Friday, May 25, 2018
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Today's log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Leah Marker, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Christina Booth-Bunn, Toledo, girl, Friday.

St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Kimberly and Tyler Newman, Monroe, girl, Thursday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Shannon and Fred Sieminski, Oregon, boy, Wednesday.

Sherri and Ryan Watson, Elmore, boy, Thursday.

Tracy Klein, Oak Harbor, Ohio, boy, Thursday.

Monica Geisel, Maumee, boy, Thursday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Melissa and Richard Bragg, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Takia Collins, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Toledo Hospital

Heather and Trevor Moore, Sylvania, boy, Friday.

Lindsay and Adam Wilson, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Cherilyn and Daniel Long, Haskins, Ohio, girl, Friday.

Rachel and Mike Martinez, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Sarah Wolniewicz, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Karmen Kynard, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Janelle Mohler, Swanton, boy, Friday.

Yawa and Kodjo Mawusi, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Maria and Esteban Lopez, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Crime reports


National City Bank, West Laskey, cash from a teller by a man with a gun about 9:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Bill Noltemeyer, of Toledo, wallet and contents by two men with guns in the 3300 block of Gibralter Heights about 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Mah Nasal, of Toledo, cellular telephone and wallet and contents by a man with a gun in his home about 3:35 a.m. Thursday.


Jacqueline Quinn, Floyd, camcorder and purse and contents.

Tireta Bowen, Walnut, DVD player.

Martin Ellis, Tecumseh, DVD player, cash, and jewelry.

Anthony Thomas, Avondale, personal checks and cellular telephone.

Robert Brock, Mound, scooter.

Major Smith, Blum, DVD player.

Nicole McLemore, Dorr, VCR/DVD player, video game, DVDs, CDs, and jewelry.

Mark McKimmy, Colima, shotgun, safe, and cash.

Maxine Summers, Scottwood, TV, equalizer, DVD/VCR, surround sound system, and DVDs.

Catryce Johnson, Islington, TVs, speakers, stereo, and furniture.

Patricia Jones, Cherry, cellular telephone, stereo, CD player, and jewelry.

Donna Fitzpatrick, Liberty, no loss from the 1300 block of East Broadway.

Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority, Nebraska, milk and juice from the 2100 block of Parkwood.

Ebony Ensley, Brand Whitlock Homes, no loss.

Susan Heath, Canal, DVDs and DVD player.

Juan Vasquez, South, no loss.

Wanda Pietrowski, East Park, purse.

Graphics by Design, Stengel, computers, printer, copier, candy, cash, and hard drives.

Michael Harrison, Airline, handgun, checks, and cash.

Ira McClellan, Prouty, tires, radio, and bolts.

Nate Schire, West Alexis, TV, speakers, video game, video cartridges, and stereo system from the 900 block of South Byrne.

Betty Arnold, Langdon, tools.

Clegg-Abele Funeral, East Broadway, cash and personal checks.

Jennifer Suchomma, Bellevue, no loss.

Kay Eikost, Lockwood, billiard balls, knife, cash, and household item.

LGB, Glenwood, copper tubing.

Douglas Puls, Copley, snowblower, power washer, buffer, and tools.

Ryan Ramge, Alvin, laptop computer, cash, video game, and leather coat.

Quincy Pratt, Parkside, furnace, water tank, shop vacuum, and tools from the 1600 block of Western.

Ryan Mast, Broadway, laptop computer, camera, and camcorder.

Raquel Scott, Oakwood, microwave, stereo, DVD players, video game, video cartridges, cash, and shoes.

Nina Beckford, Tecumseh, TV, washer, dryer, furniture, printer, clothing, toys, and china.

Garland Williams, Kimball, no loss.

Loretta Holt, Lotus, air compressor and snowblower.

Davyta Kynard, Avondale, DVD players, TV, video game systems, video cartridges, DVDs, CDs, stereo, boom box, CD player, clothing, shoes, VCR, household items, and telephone.

Tri-State Aluminum, Tracy, 20 skids.

Marsha Jackson, Colburn, computer, cash, and DVD player.

Vanetta McGee, Meadowbrook, no loss.

Dale Mull, West Central, DVD player and laptop computer.

Robert Crawford, 1500 Brooke Park, no loss.

Charles Prue, Jervis, TV.

James Gonzalez, Sherbrooke, TV.

Express Food Mart, South, cartons of cigarettes.

Iona Ryan, South, fax machine and purse and contents.

Toledo Paint and Chemical, Blucher, pump, tools, and scale.

Barney Whaley, Brame, video game, video cartridges, laptop computer, cash, camera, stereo, speakers, DVD player, hard drive, collector bottles, and jewelry.

Gerald Barnes, Falcon, camcorder, camera, printer, and jewelry.

Crikey s Genuine Pies, Rosetta, computers, monitors, keyboard, and laptop.

GG Company of Toledo, West Laskey, loss undetermined.

Helen Thompson, Indiana, video game.

Ebonee Maggett, Tecumseh, TV, video game, video cartridges, DVD movies, shoes, and leather coat.

Nicholas Westmeyer, Lombard, lawn mower.

Barbara Smallman, Wellesley, no loss.

Peggy Wilson, West Delaware, cellular telephone, video game, and video cartridges.

Shadama Wright, East Park, TV, stereo system, and jewelry.

John Miller, Mulberry, food, cash, silver bars, candy dish, computer tower, golf clubs, keys, camera, DVDs, shotgun, identification, medication, and watch.

Rodney Dubois, West Alexis, watch and VCR/DVD player.

Aaron Francis, Noble, loss undetermined.

Cellular Centers, Cherry, AM/FM/CD player.

Bruce McClure, City Park, video game and video cartridges.

Kenneth Ceglio, Clark, bank card, cash, wallet and contents.

Quick Clean Car Wash, Dorr, no loss.

Kelly Strong, Artis, video game system, video cartridges, cash, and dog.

Rita Lopez, Dearborn, no loss.

Tanya McCadney, Colonial, video game systems and video cartridges.

LaDonna Gaston, Boston, DVD player.

Kevin Boisselle, Morrison, no loss.

Neal Ellsworth, Moore, heaters, microwave, electrical wire, ladder, fan, ceramic tile, and tools.

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