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Suburban crime report

Bedford Township


Michael Kolodzaike, 8300 block of Lewis, shotguns, fax machine, and digital camera.

Norma Lengel, 6600 block of Jackman, jewelry.


Tara Bruechert, Summerfield, stereo equipment from vehicle in the 3400 block of Sterns.

Brenda Duggan, 8600 block of Mary Meadows, money, CDs, and cassettes from vehicle.

Ricky Howell, Jr., West Gramercy, Toledo, ladders from home under construction at the Black Diamond. (not on map)

Karen Sarnowski, West Dean, bicycle from the 8400 block of Jackman.



Susan Downard, 7100 block of Front, purse and contents from vehicle.

Maumee Valley Electrical Contractors, 1600 block of Holloway, attempted theft of vehicle, vehicle damaged, no items taken.

Angel Polansky, 6900 block of Angola, cellular phone from vehicle.

Speedway, 7100 block of Airport, fuel drive-off.

Jerusalem Township


Brian Harmer, 8900 block of Arquette, tools, industrial trash pump, and power washer from garage.

John Niezgoda, 11000 block of Wallace, AM/FM/CD player, electric miter saw, socket set, handicap placard, weed trimmer, inline skates, porcelain doll, grill, lantern, camp fan, and light from garage.


Bridget Batch, 11000 block of Wallace, landscaping blocks from front yard.

John Belkofer, 10200 block of Corduroy, 1993 Yamaha ATV and motorcycle from back yard, motorcycle recovered.

Jack's Supermarket, unit block of North Howard, merchandise from store.

Lake Township


Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, Perrysburg fuel drive-off.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, Perrysburg fuel drive-offs totaling over $30 on June 28 and July 13.


Crimes against children

Jeremy Tunison, Clinton, bicycle from yard in the 500 block of East Indiana.


Peter Berezuk, Crystal Lake, Ill., mini-mixer for computer presentations, computer case, camera bag, daily planner, cables, microphones, work CDs, calculators, and suitcases and contents from vehicle in the 1400 block of Reynolds; suitcases and contents recovered.

Kathleen Gardner, Daleford, Toledo, purse and contents from desk area at hospital in the 5900 block of Monclova; credit card used to make purchases over $3,000.

Dan Lawrence, 200 block of West Broadway, AM/FM/CD/MP3 in dash stereo from vehicle.

Carl Perry, Brampton, Ont., credit cards and American and Canadian money from vehicle in the 2100 block of Cass.

Gary Perry, Waterville Swanton, Swanton, AM/FM/CD stereo and CDs from vehicle in the 1400 block of Reynolds.

Nicholas Prebeg, Pierce, flag from the 2100 block of River.

Jill Streicher, Strathmoor, Toledo, AM/FM/CD stereo from the 1400 block of Reynolds.

Jennifer Yark, Cambrian, Toledo, purse and contents while at theater in the 1300 block of Conant.

Monclova Township


BP Oil, 3200 block of Briarfield, fuel drive- off.

Electric Tool & Equipment, 3600 block of Briarfield, nailers and Bosch hammer purchased with check that was returned for over $2,000.

Michael Keener, 2900 block of Estuary, golfing equipment from vehicle over $1,600.

Thomas Spitler, 3300 block of Weckerly, identity used to obtain credit card; then used to make purchases.


Auto theft

Michael Black, York, Toledo, 1976 Dodge Charger from the 2400 block of Oregon.

Crimes against children

Paige Sawyer, 500 block of East Florence, bicycle.


Burger King, 3800 block of Woodville, counterfeit bill used to make purchase.

Dorothy Keister, 2000 block of Maryland, check which was cashed.

Malcolm Meats MJC, 2600 block of Tracy, company sign from business.

SRW Maintenance, 2500 block of Woodville, storm grate from road behind store.

Christina Rodriguez, Apex, Perrysburg, purse and contents from the 2400 block of Oregon.

Timothy Schneider, West James Ridge, Millbury, stereo, CDs and case from vehicle in the 3700 block of Williston.

Sears Roebuck, 3700 block of Williston, DVD/VCR combo from store.

Todd Wells, Tracy, credit card which was used to make purchases in the 300 block of East Andrus.


Auto thefts

Melissa Cutcher, 3100 block of Beachwood, 1995 Ford Contour, recovered.

Phyllis Pozniak, Packard, Toledo, 2003 Chevrolet Blazer from the 400 block of South Fargo.


Sunmart, 2400 block of Navarre, suspect threatened robbery with suspected bomb about 3:40 a.m. July 11.


Arbors of Oregon, 900 block of Isaac, counterfeit check.

BP Oil, 3300 block of Navarre, fuel drive-off.

Kenneth Banas, Williamsville, N.Y., golf bag, clubs, and wallet and contents from golf cart in the 5500 block of Bay Shore.

Lynette Brough, Stony Ridge, wallet and contents from the 3700 block of Navarre.

Jeffrey Bryan, 3300 block of Seaman, stereo equipment from vehicle.

Alta Clark, 1100 block of Wheeling, ATM card that was used to withdraw money.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Catawba, Toledo, money from vending machine in the 2800 block of Navarre.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Catawba, Toledo, money from vending machine in the 3700 block of Navarre.

Kenneth Duty, 2800 block of Seaman, license plate from vehicle.

Michael Eades, Berry, Toledo, stereo equipment and stereos from vehicles on July 4 and July 5, from the 2800 block of Navarre.

Kathryn Felschow, 500 block of North Stadium, identity information obtained.

Lenora Hamilton, North Wynn, food stamps and money from the 1700 block of Wheeling.

Doug Herman, 300 block of Grasser, CDs from vehicle.

Chuck Hughes, North Wynn, food stamps and money from the 1700 block of Wheeling.

Connie Koch, 2200 block of Starr, purse and contents from vehicle.

Kroger, 3300 block of Navarre, suspect attempted to cash counterfeit check.

Jackie McGee, 2700 block of Arthur, personal pictures and other items from vehicle.

Meijer, 1700 block of Wheeling, merchandise from store.

Sarah Okenka, 1100 block of Wheeling, cellular phone.

Pepsi Bottling Co., Hill, Toledo, money from vending machine in the 3300 block of Navarre.

Maryjane Phelps, North Wynn, food stamps and money from the 1700 block of Wheeling.

Rodney Price, unit block of North Berlin, firewood from yard.

R&S Construction, 1800 block of Oakdale, sewer liners.

Virginia Redden, Bay Shore, checks from closed account that was used to make purchases in the 1900 block of Ashcroft.

Dave Rohm, Autokee, bicycle from the 1200 block of North Stadium.

James Saffran, 5300 block of Seaman, identity obtained to make purchases.

Sky Financial Group, El Cajon, Calif., furnace from the 2000 block of Arkansas.

Sunoco, 1800 block of Woodville, fuel drive- off.

Terry Taylor, Bryan, stereo from vehicle in the 2800 block of Randall.

Walgreen Drug Store, 2500 block of Navarre, suspect attempted to use counterfeit bill to make purchase.

Ottawa Hills


Jeff Stano, 2500 block of Talmadge, four rifles from home, recovered.


Andrea Messmer, 2700 block of Riva Ridge, bicycle.



Tina Elsass, 2100 block of Woods Hole, gas grill from yard. (not on map)

Kroger, 27300 block of Carronade, counterfeit bill used to make purchase.

Kelly Nelson, Pickle, Oregon, stereo faceplate from vehicle in the 600 block of West South Boundary.

Perrysburg Township


John Bochacenko, 7200 block of Starlawn, flag from pole.

Kevin Chadwick, Stony Ridge, subwoofers and new vehicle alarm still in box from vehicle in the 10600 block of Fremont Pike.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Catawba, Toledo, money from vending machine in the 26900 block of Eckel.

Leeann Fritch, Hickory, hot water heater from trailer in the 28100 block of Oregon.

Wilfred Herring II, 26000 block of West River, 2000 Manco go-kart from front yard.

Michael Johnson, Cass, Maumee, stereo from vehicle in the 26800 block of North Dixie.

Brad Newel, Fremont Pike, debit card that was used to make purchases of over $2,500 in the 28300 block of Oregon.

Gloria Owens, 12500 block of Fort Meigs, bicycle from yard.

Laura Pickins, 28100 block of Oregon, purchases made with check in victim's name.

Geraldine Shroyer, 28600 block of Oregon, suspect took mail that was put out for postal service to pick up.

Joshua Stanley, Douglas, Toledo, stereo from vehicle in the 26800 block of North Dixie.

Tracy Creek Apartments, 7000 block of Tracy Creek, metal flashing from building worth about $500. (not on map)

Richfield Township


Nofzinger Construction, 11200 block of West Bancroft, Swanton, numerous construction tools from trailer over $5900.


Auto theft

Buffy McCarley, 321st, Toledo, 1991 Mercury Cougar and money from the 100 block of Bacon.

Spencer Township


Mary Cason, Nebraska, clothing, pots, and pans from home in the 9300 block of Hill.

Clean Air Systems, 1700 block of Commerce, entry made into shop, unknown if items taken.

Mary Weber, 9700 block of Oak Green, entry made into shed, no items taken.


Lapoint Auto Parts, 200 block of North Crissey, 48 aluminum rims from business.

Springfield Township

Auto thefts

Cheryl Curns, Valentine, Toledo, 1992 Buick Century from the 2200 block of Perrysburg Holland, recovered.

Brenda Furrer, 6600 block of Inglewood, 1986 Pontiac, recovered.


Christina Cory, 9800 block of Oak Green, gas can from shed.

New Hope Christian Church, 2400 block of Holloway, push lawnmower and weed trimmer from shed.

Stykemain Tree Service, 9300 block of West Bancroft, four chain saws and chains from vehicle.

Crimes against children

Robert Schohn, East Woodside, bicycle from carport area in the 100 block of Daisy.


Carol Ayers, Vanhill, Toledo, wallet and contents from the 1200 block of South Holland-Sylvania; purchases made on credit card.

Brian Carlton, Stow, Ohio, TV monitor, tool tote with tools, and hammer drill/charger from vehicle in the 1200 block of Corporate.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Catawba, Toledo, money and cash converter from vending machine in the 6300 block of Garden.

Hollis Dixon, Erie, Mich., suspect selling furniture took deposit from victim and then would not allow victim to get money back or get furniture in the 6200 block of Garden.

Michael Gorski, Ossineke, Mich., cordless drill from vehicle in the 6100 block of Trust.

Debra Johnstone, Bates, Perrysburg, credit cards from purse in vehicle while paying for fuel at station in the 6900 block of Airport.

Shirley Jordan, South Berkey Southern, Swanton, cellular phone from vehicle in the 1400 block of Spring Meadows.

KCI, Lombard, Ill., drill, toolbox with tools, blower motors, and electronic bore from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall; worth over $3,100.

Aaron Maxwell, Denver, bandsaw, cordless drill, pipe wrenches, and other construction equipment from vehicle in the 1200 block of Corporate.

John McSurley, 8500 block of Royal Birkdale, cellular phone, battery/charger, radar detector, and prescription sunglasses.

Curt Musshel, 6300 block of Glenhurst, CDs in case, duffel bag, clothing, and money from vehicle.

Julie Peck, 300 block of South Centennial, paddle boat from yard, recovered.

Michael Peiffer, Red Leaf, Monclova Township, subwoofer in box and amplifier from vehicle in the 6600 block of Airport.

Elizabeth Prudy, 6300 block of Garden, CDs in case and golf clubs from vehicle.

Frederick Ratcliff, 2100 block of North McCord, military mace from vehicle.

Jason Rosenowski, 200 block West Woodside, toolbox with tools, wrench set, gas can, and jump starter from vehicle.

James Scwind, Jr., 2100 block of North McCord, CDs from vehicle.

Ryan Stevens, 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland, CD player from vehicle.

Joshua Way, 1800 block of Holloway, stereo and amplifier from vehicle.

Amy Weemes, 200 block of West Woodside, mountain bicycle from carport.

Robin Yeager, Fulton County Road 1-2, Swanton, cellular phone and prescription pills from vehicle in the 6400 Danny.

Janice Zanders, Oakfield, wallet and contents from purse in the 800 block of South McCord.

Swanton Township


Greg Schafer, 12400 block of Soul, identity to obtain credit card in Virginia and purchases made over $1,000.

David Zeigler, 13600 block of Shaffer, chain saws from shed.



Rachel Walker, Carter, CD player and CDs from vehicle in the 5800 block of Monroe.

Richard Watson, 5400 block of McGregor, ATM cards from purse that was used to make purchases over $1,000.

James Welter, 5500 block of Eagle Trace, bicycle from yard.

Sylvania Township


Russell Smith, 5200 block of West Alexis, PlayStation, money, prescriptions, trellis, and video games from home and garage.

Richard Taylor, 2200 block of St. Charles, suspects entered home while occupied by victims; confrontation between victims and suspects occurred, and suspects took victim's wallet and contents.


Anita Ambrozy, Eagle Trace, purse and contents from vehicle while at park in the 8800 block of Sylvania Metamora.

Lynda Babtak, 5700 block of Sunset Lake, jewelry from home.

Barney's, 7300 block of West Central, fuel drive-off.

Bauer Lawn Maintenance, Monclova, Maumee, two leaf blowers from trailer in the 6800 block of Carrietowne.

Mark Clair, 8900 block of Linden Lake, CD stereo from vehicle.

James Delverne, Kings Run, keys from locker at gym in the 5400 block of West Central, keys used to enter vehicle, credit cards taken from wallet and used to make purchases.

Carlos Lomena, 8900 block of Linden Lake, grill and tank from patio.

Roger Mitchell, 5000 block of Argonne, AM/FM/CD stereo and golf clubs and bag from vehicle.

George Rumman, Rilling Hill, stereo from vehicle in the 5600 block of West Central.

University of Toledo


Colgan-Davis Electric, Lance Pointe, Maumee, gas power block cutting saw from trailer at construction site in Lot 27 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.



Amanda Gillingham, 200 block of Meadow, two suspects attempted to enter home while victim was at home, no entry made.


Joe Bacon, 100 block of Elm, identity used to obtain medical treatment in Pittsburgh.

Dolores Shomody, 200 block of Parkview, checkbooks from purse and cashed.

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