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The Weekly Record: Wood County


Bowling Green

Crime reports


Christopher Deighton, 300 block Campbell Hill, cellular phone.

Nicole Correll 1500 block Clough, radar detector, CD case, CD's from auto.

Kimberly Porter, 200 block South Mercer, cellular phone charger, CD's from auto.

Cynthia Knell, 900 block North Prospect, bicycle from premises.

Robert Michalak, 1000 block North Grove, plants, yard items from premises.

Charlie Upchurch, 800 block Fifth, chairs, sign, from premises.

Municipal Court

Operating vehicle under influence

Earl Leith III, 34, Findlay, 46 days jail, 180-day license suspension, 5 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

Jorge Cortez-Chavez, 33, Bowling Green, 6 days jail, 180-day license suspension, 3 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

Alexa Hindley, 19, Bowling Green, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 3 years probation, $560 fine and costs.

Jennifer Makay, 22, Maumee, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 2 years probation, $585 fine and costs.

Timothy D. Smith, 48, Bowling Green, 3 days jail, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 3 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

Operating vehicle under influence, prohibited

alcohol content .17+

David Hausch, Jr., 20, West Unity, 3 days jail, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 3 years probation, $595 fine and costs.

Driving while intoxicated

Christine Sawyer, 21, Toledo, 3 days jail, 210-day license suspension, 5 years probation, $610 fine and costs.

Disregard of safety on highway

Terry Breece, 46, Deshler, 3 days DWI program, 2 years probation, $335 fine and costs.

Paul Olah, 21, Maumee, 3 days DWI program, 2-year probation, $335 fine and costs.

Operating vehicle under influence, no operator's license - expired operator's license

Shawn Adams, 27, Elmore, 3 days jail, 3 days DWI program, 1-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $560 fine and costs.

Wood County Hospital


Tasha Alvarado, girl, Sept. 6.

Joanne and Robert Fyfe, boy, Sept. 10.

Gracie Maldonado, girl, Sept. 11.

Jennifer and Daniel Ketcham, boy, Sept. 11.

Common Pleas Court


Garry Leonard, 36, Rossford, intervention in lieu of conviction for possession of drugs, evaluation and treatment, obtain employment, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Robert C. Pollex.

William E. Davis, 41, Toledo, identity fraud, 3 years community control, intensive supervision probation, SEARCH program, obtain employment, DNA testing, $4,075 restitution, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Reeve Kelsey.

Nathan Brogan, 18, Cygnet, receiving stolen property, escape, 1-year Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, post release control, costs. Judge Kelsey.

Richard McLain, 34, attempted receiving stolen property, receiving stolen property, criminal damaging, 17 months ODRC, post release control, costs. Judge Alan R. Mayberry.

Lynn Smith, 43, Weston, non-support of dependents, 5 years community control, 300 hours community service, comply with Child Enforcement Agency orders, obtain employment, DNA testing, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Kelsey.

Christopher Mourray, 20, Northwood, probation violation, additional 6 months community control, 9 days jail, 60 days electronic home monitoring, costs. Judge Pollex.

Richard Lonero, 56, Toledo, community control violation for non-support of dependents, 11 months ODRC, post release control, costs. Judge Kelsey.

John Heath, 27, Toledo, aggravated possession of drugs, 11 months ODRC, post release control, costs. Judge Pollex.

Probate Court

Marriage Licenses

Bradley Grose, 24, project coordinator, and Stacia Semer, 23, registered nurse, both of Perrysburg.

Robert Wiedmann, 59, instrument technician, and Deborah Lewis, 49, customer service manager, both of Walbridge.

Robert Barnhart, 33, purchasing supervisor, and Tricia Breidling, 30, accountant, both of Perrysburg.

Jayson Hines, 23, food service, and Cari Roach, 19, residential assistant, both of Bowling Green.

Ryan Sanford, 25, of Luckey, OH, micro systems specialist, and Katy Anders, 22, of West Liberty, OH, self-employed.

Gregory Ogden, 41, manager, and Sherri Orwick, 41, recruiter, both of Bowling Green.

Andrew Kee, 28, plant engineering supervisor, and Angela Tajblik, 28, job coach, both of Bowling Green.

Steven Hovis, 38, welder fabricator, and Vicky Ramsey, 42, nurse's aide, both of Bradner.

Timothy Hoddinott, 24, mechanic, and Amie Cousino, 25, homemaker, both of Northwood.

Richard Barnes, 56, certified public accountant, and Jane Bils, 55, medical technologist, both of Clarkston, Mich.

James Sheeks, 29, traffic manager, and Misty Hummel, 20, state tested nursing assistant, both of Bowling Green.

James Egan VI, 46, HVACR service technician, and Charlene Hoffman, 37, bakery manager, both of Perrysburg.

Israel Valencia, 24, and Savannah Gonzales, 18, both of Custar.

Troy Rodenberger, 29, operations manager, and Holly Coe, 24, administrative assistant, both of Perrysburg.

Nathan Bowe, 27, bank associate, and Michelle Gayton, 29, financial associate, both of Bowling Green.

Joseph Caposell, 25, of Perrysburg, carpenter, and Tina Chase, 27, of Walbridge, office administrator.

Eric Palm, 33, of Gibsonburg, night stocker, and Leala Ziebold, 22, of Jerry City, service manager.

William Zaborski, Jr., 22, window maker, and Jacqueline M. Smith, 19, item processor, both of Millbury.

Justin Miracola, 22, lube technician, and Megan Broderick, 19, both of Perrysburg.

Mark Coci, 45, registered nurse, and Laurie Van Tassel, 30, office manager, both of Rossford.

Wesley Schember II, 28, advisor, and Amy Deaton, 30, team leader, both of Marion, IL.

Thomas Hepler, 43, machine operator, and Jill Heckerman, 23, server, both of Weston.

Steven Durr, 29, restaurant manager, and Kristine Gerling, 26, server, both of Bowling Green.

Phillip Machi, 24, of Bowling Green, freelance artist/sales, and Kimberly Keckler, 23, of Bradner, teacher.

Scott Swartz, 33, plumber, and Ellen Gramza, 33, physical therapist assistant, both of Walbridge.


John J. Peokup, Jr., 73, Perrysburg, cerebral metastasis.

Edna M. Kaase, 94, of Perrysburg, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Jean Virginia Haddad, 84, of Rossford, pulmonary fibrosis.

Ronald Edwin Moore, 54, of Weston, tongue cancer.

Rachael Marie Bushey, 89, of North Baltimore, carcinoma of lung.

Sterling Lawrence Roberts, 83, of Waterville, pancreatic cancer.

Ronald C. Beckman, 61, of Luckey, myocardial infarction.

Richard Thomas Carroll, 65, of Curtice, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Mildred Sue Totty, 81, of Toledo, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Velma M. Croak, 92, of Oregon, dementia.

Phyllis Ann Smith, 78, of Sylvania Twp., dehydration.

Viola Edith Stewart, 79, of Sylvania, myelodysplastic syndrome.

Hector Carrillo, 34, of Bloomdale, pending toxicology.

Donald E. McMaster, 65, of Custar, lung cancer.

Martha P. Baird, 77, of Bowling Green, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Gladys Meyers, 97, of Toledo, hypokalemia.

Jean Elizabeth Isenbletter, 79, of Walbridge, non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Gene J. Clapsaddle, 77, of Millbury, lung cancer.

Rita M. Smith, 79, of Rossford, congestive heart failure.

Caroline Louise Jackson, 79, of Grand Rapids, aspiration pneumonia.

Marjorie L. Brueggemeier, 76, of Bowling Green, renal failure.

Mary F. Robie, 75, of Perrysburg, small cell cancer to liver.

Theresa Marie Kusina, 78, of Perrysburg, malnutrition.

Francis (Frank) Louis Kajca, 66, of Toledo, pancreatic cancer.

Merle B. Kennedy, 74, of Bowling Green, renal failure.

Kierra Shaniece Houpe, 15, of Columbus, accidental due to fracture/dislocation of neck C-2 to C-3 sustained in auto accident.

Real estate transfers

Carol Boltz to Kyle Mourdock, 618 Pasteur, Bowling Green, $145,000.

George Nagy, Jr., to Aaron Grover et al, 128 Spring, Bradner, $118,500.

Michael Waldvogel to Richard Timbers III, 25373 Thompson, Perrysburg Twp., $161,500.

Frank and Iola Coulter, trustees, to Brian and Misty Dimick, 11543 Greensburg, Portage Twp., $180,000.

Charles and Rosemary Kahle to Michael and Barbara Tarbet, 861 Sandalwood, Perrysburg, $195,000.

Michael and Jill Ganse to Dale and Beth Nowicki, 751 Creekside, Rossford, $230,000.

Aaron and Abbie Schoen to Joel and Shelby Wiskochil, 26443 Carronade, Perrysburg, $260,000.

Robert Frum to Nicole Weaver, 293 West Reed, Bowling Green, $124,000.

Vincent and Charlotte Zelenak to Richard and Carol Mitsdarfer, unit in Stonegate Condominium, Bowling Green, $157,000.

Gregory and Lisa Cole to Jennifer Humphries et al, 202 Quail, Perrysburg, $148,000.

James and Diane Frost to Frederick Andres, 993 Dixie, Rossford, $123,000.

Robert Verbon et al, to John and Linda Carter, 7282 West Lake, Perrysburg Twp., $130,000.

Saleh and Selina Rahman to John and Cheryl Hawley, 156 Eaglecrest, Perrysburg, $192,000.

Anthony and Lois Allion to Gary Brann, 507 North Main, Bloomdale, $110,000.

Access Pointe West Developers LTD to A.C. & Sons LLC, 8.28 commercial acres Fairfield, Northwood, $151,910.

Dold Homes, Inc., to Eric and Julie Douglas, 808 Longford, Bowling Green, $202,528.

Marilyn Shaffer to Sergio and Marie Aranda, 4005 Ayers, Lake Twp., $175,900.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, National Association to Lenny Francioni, 6848 Stearns, Perry Twp., $88,500.

David Thompson to Raymond Schuck et al, 947 Lafayette, Bowling Green, $235,000.

Phillip Konrad et al to Cynthia Gast, 23083 Defiance Pike, Custar, $51,000.

American Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Cobblestone Properties of Bowling Green, plat 6 inlot 7166 Stone Ridge Golf Club, Bowling Green, $104,900.

American Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Cobblestone Properties of Bowling Green, plat 6 lot 7175 Stone Ridge Golf Club, Bowling Green, $82,900.

Peter Bates to Cendant Mobility, 10379 Scarlet Oak, Perrysburg Twp., $192,300.

Cendant Mobility to Daniel Taylor, 10379 Scarlet Oak, Perrysburg Twp., $178,500.

Amy Bacon to Derek and Julie Laubenthal, 150 Windsor, Rossford, $136,000.

Howard Peterson to Jeffery Brown, 23515 Defiance Pike, Milton Twp., $87,000.

Laura Conyers to Richard Hazle, 517 East Indiana, Perrysburg, $158,000.

West Valley Development, Inc., to Gregory and Helen Odum, plat 1 lot 8 Eckel Trace, Perrysburg Twp., $46,900.

Michael Jordan et al to Nabil and Debra Shannak, 28974 White, Perrysburg Twp., $131,000.

Margaret McPherson to Loretta McPherson, 51.07 agricultural acres Bays at Cloverdale, Portage Twp., $26,360.38.

Darrell Ducat to Larry and Judith Book, 1079 Birch, Perrysburg, $149,000.

Sharon Moor to Robert and Sandra Frisch, 16654 West River, Middleton Twp., $405,000.

E. Mark Hummer to Ralph and Joyce Girkins, Little Sister Island, Perrysburg Twp., $17,500.

Bank of New York to Deborah Dukeman, 30537 Lemoyne, Walbridge, $134,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Michael Kovacs et al, plat 7 lot 98 Horseshoe Bend, Perrysburg, $38,000.

Homestead Developers LTD to John and Elizabeth Jackowski, plat 3 lot 75 Falls at Rivers Edge, Perrysburg, $48,000.

Homestead Developers LTD to Ronald and Helen Ulrich, plat 2 lot 46 Falls at Rivers Edge, Perrysburg, $37,000.

Timbercreek Builders & Developers, Inc., to Jogelyn Joven, 1942 Lakewood, Lake Twp., $164,900.

Jo Ann Trott, trustee, to Gary Stratmann, inlot 5218 Monroe, Bowling Green, $37,000.

Mervin E. Snyder Estate to Latcha, Inc., 23470 Lemoyne, Troy Twp., $22,400.

Ronald and Deborah Dielman to Jason Watkins, 140 Birchdale, Perrysburg, $187,500.

Douglas and Tina Cassavar to Michael Mulhall, 15600 Van Tassel, Weston Twp., $138,500.

Thomas Lemmerbrock et al to Edwin and Phyllis Aufdenkamp, 1060 Clark, Bowling Green, $185,000.

Bonnie Brown to John and Connie Chandler, 415 Grove, Bradner, $40,000.

American Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Larry and Judith Reynolds, plat 1 lot 7365 Timber Ridge Villas, Bowling Green, $55,400.

Scott Waite et al, to Beneficial Ohio, Inc., 557 West Seventh, Perrysburg, $95,000.

Prudential Relocation, Inc., to Surasak and Rujira Sritongkul, 7452 West Lake, Perrysburg Twp., $168,000.

Sheila Minske to Prudential Relocation, Inc., 505 Glenwood, Rossford, $149,000.

Prudential Relocation, Inc., to Claudia DeMiguel, 505 Glenwood, Rossford, $149,000.

Timothy Muench et al to Prudential Relocation, Inc., 762 Heathermoor, Perrysburg, $204,500.

Prudential Relocation, Inc., to Andrew and Angela Jockett, 762 Heathermoor, Perrysburg, $204,500.

Jeffrey and Kerry Harris to Tod and Pamela King, 1257 Tricia, Perrysburg, $226,000.

Peach LLC to David and Kati Thompson, plat 1 lot 7218 Village at Middleton, Bowling Green, $55,900.

Habitat for Humanity to James Reynolds et al, 1910 Woodmore, Northwood, $63,000.

Brian and Vicki Cramer to Natalio Loera, Jr., et al, 5.89 residential acres Water, Portage, $39,500.

Michael and Kelly Baxter to Elizabeth McIntosh, 319 Wallace, Bowling Green, $134,500.

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