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St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Lindsay Sandwisch, Millbury, boy, Saturday.

Sandra and Richard Scherer, Perrysburg, boy, Sunday.

Nicole and Dustin Every, Elmore, boy, Tuesday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Nora Martinez, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Kia Garrett, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Toledo Hospital

Bridget and Regis Spielvogel, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Heather and Richard Fritz, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Melissa and Aureilio Valadez, Maumee, boy, Tuesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 16, 2007

Jack DeWaard, 41, self-employed, and Julie Fite, 39, school bus driver, both of Toledo.

William Kisseberth, 51, jeweler, of Toledo, and Deborah Hennessey aka Meyer, 46, driver, of Temperance.

Michael Jaramillo, 43, landscaper, and Jaime Davis, 38, assistant head deli clerk, both of Toledo.

Ryan Thomas, 30, tattoo artist, and Rachel Tuller, 25, corporate trainer, both of Toledo.

Stewart Smith, 44, carpenter, and Wendy Walkowiak, 40, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Mark Faust, 26, factory worker, and Jessica Christian, 26, surgical assistant, both of Toledo.

Vasanth Allampalli, 27, student, and Prachi Kene, 26, student, both of Toledo.

Mohammed Jarouche, 29, student, of Maumee, and Diena Musa, 22, beauty adviser, of Sylvania.

Demetrius Wallace, 34, carpenter, and Karena Booker, 27, state-tested nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Vincent Lescault, Jr., 22, cable technician, and Kathleen Hall, 22, sales, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Bell, Donald, 70, Starr Avenue, sepsis.

Billings, Richard, 73, Sandusky Street, cancer.

Cottle, Gifford, 76, Watson Avenue, cardiovascular disease.

Delaronde, Donald, 70, Merritt Street, Whitehouse, cancer.

Eicher, Leo, 78, Michele Drive, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Gates, Alberta, 72, Hilltop Lane, pneumonia.

Harbson, Sharon, 57, Grey Drive, Sylvania, pending investigation.

Hemstreet, John, 69, 21st Street, cardiovascular disease.

Hill II, Seldon, 25, Swangrass Road, Holland, cancer.

Hoffman, Betty, 89, Terrace Downs, myocardial infarction.

Hunt, Betty, 82, North Norden Road, Oregon, Alzheimer s disease.

Kennedy, Jane, 92, Albon Road, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Kieper, Marjorie, 89, West Rowland Road, pending.

Klinger, Ruth, 91, Millbury, hemorrhagic stroke.

Lanuk, Irene, 87, Stamford, Conn., interstitial lung disease.

Larson, Wayne, 81, Gibsonburg, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Lautzenheiser, Charla, 84, Burton Avenue, pending.

Lindesmith, Margie, 74, Lambertville, cardiac arrest.

Lopez, Mary, 82, Springtime Drive, Oregon, uremia.

Luebker, William, 88, Highland Avenue, emphysema.

Lueke, Burdette, 68, Woodville, Ohio, metastatic melanoma.

Lunkas, Ruth, 81, Temperance, cancer.

Lutz, Jeanette, 87, South Reynolds Road, cancer.

Lyczkowski, Sylvester, 78, Whisperwood, Holland, accident.

Lynch, Diana, 40, Norwalk, Ohio, deep venous thrombosis.

Mahaney, Grover, Jr., 69, Stafford Drive, Oregon, respiratory failure.

Malicki, Eleanor, 91, Butz Road, Maumee, hyperlipidemia.

Merritt, Michael, 53, Centennial Road, Sylvania Township, pending.

Mirabello, Paul, 86, Regina Parkway, cardiomyopathy.

Morris, James, 76, Belmont Avenue, cerebral vascular disease.

Murphy, Edgar, 79, Towers Road, Oregon, cerebral hemorrhage.

Myers, Theodore, Jr., 73, Broadway, accident.

Nosal, Josephine, 85, Colony Woods Drive, coronary artery disease.

Payne, Estella, 82, North Holland-Sylvania Road, cancer.

Ramey, Leora, 90, Blum Street, senile anorexia.

Riggs, Mary, 91, Munding Drive, Oregon, multiple myeloma.

Ruch III, Paul, 54, Cass Road, Maumee, cardiovascular disease.

Scharlow, Bonnie, 96, State Rt. 2, Jerusalem Township, heart disease.

Shawen, Helen, 96, Swan Creek Lane, pneumonia.

Shehorn, William, Jr., 63, Wauseon, squamous cell cancer.

Shukait, Nola, 65, Monroe, Mich., cerebral hemorrhage.

Silva, Deanna, 41, Collingwood Boulevard, Huntington s chorea.

Sweebe, Dale, 51, Vail Avenue, pending.

Taylor, Mary, 83, Clymena Street, cancer.

Van Eeckhoutte, Meranda, 33, Orville Drive, cerebral edema.

Way, Helen, 74, South Byrne Road, cerebrovascular accident.

Wells, Catherine, 67, Wenz Road, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Witcher, Daisy, 82, Vance Street, pending.

Wolfe, Audrey, 83, Ozark Road, renal failure.

Wood, Alice, 80, Beecham Street, non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Woodson, James, Sr., 83, Nebraska Avenue, metastatic cancer.

Traffic injuries

Oct. 16

9 a.m. Collingwood and Palmwood. Van of Harold Thomas, 59, of Summerfield, Lambertville, and auto of Linda Phillips, 66, of South Reynolds, who was treated at University of Toledo Medical Center, formerly Medical College of Ohio Hospital.

10 a.m. Franklin and Bancroft. Auto of Janielle Reasonover, 34, of Westmonte, and SUV of Tamica Nettles, 35, of Cherry, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

10 a.m. Monroe and Stannard. Auto of Matthew Gaynier, 21, of South Dixie, Erie, Mich., struck utility pole. Driver was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

11:07 a.m. Central and Orchard Trail. Auto of Arthur Jaworski, 78, of Eldwood, Sylvania, who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passenger, Bernice Jaworski, 74, also of Weldwood, Sylvania, and SUV of Christopher Henningsen, 16, of Sulphur Springs, who also was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passengers, Daniel Hylant, 16, of Brittney, and Evan Newton, 16, of Orchard.

4:15 p.m. Lagrange and Greenbelt. Pickup truck of Mamoun Awwad, 35, of Suffolk, Maumee, and bicycle of Anthony Wise, 18, of Sherman, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

Oct. 17

8:25 a.m. Dorr and Holland-Sylvania. Pickup truck of James Estee, 33, of Dorr, and auto of Sonyetta Griffin, 22, of Oakfield, who was treated at Flower Hospital.

Oct. 18

11:10 a.m. Hill and Richards. Pickup trucks of Louis Snyder, 65, of Gordon, and Randolph Collins, 59, of Harley, whose passenger, Linda Holmes, 44, of Robinwood, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

4:05 p.m. South and Hawley. Van of Danny Cramer, 46, of Merriweather, and auto of Jeffery Kutzly, 29, of Heitt, who was treated at University of Toledo Medical Center, formerly Medical College of Ohio Hospital.


9:30 p.m. North Erie and Monroe. Autos of Juliet King, 21, of Locust, and Rahimah Richardson, 17, of Merry, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center along with passenger, Leon Roberson, 19, whose address was not available.

11:10 p.m. Upton and Monroe. Auto of Jeffrey Hood, 38, of North Erie, and pickup truck of Richard Hadley, 39, of Polonia, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


11:10 a.m. I-75 southbound and Stickney exit. Autos of Katelyn Dessum, 18, of Katherine, and Joseph Jenkins, 19, of Foxglove, whose passenger, Samantha Rogers, 18, of Lehman, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

11:48 p.m. Belmont and North Detroit. Hit-skip vehicle and auto of Zakiyyah Triplett, 16, of Balkan, whose passenger, Krystal Brown, 16, of Hamilton, was admitted in good condition to Toledo Hospital.

Crime reports


Robert Sisson, of Toledo, cash by a man who stabbed him in the 1600 block of Woodland about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Anita Everett, of Toledo, car stereo and purse and contents by man with whom she struggled in the 2800 block of Airport about 9:30 a.m. Friday.

Edward Parr, of Toledo, wallet and contents by woman in his residence about 8:05 a.m. Saturday.

Sunoco, East Manhattan, cash and surveillance videotape by two men with guns about 11:45 p.m. Saturday.

John Moussaed, North Detroit, laptop computer by two men with a gun in the 3800 block of North Detroit about 12:10 a.m. Monday.

Corwin Galloway, of Toledo, cellular telephone by a man who stabbed him in the leg in the 400 block of Southgate Circle about 7:20 p.m. Thursday.

Dennis Letosky, of Toledo, bicycle by several men who punched and kicked him on Elm at Baker about 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

Xanadu Cabaret, Airport, cash from several women by three men with guns at 12:45 a.m. Friday.


Theresa Itawi, Giant, TV/DVD player, CD, and jewelry.

Tracey Stewart, Colonial, DVD movies, safe, cash, video games, and video cartridges.

Earline Barfield, Academy, plumbing from home in the 800 block of Bush.

Michael Dixon, East Manhattan, TV, video game, and video cartridges.

Paul Best, Birchall, laptop computer, video game, video cartridges, credit cards, and camera.

Gregory Siwajek, Stirrup, TV.

Marena Fox, North Erie, video games, jewelry, shoes, and jewelry box.

Leon Hall, West Bancroft, paint, lawn mower, carpet cleaner, medication, hand cart, tools, and paint sprayer.

Jeanneen Williams, Carver, video game, heaters, TV, laptop computer, camera, CD player, and camcorder.

Larry Roughton, Jr., North Ontario, gas meter and furnace covers.

Nancy Rodgers, Austin, jewelry, DVD player, telephone, video games, boom box, video cartridges, changes, credit cards, CD player, and clock/CD player.

Deez Diner, North Holland-Sylvania, cash.

Heather Knuth, Raynor, cellular telephones, AM/FM/CD stereo, and cash.

Candy White, Barclay, laptop computer, router, clothing, medication, and meat.

Marcus Busdicker, Navarre, DVD/VCR, video cartridges, DVDs, and cellular telephone.

William Robertson, Spencer, video game, cellular telephone, camera, and all-terrain vehicles.

Susan Boyd, Eastern, no loss.

Velma McMullen, Eaton, personal papers.

Walnut Carry-Out, Walnut, cash.

Mary Jane Swigart, Burton, TV.

Mr. Big Stuff, Continental, meat and radio from Hill at South Byrne.

Pat Spradlin, Albion, lawn mower, snow blower, and weed trimmer.

Barbara Davis, Calumet, snowblower.

Sheila Millhouse, Prospect, TV/DVD player.

Esther Guardiola, Durango, cellular telephone.

Myra Lauharn, South Westwood, medication.

Felicia Wade, Merry, jewelry, liquor, change, checkbook, credit cards, video games, cash, and video cartridges,

Anthony Muszynski, Gunckel, jewelry.

High Level Fashion, Dorr, no loss.

Catherine s, South Reynolds, coats and clothing.

Augsburg Lutheran Church, West Sylvania, loss undetermined.

Laurie Long, Cheltenham, laptop computer, telephone, flash drive, and personal papers.

Faurecia Exhaust, Matzinger, catalytic converter systems.

Doris Peterfiedo, Stahlwood, TV.

Craig Bell, Islington, no loss.

Frederick Douglass Community Association, Indiana, no loss.

Fred Kumor, Roywood, loss undetermined.

Steven Robaszkiewicz, Frampton, no loss from the 500 block of Champion.

City Pagers, Lagrange, no loss.

Delbert Flint, Noble, TV, VCR, videotapes, and CDs.

Beck Smith, Orchard, cash.

Hughley s Bar, Locust, liquor and cash.

Stefanie Smith, Navarre, medication, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, coat, meat, and perfume bottles.

Charles Amonette, Chestnut, no loss.

Everlast Masonary, Wyandotte, Mich., air compressor, portable radio, laser level apacke, and power tools from site in the 4200 block of Walker.

Brint Electric, West Central, Sylvania, battery charger and batteries from construction site in the 4200 block of Walker.

Richard Wilder, 108th, welder and tools.

Alex Sepesy, Marion, no loss.

Latisha Carter, Clinton, TV, furniture, home theater system, computer, DVD recorder, microwave, speakers, bicycle, lawn mower, weed trimmer, tools, and bicycle.

Joshua Haines, Prouty, DVD player, stereo receiver, car radio, and CDs.

Kathryn Halash, Lagrange, cash and video game.

Melissa Wright, Avondale, TV, DVD players, radio, and computer.

Anthony Coutcher, Woodford, medication.

Alesha Wilson, North Westwood, cash and camera.

Tanya Murphy, White Oak, cash, camera, jewelry, video game, DVD player, and telephone.

Shirrelle Curry, Vinal, sweater and purse.

Torri Pitts, Mulberry, no loss.

Pat Young Services, Monroe, catalytic converter.

Yolanda Butler, Clark, video game and video cartridges.

K&D Carryout, West Alexis, loss undetermined.

Patricia Page, Islington, video game, video cartridges, boom box, TV, and meat.

Bethany Bacccus, Underwood, no loss.

John Hernandez, Valleywood, copper pipes.

Mark Williams, Alisdale, MP3 player, camera, checkbook, and cash.

Hamernik s Lawn and Snow Removal, Warehouse, plow pumps.

Lorretta Grzechowiak, Brooke Park, DVD player, meat, and change.

Halloween USA, Airport, no loss.

Skyway Place Bar, Summit, cases of beer and liquor.

One Stop Marathon, South, cigars, cash, and cartons of cigarettes.

Josh Cable, Spencer, no loss.


Jerry Keesee, Kelsey, bank card and checkbook from SUV at home.

Mark Shelton, Letchworth, bank card from West Central at Monroe.

IPC, North Telegraph, metal scrapes.

Andre Power, West Bancroft, Holland, credit card from Bennett at West Alexis.

Linda Benton, Washington, wallet and contents from the 1900 block of Madison.

Ejllo Mita, Hamtramack, Mich., wallet and contents from van on South Reynolds at South.

Pamela Longerecker, Marlow, rims and tires from auto at home.

Balekunle Alli, Detroit, Mich., cash, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, wet vacuum, and carpet cleaners from the 3900 block of Hill.

Scott Pittman, Woodmont, wallet and contents from residence.

Kathryn Smith, North Erie, Ohio Direction Card from residence.

Sara Makovie, South Ottawa Cove, bank card from residence.

Candice Kester, Ridgedale, cellular telephone and wallet and contents from vehicle at home.

Lynnetta Dotson, Canal Winchester, Ohio, purse and contents from the 2500 block of Auburn.

Lynette Harrison, Butterfield, wallet and contents from South Reynolds at Glendale.

Thomas Schuster, Garden, Maumee, cellular telephone, laptop computer, and checkbook from truck on Cherry at Delaware.

Kyia Marsenburg, Airport, purse and contents from auto at home.

Lisa Schaaf, Eastbrook, check from residence.

Lindsay Reynolds, Bowling Green, credit card and bank card from the 1500 block of Broadway.

Diane Lauer, West, Whitehouse, wallet and contents from the 200 block of Page.

Lynnea Lau, Church, wallet and contents from the 1500 block of West Sylvania.

Coroner rulings

Lucas County

Devon Carlton, 14, of Defiance, Aug. 17, at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, traumatic brain injury sustained from all-terrain vs SUV.

William Jefferson, 86, of Nebraska, Sept. 4, at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, aspiration of food bolus.

Mark Madden, 29, of Nevada, Aug. 7, at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound of head.

Charles Morfier, 51, of Bellevue, Ohio, Sept. 27, at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, craniocerebral injuries sustained when he fell while putting on shingles.

John Resch, 38, of Williamsbury, Sylvania, Aug. 3, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Barbara Underhill, 78, of Oakland, Sylvania, July 7, at home. Accidental, hypertensive cardiovascular disease; complications of hip fracture.

Jason Brauer, 22 months, of Abberdeen, Holland, Aug. 10, at Toledo Hospital. Homicide, blunt head trauma.

Eric Cosner, 38, of Monroe, Mich., July 19, at Flower Hospital. Accidental, acute bronchopneumonia; late complications of motorcycle accident.

Randolph Jung, 39, of Napoleon, Aug. 24, at St. Vincent Mercy Medial Center. Accidental, craniocerebral injuries sustained from motorcycle accident.

Sasha Kemp, 19, of West Central, Sept. 22, at Toledo Hospital, Accidental, massive craniocerebral injuries from being struck by autos.

Magdalene Lamanna, 90, of Sandusky, Aug. 24, at University of Toledo Medical Center, formerly Medical College of Ohio Hospital. Accidental, calcific occlusive coronary artery disease; complications of trauma.

Lawrence Montano, 44, of Orchard, Aug. 3, at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, acute subdural hematoma.

Andrae Olgin, 20, of Vinton, Aug. 9, at home. Suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound to head.

Thomas Porter, 36, of Hollywood, Sept. 29, in the 1500 block of West Central. Suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound to head.

Eric Shipley, 25, of Cass, Maumee, Aug. 17, at St. Luke Hospital. Accidental, methadone toxicity.

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