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Flower Hospital

Rheanne and Michael Zam, Port Clinton, boy, Wednesday.

Katherine Mills, Temperance, boy, Tuesday.

Heather and Scott McKinney, Toledo, girl, Aug. 23.

Crystal Kruzel, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Delfina Medina, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Kelly Rauch, Toledo, twin boys, Thursday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Julie and Eric Kurfis, Perrysburg, girl, Wednesday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Crystal Hill, Walbridge, boy, Wednesday.

Toledo Hospital

Patrina Eaton-Bunkley and Richard Bunkley, Toledo, twin boys, Wednesday.

Evette El, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Jennifer Grant, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Leah Smietana, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Pamela and Kevin Friess, Riga, Mich., boy, Wednesday.

Nita and James Valentine, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Katherine and Randy Behr, Maumee, boy, Aug. 17.

Nicole and Todd Marshall, Ottawa Hills, boy, Wednesday.

Christine and Gabriel Rogers, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Allison and Jason Portala, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 25, 2005

Kristin Pflum, 25, of Toledo, sales, and Andrew Smith, 24, of Delaware, computer program analyst.

Aug. 31, 2005

Jason Eichenberg, 31, company vice president, and Valerie Meeker, 29, sales, both of Toledo.

Joseph Malcoun, 27, environmental consultant, and Caitlin Klein, 27, registered nurse, both of Ann Arbor, Mich.

Christopher Sundermeir, 29, assistant finance manager, and Natalie Pohorecki, 25, retail sales, both of Toledo.

Surron Horn, 31, student, and Lisa Francis, 36, customer service representative, both of Toledo.

Joseph Denby, 34, home improvement, and Amy Griffith, 36, both of Monroe, Mich.

Andrew Komon, 24, electrician, and Megan Dove, 21, teller, both of Toledo.

Scott Miesle, 33, self employed, and Kristy Gibson, 29, laborer, both of Toledo.

Fire alarms


2:17 a.m. 1136 West Alexis, commercial fire alarm.

4:50 a.m. 1057 Albert, auto fire.

7:05 a.m. 2125 Parkwood, commercial fire alarm.

11:09 a.m. 236 Jervis, structure fire.

12:09 p.m. 1565 South Byrne, auto fire.

12:46 p.m. 920 Secor, wires down.

12:51 p.m. 3301 West Central, wires down.

3:42 p.m. 5106 Norwich, structure fire.

7:34 p.m. 121 North Huron, commercial fire alarm.

8:02 p.m. 241 16th, commercial fire alarm.

8:35 p.m. Cass and Heatherdowns, wires down.

9:07 p.m. 4201 Heatherdowns, commercial fire alarm.

9:37 p.m. 2213 Cherry, commercial fire alarm.

Traffic injuries


8:55 a.m. 2400 block of West Sylvania. Auto of Rebecca Pushka, 20, of Jackman, Ida, Mich., and SUV of Cheri Fisher, 38, of Talbot, who was treated at St. Anne Mercy Hospital, her passenger, Angela Simon, 41, of Stahlwood, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

11:35 a.m. South and Airport. Autos of Ruth Wamhoff, 71, of Connelsville, and Gains Fane, 33, of Hamilton, who was treated at Medical University of Ohio.

2:15 p.m. Douglas and Bodette. Autos of Jane LaVoy, 53, of Douglas, and Rachel Puhl, 24, of Douglas, who was treated at St. Anne Mercy Hospital.

2:41 p.m. North Detroit and West Central. Autos of Lee Harris, 41, of Enright, and Travenus Williams, 25, of Gibralter Heights, 25, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

3:23 a.m. 5200 block of Angola. Auto of Bernicesteen King, 59, of Kingswood Trail, and van of Victoria Reed, 19, of Thad, who was treated at Flower Hospital.

5:59 p.m. Woodsdale and Spencer. SUV of Amanda Black, 25, of California, and auto of Sherry Boyce, 34, of Wilton, who was treated at Toledo Hospital, along with passenger, Thomas Boyce, 1, also of Wilton.

Crime reports


Dennis Hienean, Burger, tools and telephone.

Edward Hamp, Hoiles, personal papers and identification.

Overhead Door Co., North Detroit, tools.

Julie Moody, Sumner, computer tower.

John Smoot, Albert, TV, stereo receiver, speakers and DVD player.

Thelassia Johnson, Mercer, purse and contents.

Mark Cunningham, Heathshire, cash.

Whitmer High School, Clegg, TV, VCR and remotes.

American Cellular, Lewis, loss is undetermined.

Daimann Gilbert,Tecumseh, loss is undetermined.

Chris Jackson, Woodville, video game systems, video games and prescription medication.

Anna Slandzicki, Mulberry, wallet and contents.

Elsie Kregl, Genesee, scooter, lawn mower, leaf blower, shovel, rakes, garden tools and two bicycles.

Rebecca Flores, Brook Park, loss is undetermined.

Gerald Bollinger, Howland, loss is undetermined.

John Maziari, West Park, car stereo, saws, toolbox and tools.

Robert Chapman, Overland, DVD player, checks and personal papers.

Noah Campbell, Overland, video game system, DVD player, DVDs and ipod.

Tim Lann, Hoops, cash.

Sally Scherer, Elm, jewelry.

Goodwill Industries, Lagrange, dump truck which was later recovered.

Bohl Equipment Co., West Laskey, laptop computer.

Lock It Up Storage, Telegraph, computer monitor.

Mercy Children s Pediatric Therapy, Sunforest, loss is undetermined.

Regina VanDinter, Elsie, cash and jewelry.

Meinhart Electric, Custer, no loss.

Crystal Luman, Fremont, DVD/surround sound.

Randy Petrey, Elm, purse, cell phones and keys.

Wilfred Weatherspoon, Lagrange, two lawn mowers.

Kenneth Walker, Campbell, two shotguns, table saw, air conditioner, kerosene heater, snowblowers, air compressors, weed trimmers, lawn mower, chain saw, TV/DVD/VCR combo, and checks.

Aisha Lawrence, Manhattan, DVD player, mail, DVDs and personal papers.

Deborah Huber, Warsaw, lawn mower.

Martini Turner, Key, laptop computer.

Whales Tale Tavern, North Summit, safe, liquor and cash.

Mona Davidson, Woodland, no loss.

Dairy Mart, Lagrange, cigarettes.

Toledo Board of Education, Lawrence, no loss.

Stephanie Compos, Spencer, suitcase with clothes and shoes.

Sue Brim, Beverly, cash.

Toledo Public Schools, Hill, TV.

Toledo Public Schools/Robinson Jr. High, East Manhattan, TV.

Gary Csengeri, Milford, air compressor, jewelry, cash, and weed wacker.

Monique Ford, Winterfield, clothing and video cartridges.

LaZell s Cafe, Collingwood, cash register and guitar.

John Harris, Fulton, TVs, stereo, leather coat, DVDs, video game, and DVD player.

New Life Chruch of God in Christ, Oakwood, no loss.

William Etnridge, Yates, refrigerator, furniture, TV, and DVD player.

Teresa Williams-Foreman, Southaire, camera.

Daniel Martin, El Centro, CDs, collector coins, camera, MP3 player, gym bag and contents.

Cheryl Fugate, Gaywell, cooler, grate, anchors, turntable, and records from 3200 block of Airport.

John Vance Interiors, West Sylvania, carpet and furniture.

Holly Ochoa, Woodville, DVD player, paint gun, and diamond ring.

Lakeside Interiors, Monroe, power washer and sprayer.

Judith Walker, Tremainsville, cash and credit card.

Bahaaeloin Eltoukhi, Colburn, cash, CD changer, and jewelry.

Thomas Balduf, Harding, lawnmower.

Joanne Schock, Colburn, cable box, remote, and key.

Hotel Seagate, North Summit, toolbox and tools.

William Kolinski, Elm, lawnmower.

Citgo Gas Station, South Byrne, cigarettes.

Mareen Martin, Shirley, clothing, purses, TV, video games, video cartridges, cellular telephone, and jewelry.

Tycie Gray, South Byrne, video game and video cartridges.

Xueyan Long, South Byrne, cash.

Larry Layton, East Central, computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, microwave, air conditioner, shoes, and food


Debra Cook, of Toledo, purse and contents by man who pushed her down in the 1700 block of Navarre about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

In & Out Mart, Tremainsville, cash from clerk by man about 10:36 p.m. Wednesday.

Carol Mista, of Toledo, purse and contents by man who pushed her down in the 4100 block of Layman about 2:15 a.m. Thursday.


Christie Sass, Warrington, bank card from residence.

Lasasha Goodwin, Buckingham, purse and contents from 2900 block of Glendale.

Jerome Parker, Terrace View, leather jacket, golf clubs, tools, wallet and contents from 4300 block of Monroe.

Michelle Horn, Thoman, computer, purse and contents from 200 block of Spencer.

Anthony Porter, Rockingham, tires, rims, locks, lugs, and key from auto in the 100 block of Delaware.

Lorrie Krauss, Westcastle, briefcase and contents from 3600 block of Victory.

Frames Pest Control, Rood, clothing and cellular telephone.

Mohamed Alahleal, Kingsbridge, Sylvania, rim and tires from auto in 4000 block of West Alexis.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Deepa Dasani from Haridas Dasani.

Haridas Dasani from Deepa Dasani.

Adrian Heninger from Robert Camp.

Sue Ann Rogers from Donald Rogers.

Laila Burkett from Kamel Burkett.

Laura Lennard from Brian Lennard.

Richard Smith from Deborah Smith.

Patricia Hawkins from Eric Williams.

Carrie Baxter from Jason Baxter.

Jason Baxter from Carrie Baxter.

Kathleen Condon from David Condon.

David Condon from Kathleen Condon.

Robert Johnston from Loretta Johnston.

Dennis Mulkey II from Michelle Mulkey.

Michelle Mulkey from Dennis Mulkey II.

Suzette Brooks-Gilchrist from Larry Gilchrist.

Rosemary Gonzalez from Gustavo Cruz.

Sherry Rushing from Marvin Rushing.

Marvin Rushing from Sherry Rushing.

Dischell White from Jonas Smith.

Jean Pennell from Gary Pennell.

Gary Pennell from Jean Pennell.

Kimberly Charles from Loyan Charles.

Tina Wilson from Michael Boles.

Louise Beauregard from Jesus Olvera.

Stacy Green from Maurice Green.

Michele Turnbull from John Turnbull.

Terry Young from Kendra Wyatt Young.

Kendra Wyatt Young from Terry Young.

Willie Huff from Nicole Huff.

Candace Doler from Mark Moser.

Mark Moser from Candace Doler.

Toni Montgomery from Roy Lunsford.

Matthew Albright from Jill Albright.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Ghassan Shunnar and Anna Chaaban.

Vincent Whitacre and Aimee Whitacre.


Lucas County

Howard, Nancy, 57, 3818 Berkey-Southern, cardiovascular disease.

Hoyt, Nicholas, 18, Clay Township, Ohio, accident.

Huff, Miller, 82, 961 South Reynlds, pneumonia.

Hunter, Allie, 95, 922 Wall, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hyde, Charlene, 47, 3456 Mercer, liver disease.

Hymore, Ahmed, 63, 5614 Northview, Sylvania, cancer.

Ibbotson, Patricia, 69, Perrysburg, acute acidosis.

Jabs, Ruth, 75, Walbridge, cancer.

Jackson, Sariah, 1 hour, 5960 Walnut, prematurity.

Jacob, Jeffrey, 50, 4422 Sheri, hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

Jovanovic, Peter, 70, 555 Anthony Wayne, Waterville, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Kaczmarek, Mary, 75, 5328 West Bancroft, cancer.

Kendzierski, Daniel, 70, 3005 Shoreland, pulmonary fibrosis.

Kervin, Loretta, 93, 4348 Beck, Maumee, pulmonary embolism.

Kierpaul, Monica, 84, 3501 Oakway, myocardial infarction.

Kinney, Carol, 73, Temperance, accident.

Knoblauch, Bessie, 89, Deerfield Township, Mich., myocardial infarction.

Koch, Frederick, 95, 1650 Swan Creek, coronary artery disease.

Koch, Margaret, 78, 4535 North Haven, cerebral vascular accident.

Konst, Geraldine, 97, 2001 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, aspiration pneumonia.

Kreger, William, 84, 2001 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, cancer.

Kreutzpeintner, Helen, 76, 5920 Dixon, cancer.

Krum, Helen, 93, Northwood, atrial fibrillation.

Kukulka, Walter, 88, Temperance, heart disease.

Lambert, Donald, 50, Dundee, Mich., brain lymphoma.

Lashaway, Dorothy, 95, 11107 Waterville, Whitehouse, cerebral ischemia.

Leathead, Roland, 80, 329 West St. James, Holland, cancer.

Lehman, Rosemary, 79, 1576 Slater, atherosclerosis.

Li, Peng-Tjhiong, 66, Lambertville, intracranial hypertension.

Lira, Graciela, 66, 229 South, diabetes.

Locker, John, 83, 5932 Holman, cerebral infarction.

Lofquist, Bernadine, 80, 2540 Taft, Oregon, myocardial infarction.

Long, Deana, 54, 6745 Pelton, cancer.

Long, Esther, 55, 409 Pulaski, intracranial hemorrhage.

Lopez, Jose, 60, 2750 102nd, peritonitis.

Lyburtus, Dorothy, 75, Fostoria, coronary artery disase.

Madigan, Carolyn, 87, 2936 Lutaway, leukemia.

Madsen, Perry, 46, Oak Harbor, Ohio, cancer.

Martin, Mildred, 97, 3114 Kimball, cardiovascular disease.

Martinez, Teresa, 82, 5415 Fleet, pneumonia.

Maulbetsch, Golda, 101, Lemoyne, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Mays, Maxine, 67, 1007 Bronson, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

McKenzie, William, 78, 3137 Elmont, congestive heart failure.

Micks, Jeri, 44, Delta, Ohio, cancer.

Miller, Annette, 86, 5100 Harroun, Sylvania, cancer.

Miller, Julie, 17, Castalia, Ohio, accident.

Mohn, Jack, 85, 1032 Homer, cancer.

Molnar, Norma, 88, 904 Isaac, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Mora, Robert, 76, 1722 Talbot, diabetes.

Morris, James, 71, Delta, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Moses, Edward, 81, 702 North Erie, kidney disease.

Moyer, Linda, 54, Seneca Twp, MI, myocardial infarction.

Mraz, Louis, 91, 5100 Harroun, parkinson s.

Mulvaney, Kenneth, 79, Conway, S.C., cancer.

Myers, Betty, 66, Lake City, Fla., cancer.

Nachtrieb, Ruth, 91, 5100 Harroun, pneumonia.

Newborn, Lacy, 85, 955 Garden Lake, hyperlipidemia.

Newsom, Zelma, 87, Rossford, esophageal rupture.

Nichols, Joyce, 63, Erie, Mich., cancer.

Nicholson, Rodger, 60, 511 Sandusky, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Nottage, Michael, 45, 6047 Whiteford-Center, myocardial infarction.

Oesterreich, Uwe, 50, Lambertville, coronary artery disease.

Pacely, Lottie, 88, 1229 Buckingham, accident.

Papuchike, Bessie, 88, Perrysburg, dementia.

Parks, Dennie, 78, 315 Mont Royal, Parkinsons.

Pennese, Samuel, 73, Rossford, myocardial infarction.

Pollock, Erma, 90, 2603 Eastvale, Oregon, intracranial hemorrhage.

Powell, Donald, 64, 415 Junction, cardiovascular disease.

Prince, Zulus, 68, 1638 Western, cardiovascular disease.

Pruitt, Ianthia, 52, 61 East Pearl, cirrhosis.

Puthoff, Marilyn, 73, 3516 McGregor, cancer.

Rabara, Josephine, 79, Lambertville, accident.

Raker, Lucille, 82, 1232 Wentz, congestive heart failure.

Randall, Valde, 84, Gorham Township, Ohio, accident.

Randles, James, 81, 1232 Wenz, cerebral vascular accident.

Rasmussen, Coral, 91, 6303 Dorr, stroke.

Reed, Ray, 52, Marblehead, Ohio, diverticulitis.

Reihing, Everett, 78, 1047 National, coronary artery disease.

Reisig, George, 72, Frenchtown Township, Mich., cerebral infarction.

Reynolds, Susan, 51, 2370 Castlewood, cervical cancer.

Richardson-Bey, Lorena, 87, 1125 Clarion, coronary artery disease.

Richason, Helen, 84, Lambertville, Mich., emphysema.

Rieger, Helen, 78, 3819 Pitt, cardiomyopathy.

Roberts, Patricia, 72, 2510 Walnut, cancer.

Robinson, Jr., Corey, 47 day, 2532 Plumleaf, prematurity.

Rodriguez, Dena, 54, 420 Utah, cancer.

Roemer, Margaret, 87, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., pending investigation.

Ruiz, Ernest, 55, 521 Ogden, hepatocellular carcinoma.

Sahadi, Alexander, 79, 8715 West Bancroft, suicide.

Sanders, Emma, 101, 3132 Hopewell, terminal inanition.

Sargent, Robert, 60, 3904 Leybourne, pending investigation.

Sayen, Sr., Ronald, 59, 115 Independence, pulmonary hypertension.

Schlatter, Donald, 75, 6330 Oakland, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Scott, Mary, 85, 2520 Monroe, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Shearer, Iva, 83, 4429 Fairview, cancer.

Shreve, Juanita, 74, Defiance, renal failure.

Signs, Virginia, 79, 1644 Charmaine, cerebral arterisclerosis.

Sipert, Eugene, 77, Temperance, nephrosclerosis.

Slawter, James, 44, 426 Chicago, pending investigation.

Smith, Barbara, 76, 1804 Freeman, heart disease.

Smith, Michael, 62, 612 West Central, myocardial infarction.

Sodd, William, 82, 6612 Convent, Sylvania, sepsis.

Sommers. Miriam, 79, 5026 Ottawa River, hypertension.

Spruce, Helen, 77, 4810 West Bancroft, pulmonary embolus.

Stahley, Eleanor, 81, Clarkston, Mich., coronary artery disease.

Staler, Willnetta, 85, Leesburg, Fla., coronary artery disease.

Stasiak, Florence, 100, Perrysburg, congestive heart failure.

Stone, Norman, 83, 634 Coeli, coronary artery disease.

Stovall, Larry, 54, 140 Hargrave, brain tumor.

Stroh, Erna, 96, 4638 Pickle, Oregon, accident.

Struck, Jr., John, 57, 440 East Park, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Swanson, Mamie, 99, Rossford, Alzheimer s.

Swartz, Dale, 80, Luckey, coronary artery disease.

Swigart, John, 74, 1419 Sierra, Oregon, accident.

Szilagye, Helen, 84, 4449 289th, non-hodgkins lymphoma.

Szymanowski, David, 50, 4648 Harbord, cardiovascular disease.

Tadsen, Betty, 82, Reading, Mich., accident.

Taylor, Margaret aka E. Marg., 90, 4125 King, Sylvania, Alzheimer s.

Terrill, Howard, 87, 2051 Collingwood, dementia.

Thompson, Marie, 91, 3231 Manley, Monclova, senile dementia.

Tillman, Timothy, 52, 5117 Egger, cirrhosis.

Tolhurst, Catherene, 81, Luckey, cholangiocarcinoma.

Tooman, Virginia, 82, 1306 Colburn, billiary cirrhosis.

Trace, Matthew, 49, 3609 Worden, Oregon, hepatoma.

Turnbull, Nina, 86, Temperance, Alzheimer s.

Tyler, Ceres aka Marjorie, 85, 5551 Fleet, septicemia.

Ungerer, Patricia, 52, Bowling Green, Ohio, cancer.

Van Develde, Helen, 58, Monroe, arterio cardiovascular disease.

VanVorhis, Merritt, 78, Walbridge, coronary artery disease.

Waller, Barbara, 71, Perrysburg, cerebral vascular accident.

Wannamaker, Grete, 93, 4020 Indian, cerebrovascular accident.

Webb, Gladys, 87, 3138 Enright, renal failure.

Weeks, Karen, 60, 2917 Belle Glade, cancer.

Weinman, Ida, 96, 3501 Executive, cerebral infarction.

Wheeler, Kathryn, 90, 5050 Secor, cerebral infarction.

White, Michael, 73, Monroe, cerebrovascular accident.

Whoberry, Billy, 73, 3236 Piero, cardiovascular disease.

Williams, Deborah, 37, 525 Ogden, accident.

Williams, Howard, 74, 3372 Gibralter Heights, cancer.

Williams, Jeanne, 83, Pemberville, myocardial infarction.

Williams, Josephus, 79, 3221 North Detroit, pneumonia.

Williams, Marilyn, 68, 2047 Cummings, accident.

Wilson, John, 87, 11463 Perry, Waterville, accident.

Wisegiver, Lanora, 77, Woodville, congestive heart failure.

Wright, Charles, 75, Luna Pier, Mich., sepsis.

Wright, Tiffany, 28, 814 Moore, homicide.

Wrights, Robert, 84, 5936 Fairhaven, sepsis.

Yaryan, Margaret, 89, 4030 Indian, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Young, John, 70, 3719 Lincolnshire Woods, cancer.

Zanders, Janice, 62, 6079 Manley, Maumee, accident.

Zimkowski, Betty, 86, Bedford Township, Mich., diabetes.

Zinn, Barbara, 62, 4819 Turnbridge, cancer.

Allee, Norman, 89, 1167 Shelly, coronary artery disease.

Allison, Jr., Arthur, 47, 531 East Oakland, accident.

Bannister, Christopher, 1 hour, 1214 Gretna Green, prematurity.

Barnes, Harry, 81, 1481 Oakwood, cancer.

Boden, Elizabeth, 87, 1451 Cass, Maumee, Alzheimer s.

Bohland, Donna, 61, 227 Eastwood, Oregon, adenocarcinoma.

Bonesteel, Ann, 71, 9640 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania Township, pulmonary fibrosis.

Borck, Marcella, 84, 6002 Quarrys Edge, cancer.

Cairns, Willetta, 94, Perrysburg, diabetes.

Carnicom, Terri, 8, 2060 Airport, accident.

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