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Suburban Crime Reports (Crime map)

Bedford Township


Charles Hlinka, 500 block of Kilberry, golf bag and set of golf clubs, leaf blower, and cordless drill with batteries and charger in case from shed. (not on map)

Crimes against children

Travis Fichtner, 100 block of Preswick, bicycle.


Bryan Brenneman, Legacy, TV, small refrigerator, and cellular phone from vehicle in the 8200 block of Jackman.

Buddy s Mini Mart, 7300 block of Secor, fuel drive-offs, $63.53.

Chad Cousino, 6800 block of Sarah, AM/FM/CD stereo, $100 cash, 20 CDs, cellular phone, video game, and flash drive from vehicle.

Joshua Hall, 1400 block of Granby, wallet and contents from vehicle.

Tom Hendricks, 3600 block of Fordway, portable basketball hoop with metal net from driveway.

Gretchen Pirrone, Hackman, cellular phone from machine area while at work at fitness center in the 7400 block of Secor.

Margo Poland, 7200 block of Douglas, lawn ornaments.

Larry Porter II, 2000 block of Smith, dash light, magnet oscillating light, cordless drill in case, Saw-zall in case, roof nail gun, nailer/stapler, drill bit kit, circular saw, and wire splitter from vehicle.

Tammie Russell, 2200 block of West Dean, lawn ornaments.

Howie Scally, 6700 block of Stonegate, XM stereo from vehicle.

Jerusalem Township


James Blanton, Corduroy, Curtice, laptop computer, sunglasses, digital camera, briefcase with contents, and stereo with speaker from semi while at fuel station in the 7400 block of Jerusalem.

Colleen Turner, 1100 block of Lyon, aluminum cap for a pickup and a ground cultivator from property.

David Yap, 700 block of North Decant, AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle.

Lake Township


Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, fuel drive-off, $459.93.

Monclova Township


Christopher Beck, 10000 block of Ramm, 12-foot aluminum boat from property.

Randy Fahrer, Stonehill, lawn mower and $30 downpayment cash while being repaired in the 7500 block of Salisburg.



Donald Queen, Mettabrook, Swanton, generator from garage in the 1900 block of Tracy.


Heather Finch, Breckman, Walbridge, wallet and contents while at work; credit card used for purchases in the 2500 block of Woodville.

John Hall, 4000 block of Ranger, bicycle from front of garage.


Auto theft

Gail Jones, Moore, Toledo, 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass from storage unit in the 1900 block of Oakdale.

Crimes against children

Michelle Groll, Blandin, cellular phone from gym locker while at school in the 5600 block of Seaman.


Terry Burgess, 2700 block of Pickle, cellular phone charger and caused damages in residence.

Francis Lompis, 3500 block of Navarre, wallet and contents from residence.

James Williams, 4000 block of Lyn, bicycle and fishing tackle from garage.


Arbors at Oregon, 900 block of Isaac Streets, $1,100 cash from safe.

James Barnes, 5200 block of Starr, laptop computer from residence.

Mary Ann Cervantes, 1400 block of South Stadium, check, forged and cashed.

Ryan Franke, 5300 block of Jacobs, cellular phone.

Harold Intoe, Richton Park, Ill., diamond earring from hotel room in the 3100 block of Dustin.

Dorothy Meyerholtz, 900 block of Isaac, cash.

Matthew Nichols, 1600 block of Landis, money and prescription pain medication from vehicle.

David Sawyer, 1500 block of Pieper, collectible coins from residence.

Bradly Tpee, Tiffin, credit card and purchases made in the 1700 block of South Wheeling.

Rhonda Vogelpohl, Short, Curtice, shopping cart with items purchased, while unattended in the 3200 block of Navarre.

Avery Wells, Valleywood, Toledo, check forged and cashed in the 1900 block of Pickle.

Ottawa Hills


Cynthia Dana, 2600 block of Forestvale, two golf bags with equipment from garage.



Amber Adams, Wyckliffe, Toledo, hub caps and emblems from vehicle in the 28100 block of Simmons.

Tracey Ault, Maple, Luckey, wallet and contents from purse while shopping in the 100 block of East South Boundary.

BP, 26400 block of North Dixie, fuel drive-off, $29.09.

Danielle Lahey, 1100 block of Timberbrook, prescription pain medication from purse in vehicle.

Perrysburg Quick Lube, 12400 block of Eckel Junction, $100 cash from drawer. Suspect voiding sales and taking money.

Donald Zajac, Bowling Green, credit card used for purchases in the 12200 block of Williams.

Perrysburg Township


Pisanello s, 7800 block of Ponderosa, $845 cash.

Providence Township


Schumaker Homes, Cygnet, Ohio, 100 sheets of plywood from construction site in the 12900 block of Neapolis-Waterville.


Auto theft

Janet MacHaterre, Greenville, Waterville, 1998 Plymouth Breeze containing tax refund check, diamond watch, and purse from the 9600 block of Olde US 20; vehicle found later, with items missing.


Robin Saxon, 100 block of Eagle Point, electronics from residence.


Gary Krontz, 500 block of Lime City, $106 cash from residence.

Subway Restaurant, 400 block of Dixie, $1,243 cash.

Spencer Township

Felonious assault

Jeremy Wylie, 9200 block of Angola, victim and suspect arguing. Suspect attacked victim with club and struck him on left side of head, then threatened victim about 3:15 p.m. April 24. Victim treated at scene, then transported to hospital. Suspect arrested.

Springfield Township

Felonious assault

Moneq Swilling, 6800 block of Oakfield, suspect went to victim s residence with bag containing a bat. Suspect pulled bat out and struck victim several times in face and head about 10:20 p.m. April 24. Victim treated at hospital.


David Berger, 500 block of Layer, 2003 Honda ATV, 2003 Honda Motorcycle XR100R3, 2003 Honda Motorcycle XR80R3, helmet, and goggles from garage.

Patrick Comstock, 6700 block of Hill, $100 cash from wallet in residence.

Jody Fleenor, 6800 block of Oakfield, PlayStation 3 and video games from residence.

Midwest Granite, 7700 block of Hill, $435 cash from business.

Crimes against children

Christine Morrison, East Woodside, cellular phone and wallet with contents from purse while in auditorium at Springfield High School in the 1400 block of South McCord.


Roy Bean, 6100 block of Trust, GPS unit and laptop computer from vehicle while at hotel.

Stephanie Bender, 6300 block of Glenhurst, stereo, credit card, and driver s license.

Lisa Erro, Warren, Ohio, GPS unit from vehicle in the 6100 block of Trust.

Jessica Gross, 6300 block of Garden, subwoofers and amplifiers from vehicle.

Shawn Kapfhammer, Quincy, Oregon, GPS unit from vehicle in the 1200 block of East Mall.

Craig Parsons, Liberty Center, Ohio, $519.71 bank deposit from safe at business in the 6600 block of Centers.

Willard Rogers, 700 block of Countway, wallet containing $500 cash and other items from residence.

Rosie s Italian Grill, 600 block of North McCord, 5x5 stainless steel acid tank from property.

Amy Stanton, Delaware, Ohio, GPS unit, DVD system, and camera from vehicle while at hotel in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Rose Whitney, Woodville, Ohio, digital camera from vehicle in the 6100 block of Trust.

Rachel Wilt, 7200 block of Dovetail, speakers, CD player, 100 CDs in case, and MP3 player from vehicle.

Swanton Township

Felonious assaults

Bradley Betz, Brookside, unknown suspects pulled into driveway, victim approached. One suspect got out of vehicle and began fist-fighting with victim, then pulled a knife and stabbed victim on arm about 9:30 p.m. April 27. Victim treated at hospital.

Matthew Price, 12200 block of Shaffer, unknown suspects pulled into victim s driveway, then one suspect began to fight with victim s friend. Victim tried to help friend, when suspect stabbed victim on arm about 9:30 p.m. April 27. Victim treated at hospital.



Sky Bank, 5700 block of Monroe, suspect handed teller note demanding money, then fled about 10:30 a.m. April 23. Suspects arrested.

Crimes against children

Kathryn McGuire, Fleetwood, camera from purse while at Southview High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.

Jonathan Mohr, Wild Oaks, shoes and clothing from gym locker at Southview High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.


David Carn, 7400 block of Grenlock, victim s credit card information obtained and used to purchase computer totaling $1,769.

Sylvania Township


Nathaniel Bright, 6000 block of Meade, undetermined if any items taken.

Gerald Dryer, 5000 block of Barton, computer with equipment, computer games, lock box with contents, gun, liquor, and prescription medications from residence.

Gerald Dryer, Jr., 5000 block of Barton, Xbox, PlayStation 2, video games, DVDs, and electric bass guitar from residence.


Brooke Felt, Steffins, $63 cash from purse in break room area in the 7400 block of West Central.

Gracie Bloom, 5100 block of Estess, food card.

Alan Tarschis, 6800 block of Central, $400 cash and working materials.

University of Toledo


Ann Foor, Napoleon, purse and contents while walking through Lot 25 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft. Victim was approached by suspect from behind, who took purse and caused victim to fall on April 29.


Jacob Lippert, Olmsted Township, Ohio, scientific calculator from Horton International House in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Jessica Molnar, Chippewa Lake, Ohio, wallet and contents from purse in Ottawa House West in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Constantine Theodosiou, Pelham, several food items from common area in University Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Prince Appiah, Columbus, Rocket ID, driver s license, and key from fourth floor restroom in the Academic Honors House in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Timothy Applegett, Columbus, stereo and iPod connector cord from vehicle in Lot 25 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Leah Bailey, Nantucket, laptop while at Law Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Black & White Cab Co., Dorr, $102.83 for services provided to someone at Ottawa House West in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Greg Carlson, Spring Meadow, Sylvania, CD stereo from vehicle parked in Lot 27D in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Melissa Chi, 2800 block of West Bancroft, bank card and other items from purse in Ottawa House East.

Noah Doughty, Springfield, Ohio, CD stereo, subwoofer box, and amplifier from vehicle in Lot 9 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

William Drake, Lorain, Ohio, textbook from study room in Carter Hall East in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Daniel Duca, Mentor, Ohio, wallet and contents from Parks Tower in the 2800 block of West Bancroft. Credit card used for purchases totaling $400.

Christina Espinoza, North Ironwood, Rossford, bookbag with contents while attending an event between The Crossings and Ottawa House West in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Garry Grier, Dayton, stereo from vehicle in Lot 21 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Chayla Hill, Hudson, Ohio, hub caps from vehicle and damages in Lot 25 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Kyle Huguenard, Lewis Center, Ohio, bookbag from courtyard area between The Crossings and Ottawa House East in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

John Irwin, Concord, Ohio, laptop computer from Parks Tower in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Nicole Parker, 2800 block of West Bancroft, stereo from vehicle parked in Lot 25.

Chantal Rippeth, Fremont, cellular phone in lunch box from tool cart while at Bowman Oddy Laboratories in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Auto theft

Edsel Lawson, 30600 block of Drouillard, 1992 Mercury Marquis; recovered.


Jeff Little, 100 block of East Perry, stereo, speakers, and tools from construction trailer.

Tim Materni, North Main, bicycle from Railway Park.

Washington Township


Robert Barriger, 3100 block of Shoreland, bank account information obtained and used for purchases over $250.

Waterville Township


Richard Gladieux, 5200 block of Whitehouse-Spencer, copper from barn, value under $300.

Whiteford Township

Crimes against children

Joel Bunge, 6600 block of Consear, $150 cash from wallet in gym locker at Whiteford High School.

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