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The Weekly Record: Monroe County



Mercy Memorial Hospital

Janet and Michael Buxton, Monroe, girl.

Paula and Chris Collyer, Monroe, girl.

Linda and Jason Dunn, Monroe, boy.

Marisa Barboza and Gregory Goss, Monroe, girl.

Tara Tackett and William Hagen, Monroe, boy.

Monica and Philip Herman, Monroe, girl.

Michelle and Cristan Markavich, Monroe, girl.

Amy and Jason Oetjens, Monroe, boy.

Deanna and Crag Pinkelman, Monroe, girl.

Teri and Michael Scznsny, Monroe, boy.

Kerryee Wallae and Spencer Sulfridge, Monroe, boy.

Tabitha Opel and Cory Woods, Monroe, boy.

Megan Dyer and Donald Belkofer, Monroe, girl.

Sarah and John Jacobs, Monroe, girl.

Alainna Denardo and Marcus Lahna, Monroe, girl.

Noka Nunn, Monroe, boy.

Marcee and Justin Nye, Monroe, boy.

Angela and Erik Boldt, Monroe, girl.

Paula Sanders and Julian Campbell, Monroe, girl.

Teanna Wildem, Monroe, boy.

Danielle Fowler, and James Kropp, Monroe, girl.

Brenda and Eric Loose, Monroe, girl.

Jennifer Ellerbrock and Steven Yoas, Newport, girl.

Real estate transfers

Dundee Township

Dave and Cheryl Anderson to Paul Motylinski, 238 Elm, May 20, $125,610, conventional wd.

Joshua and Melanie Dickens to Danessa Garrett, 272 Caribou, May 3, $186,000, conventional wd.

Lonnie Sr and Delores Parrish to James and Laurie Wade, 13200 Dixon, May 2, $189,000, conventional wd.

Citibank NA as Trustee to Thomas and Johnna Westrick, 3330 Petersburg, May 2, $300,000, conventional wd.

Florence Fleck to Edward Jr and Martha Ruehs, 2332 Gloff, May 2, $280,000, conventional wd.

R Cook Properties Inc to Joseph Papalexis, 734 Falcon, May 2, $228,129, new construction.

Erie Township

Roy Sr and Kathleen Ruetz to Carl and Yvonne Wimpey, 8487 Suder, May 27, $58,000, conventional wd.

Pat and Corrine Linkes to Tad Cousino, Dixie, May 24, $26,000, conventional wd.

Thomas and Florence Hilkens to Thomas and Florence Hilkens Trust, 2026 Wilson, May 23, trust.

Sheila Burrington to James Burrington, 1155 Rauch, May 20, $180,000, conventional wd.

Cornelius and Patricia Crowley to Cornelius and Patricia Crowley Trust, 2756 Morin, May 20, trust.

Richard and Annette Barlow to Leslie and Kathleen Shanteau, 3087 Morin, May 6, $110,000, conventional wd.

Danny Conrad to Danny and Christine Conrad, Summit, May 6, conventional qc.

Danny Conrad to Danny and Christine Conrad, 6997 Summit, May 6, conventional qc.

Danny Conrad to Danny and Christine Conrad, Summit, May 6, conventional qc.

Danny Conrad to Danny and Christine Conrad, Summit, May 6, conventional qc.

Mask Rite Inc to Suzette Thompson, 11250 Victory, May 3, $70,000, conventional wd.

Exeter Township

Mary Pietruszka Estate to William and Janet Kennedy, Carleton West, May 19, $95,000, conventional wd.

John and Betty Leacher to Clara and Jo Ann Headley, 10743 S Stony Creek, May 9, $260,000, conventional wd.

Dennis and Shelia Pluff to Ricky and Lois Rowland, 9601 Steffas, May 4, $335,000, conventional wd.

Bobby Smith to Kevin and Irene Willard, 6036 Grant, May 2, $144,900, conventional wd.

Frenchtown Township

Ronald and Pamela Smock to Staelgraeve Properties Inc, Third, May 24, $63,000, conventional wd.

Ronald and Pamela Smock to Staelgraeve Properties Inc, Grand, May 24, $63,000, conventional wd.

Ronald and Pamela Smock to Staelgraeve Properties Inc, Third, May 24, $63,000, conventional wd.

George and Evelyn Davidson to Tony Spear, Third, May 24, $8,000, conventional wd.

Staelgraeve Properties, Inc to Caelen Jablonski, 2310 Grand, May 23, $154,400, new construction.

James and Tammie Ray to Nicholas Jr and Alisa Seccia, 3231 Fifth, May 20, $109,900, conventional wd.

Mary Christine Connor to Larry and Betty Stroud, 2400 Grand, May 19, $151,900, conventional wd.

Donelda Keenan to Donald and Hollie Feaganes, 3083 Sixth, May 19, $115,000, conventional wd.

Courtney Ansel to Richard Faryniarz, 3123 Comboni, May 19, $145,000, conventional wd.

Steven St. Bernard to Steven and Belinda St. Bernard, 3211 Meadowcrest, May 17, conventional qc.

Mahmoud Harajli to Flossie Murt, 1518 Stewart, May 13, $132,500, conventional wd.

Kenneth and Mary Ann Havekost to Kenneth and Mary Havekost Trust, N Stony Creek, May 13, trust.

Ken and Maryann Havekost to Kenneth and Mary Havekost Trust, Mentel, May 13, trust.

Kathleen Collins to Mortgage Electronic Reg Sys, 3398 Parkwood, May 12, sheriff deed.

Diane Ish to Mortgage Electronic Reg Sys, 3215 Second, May 12, sheriff deed.

James and Kay Wiseman to James Sr and Kay Wiseman Trust, 1902 Toben, May 12, trust.

James Sr and Kay Wiseman to James Sr and Kay Wiseman Trust, 2112 Toben, May 12, trust.

Bay West Development Co to Larry and Marilyn Merkle, N Monroe, May 11, $290,000, conventional wd.

Evelyn Bressler Trust to John Bressler et al, Heiss, May 10, family sale.

Evelyn Bressler Trust to John Bressler et al, Heiss, May 10, family sale.

Christopher and Julie Durocher to Allen and Julie Stein, Stewart, May 10, $65,000, new to roll.

John III and James Sonoras to James and Mary Sonoras, 3270 Lawndale, May 9, family sale.

Jason and Erin Alston to Michael and Paula Acord, 3030 Seventh, May 6, $163,000, conventional wd.

James and Debora McDaniel to James Jr and Debora McDaniel Trust, 1490 Dazarow, May 6, trust.

Pro Development, LLC to Carl and Wendy McKinney, 5303 Boomerang, May 5, $65,500, conventional wd.

David York Trust to Dolly Hamilton, 3307 Lakeview, May 4, $27,000, conventional lc.

Gary Steed to Barbara Steed, 1209 Sunset, May 4, divorce.

Bay West Development Co to James Drost, 1878 Winding Meadows, May 4, $32,000, new to roll.

Donald and Patricia Nadeau to Christopher Wozniak, 5845 Shady, May 3, $60,000, land contract payoff.

Ida Township

Janet and James Kozlowski Trust to Grant Koslowski, 8900 Albain, May 19, trust.

Ralph II and Cynthia McMichael to Cynthia McMichael, 12128 Lewis, May 12, family sale.

Kenneth Newman to Kenneth Newman Trust, 11822 Douglas, May 12, trust.

Nora Braddock Trust to Jason and Jennifer Hart, 2232 Rauch, May 10, $165,000, conventional wd.

Helen Winkelman to Eric Winkelman, 2229 Devonshire, May 6, $110,000, family sale.

LaSalle Township

Ben and Ann Dozier to Bennie and Ann Dozier, 13720 Dunlap, May 31, name change only.

Ben and Ann Dozier to Bennie and Ann Dozier, 13718 Dunlap, May 31, name change only.

Brett and Sandra Ansel to William and Joyce Poore, 6313 Ave G, May 26, $4,000, ratio.

John and Kathleen Naida to Timothy Dussia and Sally Mehall, 12945 S Dixie, May 25, $274,000, warranty deed.

Larry and Betty Stroud to Gregory and Pamela Looney, 3564 Kelly, May 19, $274,900, warranty deed.

Edward Cole Jr to Freddie and Karen Robison, 12680 B, May 16, $144,000, warranty deed.

James and Ruth Posta to Darrin and Kristen Posta, 1652 Rauch, May 10, family sale.

John and Ellen Peters to Anthony and Kelly Colaluca, Foster, May 6, $55,000, warranty deed.

Linda Porkarski to Linda Porkarski Trust, 3055 W Stein, May 6, trust.

Chase Home Finance L.L.C. to Dept of Veterans Affairs, 3548 Yargerville, May 4, foreclosurer.

London Township

Lori Zanski to Lori and John Zanski, 11790 Oelke, May 13, spouse to spouse.

Francis and Pamela Grxelak to Robert and Denise Krazel, Wanty, May 12, $115,000, conventional wd.

Jonathan and Debra Wiatr to Monroe Bank & Trust, 10660 Townsend, May 12, sheriff deed.

Danny and Lorraine Phifer to Sherrie and John Gasper, 9310 Oakville-Waltz, May 9, $195,000, conventional wd.

Michael and Sherry Merkel to Noelle Baker Coffman and John Bozelak, 11738 Tuttlehill, May 5, $220,000, new to roll.

Milan Township

Alexander and Rita Dziedzic to Rita Dziedzic et al, 11521 N Crowe, May 24, family sale.

Monroe Township

Brian and Laura Friar to Thomas and Amanda Kettinger, 14380 Cedar, May 27, $135,500, warranty.

Delton and Goldie Dennis to James Dennis, 7931 Glenfield, May 27, family.

Bay West Development Co. to Brian and Jennifer Pfeiffer, 14954 Kortney, May 25, $45,000, warranty.

Joseph Manger to Kevin Vandaele and Kimberly Tokarz, 550 Bellestri, May 23, $125,900, warranty.

Adam and Mary Thayer to Michael and Mary Duffey, 5429 Kay, May 19, $238,000, warranty.

Salvatore Romano to Indenture of Mortgage, 5262 Torrington Park, May 19, sheriff deed.

Claro and Sylvia Recto to Thomas Bondy and Michael Brewer, 1022 Abbey, May 17, $117,500, warranty.

LSLSJ Inc to Stefano Biundo and David Archer, Beachway, May 16, $40,000, warranty.

John and Mary Cron, 5775 Edgewood, May 13, warranty.

James and Pamela Pearch to Jeffrey and Dawn Kimble, 5501 Central, May 13, $176,500, warranty.

Homes by Timbercraft to Michael and Jennifer Foldvary, 14410 Cardinal, May 13, $252,039, new construction.

John and Mary Cron to Mary Cron, 5775 Edgewood, May 13, trust.

Bay West Development Co. to Lance and Kelli Riggs, 15010 Kortney, May 12, $45,000, warranty.

Penchan Poopat Trustee to Peter Smith, 14295 S Dixie, May 10, $235,000, warranty.

Timbercraft inc to Kenneth and Nancy Ross, 14371 Mockingbird, May 9, $259,900, new construction.

Michael and Sarah Gaynor to Henry and Laura Reinhardt, 5911 Parkside, May 5, $167,900, warranty.

Cheryl Marino to Jon Jennings, 731 Mulhollen, May 2, $129,000, warranty.

Beth Salow and Arthur Mueller to Arthur and Beth Mueller, 4799 Kerry, May 2, add spouse.

Raisinville Township

Dawn Williams to Jackie Wolfenbarger, 8680 Eggert, May 16, family sale.

Gregory and Linda Nisley to John and Janet Zureki, 1870 Sheick, May 13, $167,500, conventional wd.

Raymond and Hazel Rose to Ronald Lavoy, 4397 W Dunbar, May 13, $133,000, conventional wd.

Otto and Alta Hill to Neva Thomas, 8907 S Custer, May 12, $150,000, conventional wd.

Donald and Letha Pullou to Ty and Jennifer Henry, 689 Ida Maybee, May 11, $168,000, conventional wd.

Beverly Hoeszle et al to John and Beverly Hoeszle, Dixon, May 9, family sale.

Beverly Hoeszle et al to Jack and Heather Brown, Dixon, May 9, family sale.

Paul and Donna Iott to Todd and Michelle Iott, S Custer, May 6, $52,000, family sale.

Beverly Hoeszle et al to Daniel and Jeanne Ternes, Dixon, May 6, family sale.

Lonnie and Barbara Osenbaugh to Mortgage Electronic Reg Sys, 11403 Stewart, May 5, sheriff deed.

Raye and Susan Mitz to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 7022 S Custer, May 5, sheriff deed.

Summerfield Township

Lucille Hallstein to John and William Hewitt and Carol Baker, 270 Petersburg, May 5, family sale.

Whiteford Township

Richard Peters to William Bates, 405 Madison, Suite 1900, May 16, personal rep.

Walter and Ruby Turk to Walter and Ruby Turk Trust, 7971 Turk, May 12, trust.

Patrick and Shannon Clare to Patrick and Shannon Clare Trust, 5564 Consear, May 12, trust.

Joanne Butz et al to Dennis Jacobs, Head-O-Lake, May 11, $55,000, conventional wd.

Joanne Butz et al to Craig and Brenda Jacob, Head-O-Lake, May 11, $55,000, conventional wd.

Margaret Stevens to Shawn Billock, 4632 Consear, May 11, $165,000, conventional wd.

James Hasbrouck to James and Cynthia Hasbrouck, 6149 Yankee, May 5, add spouse.

Walter Jr and Ruby Turk to Michigan Materials & Aggregates, 7767 Whiteford, May 4, $230,000, conventional wd.

Lunca Pier City

Margaret Fox to Midland Agency of NW Ohio, 406 Beachwalk, May 6, affidavit or memo lc.

Rowhouse Environment, LLC to Judith Chiarelli, 703 Mackinaw, May 5, $132,710, new construction.

Sutterfield Land Company Inc to B N B Properties L.L.C., 4343 11th, May 4, $33,000, conventional wd.

Milan City

Eunice Moorhead to Mortgage Electronic Reg Sys, 499 O'Brian, May 5, sheriff deed.

Monroe City

Gary Essary to Gary and Ardis Essary, 530 Maple, May 27, add spouse.

Timothy Mistry and J Spreeman-Mistry to David and Amanda Dominique, 632 Dane, May 25, $193,212, warranty deed.

Visual Holding, LLC to James Bica II, 14 E First, May 25, $260,000, warranty deed.

Creative Land Design to Veida Coleman, 526 Kaye Lani, May 25, $146,124, new construction.

James Bica II to Monroe Bank & Trust, 14 E First, May 25, $260,000, warranty deed.

Creative Land Design, Inc to Garland Wright, 437 Baptiste, May 23, $33,500, warranty deed.

Lester and Ruth Chittum to Jodith and Richelle Nielsen, 408 Adams, May 20, $114,900, warranty deed.

Gary Hunt Jr to Erin Redmond and Paul Hinkley, 463 Michigan, May 19, $116,500, warranty deed.

Michael and Denise Chavis to Denise Chavis, 443 St Marys, May 19, divorce.

William Bacarella to High Beam Investments, 115 E Elm, May 18, $500,000, warranty deed.

Larry Weier and Sharon Montri to Sharon Montri, 431 Jerome, May 18, quit claim.

Shane Kaszyca to Christopher and Christine Trapp, 514 E Third, May 13, $147,000, warranty deed.

Daniel and Gloria Jukuri to Justin and Krista Windmeyer, 429 S Roessler, May 13, $159,900, land contract.

Ronald and Mary Stevens to Mary Stevens, 401 E Fifth, May 13, divorce.

Creative Land Design to Mary Beth Poole, 518 Kaye Lani, May 13, $139,931, new construction.

Harley III and John Kraenke to Wachovia Bank, 936 E Third, May 12, sheriff deed.

Randy Hale to Randy and Phyllis Hale, 512 E Front, May 10, add spouse.

Creative Land Design to Amata Woodruff, 530 Kaye Lani, May 9, $146,173, new construction.

Creative Land Design to Mark Totin, 502 Kaye Lani, May 6, $148,665, warranty deed.

Joseph Desloover to Mortgage Electronic Reg Sys, 1338 Riverview, May 5, sheriff deed.

Jeffrey and Traci Angel to Deutsche Bank Trust Co, 614 Arbor, May 5, sheriff deed.

Creative Land Design to Emily Yates, 510 Kaye Lani, May 5, $147,644, new construction.

Anthony Page to Judith Paris, 301 Baptiste, May 4, $208,500, warranty deed.

James and Kathy Snavely to Ronald Doolittle, 919 Wolverine, May 4, $164,900, warranty deed.

Fornwald Group, LLC to Daniel and Jay Brow, 601 Oak Hill, May 4, $65,400, new to roll.

Danielle Reynolds to Jason Wolfe and Shirley Navarre, 1203 Arbor, May 3, $144,900, warranty deed.

Charlene Vonotten to Charlene and Kevin Von Otten, 145 Riverview, May 2, add spouse.

Petersburg City

Gary and Cynthia Missler to John and Jean Anderson, 133 Madison, May 23, $120,000, conventional wd.

Robert Kindt to Timothy and Loretta Beck, Reflection, May 13, $85,000, conventional wd.

Earnest and Norma Fultz to Robert and Jennifer Myers, 112 W Elm, May 6, $140,900, conventional wd.

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