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Suburban Crime Reports

Bedford Township


Toby Myers, West Substation, Temperance, purse and contents from vehicle parked in the 8100 block of Secor.

Jerusalem Township


Diana Schmidlin, 100 block of North, money and prescription medication from residence. (not on map)


David Montague, 1600 block of North Curtice South, grill from yard.

Heather Riegsecker, 6400 block of Salisbury, CD player from vehicle.

Lake Township


Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, fuel drive- off, $170.

Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, fuel drive- offs, $68 total.

Terry Perry, 3600 block of Libbey, 2001 ATV and 1995 ATV from barn.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive-off, $41.

Sidelines, 3400 block of Hanley, seven 24-packs of beer from business.



Jeffrey Dawley, 1400 block of Michigan, amplifier and speakers with box from vehicle.

Brian Huddleston, 1000 block of Richland, tools from trailer.

Tracy Schafer, Onstead, Mich., several credit cards used to make purchases from the 1300 block of Ford.

Monclova Township


Bryan Nelson, 6400 block of Salisbury, stereo, speakers, and amplifier from vehicle.


Auto Theft

Sharon Kelly, Rosedale, Rossford, 1996 Jeep Cherokee from the 100 block of West Andrus.


BP gas station, 3800 block of Woodville, fuel drive-off, $25.

Donna Launder, 400 block of Oregon, gun.

Meijer gas station, 2800 block of Curtice, fuel drive-off, $26.46.



Roberta Amstutz, Coe, suede coat while at spa in the 100 block of West Indiana.

Beth El-Shamy, 600 block of Little Creek, bought item online, never received item.

Royalty, Mooney & Moses, 25500 block of Fort Meigs, wood storage racks dismantled and taken from business.

Jeffrey Swartz, Rupp, Whitehouse, gym bag and contents from men's locker area in YMCA in 13400 block of Eckel Junction.

Perrysburg Township


Edward Rose & Sons, Kalamazoo, Mich., four double hung windows from garage in the 29100 block of Tracy.

Robert Lewis, Oregon, Partner saw and Stihl saw from storage trailer in the 26600 block of Glenwood.

John Salisbury, 27600 block of Tracy, identity used to obtain cellular phone service.

Pamela Smith, 27600 block of Tracy, wood burner from side of yard, recovered.

Specialty Products & Insulation, 100 block of H, fuel credit card from vehicle.

Ricky Williams, 9600 block of Fremont Pike, grill and lawn mower from porch and shed.


Auto thefts

Timothy Hester, 6000 block of Corduroy, 1994 GMC Sonoma.

Dodi Steward, 1100 block of South Wheeling, 1991 Chrysler Lebaron, recovered.


Echo Meadows, 2900 block of Starr, money from business.

HA Investments, Sylvanwood, Sylvania, lights from business in the 2100 block of Woodville.


Natalie Cummerow, unit block of Cedarwood, gas grill and an afghan from residence.

Lois Notter, Melody, Toledo, credit cards from wallet in the 3300 block of Navarre.

Ryan Wolover, 1800 block of Byron, landscaping rocks and bushes from yard.

Providence Township


Neapolis Carry-Out, 8100 block of Main, 19 cartons of cigarettes, three bottles of Puckers; suspect apprehended. (not on map)


Auto thefts

Debbie Hathaway, Fostoria, Ohio, 1989 Plymouth Reliant from the 1100 block of Buck.

Thomas Phillip, Sr., Bowling Green, 1985 Chevy S-10 in the 500 block of Lime City.


Tara Logston, Plymouth, Toledo, cellular phone and tote bag and contents from lobby in hotel in the 1100 block of Buck.

Rossford Beverage Center, 300 block of Superior, 369 bottles of various liquor.

Springfield Township

Auto thefts

Enterprise Leasing Co., 1200 block of East Mall, 2005 Dodge Stratus.

Mary Stacy, 1800 block of Roycroft, 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass.


Erika Drake, 1100 block of Country View, men's leather-diamond watch, men's nugget watch, and two gold/diamond rings from residence.

Chad Hamlin, 2100 block of Country Trace, PlayStation 2, controllers, games, 60 DVDs, and clothing from residence.

Michele Vilardi, 6600 block of West Bancroft, purse and contents.


Jonathon Benton, 300 block of Cheswick, two subwoofers, amplifier, and AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle.

John Carter, Bohlen, Hilliard, Ohio, CD stereo from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall.

William Chadwick, Angola, leather coat from coat rack while at barber shop in the 6600 block of Airport.

Michael DeMove, West Woodside, three speakers from vehicle in the 200 block of Shrewsbury.

Bonnie Ellison, Angola, camera-cellular phone from the 7500 block of Dorr.

Joy Fore, 6200 block of Garden, 20 pills from prescription bottle in vehicle.

Fuel Mart, 8100 block of Airport, fuel drive- off.

Bonnie Kobee, 200 block of West Woodside, cellular phone from purse.

Keith Marksch, 300 block of North McCord, chain saw and rotary light from vehicle.

Sean Murray, 1800 block of North McCord, stereo and CDs from vehicle.

Christy O'Larry, 2100 block of Holloway, beagle dog.

Vanida Pratt, West Bancroft, marquis diamond ring and gold necklace by suspects in a found-money scam in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Mirtala Rodriguez, 6900 block of Oakfield, cellular phone from vehicle.

John Schaffer, 6500 block of Lincoln Green, right tail lens from vehicle.

Juanita Sengstock, 7600 block of Dorr, refrigerator and stove from residence.

Sahib Shakoor, Youngstown, rear license plate from vehicle in the 6300 block of Glenhurst.

Timothy Strayer, 400 block of South Harefoote, AM/FM/CD stereo and infant seat from vehicle.

Barry Swartzberg, 1900 block of Brent Valley, credit card information obtained and used to make computer purchases, totaling $1,435.

Brian Taylor, Bryan, Easter baskets and basketball from vehicle in the 800 block of Rall.

Swanton Township


Jacob Evans, 1800 block of Wilkins, TV, CDs with case, DVDs, video games, liquor, check, safe, and tools from residence; suspect was apprehended while being stopped for a traffic violation.


Corey Miller, 2100 block of South Berkey-Southern, CDs with cases, stereo, and wedding ring from vehicle.

Jeremy Ornatowski, 2100 block of State Rt. 295, CD stereo and CDs from vehicle.

Ray Sallows, 2100 block of South Berkey-Southern, tool box and driver's side window control from vehicle.

Jay Wade, 2100 block of State Rt. 295, CD stereo from vehicle.



Evola Music of Ohio, 5500 block of Monroe, suspect entered business and forced register open, taking $100 and damaging register.

Fricker's, 6300 block of Monroe, suspects left without paying for food and drink, $59.38.

Michelle Mowery Huffman, 6300 block of Wedgewood, portable CD player from residence.

Norbert Rausch, 5600 block of Marshall, outgoing mail with checks from mailbox.

Sylvania Township


Brown Honda, 6100 block of West Central, 25-gallon salt spreader from rear of truck, value $1,000.

Jeffery Huffman, Wickford Green, leather coat and cellular phone while at restaurant in the 4900 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Ozzie's Quick Cash, 3300 block of Hollland-Sylvania, suspect forged check and cashed over $500; suspect later attempted to cash another forged check for over $70,000.

Tina Valent, 5900 block of West Central, debit card used to make purchases.

University of Toledo

Auto theft

Carolyn Herren, Alliance, Ohio, 1996 Oldsmobile Cierra from Lot 25 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Zachary Kreft, White Pine, Sylvania, four textbooks from desk in The Crossings in 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Keith Brickner, Tiffin, CD stereo from vehicle in west parking ramp in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Peter Henry, Pacquin, CD stereo, CDs with case, and fleece coat from vehicle in Lot 23 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Julie Kirk, Lima, Ohio, Rocket card from table in cafeteria in Parks Tower in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Denise Langenkamp, New Weston, Ohio, wallet and contents from purse while in Health and Human Services Building; over $400 spent from debit card; suspect found and arrested in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Andrel Natter, 2800 block of West Bancroft, two textbooks from room in Academic Honors House in the 2800 block of West Bancroft..

Titus Turner, Cleveland, Rocket card and sweatshirt from men's locker area in the Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Adam Urban, Port Clinton, wallet and contents from pool room in Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Washington Township


Lance Hill, Moreland, Erie, Mich., license plate from boat in the 6100 block of North Summit.



Nancy Jones, 7200 block of Berridge, checks forged and cashed, total $4,310.

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