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St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Christina Peterson, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Tiffany and Adam Pocs, Curtice, girl, Thursday.

Kreadence Zimmerman, Toledo, boy, Friday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Stephanie and Philip Bentschneider, Holland, boy, Saturday.

Naki Akrobettoe, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Malissa and Somsinh Malathong, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 18, 2007

Anthony Legeza, Jr., 29, engineer, of Temperance, and Jessica Jahns, 28, payroll assistant, of Toledo.

Dominic Sanzone, 23, factory worker, and Sarah Papio, 25, cosmetologist, both of Toledo.

David Peterson, 25, laborer, of Toledo, and Brittany Rhodes, 22, medical secretary, of Wauseon.

Herbert Bertz, 27, network engineer, and Rochelle Taylor, 40, staffing manager, both of Toledo.

Andrew Dustan, 38, CPA, and Marcy Merritt, 35, school food service, both of Toledo.

Pedro Vasquez II, 29, and Jacquelyn Vasquez, 29, both of Toledo.

Bryan Reinhart, 19, manager, and Brittaney Watson, 21, waitress, both of Oregon.

Pierre Roberson, 28, student, and Taryn Hector, both of Ann Arbor.

Michael Kott, 32, nurse, and Jennifer Butkus, 26, nurse, both of Toledo.

Ryan Holloway, 31, maintenance man, and Kasondra Edwards, 37, both of Toledo.

Thomas Young, 37, field supervisor, and Leann Kaetzel, 25, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Hammer, Mabel, 93, Executive Parkway, pending.

Jones, Carol, 55, Joffre Avenue, severe heart failure.

Kazmierczak, Michael, 53, Alscott Lane, Whitehouse, cardiovascular disease.

Krzeminski, Anna, 63, Violet Road, cancer.

Lang, Herman, 93, Monroe Street, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

Langenderfer, Joseph, 70, River Road, myelodysplastic marrow syndrome.

Lirot, Richard, 70, Defiance, colitis.

Muniz, Jose, 67, Hampton Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Odorzynski, Theresa, 81, James Gate Drive, cryptogenic cirrhosis.

Pollard, Beverly, 72, Monroe, Mich., cerebral vascular accident.

Pryor, James, 63, Prospect Avenue, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Reherman, Darryl, 50, Vail Avenue, pending.

Reveal, Cheryl, 50, Erie, Mich., post-anoxic encephalopathy.

Townsend, Latrasa, 35, Fredonia Avenue, septic shock.

Weiss, Ronald, Sr., 75, Lambertville, coronary artery disease.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

International House, 2801 West Bancroft, inspected Sept. 10. Critical violations: Mashed potatoes in hot box at 111 degrees. All potentially hazardous food (PHF) must be held at 135 degrees or higher to prevent the growth of bacteria. Potatoes were reheated to 165 degrees. Observed wiping cloths on counter tops and sanitizer bucket with no sanitizer. Store wet cloths in buckets with proper level of sanitizer. Tuna salad and turkey on buffet were at 59 and 49 degrees, respectively. All PHF must be held at 45 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Food voluntarily discarded. Observed improper cooling of rice in produce walk-in cooler. Rice was 105 degrees and fully covered. Do not cover foods that are cooling until they reach 41 degrees or less. Observed dishwasher change gloves but not wash hands in between when switching from dirty dishes to clean dishes. Employees must wash hands when changing tasks and putting on new gloves. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

El Matador Restaurant, 3309 Holland-Sylvania, inspected Sept. 10. Critical violations: Shredded cheese is 51 degrees in the prep top cooler at time of inspection. Observed rice and beans in walk-in cooler without date-marking. Foods must be date-marked when they are pulled from the freezer to thaw. Foods may beheld up to seven days in coolers at 41 degrees or less or four days in coolers at 42 degrees. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Subway, 1650 West Alexis, inspected Sept. 10. Critical violation: PHF items were found at unsafe temperatures in the undercounter cooler. Food discarded. All PHF in cold holding must be held at or below 41 degrees. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Stephen Perrine.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 425 West Dussel, Maumee, inspected Sept. 10. Critical violations: Top of prep top cooler holding food at 61-64 degrees. All PHF must be held cold at or below 41 degrees. Bar dishmachine not dispensing sanitizer. All washing must be done manually in three-compartment sink until re-inspection with passing results is conducted. Chemicals stored above single-use items. To prevent potential cross-contamination. Store all chemicals in designated area away from clean surfaces/utensils. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Phil Bauman.

Boston Market, 917 Conant, Maumee, inspected Sept. 10. Critical violation: Hot holding PHF at 128-130 degrees. All PHF must be held hot and maintained at 135 degrees or higher. Observed reuse of single use gloves or cutting gloves. After each cutting session, single use gloves should be disposed of. A clean glove, or utensil is required when handling ready-to-eat (RTE) foods. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Bauman.

Kaselly s Kitchen, 2981 Tremainsville, inspected Sept. 11. Critical violations: Observed food handler wipe hands on a soiled damp cloth and then make bare hand contact with RTE food. Food handlers may not substitute wiping cloth for proper handwashing at the designated handsink with warm water and soap. Observed food handler with fingernail polish having barehand contact with ready-to-eat foods. Use gloves, tongs, deli paper. Any food handler with artificial nails, nail polish, cuts, sores, or bandages on the hands must always wear gloves when handling food. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Kerry Cutcher.

KFC, 1830 Laskey, inspected Sept. 11. Critical violations: Coleslaw in walk-in cooler was at 43 degrees. All PHF must be held at or below 41 degrees to prevent the growth of bacteria. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Wilke.

Molly s Diner, 2430 Laskey, inspected Sept. 11. Critical violations: At time of inspection, the dish machine is not dispensing any chlorine sanitizer. Chlorine sanitizer must dispense at 50-100 ppm. Service has been called. Until dish machine is repaired, all dishes must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in the three-compartment sink. The brown gravy in the walk-in cooler that was made and cooled the previous day is at 49 degrees. The gravy was improperly cooled. Foods must cool from 135 to 70 degrees in two hours or less, then from 70 to 41 degrees in the next four hours or less. Gravy was discarded at time of inspection. Hot water is not available at the kitchen handsink at time of inspection. Hot water must be restored immediately so that food handlers can properly wash their hands. Employees are not to wash their hands in the food prep sink. Hands must be washed in the designated hand sink only. The prep sink is to be for food preparation only. Many coolers are holding foods at temperatures at 42-45 degrees. All PHF must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust or repair the walk-in cooler and both prep top coolers so that all foods are maintained at 41 degrees or lower. Observed raw eggs stored directly above cooked chicken in the prep top cooler reach-in. To prevent cross-contamination, store raw meats and eggs separate from or below RTE foods. Mashed potatoes above the steam table are at 109 degrees. PHF must be held not at 135 degrees or more at all times. Observe improper thawing of sausage patties. Foods may only be thawed in a cooler, under cold running water in the food prep sink, or as part of the cooking process. Observed fly paper used in the kitchen next to the three-compartment sink. Contact licensed pest control for any pest problem. Fly paper may not be used in any area where there is food, food preparation, or storage of clean food contact items. No wipe cloth bucket is set up at time of inspection. Wet cloths must be stored in sanitizer when not in use. A sanitizer bucket must be set up prior to all food preparation so that food contact surfaces can be properly sanitized. Five noncritical violations. Inspector: Sattler.

UT Ottawa House, 2801 West Bancroft, inspected Sept. 11. Critical violations: Chicken dumpling soup made previous day was improperly cooled and is at 81 degrees in the walk-in cooler. Foods must be cooled rapidly, in a shallow uncovered container by using an ice wand or ice bath to prevent growth of harmful bacteria. Soup was discarded. Cottage cheese is at 43 degrees and cream cheese is at 42 degrees in condiment cooler. All PHF must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. The insert pans used for these foods are too shallow. Provide pans deep enough to reach down to the bottom of the cooler. The handsink in the kitchen near the coffee shop entrance is draining slow and is plugged with food scraps. Have this serviced so that it drains properly. All handsinks may only be used for handwashing. Do not use handsinks as dump sinks. Quat sanitizer in the wipe cloth bucket in the kitchen is too strong at 400 ppm. Keep quat at 200 ppm. There is not sanitizer wipe cloth bucket set-up in the coffee shop at time of inspection even though food prep is taking place. A wipe cloth bucket must be set up at every food prep station so that food contact surfaces can be properly sanitized. Observed an open container of teriyaki sauce in the dry storage room at time of inspection. Once opened, this product is required to be refrigerated. The remaining sauce was discarded. Provide soap and paper towels at the handsink at the soup and salad bar area. All handsinks must be properly stocked so that food handlers can properly wash their hands during food preparation. The high temperature dishmachine is not properly santizing. Discontinue use of the machine until it is repaired. Eight noncritical violations. Inspector: Sattler.

No violations

The Barn, 3225 Centennial, Sylvania Township, inspected Sept. 17.

Prescribed Pediatric Center, 1932 Birchwood, inspected Sept. 18.

John s Korner, 2202 Tedrow, inspected Sept. 17.

China Garden Buffet, 337 West Alexis, inspected Sept. 14.

Heartland of Waterville, 8885 Browning, inspected Sept. 14.

Lion s Den Bar and Grill, 2814 Lagrange, inspected Sept. 20.

Fairfield School, 1313 Eastfield, Maumee, inspected Sept. 19.

Mel-O-Creme Inc., 8144 Airport, Monclova Township, inspected Sept. 19.

DeepAm India, 7406 Central, Sylvania Township, inspected Sept. 19.

American Legion Auxiliary, 5580 Centennial, Sylvania Township, inspected Sept. 19.

Dana Corp., 6201 Trust, Springfield Township, inspected Sept. 18.

Zacharya s Eatery and Cafe, 3455 West Alexis, inspected Sept. 14.

Kroger, 4925 Jackman, inspected Sept. 2.

Licata s Sunoco Sylvania, 4001 Holland- Sylvania, inspected Sept. 21.

Handel s Ice Cream, 5908 West Sylvania, inspected Sept. 21.

Dollar General, 6711 Gillead, Whitehouse, inspected Sept. 17.

Rite Aid, 5055 Alexis, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 21.

Tom s Carryout, 2861 Lagrange, inspected Sept. 20.

Browning Masonic Community Center, 8883 Browning, Waterville, inspected Sept. 19.

Sunshine Children s Home, 7223 Maumee Western, Monclova Township, inspected Sept. 19.

Dave s Home Cooked Foods, 1855 Reynolds, inspected Sept. 18.

Crime reports


Aaron Holmes, Foxchapel, video game, hard drive, video controllers, and video cartridge.

James Friess, Caledonia, jewelry.

Daniel Smith, Indiana, computer, printer, scanner, copier, video games, video cartridges, video controllers, leather coats, TV/DVD player, DVD player, TV, VCR/DVD player, and stereo receiver.

William Liggons, Pinewood, laptop computer.

Daniel Winkler, Dixie, Erie, Mich., refrigerator, toolbox, sewing machine, TV, coffee pot, lamps, roaster oven, and furniture from home in the 400 block of Langdon.

Jenny Smith, Locust, no loss.

Daniel Flickinger, Walbridge, no loss.

Toledo Wireless Wholesales, Monroe, loss undetermined.

Jay Cicha, Martha, video game, video cartridges, MP3 player, cellular telephone, and bicycle.

Nita Williams, Queenswood, video game, laptop computer, and bookbag.

Joey Roman, Main, TVs, fire box, piggy bank, and change.

Club Prestige, Knapp, TV and cash.

Talora Simpson, St. Bernard, video games.

Scarlett Spires, Fernwood, copper pipes and water meter from home in the 2400 block of Warren.

Caesar s Show Bar, Jefferson, cash from vending machines.

Tikmur Akin, Winding , Temperance, copper pipes from home in the 500 block of Dexter.

Amy Herbert, Broadway, cash and ring.

GDY Furniture Installations, Arco, catalytic converters.

Freddie Syph, Lincoln, lawn mower.

Tracie Honisko, Wicklow, no loss.

Robert Schwirzinski, West Sylvania, no loss.

Michael Fuelling, Wendover, auto, safe, and contents.

Toledo Auto Finance, Lewis, auto and keys.

Wilmore Auto Salon, Monroe, air compressor, buffers, tools, TV, stereo, and safe and contents.

Padsco LLC, Platt, no loss.

Mary Radscheid, Cribb, jewelry, calling card, cash, and credit card.

Anton Davis, Vance, TV, video game, radio, and iPod.

Marsha Hill, Carol, checkbooks, purse, change, and jewelry.

Louie Siemientkowski, Chestnut, no loss.

Charles Ellis, Chase, water heater and copper pipes.

Jerry Dalton, Ash, no loss from the 2100 block of Chase.

Tammie Sanders, North Erie, TV.

Betty Kronke, Winston, bicycle.

The Dog House, Lewis, electric meters.

James Bradley, Wall, DVD player.

Rodney McClellan, Hamilton, TVs and VCR/DVD player.

Laron Palmer, South Byrne, TV, video game, remotes, jewelry, leather coats, and clothing.

Patrick Jude, Hamilton, hot tub, hand truck, bicycle, and speakers.

Miracle Manor Apartments , Jamieson, keys and cash.


LaVerne Evans, Frankfort, Ky., wallet and contents from the 2900 block of Glendale.

Twana Boyd, Wyndhurst, GPS and purse and contents from SUV at home.

Merkisha Rush, 14th, TV and clothing from the 5800 block of Clover.

Lindsay Bartnik, Middlesex, bank card and credit card from North Byrne at Dorr.

Nicolette Oliver, Cove Harbor, Holland, wallet and contents from the 5200 block of Heatherdowns.

Carla Pacino, Strongsville, Ohio, cellular telephones and credit cards from Dorr at North Byrne.

Stephen Louthan, Bradford, CDs, cash, and carton of cigarettes from SUV in the 200 block of South Detroit.

Traffic injuries


3:10 p.m. Upton and Georgia. Pickup truck of Milo Jones, 31, of Georgia, and pedestrians, Adam Barber, 8, and Lorenzo Barber, 51, both of Marlow who were treated at Toledo Hospital.


1:35 p.m. I-75 exit ramp and Jeep. SUV of Lorraine Roe, 42, of Merry Dell, Oregon, and auto of Deborah Bannister, 44, of Watson, who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passengers, Jessica Byram, 28, and Desmond Burkhalter, 11, both of Watson.

4 p.m. 3900 block of Sylvania. Autos of Amber Jones, 16, of Emch, Walbridge, and Andre Seales, 39, of Hoiles, who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passenger, Stacy Young, 29, also of Hoiles.


9:20 a.m. North Detroit and Phillps. Tractor trailer of David Metz, 40, of Forreston, Ill., and auto of John Vogel, 75, of Almeda, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

10:55 a.m. 400 block of Jefferson. Hit-skip vehicle and auto of Susan Gorka, 47, of Reitz, Perrysburg, whose passenger, Rosilea Cooknell, 22, of Reitz, was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

5:30 p.m. 2300 block of Newport. Motorcycle of Kim Smith, 46, of Selma, struck fence. Driver was treated at Toledo Hospital.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Sergio Ramirez from Selina S. Ramirez.

Selina S. Ramirez from Sergio Ramirez.

Carolyn J. Ryan from Gary A. Ryan.

Morrie Jacks from Monty W. Griffin.

Crystal M. Smith from Jason J. Smith.

Rona Dewey from Roger Dewey.

Medina Johnson from Dana Wilson.

Laura M. Shultz from Bradley M. Shultz.

Bradley M. Shultz from Laura M. Shultz.

Jennifer S. Ward from Matthew J. Peternel.

William A. Barker from Kyung R. Barker.

Shawntay Gregory from Samuel Henderson.

Lori Lynn Podd from Gary Gains.

Kathleen M. Sampson from Holly D. Sampson.

Robert Earl from Sarah Monroe-Earl.

Priscilla Fisher from Clarence Fisher.

Merrier A. Richardson from Eric Dee Richardson.

Herbert D. Bertz from Lori Bertz.

Lori Bertz from Herbert D. Bertz.

Tiffany Frankhauser from Michael L. Frankhauser.

Michael L. Frankhauser from Tiffany Frankhauser.

Amanda L. Ortiz from Ramon A. Ortiz, Sr.

Ramon A. Ortiz, Sr., from Amanda L. Ortiz.

Cynthia Chambers from Timothy J. Chambers.

Theresa Biegaj from Edward S. Biegaj.

Matthew R. Rachow from Tracy M. Rachow.

Tracy M. Rachow from Matthew R. Rachow.

Toni M. Laura-Arellano from Daniel A. Arellano-Perez.

Jenett Coello from Juan C. Coello.

Koren A. Gibson from Joshua Avila.

Regina Wilson-Kibogo from Chijioke Okafor.

David L. Bright from Karen A. Bright.

Fancy Moreland from Shun Moreland.

Emily Favors from Gary Favors.

Jennifer L. Giles from Coy H. Giles II.

Candace A. Felger from Jeffery J. Felger.

Matthew Juergens from Andrea Juergens.

Cheryl P. Jones from Tyrone M. Jones.

Rachel E. Swackhamer from Brian R. Swackhamer.

Harry D. Oakman from Linda E. Hill.

Allen D. Dunlap from Kimberly A. Dunlap.

Sharon McLendon-Brown from Jackie Brown.

Richard C. Keenan from Tina L. Keenan.

Frances Hanes from Leonard Hanes.

Karen Greene from Alfred L. Greene.

Larry Swarthout from Valerie Swarthout.

Bryan Angel from Julie K. Angel.

Johnny Blaylock from Monika Blaylock.

Calmer Lance from Sherry A. Lance.

Susan J. Miller from Andrew W. Miller.

Julie A. Todd from Brian A. Todd.

Brian A. Todd from Julie A. Todd.

Michelle Turner from Ricardo Turner.

Daniel Eldon Rearick from Jill Marie Rearick.

Jill Marie Rearick from Daniel Eldon Rearick.

Kevin P. Winckowski from Nicole M. Winckowski.

Tiffany A. Breier from Kenneth Breier.

Clayton D. Legereit from Dawn Legereit.

Dawn Legereit from Clayton D. Legereit.

Beverly Clevenz from Joshua Clevenz.

Stephen J. Sloan from Mischell S. Sloan.

Mischell S. Sloan from Stephen J. Sloan.

Tiffany N. Bauerschmidt from Joshua Winekoff.

Jessica M. Simmons from Fred L. Simmons.

Marcy Merritt from Robert E. Merritt.

John F. Stephens from Patricia E. Stephens.

Patricia E. Stephens from John F. Stephens.

Denika Hutchen from Jaron Jackson.

Steven D. Carson from Chasity L. Carson.

Robert A. White from Tanisha Coleman.

Karen Thigpen from Edward Thigpen.

Fadi Faysal from Toni S. Faysal.

Thomas F. Kornacki from Carrie L. Kornacki.

Jessica Stough from Dennis Lehman.

Kathy L. Kozak from Joseph D. Kozak.

Joseph D. Kozak from Kathy L. Kozak.

Arnold E. Lambrecht from Angela K. Leu.

Fatima Z. Henry from Mark D. Henry, Jr.

Cheryl A. Walton from Timothy D. Tracy.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Barbara S. Dudda-Sworden and James K. Sworden.

Tiffany Cousino and Jeremy B. Cousino.

John E. Gunn, Jr., and Crystal G. Milligan.

Tina Marie Gay and Jonathan Prentice Gay.

Jacquelyn Joanne Roach and David James Roach.

Cynthia J. Rybak and Timothy R. Rybak.

Amy J. Hurley and Kevin P. Hurley.

Charisma Stokes and Ryan Stokes.

Heather B. Kissel and David L. Kissel.

Nathan R. Gault and Adrielle D. Gault.

Christine A. Mahboob and Asif Mahboob.

Michael Graham and Sunny Graham.

Crystal L. Kimball and Peter D. Kimball, Jr.

Joshua Willer and Ericka Willer.

Tamara M. Huntley and Bruce M. Huntley, Sr.

Kelly L. Jacobs and Christopher B. Jacobs.

Hilaria Gonzalez and Gerardo Gonzalez.

Michelle Katz and Eric M. Katz.

Laurel Dray and Ali al-Gharib.

Kenneth Miller and Erin R. Miller.

Robert L. Andrzejak, Jr., and Cindy K. Andrzejak.

Thomas S. Learned and Sandra J. Learned.

Elizabeth M. Ruppert and David J. Midtvedt.

Nicole L. McLeary and Thomas A. McLeary.

Tommi Ella Jaynes and Anthony W. Jaynes.

Teresa Crump (Hart) and Kerry W. Hart.

Darrell T. Lather and Lorra L. Lather.

Dava L. Jones II and Katrina T. Jones.

Adam T. Schmidt and Kristina M. Schmidt.

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