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The Weekly Record: Michigan

Monroe County

Mercy Memorial Hospital


Ada and Michael Finley, Monroe, girl.

Sarah Badgley and Derrick Fostgate, Monroe, boy.

Jan Robert Maciejewski, Monroe, boy.

Kristie and Jason Miller, Ida, boy.

Carrie and Jason Schuon, Monroe, girl.

Jill and John VanWasshenova, South Rockwood, boy.

Auditor's Office

Real Estate Transfers

Luna Pier

James and Heather Olson to James Olson, 4615 N 3rd, Dec. 30, divorce.

Federal National Mortgage to Allison Turner, 10629 Northern, Dec. 29, $51,000, foreclosurer.

John and Patti Cureton to Midwest Mortgage Specialists, 4342 S 10th, Dec. 23, sheriff deed.

Thomas and Deborah Kennedy to US Bank N.A., 4355 S 9th, Dec. 16, sheriff deed.

John and Evelyn Hartwig to Carl Witfoth, 4355 S 7th, Dec. 16, $30,000, ratio.


Harold Heath to City of Milan, vacant, Dec. 29, conventional quit claim.

Douglas and Leslie Hoffman to Leslie and Sondra Ferenczy, 340 Wabash, Dec. 23, family sale.

Juan and Jennifer Bolanos to Lisa Corell, 397 Riverbend, Dec. 17, $95,900, conventional warranty deed.

Hometown Development Co to Briget Petroniero, 612 Sarah, Dec. 16, $182,450, new construction.

Dino Koukoumtzis to Steven Stamper, 434 Riverbend, Dec. 15, $93,000, conventional warranty deed.

Bardav L.L.C. to Sally Ward, 720 Blue Bird, Dec. 6, $56,000, conventional warranty deed.

Milan Township

Gerald and Virginia Sweet to Gerald Sweet Trust, 16821 Couper, Dec. 29, trust.

Richard and Dawn Zornow to David and Wendy Paul, 11172 Far, Dec. 28, $148,250, conventional warranty deed.

Carolyn Rose and Sandra Bergman to Thomas McGettigan, 11930 Dennison, Dec. 27, $22,500, ratio.

Lee and Judy Tyree to Karen Bailey, 17780 Sherman, Dec. 17, $115,000, conventional warranty deed.

Andrew and Cari Robottaro to Billy Lesley, 7023 Lenawee County Line, Dec. 15, $165,000, conventional warranty deed.

Holnam Inc to Star Properties S Carolina, 8901 N N Ann Arbor, Dec. 15, $450,000, conventional warranty deed.

Sharon McMurray to James Sr and Sharon McMurray, Dec. 10, conventional quit claim.


Clayton Kipf to Randy and Sonya Marlow, 929 Western, Dec. 31, $157,550, warranty deed.

Nickolas Searl to Nickolas and Kimberly Searl, 465 Maple, Dec. 31, add spouse.

Michael Dawson to Samuel and Barbara Carrabino, 1217 Riverview, Dec. 30, $147,000, warranty deed.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp to Secretary of Housing, 728 E Fourth, Dec. 30, warranty deed.

The Properties Investments, LLC to Habitat for Humanity, 529 Almyra, Dec. 30, $5,000, habitat sale.

The Properties Investments, LLC to Habitat for Humannity, Almyra, Dec. 30, $5,000, habitat sale.

County of Monroe to Habitat for Humanity, Railroad, Dec. 30, habitat sale.

Lola Pridemore to Gary and Monique Pridemore, 1103 E Front, Dec. 30, family sale.

Creative Land Design, Inc to Chris and Carolynn Herrera, 922 Fontaine, Dec. 29, $21,000, warranty deed.

Addie and Jerry Cole to Jerry Jr and Helen Cole, 1217 Franklin, Dec. 29, family sale.

Creative Land Design, Inc to Renae Kolb, 925 Fontaine, Dec. 28, $21,000, warranty deed.

Elizabeth Jackson to Yvonne Latreece Jackson, 1239 E First, Dec. 28, quit claim.

Alaire Yoas to Mark Mabry, 25 Lemerand, Dec. 28, $80,000, family sale.

Jeanne Cominess et al to Thomas Bilan, 304 Tremont, Dec. 27, $143,000, warranty deed.

Peter and Mary Rendina to Brenda Braden, 315 Borgess, Dec. 23, $150,000, payoff lc.

Brian and Heather Noland to Jennifer and Donald Noland, 525 Bentley, Dec. 23, $115,000, family sale.

Jerry Lathan to Green Tree Financial Serv., 935 E Fourth, Dec. 23, sheriff deed.

Ferdinando and Sharon Frederick to Ottaco Acceptance Inc, 1137 E Eighth, Dec. 23, sheriff deed.

Ferdinando and Sharon Frederick to Ottaco Acceptance Inc, 723 W Seventh, Dec. 23, sheriff deed.

Tracey Lynn Vacek to Jason Basile, 708 W Seventh, Dec. 22, $130,000, warranty deed.

Crosswinds Quality Homes Inc to Jerome and Lynn Killian, 409 Depot, Dec. 21, $136,095, new to roll.

Lucy Hicks and Ulysses Sweat to Lucy Clawson and Ray Sweat, 706 E Fourth, Dec. 20, trust.

Anthony and Heather Laboe to Thomas Mueller, 331 Riverview, Dec. 17, $141,000, warranty deed.

Richard and Pondora Butkin to Luanne Maciolek, 802 Harrison, Dec. 17, $113,000, warranty deed.

Kay Osgood to Therese McLaughlin and May Kurt, 917 Jerome, Dec. 17, $80,000, land contract.

Cecil and Jeanette Curry to Cecil Curry, 710 Waterloo, Dec. 17, trust.

Herbert and Marlene Voelker to Herbert and Marlene Voelker Trust, 628 Parkwood, Dec. 17, trust.

Herbert and Marlene Voelker to Herbert and Marlene Voelker Trust, 828 S Monroe, Dec. 17, trust.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Joshua Mast, 511 W Front, Dec. 17, $117,000, foreclosure.

St Joseph Cemetery Assoc Inc to Archdiocese of Detroit, Borgess, Dec. 17, quit claim.

Bogdan and Ewa Mazur to JCK Rental Properties L.L.C., 423 Washington, Dec. 16, $600,000, warranty deed.

Sandra Spiess to 716 Smith St L.L.C., 716 Smith, Dec. 16, quit claim.

John and Brenda Farris to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 1214 Maple, Dec. 16, sheriff deed.

Robert and Wendy Zenz to Mortgage Electronic Reg, 508 W Third, Dec. 16, sheriff deed.

Ruth Carrabino to Joseph Vitale, 519 E Sixth, Dec. 15, $135,000, warranty deed.

Aaron Westaway, Banae Westaway and R Monday to Roger and Dawn Monday, 1334 Michigan, Dec. 15, $15,000, ratio.

Cheryl Eighmey to Scott Johnson, 147 Godfroy, Dec. 13, personal rep.

Frank Wilhelm to Charles and Doris Evans, 607 Hollywood, Dec. 10, $145,900, warranty deed.

Frederick and Madeline Burnard to Nicholas Burnard, 403 Lavender, Dec. 10, $100,000, warranty deed.

William McIntyre Jr to Andre Sottile, 904 Hollywood, Dec. 10, $475,000, warranty deed.

Donna Overmyer to Brian Beneteau, 11 W Vine, Dec. 10, $107,500, warranty deed.

Robert Jr and Denise Lajiness to Lewis Sr and Joan Roe, 1509 E Front, Dec. 10, $169,900, payoff lc.

Philip Burns Inc to Kenneth Wickenheiser, Harbor, Dec. 10, $100,000, ratio.

Philip Burns Food Inc to Kenneth Wickenheiser, 465 Harbor, Dec. 10, $100,000, ratio.

Brian Bezeau to Rodney and Shawn Thrower, 642 Laplaisance, Dec. 9, $169,900, warranty deed.

Donald and Terri Duvall to Mortgage Electronic Registration, 318 Eastchester, Dec. 9, sheriff deed.

Kyrie Kahler to Amy Prater, 909 Crescent, Dec. 8, $193,000, warranty deed.

Helen and Steven Casto Jr to Steven Casto Jr, 810 E Fourth, Dec. 8, family sale.

Jimmie and Kathleen Flatt to Jody Cicero, 458 Riverview, Dec. 7, $165,000, warranty deed.

Jack and Lynn Bennett to Jack and Lynn Bennett Trust, 841 Scarlet Oak, Dec. 7, trust.

US Dept HUD to Brian Aichler, 812 Harbor, Dec. 7, $64,000, government sale.

Casa Villa Homes of Monroe, LLC to Earl and Helen Davidson, 905 May, Dec. 3, $142,900, new construction.

Frank and Gwenda Spreeman to Mortgage Electronic Reg, 5 Island, Dec. 2, sheriff deed.

Monroe Township

Larry Thurman to Verlyn and Devra Eisert, 926 Smith, Dec. 31, $63,600, warranty.

Education Plan Credit to Paul and Emma Jacobi, 5254 W Brookshire, Dec. 31, $381,332, warranty.

James and Barbara Runyon Trust to Charles and Christine Runyon, 838 Adams, Dec. 31, $16,000, family.

Arbie and Dorothy Rice to Matthew and Brooke Lawson, 629 W Tenth, Dec. 30, $76,362, warranty.

Marjorie Sancrainte Estate to Martha Sancrainte, 15492 Eastwood, Dec. 30, family.

Robert and Patricia Hall to Robert and Patricia Hall Trust, 6248 Dallas, Dec. 29, trust.

Robert and Judy Vanisacker to Judy Vanisacker, 7847 Forestway, Dec. 28, divorce.

Martin Kinney to Lottie Kinney Trust, 715 Rambow, Dec. 28, trust.

Scott Heinzerling to Lisa Anneberg, 7990 Lighthouse, Dec. 27, $114,900, warranty.

Ronald and Patricia Zarend to Elegant Custom Homes Inc, 879 Turnberry, Dec. 23, $79,500, warranty.

Frederick and Sharon Ferdinando to Royal American Mortgage, 830 Bacon, Dec. 23, sheriff deed.

Ralph Kendall Jr to Gordon and Lynn Smith, 4906 Southpointe, Dec. 20, $285,000, new construction.

Donald and Dorothy Klewer et al to Larry and Jean Grubb, 7798 Glenfield, Dec. 18, $67,666, quit claim.

Chirco Ventures Inc to Homes By Timbercraft Inc, 14410 Mockingbird, Dec. 17, $55,900, warranty.

Lois Holcomb to Matthew and Beth Heiden, 15579, Spruce, Dec. 17, $108,000, warranty.

Milton Hoffman Trust to Charles and Mary Bodine, 3840 E Dunbar, Dec. 17, $145,000, warranty.

Herbert and Marlene Voelker to Herbert and Marlene Voelker Trust, 5017 Northfield, Dec. 17, trust.

Dennis and Shirlene Curry to Cecil Curry Trust, Hull, Dec. 17, trust.

Herbert and Marlene Voelker to Herbert and Marlene Voelker Trust, 828 S Monroe, Dec. 17, trust.

Francis and Letha McIntosh to Glen Ohlemacher, 830 Kings Park, Dec. 16, $286,500, warranty.

Jon Terrasi to Option One Mortgage Corp, 872 Rambow, Dec. 16, sheriff deed.

Jon Swinkey to Robert Yoakum, 15226 S Telegraph, Dec. 16, sheriff deed.

Steve and Vicky Pontious to Bank One, 604 W Tenth, Dec. 16, sheriff deed.

Salvatore and Angela Maria Grippi to Don and Michelle Hulsey, 4805 Southpointe, Dec. 16, $215,000, new construction.

Sandra Spiess to 1997 South Custer L.L.C., 1997 S Custer, Dec. 16, name change only.

Douglas and Charlene Cullen to Chad Bomia, 1205 Adams, Dec. 15, $117,000, warranty.

James and Mary Lou Sullivan to Patrick and Mary Sullivan Trust, 937 St James Park, Dec. 15, trust.

Gary Osborne to Gary and Cathy Osborne, 3486 Vermont, Dec. 15, add spouse.

Lyle and Margene Angerer to Thomas and Barbara Valmassei, Dec. 14, $175,000, warranty.

James Johnson Trust to James and Frankie Johnson, 960 Westwood, Dec. 14, trust.

Basil Sitto and Barbara Hemry to Jennifer Turner, 5917 Elmwood, Dec. 10, $145,000, warranty.

Clark McManaway to Abn Amro Mortgage, 5547 Vineyard, Dec. 9, sheriff deed.

Satellite Investment Company to Homrich Env Remediation Serv, 840 Laplaisance, Dec. 8, $265,000, warranty.

Norman Randy Ansel to Casey Fillion, 7841 Forestway, Dec. 8, $224,900, new construction.

Paul and Tammi Van Aken to Elegant Custom Homes Inc, 968 Notting Hill, Dec. 3, $80,000, warranty.

Liparoto Construction, Inc to Dave and Vicki Laprad, 15320 Oak Knoll, Dec. 3, affidavit or memo.

Elegant Custom Homes Inc to James and June Crawford, 1024 Fairway, Dec. 3, $380,000, new construction.

Wilfredo and Margie Rivera to Mark Cotton Sr, 1037 Abbey, Dec. 1, $105,000, warranty.

Chirco Ventures Inc to Trademark Building Company, 4904 Tanager, Dec. 1, name change only.

Trademark Building Company to Cary and Maria Gillean, 4904 Tanager, Dec. 1, $239,000, new construction.

Mark Cotton Sr to Mark Sr and Carol Cotton, 1037 Abbey, Dec. 1, add spouse.


Norma Jobe to Cornerstone Farms L.L.C., 60 Saline, Dec. 20, $35,000, conventional warranty deed.

Gary Chatell Sr and Veronica Sancrant to Gary Sr and Veronica Chatell, 125 Wittman, Dec. 17, quit claim

Ronald Dejonghe and Patricia Murdock to Ronald Dejonghe, 292 N Division, Dec. 8, $72,000, conventional warranty deed.

Patricia Murdock to Ronald Dejonghe, 292 N Division, Dec. 8, conventional quit claim.

Raisinville Township

Aberdeen Development, LLC to Mobile Home Ranch Inc, 102 Aberdeen, Dec. 31, name change only.

Randall and Vicki Skidmore to William and Jean Dake, Exeter, Dec. 29, family sale.

Carl Jr and Jannet Werstein to Donald and Marie Werstein, 1424 Lewis, Dec. 28, $100,000, family sale.

Arnold Younglove to Ronald and Darlene Younglove, Stewart, Dec. 27, $300,000, new to roll.

James Drew and Darlene Gouls to Andrew and Lisa Migliore, 1600 S Raisinville, Dec. 22, $117,900, conventional warranty deed.

Dorothy Iott to Michael Schulte, 1288 Doty, Dec. 17, $215,500, conventional warranty deed.

Roger Raymo to Matthew and Mark Hoffman, 3826 Blohm, Dec. 10, $155,000, conventional warranty deed.

Robert Kime, Inc to Larry Brooks, 111 Aberdeen, Dec. 8, $282,475, new construction.

Jean Gearheart to Amy Herkimer, 1881 Strasburg, Dec. 3, $169,000, conventional warranty deed.

Mark and Sandra Stevens to American Equity Mortgage, 6946 W Dunbar, Dec. 2, sheriff deed.

David and Margaret Delmotte to David Delmotte, 7760 Ida East, Dec. 1, conventional warranty deed.

Summerfield Township

Gerald and Judith Jarzynski to Gerald and Judith Jarzynski Trust, 12061 Wells, Dec. 30, conventional warranty deed.

Orlie Jr and Linda Boggs to Jeffrey and Erika Larson, Wells, Dec. 28, $32,900, conventional warranty deed.

Gregory Tibbetts to Jeremy and Olivia Secord, 4070 Sylvania Petersburg, Dec. 23, $137,000, conventional warranty deed.

Gary and Barbara Murdock to George West, 18855 Deerfield, Dec. 21, $156,000, conventional warranty deed.

Victor Wright Estate to Patricia Wright, 6200 Summerfield, Dec. 21, personal rep.

Patricia Wright to Patricia and Debra Wright, 6200 Summerfield, Dec. 21, conventional quit claim.

Ted and Alice Norris to Lynne Dillon and Victor Young, 5330 Teal, Dec. 20, $268,000, conventional warranty deed.

Wells Fargo Bank to Michael and Jodi Bucher, 4044 Wells, Dec. 20, $221,500, conventional quit claim.

John and Dawn Boggs to Orlie Jr and Linda Boggs, Wells, Dec. 16, conventional quit claim.

Erwin Yape Estate to John and Denise Blatchford, 20269 Taft, Dec. 13, $140,338, conventional warranty deed.

Orlie and Linda Boggs to Nickolas and Sharon Reinhart, Morocco, Dec. 2, $32,000, conventional warranty deed.

Whiteford Township

Susan Kanavel to Shelly Hashley, 6328 Orchard Grove, Dec. 29, $47,000, conventional warranty deed.

Worthy and Jennie White to Tina Hill, 6710 Samaria, Dec. 29, $167,000, conventional warranty deed.

Thomas and Joyce Coulter to Dean and Deborah Coulter, Beck, Dec. 23, family sale.

Dorothy Bischoff to Michael and Deborah Iott, Turk, Dec. 22, $100,000, new to roll.

Robert Barnes to Matthew Hopper, 7920 W Samaria, Dec. 16, $99,000, conventional warranty deed.

Frances Turk to Walter and Ruby Turk, 7971 Turk, Dec. 15, $37,000, family sale.

Joann Houser to Brenda Bates and Gene Houser, 6647 Muller, Dec. 14, family sale.

Phillip and Sharon Rea to John and Suzanne Morgan, 6485 Whiteford, Dec. 11, $175,500, conventional warranty deed.

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