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Bay Park Community Hospital

Veronica and Christopher Earl, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Ashley Lutman, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Kristy Pietrykowski, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Maricella Vasquez, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Emily Evick, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Aleesha Thompson, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Michelle and Matthew Harrison, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Michelle and Mike Elton, Delta, Ohio, boy, Sunday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 10, 2008

Joshua Mockensturm, 23, teacher, of Waterville, and Elizabeth Fay, 22, administrative assistant, of Oregon.

Antonio Chandler, 30, warehouse worker, and Temeka Hayes, 32, county employee, both of Toledo.

Aaron Duly, 23, factory worker, and Melissa Lang, 23, homemaker, both of Curtice.

Valdis Kops, 32, die maker, and Kristine Dawson, 24, receptionist, both of Toledo.

Gregory McClellan, 28, sheet metal worker, and Bridgette Iler, 26, deli worker, both of Toledo.

Daniel Baker, 44, truck driver, and Dora McGovern, 44, retired, both of Oregon.

Alexander Rogge, 26, UPS management, and Elaine Bening, 25, technical typist, both of Toledo.

Cory Cline, 25, student, and Tara Ronau, 24, administrative assistant, both of Maumee.

Richard Monnin, 25, student, of Houston, Ohio, and Annabel Coca, 23, teacher, of Toledo.

Matthew Cordes, 30, recruiter, and Breanne Hamm, 23, teacher, both of Maumee.

Andrew Gongwer, 33, production, and Nicole Poca, 29, teacher, both of Maumee.

Crime reports


Eddie Hicks, of Toledo, wallet and contents by a man in the 1100 block of Jefferson about 5 a.m. Thursday.

Odessa Jones, of Toledo, purse and contents by a man with a gun on Nebraska at North Detroit about 11:15 p.m. Thursday.


Michael Mingo, Bentwood, laptop computer, camera, jewelry, and cash.

Myra Brown, North Ontario, TV, DVD players, air conditioner, CDs, phone charger, and video controllers.

Troyce Wilson, East Pearl, purse and contents.

Dennis Futrel, West Sylvania, cash, safe, and camcorders.

Cynthia Cahill, Hickory, credit card, cash, jewelry, and lottery tickets.

September Ware, Arlington, TV.

Robert Meiring, EF, Swanton, heating system from home in the 100 block of Lakeshore.


Lawrence Wilczynski, Scarlet Oak, check from the 800 block of Atlantic.

Ann King, Gordon, medication from residence.

Barbara Hunt, Hogarth, bank card from residence.

Lindsey Simpson, Old Stone, purse and contents from the 100 block of North Summit.

Debra Dushane, Timber, Monroe, wallet and contents from the 3000 block of West Sylvania.

David Aguilar, Weber, medication from residence.

Jacob Lewandowski, Powhattan, GPS unit, tools, and phone charger from truck at home.

Ted Wahigren, South Reynolds, air conditioner unit from home.

Christina Boyle, East Benwyck, cash from residence.

Sheryl Retzloff, East Park, crib mattress, toys, pinata, and personal papers from van in the 1400 block of South Byrne.

Charvette Braddy, Monroe, air conditioner unit and iron gate from home in the 800 block of Avondale.

Ahmad Kynard, Brownstone, stereo, camera, watch, and cellular telephone from auto at home.

Dawna Clark, Orchard, desktop computer from the 3700 block of West Lincolnshire.

Brandon Glonek, Woodley, wallet and contents from vehicle in the 3100 block of Hopewell.

Christine Legree, Martin, money orders, food stamp card, and bank card from residence.

Shatara Byrd, North Superior, CD player, bookbag with contents, and handgun from vehicle at Walnut and Ontario.

Antonio Martinez, Maryland, destroyed convertible top of vehicle at Erie and Lafayette.

ProMedica Health Systems, Monroe, two catalytic converters from vehicles at business.

Lindsey Izaguirrie, Temperance, purse and contents from vehicle in parking lot of store at Alexis and Clover.

Schick Electric, Stickney, alloy wire from work site in the 5300 block of Stickney.

Charvete Braddy, Monroe, central air conditioner from vacant house in the 800 block of Avondale.

Ivan Coker, Port Lucie, Fla., wallet and contents from vehicle in the 3800 block of North Summit.

Theresa Whitiker, Floyd, purse and contents from hospital room in the 2200 block of Cherry.

Hilda Nitschke, Walker, wallet and contents from shopping cart in store in the 1500 block of East Alexis.

Sharina Calhoun, North Erie, wallet and contents from store in the 900 block of North Huron.

Pamela Nalodka, Lodge, patio furniture and lanterns from backyard of residence.

Brenda Thorsby, North Lockwood, pool filter from backyard of residence.

Alicia Norris, Airport, purse and contents from bus at Glendale and Reynolds.

Pinewood Tabernacle, Pinewood, air conditioner from side of building.

Darnell Flowers, Burke Glen, rims and tires from vehicle at residence.

John Mazur, Petersburg, Mich., power tools, charger, weed trimmer, compressor, levels, and hand tools from vehicle in the 2800 block of Nash.

Barbara Gwozdz, Tillimon Trail, purse and contents from restaurant in the 1700 block of West Laskey.

Rainbow Market, Rogers, compressor for coolers from business.

Ryan Hands, Miles, wallet and contents from vehicle at Four Seasons and Airport.

Michael Schmuhl, Holly Spring, Maumee, TV, tools, and bottles of liquor from boat docked at sailing club in the 2800 block of Broadway.

Chesley Glover, Youngstown, camcorder, cell phone, passport, and wallet with contents from bar in the 700 block of Matzinger.

Wilnie Purdy, Bowling Green, purse and contents from vehicle in the 5400 block of Airport.

Todd Redden, Liverpool, N.Y., camera case with camera and lens from vehicle in hotel parking lot in the 2300 block of South Reynolds.

Nicole Bowen, Wildwood, purse and contents from vehicle at sailing club in the 2800 block of Broadway.

Princess Boles, Hidden Valley, groceries, prescription glasses, and portable CD player with CD from vehicle in the 1200 block of East Bancroft.

Aaron Shinaul, Holland, stove and refrigerator from rental property in the 200 block of Arcadia.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Summit, crown molding, baseboards, and two TVs from hotel.

Angel Riley, Lincoln, bank card from restaurant in the 1900 block of South Byrne.

Brandon Furll, 293rd, amplifier, CD/DVD player, speaker box, and MP3 player from vehicle at residence.

Edward Podolsky, Fries, credit card from gas station in the 3000 block of Airport.

Ron Schuster, North Summit, steel grate from parking lot of business in the 4600 block of North Summit.

Deandra Ward, Ventura, purse and contents from vehicle in the 1100 block of Pinebrook.

Janice Clark, Nebraska, air conditioning unit from rental property in the 300 block of Richardson.

Donald Pfleger, Cherry Hill, golf clubs in bag from residence.

Walter Pakulski, Firlawn, cash, gift card, and personal papers from vehicle in church parking lot at Lagrange and Central.

William Adkins, 126th, two handguns from residence.

RAM Auto Sales, Monroe, door from vehicle at business.

Rachael Schmidt, Gay, purse, cell phone, digital camera, and jewelry from bar in the 5300 block of North Detroit.

Richard Knopp, Silver Creek, tools, power tools, and wallet with contents from vehicle at residence.

Village Farm Dairy In and Out, Key, deposit bag with cash from vehicle in the 2300 block of Eastgate.

Joe Moye, Nebraska, lawn mower, edger, weed trimmer, leaf blower, and car stereo from vehicle at residence.

Santosha Pratt, Parkdale, wallet and contents from vehicle in the 1500 block of West Sylvania.

Zackary Rush, Vermilion, Ohio, iPod with charger, global-positioning device, and watch from vehicle in the 5200 block of Airport.

Katina Chatman, Prospect, prescription medication from residence.

Comfort Notheis, West Sylvania, video game system, CDs, purse, and prescription medication from vehicle in the 1200 block of West Sylvania.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Thomas Hochmuth from Michelle Hochmuth.

Banhi N. Burke from Jason R. Rashley.

Kenneth Reno from Yerlyin D. Reno.

Felix Turkson from Brandy Gibson.

Herman S. Pfaff from Angela G. Pfaff.

Kevin M. Schroder from Silvia Schroder.

Joseph M. McCauley from Carrie A. McCauley.

Sandra DeMascio from Stephen C. DeMascio.

Stephen C. DeMascio from Sandra DeMascio.

Pamela J. Thayer from Robert W. Horvath.

Robert W. Horvath from Pamela J. Thayer.

Teresa J. Gadus from Timothy A. Gadus I.

Christy A. Wooley from Andrew M. Wooley.

Paul D. Anderson from Melissa Anderson.

Thomas R. Hood from Christine Marie Hood.

Christine Marie Hood from Thomas R. Hood.

Abigail Evans from Michael Evans.

David Smith from Joyce E. Tavernier.

Joseph E. Yglesias from Tiffany Johnson.

Nancy L. Grove from Larry H. Grove, Jr.

Mary A. Wright from Leslie H. Hawkins.

Kerry L. Head from James P. Head.

Joy M. Leong from Yihshyong Leong.

Jason D. Myers from Autumn M. Myers.

Stacey Rees from Michael Rees.

Billie Mae Adams from Robert Lee Ashton.

Kelly S. Myers from William A. Oliver.

Kelly M. Kiss from Kevin Kiss.

Kevin Kiss from Kelly M. Kiss.

Alexis D. Palmer-Harmon from Winston D. Harmon.

Courtney E. Simmons from Justin J. Simmons.

Justin J. Simmons from Courtney E. Simmons.

Nicholas J. Tam from Cheryl A. Tam.

Cheryl A. Tam from Nicholas J. Tam.

Autumn J. Ferguson from Jason R. Metzger.

Marsha B. Matanick from Philip Matanick.

Colleen F. Milliron from Kenneth R. Milliron.

Christopher A.D. Hamilton from Wendi M. Hamilton.

Cory Snyder from Dawn Shepherd.

Dawn Shepherd from Cory Snyder.

Kristen Lee from Robert Lee, Jr.

Robert Lee, Jr., from Kristen Lee.

Robert L. Hanf from Monica M. Walter.

Michael J. Melchert from Kimberly S. Melchert.

Debra A. Balduf from Thomas R. Balduf.

Stephen M. Eaton from Jacqueline E. Eaton.

Fredrick C. Cotcamp from Dixie Lee Cotcamp.

Ivy R. Hopkins from Eddie Hopkins III.

Renita M. Banks from Yusuf W. Banks.

Kimberly J. Dixon from John H. Dixon.

Wanda L. Fisher from Michael D. O Brien.

Julie L. Klement from Bruce D. Degner.

Gina A. Toth from Bruce E. Robinson.

Matthew D. Boyer from Tonya I. Shank.

Tonya I. Shank from Matthew D. Boyer.

Sherri Fultz from Jerry Fultz.

Vera B. Davis from William Davis.

William Davis from Vera B. Davis.

Cathy S. Fuleky from Anthony V. Fuleky, Jr.

Barbara Rickard from Michael Rickard.

Michael Rickard from Barbara Rickard.

Jeffry Gubala from Rebecca Gubala.

Rebecca Gubala from Jeffry Gubala.

Anne M. Thieman from William J. Thieman.

Donna J. Law from Trevor O. Law.

Calvin J. Houston from Sandy E. Houston.

Kristin D. Franklin from William O. Clark.

William O. Clark from Kristin D. Franklin.

Laura A. Ramsey from Eric E. Reynolds.

Megan S. Dove from Andrew M. Komon, Jr.

Melissa Jimenez from Isidro Jimenez.

Brian Kessinger from Melissa Kessinger.

Dennis A. Haymier from Holly L. Haymier.

Holly L. Haymier from Dennis A. Haymier.

Valensia D. Hall from Joseph N. Hall.

Jennifer A. Rossbach from Donald P. Rossbach.

Rachael A. Jacob from John R. Jacob.

John R. Jacob from Rachael A. Jacob.

Candice K. Hays from Brandon L. Moehrle.

Philip L. Robinson from Danielle Robinson.

Tinika C. Lloyd from Roy J. Williams.

Kelly A. Behlmer from Jason A. Behlmer.

Jason A. Behlmer from Kelly A. Behlmer.

Angela N. Simmons from Brennan R. Simmons.

Clara M. Anderson from Andrew Anderson.

Jeramy M. Childers from Nicole A. Plesotis.

Michael J. Irwin from Teresa K. Irwin.

Sarah J. Startzman from Andy Meyer.

Trisha M. Wood from Jeremy M. Moffitt.

Jeremy M. Moffitt from Trisha M. Wood.

Mary Leasure from George Myrice, Jr.

Scott Welsh from Brenda Welsh.

Christina Madrigal from Andron Sylvester.

Jason A. Boyd from Briana N. Haynes.

Audrey Pickering-Brooks from Joe E. Brooks.

Charline Smith from Antwan Smith.

Christina Tovatt from Johnny D. Bigelow.

Steven C. Rosebrock from Jennifer P. Rosebrock.

Jennifer P. Rosebrock from Steven C. Rosebrock.

Michelle L. Schultz from Dennis J. Schultz.

Dennis J. Schultz from Michelle L. Schultz.

Sarah Brasher from Aubrey R. Brasher, Jr.

Sarah D. Heilman from Ralph F. Roberts.

Antoinette D. Draper from Maynard C. Porter.

Ova E. Tate from Janet L. Tate.

Janet L. Tate from Ova E. Tate.

Bettie Moore from Erwin Moore, Sr.

Christina M. Pasker from Andrew Lee Pasker.

Andrew Lee Pasker from Christina M. Pasker.

Samantha L. Melms from William H. Johns II.

Stephanie Edwards from Bryan Burdge, Jr.

Bryan Burdge, Jr., from Stephanie Edwards.

Kathleen Oliver from James M. Bliss.

Mindy S. Farnsworth from Joseph D. Custer, Jr.

Robyn Hatch from Rocky A. Barnes II.

Joyce Hawkins from Ray A. Hawkins.

Marchelle Riley from Gary L. Whitfield, Sr.

Kevin White from Melissa White.

Kathryn L. Wilhelm from Michael Chernavski.

Michael Chernavski from Kathryn L. Wilhelm.

Delbra A. Blackshear from Nate Blackshear.

Jessica M. Bond from Kenny R. Bond.

Regina A. Phillips from Robert L. Phillips, Jr.

Melinda Noward from Larry Noward.

Larry Noward from Melinda Noward.

Kelly White from Sheri White.

Patricia L. Kemp from Berwyn J. Kemp.

Rebecca M. Anderson from William W. Anderson.

William W. Anderson from Rebecca M. Anderson.

LaReas A. Campbell from VeShaun Campbell.

Shara L. Wells from James M. Gordon, Sr.

Carol A. Krieg from Mark T. Sabelhaus.

Dayna L. Kelm from Kinley R. Kelm.

Dana Pienta from James L. LeBlanc.

Connie S. Ayers from Doyle W. Ayers.

Jeanette Sutcliffe from Louis M. Sutcliffe.

Ashley Troutman from Robert S. Troutman.

John W. Jones from Brenda J. Durrah-Jones.

Lei Lani R. Carroll from Paul E. Carroll.

Monique Taylor from Sean Blueitt.

Dorothy L. Clarke from Anthony D. Clarke.

Mark A. Venia from Joan C. Venia.

Joan C. Venia from Mark A. Venia.

Kenneth Studebaker from Carol Studebaker.

Darla M. Wolfe from Stephen Wolfe.

Marilyn D. Pinkney from Terrence Covington.

Scott Giovanoli from Michelle Giovanoli.

Michelle Giovanoli from Scott Giovanoli.

Susan E. Hall from James C. Hall.

Tamara S. Angell from Michael L. Angell.

Michael L. Angell from Tamara S. Angell.

Brian R. McCue from Lisa M. McCue.

Joe E. Munn from Ronnette Jones.

James A. Ormiston from Leslie N. Johnson.

Leslie N. Johnson from James A. Ormiston.

Jennifer L. Vannest from Jason T. Morris.

Jason T. Morris from Jennifer L. Vannest.

Kenyatta Marney from Janice M. Savage.

Patricia J. Kreuz from Shannon Kreuz.

Shannon Kreuz from Patricia J. Kreuz.

Amy S. Wagner from Arthur H. Wagner.

Sara M. Scanlon from Iyman F. Swade.

Renee J. Campradt from Kenneth Campradt.

Kenneth Campradt from Renee J. Campradt.

Elizabeth Helminiak from Michael Becker.

Victor A. Poskarbiewicz from Margueritte Poskarbiewicz.

Randy N. Warner II from Karen L. Henry.

Shasta L. McDermott from Joseph C. McDermott.

Joseph C. McDermott from Shasta L. McDermott.

Tonia Douglas from Timothy Battle.

Jason M. Johnson from Christie Johnson.

Christie Johnson from Jason M. Johnson.

Absufian Feruzi from Safina Feruzi.

Stephanie Carson from Patrick Dyer.

Patricia A. Patten from James A. Patten.

Teresa A. Zamora from David P. Perkins.

David P. Perkins from Teresa A. Zamora.

Tracy A. Johnson from Derick M. Johnson.

Holly L. Warner from Roger W. Warner.

Roger W. Warner from Holly L. Warner.

Carl F. Huebner from Pamela D. Huebner.

Kenneth M. Goetz from Meredith A. Goetz.

Justin P. Gross from Amber V. Gross.

Amber V. Gross from Justin P. Gross.

Karen P. Wainwright from Michael Wainwright.

Jessica S. Richard from Nicholas R. Bailey.

Jane A. King from Gregory P. Raab.

Gregory P. Raab from Jane A. King.

Elizabeth Ann Rogers from James David Rogers.

Coroner s rulings

Lucas County

Tyler Palmer, 14, of Toledo, May 21 at Toledo Hospital. Blunt force injuries to head, bicycle vs. truck accident.

Sidney Coleman, 67, of Toledo, June 1 at nursing home. Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, deceased fell at home.

Paul Smith, 35 of Sandusky, June 14 at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, massive head and chest injuries.

Cheri Weiker, 52, of Green Springs, Ohio, June 15 at University of Toledo Medical Center, formerly Medical College of Ohio Hospital. Accidental, multiple blunt force injuries sustained in motorcycle vs. car.

Thomas Company, 63, of Tiffin, June 15 at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Suicide, shotgun wound to head.

Robert Begell, 23, of Toledo June 22 in the 4600 block of Dorr. Accidental, multiple blunt force injuries sustained in auto vs utility pole accident.

Barbra Slaughterbeck, 74, of Toledo, June 28 at home. Accidental, complications of hip fracture sustained in unwitnessed fall in nursing home.

Alberta Fisher, 92, of Tiffin, July 1 at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, craniocerebral injuries sustained in fall from porch.

Ernesto Sanchez, 62, of Adrian, July 1 at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, traumatic brain injuries sustained in fall from rear of truck.

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