanitizer buckets at all times. Do not use three-compartment sink for food prep you must utilize a food prep sink in order to prevent contamination of food items. Inspector: Sanders.

Longfellow Elementary School, 4112 Jackman. Inspection date: Sept. 4. Violations: Facility must have a hand sink installed to ensure proper hand washing is being performed. Currently, the three-compartment sink is being used for hand washing. Inspector: Neistadt.

Recent inspections found non critical violations at:

Thai Kitchen, 1515 South Byrne. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Moe's Charcoal Grill, 1007 McCord. Inspector: Heidi Sanders.

Boston Market, 3808 Secor. Inspector: Kristine VanTilburg.

Planet Ice Cream, 5994 Lewis. Inspector: Steve Perrine.

Netty's, 1244 West Alexis. Inspector: Perrine.

Burger King, 1110 West Alexis. Inspector: Perrine.

International Boxing Club, 4480 Heatherdowns. Inspector: Brady.

Club Excess, 422 Main. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Start High School, 2100 Tremainsville. Inspector: Neistadt.

Toledo Country Club, 3949 River. Inspector: Kevin Halligan.

Bowsher High School, 3548 Detroit. Inspector: Brady.

Bunker's Place, 3505 Upton. Inspector: VanTilburg.

Caesar's, 725 Jefferson. Inspector: Daquisto.

Robert's Food & Spirits, 2633 Detroit. Inspector: Daquisto.

Ede's, 2266 Woodville. Inspector: Kistler.

Fritzie Freeze, 3217 Seaman. Inspector: Kistler.

Max & Erma's, 7060 West Central, Sylvania Township. Inspector: Herzberg.

Marco's. 5516 Dorr. Inspector: Sanders.

Kroger's, 559 East Manhattan. Inspector: Kelly Satter.

In & Out Mart, 1619 West Sylvania. Inspector: Daquisto.

Family Dollar, 1135 West Sylvania. Inspector: Daquisto.

BP Food Mart, 5760 Lewis. Inspector: Perrine.

The Original Royal Pizza, 4843 Detroit. Inspector: Perrine.

Broghs, Inc., dba Bennett Express, 5013 Bennett. Inspector: Perrine.

Sunoco Food Mart, 2515 West Laskey. Inspector: Neistadt.

Speedway, 502 Conant. Inspector: Halligan.

Bambino's Pizza, 5145 North Summit. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Central Tennis & Fitness, 5400 West Central. Inspector: Herzberg.

Sunset House Healthcare, 4020 Indian. Inspector: VanTilburg.

Sunset House Hall, 4020 Indian. Inspector: VanTilburg.

Sunset House, Sunset Court, 4020 Indian. Inspector: VanTilburg.

Kinder Care, 6367 River Crossing, Sylvania. Inspector: Herzberg.

Chopsticks Chinese, 5155 South Main, Sylvania. Inspector: Herzberg.


Beaner's Coffee, 4031 North McCord, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 4. Violations have been corrected. Inspector: Herzberg.

Holland Garden's, 6530 Angola, Springfield Township, inspected Sept. 5. A few violations are still pending from last inspection, none critical. Inspector: Sanders.

The Cooker Restaurant, 6658 Airport, Springfield Township, inspected Sept. 5. Violations have been corrected. Inspector: Sanders.

Avva's Kitchen, 7229 West Central, Sylvania Township, inspected Sept. 5. Violations have been corrected. Inspector: Herzberg.

Marathon, 6700 Sylvania, Sylvania Township, inspected Sept. 4. Violations have been corrected. Inspector: Herzberg.

Frogtown Dining, 1 Seagate, inspected Sept. 9. Violations have been corrected. Inspector: Satter.

El Vaquero, 3302 Secor, inspected Sept. 11. Violations have been corrected. Inspector: VanTilburg.

KFC, 3506 Dorr, inspected Sept. 11. A few violations are still pending from Aug. 28 inspection, none critical. Inspector: Sanders.

New Empire Restaurant, 6540 Centers, Springfield Township, inspected Sept. 11. Violations have been corrected. Inspector: Sanders.

Fortune Garden, 2040 Ottawa River, inspected Sept. 11. Violation still pending from Sept. 28 inspection, none critical. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Compass, 2465 Collingwood, inspected Sept. 12. Violations have been corrected. Inspector Dacquisto.

Kroger, 850 North McCord, inspected Sept. 8. Some violations have been corrected, a few are still pending from last inspection. Inspector: Sanders.

Recent inspections found no violations at:

South Food Mart, 440 South.

Player's Club, 3440 West Sylvania.

Central Elementary School, 7460 Central, Sylvania Township.

Holloway Elementary School, 6611 Pilliod, Springfield Township.

Springfield Jr. High School, 7701 Madison, Holland.

Mel-O-Cream, 8144 Airport, Holland.

Steak Escape, 5001 Monroe.

Value City, 5860 Lewis.



12:18 a.m. - 3635 Marine, commercial fire alarm.

12:40 a.m. - 1541 Ottawa, residential fire alarm.

12:54 a.m. - 3311 Secor, commercial fire alarm.

12:54 a.m. - 3408 West Central, commercial fire alarm.

8:23 a.m. - 418 Cumberland, structure fire.

11:27 a.m. - 1613 North Ontario, structure fire.

12:07 p.m. - 3937 Secor, commercial fire alarm.

2:54 p.m. - 3729 Twining, commercial fire alarm.

3:04 p.m. - 5146 Norwich, structure fire.

6:05 p.m. - 2716 South, auto fire.

6:09 p.m. - Dorr and North Westwood, structure fire.

6:16 p.m. - 241 Wasaon, outdoor fire.

6:21 p.m. - 2213 Cherry, commercial fire alarm.

7:55 p.m. - 2532 Lawrence, structure fire.

11:20 p.m. - 1840 Cone, auto fire.

11:36 p.m. - 3130 Glendale, structure fire.

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