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Today's log: 05-21

Bay Park Community Hospital

Ashley Campos, Toledo, boy, May 19.

Meury Clark, Toledo, boy, May 18.

Tiffany Curtis, Curtice, Ohio, boy, May 19.

Stephanie Wagner, Toledo, boy, May 19.

Flower Hospital

Deborah and Gary Ashton, Toledo, boy, May 16.

Mary and Jeff Roesti, Toledo, boy, May 15.

JoAnn and Lorin Lee, Swanton, boy, May 14.

Ashlee Hobbs, Maumee, boy, May 16.

Brittany Turner, Toledo, girl, May 16.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Andrea Yarnboon, Toledo, boy, May 18.

Tanya and Daniel Kerecz, Elmore, Ohio, girl, May 19.

Samantha Gonzales, Toledo, boy, May 18.

Joy and Tim Myrice, Oregon, boy, May 19.

St. Luke s Hospital

Jennifer and Paul Matney, Swanton, boy, May 19.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Angela and Ryan Howard, Ida, Mich., girl, May 19.

Rachel Lofton, Toledo, boy, May 18.

Anna and Chad Musson, Toledo, boy, May 18.

Bianca Barker, Toledo, boy, May 20.

Toledo Hospital

Kathrine Morgan, Tecumseh, Mich., girl, May 19.

Andrea and Jason Chandler, Walbridge, boy, May 19.

Amy and Nathan Schaffner, Maumee, boy, May 19.

Kelly and Mike McCullough, Ottawa Lake, Mich., boy, May 19.

Beth and Matthew Hunt, Perrysburg, boy, May 18.

Jennifer and Brian Harris, Swanton, boy, May 19.

Shawna and Dan Bumpus, Maumee, boy, May 19.

Sarah and Michael Jividen, Gibsonburg, girl, May 19.

Elizabeth and Randy Morrison, Toledo, boy, May 19.

Lucas County

May 15, 2009

Colin Holb, 33, student, and Carolyn Reinhardt, 30, marketing manager, both of Toledo.

Jaleo Young, 30, entrepreneur, and Alesia Stanton, 29, health information management, both of Toledo.

Michael Johnston, 50, mechanic, of Berkey, and Mary Kistner, 47, quality assurance auditor, of Napoleon.

Jordan Hall, 21, mechanic, and Jennifer Hunt, 20, warehouse, both of Maumee.

Norman Fisk, 35, machine operator, and Barbara Harley, 28, pre-production assistant, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Stinehelfer, 30, boiler maker, and Mandi Heinemann, 22, customer service manager, both of Swanton.

Mark Sloan, 19, cook, and Karali Gill, 20, both of Toledo.

Robert Kimball, Jr., 34, general manager, and Melissa Rozic, 23, event coordinator, both of Toledo.

Ronald Johnson, 26, U.S. coast guard, of Sylvania, and Amy Balk, 24, homemaker, of Toledo.

Brian Duggan, 29, resource allocation coordinator, and Krista Gerken, 25, teacher, both of Holland.

Anthony Banks, Sr., 41, self employed, and Kesha Abrams, 38, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Larry Love, 48, self employed, and Valerie Lampkin, 41, nurse, both of Toledo.

Ruben Gonzalez, Jr., 30, supervisor, and Doni Sprague, 30, nurse, both of Toledo.

David Daugherty, 28, factory worker, and Heather Large, 29, restaurant worker, both of Toledo.

Romus Wyche, Jr., 27, mover, of Newark, N.J., and Bridget Tindall, 29, production, of Adrian.

Cameron Barnes, 19, line service technician, and Anna Stamper, 18, deli worker, both of Toledo.

Joseph Samson, 33, laborer, and Hailey Johnson, 23, laborer, both of Whitehouse.

Justin Templeton, 26, sales representative, and Lindsay Kolb, 25, teacher, both of Toledo.

Evan Abalos, 21, student, and Emily Neitzel, 22, health worker, both of Temperance.

May 18, 2009

Jacob Spafford, 26, sheet metal worker, of Toledo, and Clare Blandford, 25, retail manager, of Perrysburg.

Nicholas Sarantou, 64, retired, and Mary Rudnicki Sarantou, 62, retired, both of Toledo.

Vann Pearce, 23, floor care technician, and Jessica Hemminger, both of Oregon.

Jared Lerch, 24, chef, and Jill Wassermann, 23, nanny, both of Whitehouse.

Chad Pennywitt, 37, teacher, and Amy Reed, 26, teacher, both of Toledo.

Leon Cavanaugh, Jr., 20, food service worker, and Antrionna Watkins, 22, both of Toledo.

David Ulinski, 51, warehouse worker, and Suzanne Stone, 42, manicurist, both of Maumee.

Zachary Newman, 24, self employed, of Sylvania, and Christina Condon, 22, zookeeper, of Monclova Township.

Timothy McKibben, 26, cemetery grounds keeper, and Jennifer DeLand, 31, beautician, both of Toledo.

Chawn Hopings, 28, factory worker, and Erica Butler, 28, deli clerk, both of Toledo.

Michael Pollick, 37, construction, and Viola Webb, 45, laborer, both of Toledo.

Andrew Ducey, 22, landscaping, and Amanda Urbanus, 22, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

David Midtvedt, 44, instructional media specialist, and Elizabeth Ruppert, 44, clerical specialist, both of Sylvania.

Bryan Jahns, 19, and Synthia Werner, 19, student, both of Toledo.

Ryan Moses, 34, service technician, and Pamela Fintel aka Montgomery, 42, both of Toledo.

Jayson Rydman, 27, truck driver, and Jennifer Amrhien, 27, nurse, both of Toledo.

John Biddle, 74, retired, and Deborah Clouse, 58, deputy clerk, both of Whitehouse.

May 19, 2009

Brian Rygalski, 25, physical therapist, and Jill Tscherne, 23, dental hygienist, both of Toledo.

Dustin Wittenmyer, 27, and Jamie Meyer, 22, retail sales, both of Toledo.

Donald Duckworth, 51, construction, and Tina Welch, 39, administrative assistant, both of Temperance.

Terrence Rowan, Jr., 32, boat repairman, and Nicole Becker, 25, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Watson, 26, and Sara Cole, 32, director, both of Toledo.

Michael Niemeyer, 26, job coach, and Natasha Norris, 26, pharmacy intern, both of Maumee.

Jason Perry, 27, student, and Katrina Morales, 24, nurse, both of Toledo.

Joseph Aeschliman, 25, engineer, and Jessica David, 23, education coordinator, both of Toledo.

Cory Bishop, 22, retail sales, and Emily Gast, 20, child care provider, both of Sylvania.

Richard Carmona, Jr., 26, barber, and Jessica Shake, 26, information management, both of Toledo.

Christopher Morales, 33, industrial worker, and Amber Dempsey, 18, both of Toledo.

Jacob Ganzel, 21, of Toledo, and Maranda Smith, 20, of Swanton.

Brock Battelline, 28, restaurant manager, and Melissa Willinger, 29, teacher, both of Sylvania.

Charles Hair, Jr., 19, and Sarah Wolniewicz, 31, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Krueger, 22, teacher, and Ashley Meyer, 22, nurse, both of Toledo.

Lucas County

Ashworth, Justin, 35, Shasta Drive, cardiovascular disease.

Baier, Mary aka Sr. Mary Sharon, 88, Secor Road, cerebral vascular accident.

Bradford, Ethel, 89, Citation Road North, cerebrovascular accident.

Bruhn, Kathleen, 60, Terrace Drive, cancer.

Buckenmeyer, James, 78, Toledo, lymphoma.

Byrd, Rosie, 74, West Woodruff Avenue, cardiovascular disease.

Cunningham, William, 58, Valleywood Drive, cerebral bleed.

Deloney, Diana, 51, Ivey Place, cardiovascular disease.

Drager, John, 72, Brynhaven Drive, Oregon, atherosclerosis.

Fox, Frances, 88, Mulberry Street, pending.

Giannetti, Florence, 95, High Oaks Boulevard, respiratory arrest.

Gonzalez, Felipe, 40, Elgin Avenue, cancer.

Haddara, Marianne, 55, Bowling Green, pending.

Hall, Loretta, 66, Revere Drive, cancer.

Harr, Helen, 85, Cambridge Township, Mich., intracranial hemorrhage.

Hess, Gerald, 73, Luckey, Ohio, pending.

Jacobs, Gary, 53, Meadowlark Avenue, pending.

Jankowski, Conrad, 83, Kelsey Avenue, perforation/bowel.

Jones, Phyllis, 52, Fernwood Avenue, cancer.

Kahle, Paul, 85, Arlington Avenue, cancer.

Kennedy, Nicole, 28, Willard, Ohio, pending.

Lake, William, 64, Barrows Street, cancer.

Longanbach, Larry, 65, Ottawa Lake, Mich., myocardial infarction.

McCaughtry, Catherine, 84, Browning Drive, Waterville, Alzheimer s disease.

Miller, John, 68, Montpelier, Ohio, suicide.

Naugle, Doris, 81, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, septicemia.

Neely, Mary, 56, Warren Street, pneumonia.

Noble, Lula, 59, East Park Street, bacterial endocarditis.

Northington, II, Robert, 30, Angola Road, suicide.

O Brien, Dorothea, 91, Lyons, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

Olszewski, Clemence, 87, Chestnut Street, adult failure to thrive.

Pizio, Mary, 89, Temperance, myocardial infarction.

Rikard, Richard, 79, Columbus Grove, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Seay, Lawrence, 78, Merry Lane, cerebral infarction.

Southward, Joan, 74, Willowood Court, ischemic heart disease.

Spolnik, Ilse, 78, Douglas Road, renal failure.

Star, Jacqueline, 66, Kirk Street, cancer.

Sykes, Glennda, 63, Cherry Street, coronary artery disease.

Taylor, William, 78, Blissfield, coronary artery disease.

Wells, Rebecca, 8, Perrysburg, accident.

Felonious assaults

Tracy Clay, stabbed at a residence in the 600 block of Colburn.

Jennifer Avalos, knocked to the floor, hit, and kicked at a bar in the 700 block of Bush.

Chris Norman, robbed of a wallet, cell phone, and cash at a pizza shop in the 1400 block of South.


The Shed, a store employee was threatened with a gun and robbed of cash at the store location in the 5000 block of Lewis.


Vonetta Ware, the 700 block of Hamilton, a laptop computer, a video-game system, and game cartridges.

Devonne Fagan, the 1400 block of Belmont.

Paul Skowron, the 0 block of West Oakland, liquor, beer, and hand tools.

Tiarra Sutton, the 3300 block of Blanchard, a television.

Alonna Robbins, the 2000 block of North 12th, two flat-screen televisions, a video-game system, and video games.

China Dinkins, the 800 block of Mulberry, a flat-screen television, radio with speakers, food.

Ambrosha Hand, the 500 block of Crittenden, a laptop computer, wireless Internet card, paint-ball gun, and cash.

Jack Brazeau, Jr., the 2100 block of Airline, a flat-screen television, two bicycles, power hand tools, golf clubs, two lawn mowers, silverware, and china.

Richard Tesznar, the 900 block of Colburn, a large-screen television, a video-game system, 20 video games, and a 12 saw.

Terrance Kirkwood, the 200 block of Boody, a large-screen television, DVD player, 100 DVDs.

Philip Varner, the 2500 block of Consaul, a lawn mower, a gas-grill tank, and a lock.

West Central Homes, the 1600 block of Macomber, a dishwasher, electric range, gas furnace, and a refrigerator.

Amanda Enbody,the 500 block of East Broadway, a refrigerator, two televisions, DVD player, and clothing.

Melinda Lewallen, 100 block of Ravine Park Village, a video-game system.

Tynika Jones, the 1300 block of Avondale, a flat-screen television, laptop computer, a video-game system with games, and jewelry.

Regina Moore, the 2000 block of Joffre, a plasma-screen television.

Sharon Lampkin, the 700 block of Norwood, a computer system.

Marlena McCorry, the 1900 block of Calumet, a computer with a monitor, four televisions, leather jacket, mink coat, and other clothing, two DVD players, surround-system speakers, three bedroom comforters, and jewelry.

Dale Tufnell, Jr., the 1900 block of West Alexis, a three-disk-changer stereo.

Joseph Koehl, the 3800 block of Vogel, a laptop computer and an iPod.

Yolanda Hayes, the 1900 block of Lawrence, a television and jewelry.

Lashona Crossland, the 300 block of North Detroit, two video-game systems with 40 games.

Janet Roberts, the 1100 block of Pinewood, a computer, printer, and jewelry.

Alexia Elmore, the 600 block of Russell, a flat-screen television.

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