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Real estate transfers

Sept. 1, 2004


Keith Foreman to Ethel Foreman, 1349 West Bancroft, $1,100.

Norma Alleyne to Samuel Boykin, 1733 Milburn, $52,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Vicki and Christopher Fedczuk, 519 Crystal Lake, Holland, $163,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Banas Development Corp., 4014 Coneflower, Maumee, $64,800.

Michal Nihoul to Walter and Maria Bailey, 1121 Cady, Maumee, $89,460.

Gary and Nancy Wirth to Robin Stone, 526 Durango, $76,000.

Andrew Manton to Bank of New York, trustee, 1406 Colton, $24,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Gregory and Judith Wilkerson, 1406 Colton, $14,100.

Rebecca Kisinger to James Valtin, 228 Edgerton, Waterville, $81,050.

Ronald and Janet Meyers to David and Judith Hildebrand, 414 Arcadia, $11,500.

Leonard Bitker to Nicholas Szyskowski, 2132 La France, Oregon, $35,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Mitchell Investments LLC, 927 Brewster, $8,550.

William and Ann Hayes to Melissa Buehler, 2556 106th, $92,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jessica and Leroy Mason, Jr., 6100 Thomasville Ct., Sylvania, $197,235.

Joseph Camerato to Tambra Saul, 3309 137th, $129,000.

Susan Laplant to Derek Schaedler, 1010 National, $99,900.

Marjorie Kieper to Stacy Harrison, 6052 Katherine, $128,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Shawna and Brian Lisowski, 6109 Thomasville Ct., Sylvania, $200,000.

1st Choice Builders LLC to Abraham Diaz, 1117 and 1119 Elco, Maumee, $210,000.

Clarence and Margaret Tyler to Daniel Adams-Arman and others, 4560 Torquay, $259,000.

Cambridge Fine Custom Homes LLC to Robert Sarahman, 7841 North Branch, Monclova, $260,000.

Thomas and Rebecca Szymanski to James Hill, 1321 Gettysburg, Maumee, $107,500.

Fornwald Fine Homes Inc. to Daniel and Andrea Smeltzer, 2903 Cypress Colony, $323,500.

Charles Williams to Edward and Melinda Streeter, 2552 Grelyn, $125,700.

Steven Payne to NorthRiver Development Corp., 2001 and 2003 Fredonia, $2,500.

Michael Show to Michael Show and others, 1713 Oak, $77,286.

Crystal Williams and others to Ricardo and Veronica Hicks, 7065 Joannes Way, Maumee, $45,000.

Sean and Delise Simmons to Shawn and Lavonda King, 2925 Rockwood Place, $93,700.

Gerald Malecki to Bradford Topolski, 3614 Brock, $63,000.

Heather and Steven Converse to Leukos and Katherine Goodwin, 603 Bancroft, Unit B, $1.

NorthRiver Development Corp. to Tom and Debra Sizemore, 1422 North Ontario, $400.

Residential and Agricultural

Dunbar Industries Inc. to Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Toledo, 6440 and 6460 Hill, $155,000.


Jon Matchpoint Ltd. to JQ of Hastings Ltd., 1628 Henthorne, Holland, $1,400,000.

Linda and Jonas Westrin to Jeffery and Cynthia Coleman, 3549 Bowen, $165,000.

Sept. 2, 2004


Elizabeth and Michael Way, Jr., trustees, to Cassandra Kozlowski, 5576 301st, $113,000.

James and Heather Gilmore to Krista and James McCullough, 216 Wilkshire, Waterville, $148,000.

Richard and Helen Lozano to Laura Lozano, 40 Applewood, Oregon, $150,000.

Amy Hutt to Deborah Hutt, 5059 Fleet, $73,500.

Todd Lincoln and others to Nicole and Matthew Mercurio, 5941 and 5943 Corduroy, Oregon, $169,100.

Willie Johnson to Thomas Kindl, 8161 Hidden Forest, Holland, $280,000.

Brian and Tamara Sparks to Brian Arscott and others, 1050 Martin, $174,100.

Witte Family Co. Ltd. to Kirsten Daubigny, 9949 South Blue Prairie, Whitehouse, $45,000.

Geraldine Knapik to Ann Hendel, 6148 Katherine, $118,000.

Marian Orzechowski, trustee, to John Schauff, Jr., 12411 River, Grand Rapids, $350,000.

Norman Lehmann and others to Mickey and James Ward, Jr. 4470 Giger, $35,000.

Lottie Wojciechowski to Michael Thorn, 15 West Crawford, $59,000.

Patricia Nye to Mahmoud and Hannah Girad, 3444 Donerail, $143,000.

John and Diane Dibert to Eric and Tammy Seaman, 4330 Albon, Monclova, $307,700.

Riverside Partners Group Ltd. to Michael and Lisa Suleski, 0 River, Maumee, $60,000.

Ali and Nadine Ismail to Mohammad and Nada Cheaib, 6660 Pilliod, Holland, $215,000.

Dale and Linda Piszchala to Mitzi and Kevin Butler, 1703 Eileen, $96,500.

Roger Ray to Joseph Hanley III, 1806 Pilgrim, $62,000.

Michael Handy to Denise and Roger Evans, 427 South Coy, Oregon, $122,000.

Virginia Parker and others to David Redford, 531 East Weber, $50,000.

Arthur Merrill, trustee, to Todd and Susan Lang, 3421 McGregor, $89,900.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Rebecca Hamblin, 5908 Fairhaven, $99,900.

Douglas and Linda Allman to Marc and Carol Dailey, split from 5950 Weckerly, Whitehouse, $4,500.

Darryl Robinson and others to Paul Emmitt, 319 Oconnell and 320 West Manhattan, $32,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Alex Spivak, 3824 Barleyton Circle, Sylvania, $135,000.

J. Thomas Signature Builders Ltd. to Matthew and Sara Labudda, 5816 Green Ivy, Monclova, $293,500.

Matthew and Sara Labudda to Rebecca Marshall, 2511 Berdan, $115,000.

Milo Corp. to Joshua and Melanie Dickens, 5080 Eagles Landing, Oregon, $232,500.

Kathleen Tollison to John Schauff, Jr., 12367 River, Grand Rapids, $115,000.

Ruth Edwards to Marc Young, 3038 Medford, $109,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Sallye Miyara, 7341 Captain Harbour Ct., Maumee, $35,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to William and Janis Liparoto, 912 High Pines, $54,900.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Delbert and Susan Alldaffer, 4625 Crystal Ridge West, Maumee, $33,800.

William Robinson, trustee, to Wendy Sosbe, 13410 Brindley, Swanton, $179,500.

Wachovia Bank NA, trustee, to Michael Bittel, 1139 Earl, $24,600.

Linda Read to Michelle Pommeranz, 1906 Garden Ridge, $111,237.

Jamie Wietrzykowski to Todd and Beyea Nowakowski, 5306 Harvest, $127,000.

Paul Grandsko to Lucas and Michelle Darrah, 952 Toronto, $93,500.

Judith Peat and others to Miguel and Blanca Ladriye, 3631 Beverly, $179,000.

Kathleen Fiebig to Invest Properties LLC, 3022 Isabella, $10,200.

John Elliott to Perry Hopson, 1116 Bernath Pkwy., $125,000.

Ronald Keaton to Andrew Keaton, 3435 Glynn, $91,250.

Kathy Mandracken to Richard and Ruby Stamper, 4716 Douglas, $45,900.

Romaine Stawowy to Kyungmi Roka, 2110 Willowhill, $136,000.

Barbara Rose to Adele Federman, 4223 Mockingbird, $240,000.

Kirk and Barbara Holdcroft to Michael Sousaris, 3633 Bowen, $129,000.

Gibson Waka to James Reditt, 632 West Delaware, $5,000.

Nicholas Rauh to Marcus and Christina Elliott, 2657 Boxwood, $118,000.

Wm Specialty Mortgage LLC to Radion and Marina Muratov, 230 Wasaon, $5,500.

KeyBank NA to Adel Kamal, 1047 Harding, $7,800.

Kevin and Tracy Scherry to Reloaction, 7805 Haralson Ct., Holland, $210,000.

Joseph Santa to Timothy Moore, 839 Brighton, $78,000.

J. Scott and Nancy Picklesimer to Gregory Doss, 3742 Loch Lomond, $90,000.

Helen Sirilo and others to Keven Machon, 425 West Manhattan, $50,000.

Kendalbrook Co. Inc. to Joseph and Linda Caruso, 4337 Farm Creek, Sylvania, $362,000.

Reloaction to Karen Coleman, 7805 Haralson Ct., Holland, $210,000.

Realflo Properties to Georgia Davis and others, 710 Ashwood, $18,000.

Kelly Dick, successor trustee, to Michael and Kathleen Beach, 2656 Overbrook, $130,000.

Josephine and James Spross to Dan Oswald and others, 2324 114th, $65,000.

Clayton Curtis to James and Sally Wing, 2558 Edgar, $40,000.

Margaret Harper to Jonor Ltd., 332 Batavia, $30,000.

Brian and Kristina Rieck to Molly Higgins, 340 Hidden Lake, Holland, $189,900.


David McFarland to Raymond Trzcinski, 10905 Corduroy, water slip D-47, Oregon, $2,000.

Timothy Schultz to 18 Property Holdings LLC, 3015 and 3037 Tremainsville and 3003 Wichita, $146,667.

Deerpoint Development Co to PC Court III Ltd., 5742 Park Center Ct., Unit 3, $1,009,125.

Sept. 3, 2004


Carolyn Beham to Mona Abushaban-Bahhur and Nael Bahhur, 3806 Elmhurst, $134,500.

RMC Realty Limited to Aaron Green, 355 and 357 East Streicher, $74,000.

Cheryl and William Hohl to Julita Varner, 5649 Kirkland, $132,500.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee to Gary Koepfer, 508 Crystal Lake, Holland, $162,500.

Robert Tonkel to Blackstone Building Co., 4642 Rhone, Maumee, $63,000.

Flahie Custom Homes Inc. to Shelly and Robert Parish, 5841 Green Ivy, Monclova, $316,000.

Judith and James Frusher to Valerie and Derrick Steinmiller, 238 Hargrave, $87,500.

Veronica Francis to Scott Stephenson, 4113 Newcastle, Sylvania, $100,000.

Linda Slate to Dale Sheeks, 520 Colburn, $17,000.

Sarah and Charles Reynolds to Kathy and John Harp, 1538 Charmaine, $121,000.

William Schalitz and others to Loren Streib, 7720 Manore, Neapolis, $189,000.

Ray Kimler to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 4907 Burnham, $50,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Diamond Homes, 4907 Burnham, $41,000.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee to Joe Brown Builders, Inc., 3021 Alex, Maumee, $79,000.

Citibank NA, trustee, to Mohammed Nasser, 5617 Pawnee, $65,500.

John Dumas to Trina and John Floyd, 538 Haley, Oregon, $190,000.

McGowan Northwoods, Ltd. to Jo Ann and Fouad Nassar, 4651 Fairway Lane, Sylvania, $120,000.

Pamela and Stephen Bury to Shirley and Lee Kahn, 2652 Barrington, $245,000.

Bank One to Chara and Jason Davis, 5044 and 5048 Ancil, $84,000.

Michelle and Brad Price to Timothy Shabnow, 624 Sawyer, $102,100.

Ralph Michalak to Ann Marie and William Hayes, 2905 116th, $138,700.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Home Source Construction, 2554 Cherry Lake, Sylvania, $54,900.

Westhaven Group to Michael Sanchez, 1104 Radcliffe, $51,000.

Patricia Bunn to Phyllis Bunn, 1026 Whittier, $26,000.

Nina and Conrad Sherman and others to Nina and Conrad Sherman, 3448 and 3450 142nd and 5944, 5945, 5948, 5952, 5954, and 5958 318th, $12,200.

Christal Strobel to Christal Strobel and others, 1814 Mulberry, $3,650.

Robert Bush to Erica Moore, 1335 Buckingham, $2,500.

Frenchye Latham to Frenchye Bush, 3225 Downing, $67,500.

Mark Wasylyshyn to Jeffrey Graham, 1712 Milburn, $19,000.

Ann and James Mahon to Elenita Nawrocki, 5114 Kellogg, $72,000.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Paul Horn, 3218 Otto, $10,000.

Negrin Abraham, trustee, and others to Abraham Negrin, trustee, 2436 Parliament, $35,000.


National City Bank, trustee, and others to Giammarco, Ltd., 5236 Monroe, $1,000,000.


E&C MFG. Co. Inc. to River East Economic Revitalization Corp., 304, 308, 310, 314, 316, and 328 Yondota, 47 and 48 Miami, 49 and 58 River Crest, and other property, $650,000.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Edward Johnson, Jr., 1915 Macomber and other property, $81,000.


McCarthy Builders, Inc. to Nancy Zientara and George Thabit, 6810 Monclova, Maumee, $28,900.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Pamela and Sam Maluso, 6810 Monclova, Maumee, $41,800.

Sept. 7, 2004


Suzanne Mayer to Tracy and John Koralewski, 1986 Royal Haven, $25,000.

Michele and Robert Myers, Jr., to Mary and Christopher Demecs, 440 Harvest Court, Waterville, $209,000.

Diana Dugan to Amada Avalos, 3612 Golfgate, $125,000.

Brett Chovan and others to Nicole Steele, 5226 Sanders, $95,000.

Reynolds Construction to Matthew Mason Builders, 2059 Heritage Green, Holland, $32,000.

Ronald Lukasik to Judith and David Herzig, 7773 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $139,000.

Don Kuhn Builders Inc. to Cheryl and Michael Fitzpatrick, 2517 Waterford Village, $90,000.

Christine and Garrison Lyman to Daniel Dorobek, 4819 Imperial, $155,000.

Barbara May to Lawrence Anderson, 6135 North River, Waterville, $180,000.

Connie and Bryan Legler to Wanda and Leon Coleman, 2049 Mansfield, $82,000.

David Desparois, trustee, to Thomas Jasinski, 2521 102nd, $85,500.

Kathryn Matney to Danita and Joe Krueger, 930 Pimlico, Holland, $253,000.

Regina Payne to Sharon Worley and John Snyder, 1115 Delence, $50,100.

Lori and Timothy Streichert to Andrew Jackson, 5957 Gany Mede, $102,500.

Nancy Stahl to Gloria Kellar, 2149 Delence, $70,000.

Robert Satterlee to Evangeline Reynolds, 3018 Algonquin, $114,000.

Dolores and William Osberger to Gloria Carroll, 4244 Pearson, Oregon, $220,500.

Sandra and Allen Dietz to Charles Imber, Jr., 438 Northdale, $101,900.

Rorry Collins to Kathleen Malkoski, 2589 West Village, $93,900.

Amanda Tetreau to Edward Alford, 3059 Lantern, Oregon, $122,000.

Norman Rapino to Maria and Michael Chabot, 2927 Hartman, $66,000.

Thomas Glowski to Adria Seawick, 5326 Collomore, $65,720.

Michelle and Todd Webster to Linda and Kenneth Cluckey, 1504 Michigan, Maumee, $139,800.

Aaron Kaun to Jason Kuhnke, 5403 and 5407 Gay, $105,000.

Christina and Jeremy Wilson to Harold Armstrong, 1113 and 1115 Heidelberg, $96,000.

Cynthia Swift to Timothy Jones, 1906 Gerner, Oregon, $70,300.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Melissa and Robert Tonkel, 7920 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $62,600.

Sherry and Garry Pant to Terilynn and Henry Furll, Jr., 525 Harefoote, Holland, $145,000.

Stephan Serr to Kathy and Raymond, Kott, 612 Colima, $39,000.

Daniel Haas to Charles Dennison, 5026 Bay Shore, Oregon, $103,000.

Linda and Philip Jakubowski to Michael Szuch, 11171 Beach Park, Curtice, $800.


Michael Peters to David Dobrzykowski, 5509 Glenridge, $250,000.

Alfonso Leal, Jr., to Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, 5532 Douglas, $81,300.

Robin Horvath, successor trustee, to Packo Properties, 1918 and 1920 Front, $65,000.


Gertrude Finn and others to Sharon and Thomas Strain, 12655 West Bancroft, Swanton, $310,000.

Sept. 8, 2004


Michelle and David Mosiniak to David Mosiniak, 4230 Kingsbury, $22,188.

Peggy Patchett to Angela and Wayne Patchett, 732 Prouty, $45,000.

Scott Cunningham and others to Ann Rechtine, 401 East Wayne, Maumee, and other property, $265,000.

Kevin Gyuras and others to Tammy and Robert Robinette, 3407 Indian Trail, $165,000.

Donna and Michael Katafiasz to Denise and Willie Jackson, III, 5737 Candlestick Court East, $158,620.

Mary Franckhauser to Sharyn Combs, 4529 Heather Cove Place, $173,000.

Mary and Curtis Wyrick to Catherine Oatis, 707 Tappan, Maumee, $156,000.

3M Investments to Brigitte and Stanley Radabaugh, 2217 McIntosh, Holland, $268,900.

Angeline and William Tzanakis to Laura and Daniel Burke, 4114 Kingsmoor, $145,000.

Rose Galvin to Carolyn Wielinski, 6818 Fenwyck, Maumee, $112,000.

Yi Ching Chiang and others to Jennifer Alzahabe, 4715 Tamworth, Sylvania, $159,000.

Marjorie Jacob to Catherine Boyles, 4113 Thornton, $68,500.

Merin Delucia, successor trustee, to Sara and Enedino Deleon, 1949 Olimphia, $87,900.

Judith Neuman to Michael White, 5346 Pageland, $80,000.

Erma and Cloyce Kirk, trustees, to Jay Miklovic, 3103 Colby, $105,000.

James McKenzie, Jr., and others to Amanda and Richard Tetreau, 7727 Brint, Sylvania, $256,600.

Lendorah and Francis Lendecker to Laura Swigart, 1948 Woodlore, $181,000.

Pamela and Steven Tanner to Amber Eisenmann, 1254 Crestwood, $79,900.

Tod Phillips and others to Elaina and Ivis Hernandez, 463 Thurston, $80,500.

Melvin Teall to James Mazey, 5603 310th, $71,100.

WTUS LLC to Monica Sommers, 3412 Douglas, $80,375.

Marla Copeland to Pamela and Calvin Banks, 2563 Maplewood, $55,000.

Antonia and Jesus Ybarra to Connie and Thomas Williams, 1738 Kensington, $68,000.

Craig Miller to John Derian, 3610 Wersell, $50,000.

Gloria and Travis Neeley to Mary Bartlebaugh, 4253 Albon, Monclova, $375,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Dennis Krohn, 9534 Eviedale, Sylvania, $197,000.

Scott Wendland Custom Homes Inc. to Karen Knoppow, 8433 Colt Court, Holland, $246,100.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to SAP Co., 4691 Fairway Lane, Sylvania, $115,000.

Alice Buencamino to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, 2008 The Bluffs, $198,000.

Jayna and Mark Tincher to Jerry Hutson, 1342 Crestwood, $91,800.

Banas Development Corp. to Darlene and John Zickafoose, 5829 Green Ivy Lane, Monclova, $314,000.

Nonna and Raymond Johnson to Rose and Marvin Harrell, 4310 Townhouse, Oregon, $155,000.

Mary Westrick to Karen Young, 3621 149th, $74,000.

Mary and Thomas Sherrier to N.P. Dodge, Jr., trustee, 7858 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $149,000.

Francis Auld to Tiffani Celian, 4301, 4305 Suder, $75,250.

Raymond Byers and others to Jennifer Byers, 4335 Parrakeet, $76,000.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Lula Parker, 7319 Clipper Court, Maumee, $48,800.

Cheryl and Daniel Lydey to Patricia and Jeffrey Langenderfer, 5926 Rock Hill Lane, Sylvania, $339,000.

Lillian and Nathaniel Brown to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, 611 Valleywood, $30,000.

Earma and John Algee to U.S. Bank NA, 2563 Scottwood, $56,667.

Dennis Daly to Bank One NA, trustee, 1904 Copley, $63,334.

Kim Breskow-Harner and Michael Harner to Sherlette and Anthony Hobbs, 1333 Sierra Court, $85,000.

Margaret Lawless to Angela and Mathew Bierschbach, 4333 Lowe Rd., $106,500.

Michael Reynolds to Angelique and Jack Hennessy, 3016 North Ontario, $6,000.

Patricia and John Loscudo to Christy and Michael Duhamel, 4521 Flanders Hill Court, $189,900.

Jacqueline and Edward Baum to Mohamad Elkhechen, 4723 Wickford Drive East, Sylvania, $108,000.

Christine and Mark Trombla to Metropolitan Title Company-Ohio, LLC, trustee, 7839 Dorr, $86,667.

Westhaven Group to Lisa and Monte Palazzola, 3593 Nearing Ave., $42,000.

Charles Rice to Jeffrey Jensen, 2175 Blackthorn Drive, $137,000.

Sudbury Co. to Metropolitan Title Co., trustee, 1038 Slater, $44,100.

Jennifer and Kevin Nowak to Metropolitan Title Co., trustee, 1038 Slater, $44,100.

Oneta Lancaster to Marilynn and Robert Fulton, 2620 West McCord, Sylvania, $22,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Lavella and Timika Williams, 4348 Kingsbury Ave., $85,000.

Toledo Rentals Inc. to Irma Roberts, 1220 Moore, $7,000.


Gus Sevastakis to Patricia and William Berlin, 5625 Angola, $29,000.

Sept. 9, 2004


Greg Buescher, Jr., and others to Ronnie Woodbury and others, 5916 Fallen Leaf Dr., $132,000.

Kelly Camp to Amy Hutt, 2138 Harlan, $106,700.

Daniel Burke to Jennifer Konrad, 1033 Clymena, $84,500.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Kimberly Denis-Mize and Theodore Mize, 7353 Captain Harbour Ct., Maumee, $36,900.

Rosemary and Gerald Heilman to Wilma and Dominick Ventola, 9007 Orchard Lake Rd., Holland, $510,000.

Robert Carl, Jr., to Pamela and Steven Tanner, 5538 San Paulo Dr., $150,000.

Leonard Blair, bishop of Toledo, and others to LCM Investments, Ltd., 3570 South Eber Rd., Swanton, $25,100.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Ken Mossing & Sons, 7905 Honeysuckle Dr., Maumee, $55,800.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Gerglac Properties, 8444 Kacie Lane, Monclova, $52,000.

Laurel Harris to Arelis and Jorge Palmero, 1023 Radcliffe Drive, $58,000.

Sloan Development to Infinity Group Ltd., 8254 Water Park Drive, Holland, $45,000.

Darlene Twigg to Chad Harat, 131 West Crawford Ave., $67,000.

Donna Dunlap to Pathy and Vincent Davis, 9058 Hill Avenue, Holland, $11,500.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Joan Ockuly and others, 4535 Crosstick Court, Sylvania, $119,000.

Kelly Bueltel to Eric Nelson, 4349 Tamworth, Sylvania, $216,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Deborah McCrandell, 1333 Kenyon, $70,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Tiffany Hill-Larson and Jeremiah Larson, 8339 Sycamore Woods Lane, Holland, $46,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Janine King, 6960 Clearview Cove, Holland, $182,015.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Kerri and Robert Rahman, 530 Springwood Lane, Holland, $190,082.

George Bursztynski to Kenneth Haddad, 149 West Central Ave., $21,000.

Charles Ellis, Jr., to Arnita Young, 1920 North Ontario, $44,000.

Westhaven Group to Veronica Oviedo, 538 Arden Place, $53,500.

Michigan Heritage Bank to Amy and Gregory McCance, 4523 North Haven Avenue, $86,500.

Kelly James to Janis and John Walczak, 1912 Glencove Drive, $75,000.

Jacquelyn and Wayne Bradley to Antonio Hicks and others, 231 Palmer, $20,000.

Jessie Hamilton to Keith Carpenter, 1541 Hamilton, $1,000.


Joyce and William Knauf to Kevin Molnar, 1975 Tremainsville, $100,000.


McCarthy Builders Inc. to Zenobia and Gerald Kazmier, 6810 Monclova Maumee, $28,900.

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