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Today's log: 06-11

Bay Park Community Hospital

Rebecca and Indalecio Becerra, Toledo, girl, June 8.

Tiwana Legree, Toledo, girl, June 9.

Lisa and Brian Crutchfield, Toledo, boy, June 9.

Adriana Ramos, Toledo, girl, June 9.

Flower Hospital

Donnie and Anthony Glover, Toledo, girl, June 7.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Jennifer and Tim Meisner, Lambertville, girl, June 9.

Toledo Hospital

Shannon Walters, Toledo, girl, June 9.

Ashley Remond, Toledo, boy, June 9.

Christie and Everett Mier, Toledo, boy, June 9.

Samantha and Jason Wiczynski, Sylvania, boy and girl, June 8.

Jasmine and Michael Schulz, Bowling Green, girl, June 9.

Shelby and Rob Sauer, Toledo, girl, June 9.

Lucas County

Alexander, Freddie, 74, Lawrence Avenue, intracranial bleeding.

Bishop, Maria, 82, Katherine Avenue, accident.

Boles, Mary, 87, Terrace View West, congestive heart failure.

Brautigan, Thomas, 68, Temperance, diabetic nephropathy.

Carty, Blondell, 61, Anguilla, West Indies, leukemia.

Christian, Daniel, 69, Christine Lane, Oregon, cerebral hemorrhage.

Cutcher, Margaret, 80, Stickney Avenue, pneumonia.

Eisenmann, Loretta, 92, Winston Boulevard, coronary artery disease.

Fowler, Lillian, 108, Indian Road, atherosclerotic heart disease.

Geller, Verla, 83, Lewis Avenue, cardiovascular disease.

Harris, Eb, 11, North Robinson, Ohio, accident.

Hastings II, Cecil, 60, South Wheeling Street, Oregon, cancer.

Hurst, Jr., James, 54, Oak Street, cardiovascular disease.

Mahaffey, Mary, 86, Lambertville, accident.

Schmitz, Floyd, 77, Monroe, cancer.

Schultz, Alma, 91, Royce Road, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Sharlow, Jr., Frederick, 61, Jermain Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Sirilo, Rita, 80, Pawtucket Road, cancer.

Tripp, Jacqueline, 77, Ogden Avenue, intracranial hemorrhage.

Webster, Myron, 92, Ridgewood Trail, congestive heart failure.

Young, James, 76, Janet Avenue, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

Lucas County

June 5, 2009

Andrew LaPointe, 18, fast food service, of Rossford, and Jamie Watson, 19, fast food service, of Oregon.

Joshua Bard, 31, signal maintainer, and Wendy Keller, 34, clerk, both of Toledo.

Timothy Frank, 30, project manager, and Rebecca Courtright, 33, X-ray technologist, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Joyner, 37, carpenter, and Deirdre Patterson, 36, instrument technician, both of Toledo.

Timothy Kuhn, 57, engineer, of Perrysburg, and Renata DeLaney, 41, chemist, of Toledo.

Shawn Puckett, 19, Onsted, Mich., and Nicole McDonald, 19, of Adrian.

Shawn Billock, 36, law associate, of Ottawa Lake, Mich., and Kara Hammersmith aka Cook, paralegal, of Sylvania.

Matthew Bigelow, 33, sales representative, of Waterville, and Jillian Wimmer, 26, teacher, of Maumee.

Christopher Tefft, 26, packer, and Jacqueline Manson, cashier, both of Toledo.

Clifford Wellington II, 35, and Tasha Young, 35, licensed practical nurse, both of Toledo.

Robert Hower, 28, drywall finisher, and Sara Ras, 25, student, both of Oregon.

Justin Charles, 22, union ironworker, and Stacy Ruch, 20, student, both of Toledo.

Marlin Coleman, 38, and Vonda Harris, 43, school bus driver, both of Toledo.

June 8, 2009

Jacob Maciejewski, 29, physician, of Toledo, and Cherilyn Shurtz, 34, physician, of Oregon.

Terry Strode, 27, technician, of Perrysburg, and Belinda Castro, 29, customer service representative, of Toledo.

Bryan Maltman, 42, retail manager, and Margaret Billups, 43, teacher, both of Toledo.

Paul Parker, 47, cook, and Tina Mourad, 52, manager, both of Toledo.

Paul Hochanadel, 34, sales representative, and Patrice Lee-Seyon, 30, chiropractor, both of Holland.

David Van Steenkiste, 24, cook, of Toledo, and Jamie Looney, 26, retail manager, of Montpelier, Ohio.

Mark Canty, 39, and Alisha Andrews, 38, purchasing assistant, both of Toledo.

Andrew Moebius, 26, engineer, of Toledo, and Renee Hibner, 26, teacher, of New Bremen, Ohio.

Michael Cathers, 20, army, and Tiffany Ramirez, 19, both of Toledo.

Brandon Grimm, 31, investment representative, of Maumee, and Elizabeth Gearhart, 30, teacher, of Sylvania.

Roger Turnquist, 59, retired, and Rebecca Turnquist, 36, caregiver, both of Toledo.

Adam Andrews, 24, draftsman, and Lindsay Sanderson, 23, teacher, both of Toledo.

June 9, 2009

Brian Kemski, 31, customer service supervisor, and Elizabeth Keyes, 22, direct support professional, both of Toledo.

Dane Zell, 31, optician, and Julie Dake, 31, banker, both of Toledo.

Steve McCall, 50, laborer, of Toledo, and Lolita Whitely, 49, of Buffalo.

Lawrence Carter, 24, and Gwendolyn Rodgers, 28, both of Toledo.

Matthew Donegan, 24, teacher, of Oregon, and Heather Roberts, 23, teacher, of Holland.

John Wolf, 20, mechanic, and Jessica Mercer-Bowman, 20, housekeeper, both of Oregon.

Charles Boudreaux, 25, construction worker, of Napoleonville, La., and Laurie Arnold, 26, physician assistant, of Whitehouse.

Andre Duff, Jr., 20, U.S. Marines, and Keyonda Redd, 20, dietary aide, both of Toledo.

Andrew Barton, 20, U.S. Army, and Georgina Terriquez, 33, U.S. Army, both of Toledo.

Timothy Ledoux, 41, security consultant, and Jeanne Scanes, 40, nurse, both of Toledo.

David Schaff, 24, regional manager, and Katherine Johnson, 22, student, both of Toledo.

Felonious assaults

Michael Geisen, assaulted by three people with weapons including brick, large stick, and baseball bat at Oak and Navarre.

Larry Hawkins, stabbed in arm with broken glass bottle in the 2200 block of Franklin.


Stop and Go, carryout robbed by masked gunman who sprayed clerk with pepper spray in the 2100 block of South.

15-year-old girl, robbed of purse by group of five males on bicycles at Maywood and Mulberry.

15-year-old and 13-year-old boys, robbed of bicycles and the 15-year-old also was hit by suspect, West Sylvania and Jackman.


Johnnie Saunders, textbooks and wallet and contents, from 600 block of Oswald.

Airport Manor, dining room table with four chairs, television stand, microwave, sofa, and coffee table from furnished apartment in the 3900 block of Airport.

Allan Mikkelson, boat outdrive, fishing poles, fishing tackle box and gear, marine radio, fish finder, propeller from boat in the 300 block of Bassett.

Matthew Malaikal, cash taken with bank ATM card from 500 block of East Manhattan.

Amanda Palmer, wallet and contents taken while at work at video store in the 5800 block of Dorr.

Danyelle Anaya, GPS system and three iPods from vehicle in the 1700 block of Pilgrim.

Cynthia Dunlap, wallet and contents taken from purse while at church in the 2200 block of Collingwood.

Ryan Burke, luggage bags, cash, and cell phone from vehicle in the 3900 block of Airport.

Lucas County

Eve M. Allen from Andre M. Roberts.

James D. George from Ruth J. George.

Delilah Santana from Scott A. Navarro.

April Bell from William D. Ragland.

Laura L. Rowley from Jayson Tipping.

Tricia L. Gardner from Neil A. Gardner.

Neil A. Gardner from Tricia L. Gardner.

Sara Jean McIntosh from Nathaniel R. Porter.

Alerie L. Morey from Peter E. Nickel.

Shannon Varner from Charles D. Endslow.

Daniel C. James from Sheila K. James.

Victoria L. Gray and Dennis M. Elder.

Angela L. Sugg from Matthew J. Sugg.

Matthew J. Sugg from Angela L. Sugg.

Greggory Brooks from Samantha S. Brooks.

Ladonna J. Jones from Christian U. Maduoma.

Pablo A. Figueroa from Teresa M. Carvajal-Salcedo.

Teresa M. Carvajal-Salcedo from Pablo A. Figueroa.

Lori G. Meade from Robert L. Meade, Jr.

Robert L. Meade, Jr., from Lori G. Meade.

Deetra R. Mitchell from Ed R. Taylor, Jr.

Michelle Church from Shimon Maxwell.

Candy Ackerman from Keith Ackerman.

Lynne Lenfestey from Gary W. Lenfestey.

Robert L. Cintron from Abby E. Krause.

Abby E. Krause from Robert L. Cintron.

Delisha Smith from Eugene Harris.

Dawn M. Egbert from Gordon D. Egbert.

Gordon D. Egbert from Dawn M. Egbert.

Cathey E. Clark from Christian L. Ball.

James D. Trivette from Diane Striblin.

Diane Striblin from James D. Trivette.

Hozel Blanchard from Carol A. Blanchard.

Carol A. Blanchard from Hozel Blanchard.

Michael E. Mackey II from Michelle D. Mackey.

Michelle D. Mackey from Michael E. Mackey II.

Ellen L. Pfaff from Keith C. Yarnell.

Yvette C. Johnson from Claude L. Johnson.

Kristen M. Rollman from Dale E. Rollman.

Rochelle Kimble from Johnnie L. Kimble.

Leilani Gorka from Keith M. Lipinski.

Joya J. Sawyer from Gregory D. Coleman.

Lucas County

Gregory E. Adkins and Kristina Adkins.

Anita L. Lopez and Roman Arce.

Christopher Howells and Sandra Kay Howells.

Andrea M. Schultz and Dennis L. Schultz.

Candace S. Elliott and Timothy W. Elliott.

Amber D. Hicks and Cory Hicks.

John R. Feeney and Diane M. Mendez.

Amanda Ferris and Ryan Ferris.

Edward L. Reinstein and Terri Reinstein.

Robert B. Rountree and Sara Rountree.

Katherine E. Schober and Jason P. Schober.

Ricardo Torres and Mandi Torres.

Dayna M. Brown and Oliver T. Harris.

Carla Frent and Mark Frent.

Deanna L. Ansted and Daniel R. Ansted.

Delsia M. Hall and Melvin Hartford, Jr.

Marilyn Beyerle and David Beyerle.

Paula S. Snepp and David Grube.

David G. Vaughan and Jodi L. Vaughan.

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