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Suburban crime report

Bedford Township


Keith Whipple, 200 block of West Temperance, air compressor, and accessories from garage.


Tom Bartlett, 1500 block of Tennyson, briefcase and contents from automobile.

Alan Frosch, 300 block of Glasgow, audio equipment from automobile.

Heather Fry, 7200 block of Powlesland, bicycle.

Brian Huner, 9400 block of Valetta, copper pipe from building.

Daniel Lehr, stereo equipment from parked automobile in 7100 block of Crabb.

Brian McPeck, 30500 block of Lennox, computer case and contents from automobile.

Ryan Never, 7900 block of Case, compact discs and stereo equipment from automobile.

Casey O'Neill, 7200 block of Elmwood, stereo equipment, compact discs, in-line skates from automobile.

John Patridge, Toledo, stereo equipment from automobile parked in 7100 block of Crabb.

Debbie Roberts, 7900 block of Case, sunglasses, cash from automobile.

Michael Ruedisueli, 3500 block of Deepwood, golf bags and contents from garage.

Elizabeth Underwood, 1500 block of Indian Creek, compact discs, shoes, cooking supplies from automobile.

Dan White, 1100 block of Hackman, stereo equipment from automobile.

Jamen Winters, stereo equipment from automobile parked in 7100 block of Crabb.


Crime against children

Ron Piasecki, Danesmoor, bicycle from gas station in the 6900 block of Angola.


Shawn McCann, Fryer, vehicle parts from 1995 Jeep from the 900 block of Clark, recovered.

Lake Township


Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, Perrysburg, fuel drive-offs on Aug. 7 and 9; over $60.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive-offs on Aug. 7; over $80.


Auto theft

Jerrod Swinehart, 200 block of Sackett, 1993 Ford Bronco from alley driveway.


City of Maumee, 2100 block of Cass, pool cleaner and vacuum.

Rick Hardy, 900 block of Village Trail, scooter from shed.

Robert Hoag, 100 block of North Masters, bicycle with three wheels from shed.

Lucas County Recreation Center, 2900 block of Key, cash from softball complex offices.

Thomas Snyder, 100 block of Chesterfield, golf clubs and mountain bicycle from garage.

Crime against children

Mike Steuer, bicycle from lot while at store in 2600 block of South Detroit.


Amanda Echler, Whitehouse, wallet and contents while at restaurant in 500 block of West Dussel.

Maumee Medical Partners, 100 block of Clinton, cash from file cabinet in office.

Dennis McCarthy, Mongoose, bike from 400 block of East Wayne.

Joann Mathias, Winston, purse and contents from changing room at store in 2600 block of South Detroit.

Ohio Department of Health, portable GPS unit from company vehicle in 700 block of Colwell.

Monclova Township


James Savage, Maumee, cable saw, circular saws, air compressor, nail guns, framing gun, and various other tools from trailer at construction site in 5300 block of Weckerly.

Susan Willier, 2700 block of Albon, checkbooks, credit cards, and ID from purse.


Auto theft

James Boyer, Venice, ignition and steering column damaged in attempt to take vehicle from 400 block of Farnstead, no items taken.


Rosemary Boyer, 400 block of Farnstead, air compressor and lawn mower from garage.

Danny Domer, 500 block of East Florence, jewelry, TV, DVD player, microwave, CDs, and DVDs from home.

Tracy Mauder, 2400 block of Maryland, DVD player, video games, and DVDs from home.

Bernadette Bokerman, Waterville, check forged and used to make purchases at 2800 block of Curtice.

Douglas Jones, Pemberville, victim cashed check and was given counterfeit $100 bill at 2600 block of Woodville.

Paul Konwinski, Oregon, stereo from vehicle while at store in 2800 block of Curtice.

Mark Matuszak, Maumee, computer and DVD/TV combo from vehicle in 3700 block of Williston.



Elham Mourad, 100 block of South Berline, TV/VCR combo, money, cologne, and gym bag from home.


Kathleen Druckenmiller, 3300 block of Navarre, credit card stolen and used to make purchases.

Tina Lawson, Oak Harbor, purse and contents in 2200 block of Navarre.

Marsulex Inc., 1400 block of Ottercreek, steel tubing from company yard.

Meijer, 1700 block of South Wheeling, counterfeit payroll check cashed.

Miller's Carryout, 5700 block of Corduroy, purchases made with check from closed account.

Bonnie MoHon, 6300 block of Bayshore, wallet and contents.

Navarre Diner, 2500 block of Navarre, deposit bag and money, suspect arrested.

Path to Life, 3400 block of Navarre, keys to safe and home.

Jason Sprouse, 3300 block of Yorktown, stereo equipment, CDs, golf equipment, soccer equipment, clothes, briefcase, and contents from vehicle.

Cheryl Zielinski, 2500 block of Olivewood, three bicycles from yard.

Jack Zouchary, Maumee, campaign sign and frame at 2900 block of Navarre.



BP Gas Station, 10700 block of Fremont Pike, fuel drive-off.

Sean Cryan, 2100 block of Coe, stereo, CDs, and speakers from vehicle.

Ann Izzi, 600 block of Hunters Run, portable CD player and CD from vehicle.

Perrysburg Township


Michelle Bartlett, 28100 block of Oregon, video games and DVDs.

Lawrence Buck, 27600 block of Tracy, bucket with drywall tools from vehicle.

Kevin Chadwick, Stoney Ridge, subwoofers, amplifiers, battery backup, CDs, CD player, and speakers from vehicle at 10600 block of Fremont Pike.

DC Ranch, 25700 block of North State Rt. 25, bronze mermaid fountain from fenced area behind business.

Tiffany Oberhaus, 28100 block of Oregon, bicycle.


Auto theft

Howard Tanner, Jr. 1988 Jeep Wagoneer from hotel parking lot in 1100 block of Buck.


Janet Bowles 500 block of Bruns, leaf blower, suitcase with slide trays, and slides from garage.

Terrance Gregory, 800 block of Glenwood, cellular phone and DVD player/recorder from home.

Shelly Cerrone, Oregon, check forged and used to make purchases at 9800 block of Old U.S. 20.

John Hofner, 200 block of Bacon, CD changer and CDs from vehicle.

Kevin Kessler, Perrysburg, subwoofer box, amplifier, and CDs from vehicle at 10000 block of Meijer.

Michael Moore, Jr., Windsor, game cards from library at 700 block of Dixie; recovered.

Springfield Township


Thomas Scott 7400 block of Bancroft, air compressor and hedge trimmer from garage.


Jordan Meiring, 6600 block of Bancroft, amplifier from vehicle.

Sun Chul Moon, CD/stereo system, GPS system, camcorder, and digital camera from vehicle at 6100 block of Trust.

Rite Aid, 1500 block of McCord, forged checks.

Thomas Equipment, 9900 block of Airport, air compressor purchased with bad check.

Swanton Township


Ronald Henninger 11700 block of Sager, shotguns, hand gun, and rifles from pole barn.

Herbert Mills 1100 block of South Raab, washer, dryer, shotgun, and oak vanity from home.


Michael Casteels, Berkey, wallet and contents from camper while at campgrounds at 4900 block of South Fulton.

Spencer Township


Ann Hauden, 11500 block of Shaffer, three excavators, one recovered.

Nathan Roque, 9200 block of Old State Line, tools from garage.

Sylvania Township

Auto thefts

Kistler Ford, 5500 block of Central, 2004 Ford Cobra Mustang from lot.

Taylor Cadillac, 6100 block of Central, Kia Optima LXG, 2004 Kia Optima LXG, and 2004 Kia Optima between July 28 and Aug. 2.


Gail Heath, 4800 block of Skelly, alcohol from garage.

Clay Hepler, 4500 block of Farmington, stereo systems and cigarettes from garage and vehicle.


Tara Agosti, 8900 block of Linden, watch and assorted beads from home.

Neal Beavers, Canton, cellular phone while at pool at 5700 block of Centennial.

Edward Herzog, 7300 block of Country Commons, alcohol from garage.

Raymond Ralston, 4100 block of Robinhood, checks.

Speedway, 5400 block of Monroe, cigarettes from store.

Diane Virani, 7100 block of Cloister, money, credit cards, and gift cards from purse.



Kathleen Cook 5100 block of River Ridge, video games, DVD player, and DVD/VHS combo from home.

Don Stambaugh 7500 block of Grenlock, gold watch from home.

Sylvania Recreation Corp., 6900 block of Maplewood, register key, candy, and other items from snack area at pool.

James Young, 5800 block of Cushman, money, coins, CB scanner, and bracelet from home.


Great Lakes Federal Credit Union, 5700 block of Monroe, checks from closed account used to get cash.

Lisa Gregory, 7000 block of Apple Creek, stolen identity used to obtain credit card.

Anthony Peace, 7700 block of Westcroft, stereo player from vehicle.

Susan Rothschild, 5000 block of Green Spruce, money, wallet, and contents from vehicle.

SSOE Inc., Toledo, CD player, money, credit card, CDs, and audio cassettes from vehicle in 5200 block of Fairmeadow.

Jack Zouchary, Toledo, political sign from yard in 4100 block of McCord.

University of Toledo


Jeanne Kretz, 2800 block of West Bancroft, hanging plant from outside of room.

Washington Township


James VanVorce, 5900 block of Rounding River, entered basement through window, no items taken


Dioncio Gutierrez, 5300 block of Fortune, four-wheeler from back yard, recovered.


Auto theft

Philip Koster, 100 block of North Third, 1997 Ford Taurus, recovered.

Whiteford Township


Danny Batten, Douglasville, Ga., NASCAR clothing and paraphernalia from stand at Sunoco, 6000 block of St. Anthony. Items recovered, suspects arrested.

John Retzke, Sylvania, commercial weed cutter from home at 5900 block of Section.

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