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Suburban Crime Reports

Bedford Township


Darlene Gramza, 6600 block of Green Briar, purse and contents from residence, credit cards used; some items recovered.

Linda Fitzgibbon, 3200 block of Shelton, jewelry from residence.


Jordon Fritz, 2200 block of Smith, amplifier, cellular phone, and motorcycle helmet and goggles from vehicle.

Gary Smith, 1700 block of West Rauch, Christmas decoration from yard. (not on map)

Erie Township


Steve Brzuchalski, Miller, Toledo, AM/FM/

CD stereo, amplifi er, and speakers in box from vehicle in the 200 block of Fairfax.



Crystal Whitehead, Maumee, wallet from purse in shopping cart in the 1300 block

of South McCord.

Lake Township

Auto theft

IHLE Transport Inc., Huxley, Iowa, 2006 Peterbilt

Semi-Truck with trailer containing a Case End-Loader valued at $200,000

from parking lot at fuel station in the 3500 block of Moline-Martin.


Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, fuel driveoffs, $86.60.

Jeremy Stuck, North Colton, Ohio, trailer seal from semi in the 3500 block of Moline-




John Bennett, 1300 block of Conant, toolbox and various tools from shed.

Monica Taylor, 6500 block of Salisbury, laptop computer with case, printer, DVD

player, video games, DVDs, and other items from residence.

Don Zahniger, 6500 block of Salisbury, two boxes of checks, prescription pills, and money from residence.


David Bednar, Lowell, Cleveland, radar detector, XM radio, and navigation system

vehicle while at hotel in the 1400 block of Reynolds.

Ann and Todd Fuss, Kentwood, Mich., GPS unit and purse with contents from

vehicle while at hotel in the 1400 block of Reynolds.

Jim Gant, Kimberly, Toledo, stereo, iPod, and memory stick from vehicle in the

1400 block of Holland.

David Howe, Oakbrook, Whitehouse, wallet and contents from vehicle in the 500

block of Illinois.

Dawn Sniadecki, 800 block of West Wayne, cash, disposable camera from vehicle.

Arnold Taylor, Independence, Toledo, wallet with contents and checkbook from

room while at hospital in the 5900 block of Monclova.

Monclova Township


Tamara Sparks, 3100 block of Lexington Glen, victim s identity used to open several

accounts. (not on map)

Michael Uhl, Wexford, Mercury boat motor from storage in the 11900 block of Sager,

value $4,000.



Jamie Fincher, 200 block of Lester, money from residence.

Lark Elementary School, 300 block of West Andrus, computer hardware/software,

clothing, stereo equipment, TV, and radio from school.


Auto theft

City Wide Auto Credit, 2200 block of Woodville, 1999 Chevy Blazer from lot.


Paul Brown, 2000 block of Blandin, jewelry and clothing from residence.

Sue Byers, 2800 block of Eastmoreland, snow blower from garage.

Mel Reinhart, 300 block of Earlwood, dishwasher, furnace, and range hood.

Crimes against children James Worley, Corduroy, class ring, necklace, and money while at school in the 5600 block of Seaman.


Pat Cass, 2400 block of Burnside, victim paid for repair work, but job never completed.

Glass City Gutter Cleaning, Bay Shore, saws, drills, blowers, and many other

tools from company vehicle in the 1800 block of Ashcroft.

Patricia Hagman, unit block of North Edwards, victim s identity used to open a

credit card account and used for purchases.

Patricia Kennedy, Brown, purse and contents while shopping in the 3700 block

of Navarre.

Suzanne Kwiatkowski, 5200 block of Bay Shore, calculator from classroom.

Ashley Mayo, 800 block of Grasser, CDs and cologne from vehicle.

Matthew Miller, 2700 block of Bleeker, victim purchased item online and never

received item.

Alexandra Rendon, Clark, Toledo, purse and contents from shopping cart in the 2800 block of Navarre.

Carol Whittaker, Lulu, Perrysburg, wallet and contents from desk drawer in the 2600

block of Navarre.

Mary Zavala, Halstead, Toledo, purse and contents from the 3200 block of Navarre.



John Gordon, Laurel, victim s bank information was obtained, and a fax was sent to

bank, requesting $14,356 be sent to a bank in Lithuania with victim s signature

in the 100 block of West South Boundary.

Victim s bank called to check on this request, it was found that request was


Kroger, 27300 block of Carronade, two EZ Shopper Carts, battery-operated from

business, value $5,000. Fuel drive-off, $40.24.

Paula Leidel, Three Meadows, money from wallet left at library in the 100 block of

East Indiana.

Mancino s Pizza & Grinders, 27000 block of Carronade, $151 in change scam.

Gary Martin, 26500 block of Catawba, victim s identity used to open a cellular

phone account.

Charles Michalak, 3200 block of Riverwood, bank/credit card information obtained

and used for purchases in South America.

Stacy Rodriguez, 1100 block of Tricia, checking account information obtained

and used by known suspect.

Brent Springer, 600 block of Oak Knoll, stereo, speakers, and amplifi ers from


Sharon Stack, unit block of Dr. McAuley, four tires and rims from vehicle, value $700.

Lori Toland, Greentree, Maumee, credit card while at restaurant in the 4100

block of Levis Commons, then used for purchases.

Linda Yonkof, 26500 block of Catawba, iPod with case from residence, value $350.

Perrysburg Township

Felonious Assault

Earl Salisbury, Jr., 12300 block of Jefferson, victim was entertaining friends, when

knock on door, someone went to answer door, then two suspects one male and

one female forced entry. Male suspect assaulted victim by holding gun to head and then shot victim in leg and threatening to kill him about 11 p.m. on Nov. 18.


Dimech Services Mechanical, Enterprise, Toledo, brass fittings from storage boxes, cordless drill kit, socket set, and other tools from construction site at Penta County Vocational School in the 9300 block of Buck.

Industrial Power Systems, Ryder, Toledo, welding generator damaged when

dropped a few feet in an attempt to steal from construction site at Penta County

Vocational School in the 9300 block of Buck.

Steve Nowak, 23700 block of Lime City, victim selling truck online for $7,000; received check for $14,500 and told to cash and send remaining amount in cashier s checks. Bank found it to be fraudulent before any exchanges were made.

Justen Pelton, Tamarack, Toledo, CDs in case from vehicle in the 27500 block of


Michael Staczek, 29100 block of Glenwood, John Deere lawn tractor taken by known


Scot Yarnell, Wildwood, Toledo, wallet with contents and cellular phone from vehicle

in the 27500 block of Holiday, credit cards used for purchases; some credit

cards recovered.

Susan Yeager, 290th, Toledo, wallet and contents from purse while at hotel in the

10600 block of Fremont Pike.



Barney s, 28300 block of Crossroads, 20 lottery tickets and shortage in register.

(not on map)

Spencer Township


Lawanna Simms, 9600 block of Oak Run, stereo equipment and vehicle jump starter

from shed, value $845. (not on map)

Springfield Township


Hidden Cedars, 6200 block of Garden, money from coin-operated appliances

from laundry area.

William Holmes, 2100 block of Old Mill, safe containing $800 cash, watches, and guns from residence.


Thomas Bird, 500 block of Clarion, $1,612.50 sent in money orders to a fi nancial company for a loan never received.

Ron Bauman, 400 block of Cheswick, two gas grills from yard.

Carol Ferrara, 7000 block of Country Creek, victim s bank information obtained and

used to withdraw cash.

Crystal Hall, 300 block of St. James, bank card from purse by known suspect and

used to withdraw $40 cash. Checks from residence, forged and used for


Beth Heckel, 2100 block of North McCord, subwoofers in box and amplifi er from


Honeybaked Foods Inc., 6100 block of Merger, laptop computer and docking

station from office, value over $1,200.

Lynette Hynes, 7900 block of West Bancroft, victim s bank account information obtained and used to withdraw cash, $580.

Julie Johnson, 2100 block of North McCord, BMX bicycle from back yard.

Matthew Mason, 7400 block of Nightingale, laptop computer from vehicle.

Rick Strause, West Central, 40 feet of copper wiring from construction site in the

700 block of East Shoreline.

TJ Maxx, 1400 block of Spring Meadows, suspect in the process of stealing jewelry

from store, value over $2,100; suspect apprehended, then arrested.

Carol Twigg, 300 block of Cheswick, bank card from vehicle and used to obtain



Felonious assault

Ellen Aring, Bierley, Pemberville, victim was struck on the head with chair and then

fell, suspect continued striking victim on legs and arms in the 5200 block of Harroun,

about 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 16. Victim was treated at hospital.


St. Joseph s School, 5400 block of Main, suspects seen entering shed and causing

damage, no items taken. Suspects apprehended.

Crimes against children

Joseph Battani, North Fredericksburg, cellular phone from locker while at Southview

High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.

Michael Cheney, Chancery, cellular phone from gym locker while at Southview High

School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.

Luke Hennessy, Pepper Ridge, calculator while at Northview High School in the

5400 block of Silica.

Shauna Kastel, Blossman, check for $100 and Nike shoes from gym locker while at Southview High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.


James Hiltner, 5200 block of River Ridge, license plate validation sticker from vehicle.

Sylvania Township


Erik Beebe, Eber, Whitehouse, AM/FM/CD

stereo, pool stick in case, tool set, and clutch kit from vehicle while parked behind

bowling alley in the 5500 block of West Central.

Carol Duncan, Dorr, Toledo, purse and contents from back of chair while dining at a restaurant in the 3200 block of Centennial. University of Toledo


Qualin Harris, Oberlin, Ohio, Xbox, video games, three controllers, and 10 DVDs from dorm in Ottawa House West in the

2800 block of West Bancroft.

Michael Matzke, Strongsville, Ohio, Xbox, video games, 35 DVDs, and other items from dorm in Ottawa House West in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Jeffrey Boda, County Road B, Swanton, tennis shoes from vehicle in Lot 19 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft, value $100.

Shelley Higbea, Napoleon, Ohio, wallet and contents from purse while volunteering at concession stand at Glass Bowl Stadium in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Christine Nelson, East Market, Tiffin, AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle in Lot 19 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft. Walbridge


7-Eleven, 200 block of North Main, $80 from safe.



Jess Bringoff, 600 block of Michigan, home stereo system, computer with hardware/software, electric guitar, digital camera, Xbox, and PlayStation.


William Laskey, Portland, Oregon, bicycle from the unit block of North Third.

Vernon Nagel Inc., Napoleon, Ohio, two storm sewer catch basin assemblies and fire hydrant from construction site in the Choctaw and Dutch area, value $2,500.

Whiteford Township


Cingular Wireless, West Eight Mile, Detroit,

Mich., copper grounding plate with wiring and coaxial cable lines from building owned by business in the 9600 block of Sylvania-Petersburg, value $600.

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