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Today's log: 05-14

Bay Park Community Hospital

Dana Teneyck, Toledo, girl, May 12.

Flower Hospital

Julie and Thomas Smith, Genoa, girl, May 5.

Marisa Fynes, Toledo, girl, May 10.

Bonita Thorton, Toledo, boy, May 10.

Rachael Freimark, Toledo, girl, May 11.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Stephanie and Ken Webster, Northwood, boy, May 11.

Julie and Aaron Mittendorf, Oregon, boy, May 11.

Shaun Braden, Toledo, girl, May 11.

Rachel and Terrell Newble, Sr., Toledo, boy, May 11.

St. Luke s Hospital

Jessica Streib, Whitehouse, girl, May 12.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Katherine and James Yonkers, Toledo, boy, May 12.

Samah and Safi Megbel, Maumee, girl, May 12.

Jenna and Michael Steinhoff, Holland, girl, May 12.

Toledo Hospital

Brittni and Miguel Flores, Toledo, girl, May 11.

Tmara Zya and Senan Salmo, Adrian, girl, May 11.

Jody and Joseph Kapp, Oak Harbor, boy, May 11.

April and Adam Dubendorfer, Toledo, boy, May 12.

Josephine Torres, Toledo, girl, May 12.

Ghada and Thomas Howard, Toledo, girl, May 12.

Jill Harrington, Maumee, girl, May 12.

Sandra Vasquez, Toledo, girl, May 12.

Janine and George Rosche, Sylvania, boy, May 12.

Stacie Turner, Toledo, boy, May 12.

Margaret and Terrence Arthur, Toledo, boy, May 12.

Lucas County

May 11, 2009

Daniel Niese, 30, accountant, of Holland, and Lindsay Lyden, 26, marketing manager, of Maumee.

Andre McDaniel, Jr., 21, manager, of Eagleville, Pa., and Vanessa London, 22, student, of Toledo.

William DeMars, 27, professional pilot, and Jocelyn Cubbon, 26, student, both of Toledo.

Ryan Higgins, 33, consultant, of Toledo, and Erin Hammons, 29, cosmetologist, of Holland.

Deno Monnett, Jr., 24, unit clerk, of Lambertville, and Heather Hurst, 23, nurse, of Camden, Mich.

Marshall Kyser II, 27, and Kinyatta Smith, 24, patient audit, both of Toledo.

Dolton Rucker, 41, sales, and Lindsay Newton, 26, both of Toledo.

Christopher Moore, 25, senior data analyst, and Stacey DeMars, 23, social worker, both of Toledo.

Mansour Majrshi, 25, student, and Autumn Davis, 25, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Richard Charles, 51, retired, and Deneyele Warren, 35, both of Toledo.

Todd Entenman, 30, office manager, of Toledo, and Christa Clark, 22, computer lab assistant, of Monclova.

Jason Rasor, 31, optometrist, of Elida, Ohio, and Shauna Graber, 31, medical technologist, of Toledo.

Lucas Helminiak, 26, self employed, and Jennifer Karrick, 26, receptionist, both of Toledo.

May 12, 2009

Edward Erdmann, 28, pre-press technician, and Sarah Worman, 27, security officer, both of Toledo.

Kuron Martin, 23, and Sade McDonald, 22, corrections officer, both of Toledo.

Ryan Schiel, 22, U.S. military, of Toledo, and Erin King, 32, unit secretary, of Lawton, Okla.

Sean Crandall, 22, mechanic, of Waterville, and Leslie Toedter, 22, child care, of Swanton.

Gregory Gibbs, 41, student, and Mandy Malone, 34, tech support, both of Toledo.

Scott Clapsaddle, Jr., 19, and Nicole Myers, 25, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Colburn, Jr., 22, oil technician, and Sierra Rojo, 22, cashier, both of Adrian.

Matthew Cain, 32, cook, and Veronica Arnold, 27, server, both of Toledo.

Daniel Drummond, 25, self employed, and Kacie Hart, 22, cashier, both of Curtice, Ohio.

Mark Hauser aka Stachowiak, 24, and Brittany Baughman, 20, both of Toledo.

Chad Ditmyer, 27, truck driver, and Korena Lopez, 24, student, both of Toledo.

Ryan Parker, 32, attorney, and Carey Willis, 34, business owner, both of Toledo.

Lucas County

Susan M. Willson from Richard Nijakowski.

Natalia Shkaev from Oleg Shchashchaev.

Mary V. Wilson from Jon D. Wilson.

Lynn L. Goldstein from Edgar W. Boraggina.

Carol A. Tuttle from Anthony C. Woods.

Keyona C. Freeman from Sheridan M. Freeman.

Scott M. Calhoun from Rene L. Calhoun.

Pablo Gomez from Angelina Vega.

Amy M. Bailey from Ryan M. Burnat.

Laura L. Bacome from Russell E. Bacome.

Mindy L. Spears from Nicholas J. Spears.

Stephanie D. Sharpley from LaMarr P. Landry.

LaMarr P. Landry from Stephanie D. Sharpley.

Iris Poure from James A. Poure.

James A. Poure from Iris Poure.

Rickey D. Thomas from Clara M. Thomas.

Peggy J. Moor from James R. Moor.

Kerry E. Lecurgo from Thomas Josett.

Holly K. Rickner from Kyle L. Rickner.

Adelita M. Soto from Stephen Soto.

Tracy A. Riffle from Carl W. Riffle.

Carl W. Riffle from Tracy A. Riffle.

Dennis V. Wonser from Sharon E. Wonser.

Sharon E. Wonser from Dennis V. Wonser.

Khalif U. Khan from Brittany R. Weiss.

Danielle Hernandez from Juan E. Hernandez.

Juan E. Hernandez from Danielle Hernandez.

Natalie E. Briney from Nathan K. Briney.

Nathan K. Briney from Natalie E. Briney.

Jami M. Hill from Mark S. Hill.

Mark S. Hill from Jami M. Hill.

Diana K. Dettman from Donald A. Warejko.

Angela G. Cope from Todd A. Cope.

Denise M. Rutledge from John Rutledge.

Josephine Battle from Andre Huff.

Lucas County

Ellen Healy and Michael Alan Healy.

Cathie A. Paul and Douglas Buczkowski.

Michelle Lee Peace and Anthony Peace, Sr.

Christina M. Baskey and Michael G. Baskey.

Lucas County

Ford, Albert, 75, Napoleon, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Greenlee, Sonia, 39, Maple Street, meningitis.

Henschen, Carolyn, 61, Bowling Green, myocardial infarction.

Joseph, Helen, 90, Manchester Boulevard, pneumonia.

Kohler, Richard, 79, Gibsonburg, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Ludeman, Lois, 80, Immergrun Drive, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

McGee, Barbara, 66, Boxhall Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Messinger, Thomas, 81, Heatherlawn Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Neafie, Russell, 88, Eber Road, Monclova, my o cardial infarction.

Plantz, Sr., James, 61, Genoa, diabetes.

Reisinger, Donna, 76, Glencairn Avenue, cancer.

Rice, Julianne, 55, Luann Avenue, pneumonia.

Stephens, Jr., Andrew, 77, Bell Avenue, renal disease.

Sturton, Larry, 61, James Gate Drive, bacteria in the blood.

Aggravated assault

Devon Track, struck with boards and bricks in the street at Valleywood and Greenwood.

Felonious assaults

Anthony Patrick, hit in the face with a bar stool, knocked to the ground, and then punched in the face at Monroe and 17th.

Todd Foor, pulled out of a vehicle and punched in the head at West Alexis and Secor.

Kevin Holcomb, shot in the street in the 600 block of Highland.

Abran Gonzales, shot in the chest multiple times at a bus terminal in the 800 block of Jefferson.


Coreon Snow-Veley, threatened with handguns and robbed of cash and jewelry in a field at Lincoln and North Detroit.

Raymond Gott, struck in the chin and the ribs, knocked unconscious and robbed of cash outside a bar in the 3300 block of Monroe.

Dale Eck, punched and robbed of cash on a sidewalk in the 1300 block of Starr.

Greg Weyandt, punched and knocked to the ground, then robbed of an iPod in the street at Sylvania and Belmar.

Henry Rios, punched in the eye and robbed of a bicycle in a hallway in the 1200 block of Starr.

Matthew Mulkey, assaulted and robbed of a cell phone in the street at Jeannette and Manhattan.

Jason Bogdanski, shoved to his knees and robbed of a vehicle in the street at Jay and Yondota.


Jannell Ector, the 2100 block of Clinton, a plasma television, surround sound system, and two video-game systems with controllers and games.

Toledo Public Schools, the 1200 block of Western Avenue, Smart/Sympodium and a projector.

Daniel Neumeyer, the 4200 block of Keygate, three computer towers, four computer monitors, a portable video-game system, and cash.

Ann Edwards, the 1300 block of Sylvania, an electric guitar, safe with contents, jewelry box, printer, and movies.

Virginia Jones, the 1300 block of Lincoln, a video-game system with two games, a flat-screen television, laptop computer, digital camera, and a purse.

Overhead Inc., the 1600 block of West Alexis, a fire place, variable speed blower, electric ignition kit, and a heat indicator.

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