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Suburban Crime Reports



Shell, 6900 block of Angola, fuel drive-offs, $47.20.

Jerusalem Township


Robert Amonette, 1600 block of Nissen, cell phone from vehicle.

Michael Hunsicker, 10900 block of Corduroy, boat trailer from marina.

Phillip Kochanski, Jr., 7500 block of Cedar Point, 36 decoy ducks.

Lake Township


Nicole Allen, 27400 block of Tracy, four- wheel ATV from garage.

Roy Bargy, 1500 block of South Millbury, two guns from home.

Timothy Fisher, Wallbridge, steel barn, steel I-beams, and two oil furnaces from construction site at 5800 block of Woodville, suspect arrested.


Harry Bogan, Millbury, CB radio and briefcase from semi at 3600 block of Libbey.

Howard Johnson s, 3500 block of Hanley, microwave and refrigerator from room.

Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, fuel drive-off, $26.

Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, fuel drive- off, $125.

Woodbury Market, 1500 block of Woodville, two bottles of liquor.



Damian Nicholson, 1100 block of Key, 100 DVDs, eight Xbox games, and Xbox game system from home in the 300 block of West Dudley.

Kim Schriner, 100 block of Scribner, bicycle from yard.

Steve Wise, Southington, Conn., laptop and briefcase from vehicle in the 1400 block of Reynolds.

Monclova Township


Debra Sensale, 10400 block of Airport, two DVD players, PlayStation, video games, and rifle from residence.


DHL Express, 3500 block of Briarfield, items from business that were to be delivered, loss $6,752.99.



Clementine Brown, 2400 block of Luther Hills, unknown suspect snached purse from victim s arm, then fled.


M.I. Maze, 300 block of Crestway, purse and contents from home.

Michael Roughton, 100 block of North Edward, tools, generator, and hunting equipment from garage.

Erik Szymanski, 2600 block of Randall, tactical vest with nine pouches from breezeway.

Quentin Vernatter, 3100 block of Pickle, tools from garage.

Harold Yarborough, 200 block of Enos, four-wheeler from shed.


Fassett Middle School, 3000 block of Starr, football tickets, master key, and roll of dimes from office.

Edwin June, 5600 block of Seaman, cell phone.

Castle Lay, 1300 block of Broadway, purse from restaurant in the 2000 block of Woodville.

Pamela Mikolajaczyk, 1800 block of Lilias, bicycle from yard.

Alice Marie Smith, 3400 block of Lynbrooke, $50 from wallet in the 3300 block of Dustin.

Larae Taylor, 1000 block of South Wheeling, bicycle from yard.

Fred Ziegler, 100 block of South Stadium, four tires with rims from vehicle.



John Barker, 500 block of Hickory, cell phone.

Rebeca Beebe, 300 block of East Second, CD player, CDs, CD case, and $60.

Robert Coon, 400 block of East Second, money.

Thomas Downs, 400 block of East Second, no items taken.

Colleen Fisher, 400 block of East Fifth, two purses.

Joseph Pilkington, 500 East Sixth, credit card receipts missing.


Mary Depinet, 500 block of West South Boundary, Halloween decoration from yard.

Tim Foster, 400 block of East Second, garage door opener from car.

Victoria Joaquin, 25800 block of Broad, cell phone from the 26000 block of Dixie.

David Kienzle, 28300 block of River, political signs from the 26500 block of North Dixie.

Midwest Contracting, Bradner, Ohio, construction equipment from job site at 3165 Lewis Commons.

Adam Miranda, 800 block of Glenwood, cell phone from the 2100 block of South Wilkinson.

David Nunn, 500 block of East Sixth, garage door opener from car.

Billy Rohrbough, 100 block of Civic, wallet and contents from vehicle.

Lorma Wendt, 400 block of West Sixth, XM radio receiver from car.

Perrysburg Township


Betty Adams, 27600 block of Oregon, TV, computer with monitor, printer, scanner, and DVD player from residence.

San Juan Gardenas, 12300 block of Roosevelt, no items taken.


Teresa Buck, 29100 block of Hufford, 10 CDs from vehicle.

Douglas Dariano, 900 block of Bexley, wallet and contents from locker in the 27500 block of Holliday.

James Hussey, 500 block of Pinella Point, wallet and contents from locker in the 27500 block of Holliday.

Robert Phillips, 700 block of Oxborough, key card from locker in the 27500 block of Holliday.

Kurt Shroyer, 8400 block of Dowling, Honda mini-bike from garage.

Providence Township


Lorena Garmenn, 11300 block of Box, digital camera and cash from residence.

Ronald Tipton, 10500 block of Box, no items taken.


Anthony Koperski, 8300 block of Maine, four driveway reflectors and two tires cut on vehicle.

John Withrow, 13600 block of Meredith, victim s bank account information stolen and used to make purchase online.



Michael Fisher, Mount Blanchard, Ohio, license plate from vehicle in the 9500 block of Old U.S. 20.

Tonia Gerity, 800 block of Heritage, cell phone from the 8900 block of Avenue, recovered.

David Smith, 300 block of Glenwood, CB radio from vehicle.

Springfield Township


Great Party, 6400 block of Centers, skeletons, displays, and cases of Christmas merchandise from storage behind store.

Holly Farms Animal Care Center, 6700 block of West Bancroft, business ransacked, no items taken.

Lonnat Osley, 6300 block of Garden, diamond ring, diamond earrings, and diamond necklace from residence.

Jennifer Yeager, 200 block of West Woodside, suspect entered residence, struck victim on head several times, and threatened her, no items taken.


Alcoa Inc., Pittsburgh, digital camera from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall.

James Baker, Fostoria, leather bag, tape recorder, and work papers from vehicle while at restaurant in the 6500 block of Airport.

Jimmy Barker, Loveland, Ohio, overnight bag and contents from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Michael Dansack, 43500 block of Heritage, two briefcases with contents and Palm Pilot from vehicle while at restaurant in the 6000 block of Knights Inn.

Vincent Doyle, 6800 block of Oakfield, amplifier and three speakers with kicker box from vehicle.

John Fortner, 2200 block of Albon, four base cabinets and five upper cabinets from construction site.

Mohammed Ghanim, 1000 block of Country View, leaf blower, trimmer, drill, tool box, tools, and checkbook from vehicle.

Jenifer Jackson, 6800 block of Oakfield, CD stereo from vehicle.

Gabriel Kuhns, 6600 block of Dorr, AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle.

Erin Lander, Portland, Ore., cellular phone from vehicle in the 6000 block of Knights Inn.

David Luebbering, 6900 block of Dorr, CD stereo from vehicle.

Victoria Lukaszek, 1000 block of Country View, stereo and 30 CDs from vehicle.

Bruce Miller, 6100 block of Trust, laptop computer from vehicle.

Brandi McGowan, 1400 block of Spring Meadows, AM/FM/CD stereo faceplate, two speakers in box, and CDs from vehicle.

Lynda Mossing, 7600 block of Jonathan, victim received fraudulent check for a vehicle that was being sold online for $13,475. Victim had sent $2,371 to two people in Houston for transportation costs. Victim is out total of $4,742, but has vehicle.

Outback Storage, 6700 block of Dorr, $60 from vending machine.

Sara Park, Venetia, Pa., cellular phone, jewelry case with jewelry, backpack, wallet and contents, umbrella, keys, sunglasses, and make-up pouch and contents from motel room in the 6100 block of Trust.

Pheasant Run Apartments, 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland, money from coin-operated washing machine.

Lisa Reisdorff, 6300 block of Garden, mountain bicycle from residence area.

Nancy Smith, 6000 block of Knights Inn, digital camera and checkbooks from vehicle.

Shaun Smith, 6300 block of Glenhurst, DVD monitor/player, speakers, amplifiers, checkbook, cash, and 100 CDs from vehicle.

Tonya Smith, 300 block of East St. James, video game from residence.

Jeremy Stall, 6300 block of Glenhurst, driver s window smashed, no items taken.

Shannon Stewart, 6800 block of Oakfield, personal information stolen and used to open a utility account in Akron, over $1,000.

Raymond Vance, 6600 block of Dorr, 150- piece tool set from vehicle.

David Vodhanel, 6900 block of Dorr, AM/FM/CD stereo, CDs, and iPod from vehicle.

David Moore, 11600 block of Old State Line, rear license plate from vehicle.


Crimes against children

Bassel Al-Taji, 5400 block of Silica, two calculators while at school, recovered.

Steven Cruz, 5100 block of Spring, bicycle from front porch.

Kevin Hass, 5400 block of Silica, calculator from locker at school, recovered.


Digna Abadal, 6700 block of Roosevelt, debit card stolen, used to make purchases over $300.

Jessica Belcher, Silver Springs, Md., purse and contents from vehicle in the 5400 block of Deercross.

Sylvania Board of Education, 4800 block of Wickford, computer and keyboard.

Sylvania Township

Auto thefts

Michael Gochenour, 5800 block of Dennison, 1994 Ford.

Hertz Vehicles, 5500 block of West Central, Kia Rio.


Dean Neuyen, 2200 block of Woods Edge, safe and contents from residence.

Crimes against children

Billy Thieman, 7200 block of Sylvania, bike.


John McHugh, Maumee, briefcase and contents from vehicle while at health club in the 5400 block of W. Central.

Carl Mikolajczyk, 5500 block of West Central, CD stereo and amplifier from vehicle.

John Swartzlander, 3300 block of Knoll, golf cart.

Derrick Thoman, 5000 block of Monroe, 200 to 300 collectible baseball cards, NASCAR collectibles, and two pool sticks from vehicle.

Thomas Youngs, 5600 block of Webster, various tools from truck bed.

University of Toledo


Alpha Chi Omega, 2800 West Bancroft, charter for sorority from sorority house.

Mona Dokurno, 400 block of Pasadena, purse and contents from the 2800 block of West Bancroft, recovered by police.

Andrea Joldrichsen, Rossford, briefcase and contents from office in the 2800 block of West Bancroft

Cheryl Roosen, Walbridge, Ohio, backpack and contents from office in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Abdulah Aldarrab, 1200 block of Rockcress, wallet and contents from bookbag in the 2800 block of West Bancroft

Jacqueline Hulin, 1500 block of Secor, Rocket card and $20 from purse in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Jason Owens, 7900 block of Dorr, bicycle from the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, USB drive.



Michele Fox, 200 block of Percy, checking account information stolen, used to make purchases online.

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