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Today's Log: 09-01


Bay Park Community Hospital

Maria Rivera, Toledo, boy, Aug. 31.

Flower Hospital

Rachel and Todd Long, Perrysburg, girl, Aug. 28.

Sarah Marsh, Toledo, boy, Aug. 29.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Jada and Jeffrey Ellis, Oregon, girl, Aug. 19.

Stacey and Ryan Walder, Toledo, boy, Aug. 20.

Amy Kidd, Oregon, boy, Aug. 22.

St. Luke's Hospital

Jennifer and Argenis Cervantes, Perrysburg, girl, Aug. 30.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Lannee Sterling, Toledo, girl, Aug. 29.

Melissa and Nathan Vollmar, Bowling Green, two boys and a girl, Aug. 28.

Toledo Hospital

Sharon and Steffon Thomas, Toledo, boy, Aug. 30.

Geneva and Warren Ali, Maumee, boy, Aug. 30.

Sarah and Matthew French, Toledo, boy, Aug. 30.

Ashley Robarge, Temperance, boy, Aug. 30.

Billy Jo Piechowski, Toledo, boy, Aug. 29.

Dawn Logsdon, Curtice, girl, Aug. 29.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 4, 2009

Benjamin Davis, 54, refinery supervisor, and Patricia Vassallo, 51, medical office assistant, both of Toledo.

Aug. 28, 2009

Kenneth Myles, 25, sales manager, and Sierra Benner, 27, dog groomer, both of Toledo.

Raymond Corthell, 30, receiving, and Kristi Campbell, 33, customer service representative, both of Toledo.

Mark Coburn, 59, city worker, and Sheilah Reigle, 58, sales representative, both of Waterville.

Edward Wahl III, 24, ironworker, and Lily Lopez, 27, both of Toledo.

Chris Meyer, 42, student, of Oak Harbor,

and Donna Burns, 43, teacher, of Sylvania.

Luke Ludlow, 25, medical device sales, of Howard City, Mich., and Stephanie O'Black, 24, sales, of Toledo.

Ross Echler, 25, transportation, and Melissa Jessup, 21, landscaping, both of Maumee.

Nicholas Thompson, 27, retail sales manager, and Heather Grant, 25, retail sales, both of Holland.

Aaron Keller, 22, and Tarrah Baumgartner, 18, cashier, both of Toledo.

Timothy O'Brien, 48, maintenance, and Lynn Bauer, 46, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Heaton, 24, sales, of Lupton, Mich., and Amber Crots, 22, of Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Joseph Molnar, 31, service manager, and Jennifer Gross, 27, education manager, both of Toledo.

Thomas Mooney, 33, sales, of Rossford, and Beth Taylor, 28, housekeeping, of Toledo.

Thomas White III, 39, combine operator, and Monica Jamison, 36, both of Toledo.

Jason Buenrostro, 28, analyst, and Andrea Colombaro, 28, hair stylist, both of Toledo.

Erie Boles aka Erie Cowson, 41, cook, and Octavia Thomas, 27, quality inspector, both of Toledo.

Raymond Hoy, 59, computer programmer, of Toledo, and Jacquelyn Haworth, 58, retired, of Columbus.

Emmett Romine, 39, manager, of Commerce, Mich., and Eniko Atkins, 39, finance, of Sylvania.

Chander Hoffmann, 27, orthotic fitter, and Amanda Baldosser, 27, clinical research assistant, both of Oregon.


Lucas County

Born, Donald, 74, Blairmont Avenue, cancer.

Byrd, Arthur, 86, Seaman Street, arteriosclerosis.

Cannon, Dixie, 66, Arlington Avenue, cancer.

Cone, Jean, 79, Winding Way, Sylvania, cancer.

Dossantos, Terrance, 39, Monroe, accident.

Dusza, Mary, 87, Indian Road, Alzheimer's disease.

Firman, Frances, 81, Cherry Street. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Grove, Paul, 67, Tiffin, septic shock.

Guth, Melvin, 86, Port Clinton, coronary artery disease.

Hill, Howard, 85, Garden Road, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Johnson, Freda, 100, Delence Street, interstitial pulmonary fibrosis.

Krieger, Donald, 82, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, cerebral ventriculitis.

Luscombe, Emma, 94, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, acute cerebrovascular accident.

Myers, James, 58, Bayshore Road, Oregon, pending.

Pecina, Rafael, 62, Genoa, end stage liver disease.

Pratt, James, 81, Spencer Street, pneumonia.

Preston, Therese, 43, Norwood Avenue, cancer.

Shimel, Emery, 81, Temperance,, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Sippel, David, 64, Perrysburg,, pituitary tumor.

Smith, Richard, 72, Alvordton, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Werth, Richard, 56, Ottawa Lake, Mich., renal carcinoma.

Wilson, Evelyn, 57, Oak Harbor, Ohio, pneumonia.

Crime reports


Duane Marshall, two suspects, one wearing

mask and both with aluminum bats, approached victim demanding he hand over his bag in 200 block of Water. Victim was hit several times with bats about

head, back, and chest. Suspects fled with victim's bag containing clothing, MP3 player, personal papers, and money. Victim transported to hospital.

Walnut Carryout, 800 block of Walnut, suspect had entered store several times and took beer each time. Clerk confronted suspect, who then threatened clerk and fled. Suspect was later arrested.

Janice Casey, victim in wheelchair heading to store, when

group of suspects surrounded her and demanded that she give up

wheelchair in 900 block of North Huron. Victim fought and suspects fled.

Felonious assaults

Michael Morris, victim shot in abdomen in 800 block of Cherry. Victim transported to hospital.

Calvin Jones, victim shot in left shoulder in 800 block of North Ontario, transported to hospital.


Adria Allen, 600 block of Ashwood, TV, Wii, and video game.

Darlene Arnett, 1400 block of Indiana, silver ring and $300 in change in jars.

Nathaniel Austin, 600 block of North University, laptop computer and flat-screen TV.

Tianna Beauregard, 3700 block of East Manhattan, DVD player, Playstation 3, three flat-screen TVs, laptop computer, and desktop computer.

Tiara Bennett, 1900 block of Barrows, CPU, gold bracelets, and $47 cash.

Lauren Black, 2300 block of Parkwood, flat-screen TV, Playstation III, and laptop computer.

Sean Bluett, 800 block of Woodland, X-Box with controllers, flat-screen TV, DVD player, gun, movies, video games, and camera.

Tankeeya Buhs, 1400 block of Foster, Wii system, Playstation II, X-Box with two controllers, video games, video camcorder, money, tennis shoes, and digital camera.

Brian Burnett, 2300 block of Glenwood, hedge trimmer, snow blower, two lawn mowers, leaf blower, weed wackers, croquet set, bicycles, and other items from garage.

Catrice Burton, 1400 block of Shenandoah, flat-screen TV and computer.

Nesrin Dahan, 200 block of Wasaon, tool set containing cordless power tools from residence.

Jakob Dunbar, 3100 block of north Erie, flat-screen TV, DVD players, X-Box 360 with controllers, DVDs, video games, and framed autographed picture of football player.

Anita Estrada, 3500 block of Mayo, portable DVD player, DVDs, and family videos.

Neil Ferraro, 2600 block of Ontario, gold coins, flat-screen TV, VCR/DVD combo player, and drill.

Elizabeth Fisher, 600 block of Milton, Wii system and video games.

Kathrine Fizer, 400 block of Irving, two plasma TVs.

Vincent Gschwind, Nintendo 300 block of Parker, Wii and wireless controller with chargers.

Rotasha Hackney, 1300 block of Vance, three flat-screen TVs, DVD player, and receiver with CD player and speakers.

Deleath Hill, 1300 block of Brookview, cellular phone, money, and team hat.

Ronald King, 2600 block of Chestnut, cash, video games, jewelry, flat-screen TV, and prescription medications.

Candice Jackson, 500 block of Prouty, flat-screen TVs, laptop computer, cash, and watch bracelet.

Lavelle Livingston, 600 block of Nesslewood, lawn mower and edger from garage.

Michael Marinski, 500 block of Everett, E-machine computer and

Nintendo DS.

Doreatha McKinney, 400 block of Elmdale, pair of Jordan shoes.

Brittney Mellon, unit block of East Park, acoustic guitar and speed bicycle.

Jim Parker, 5800 block of Suzanne, lawn mower, snow blower, leaf blower, trimmer, edger, and ladder from shed.

Kimberly Provo, 400 block of Saint Louis, bedroom furniture, wall portrait, and mirror.

Dawn Rogge, 500 block of Orchard, mini bike, air rachet/compressor, and grinder from garage.

Nazareth Sanders III, Buckingham, shop vacuum, TV, DVD player, bookshelf stereo, CDs, DVDs, food, grass trimmer, microwave, air conditioner, drill set, air compressor, shop lights, and electrical/plumbing equipment from property in

1100 block of Tecumseh.

George Sexton, 1200 block of Colburn, dishwasher, refrigerator, and gas stove.

James Shaheen, 2100 block of Marlow, flat-screen TV and remote.

Kari Slater, 2000 block of Colony, flat-screen TV, laptop computer with leather bag, Playstation 3, CDs, DVDs, video games, iPod, and purse with contents.

Steak N Shake, 2100 block of South Reynolds, cash drawer with cash from restaurant.

Grace Taylor, 1400 block of Foster, blank checks and residence ransacked.

Thug-Geek.Com, 300 block of South Reynolds, X-Box 360, Playstation 3, Wii, TVs, computer, video games, cash, 70 comic books, game controllers, cameras, and 50 DVDs.

Rita Tiete, 1200 block of East Bancroft, flat-screen TV.

Toledo Allied Building Products, 2800 block of Hill, cash from safe that had been pried open.

Vicki Walker, 200 block of West Oakland, computer, laptop computer, Wii game system, leather coat, two paintings, and safe with contents.

Mary Watcher, Vermilion, Ohio, satellite, phone charger, and memory stick from motel room in 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Jullian Whittecar, 1300 block of Brookview, TV, cash, X-Box 360, and digital camera.

Justin Williams, 2000 block of Broadway, flat-screen TV, ID, and iPod.

Cayla Wright, 3400 block of Nebraska, cash, flat-screen TVs, camera, and laptop computer.

Brooke Zientek, 1500 block of Eleanor, three TVs, gold diamond watch, and X-Box 360.

Zone Rhino Liners, 1400 block of West Alexis, stereo and speakers from vehicle in fenced in area of auto shop.


Jamie Ball, 1800 block of North Westwood, book bag with four textbooks, video iPod, GPS unit, neon light activator box, phone charger, and shoes from vehicle.

Katherine Bellamy, 4100 block of Walker, gold mother's ring from jewelry box.

Boody House, 100 block of North Summit, 980 lottery tickets from business.

Latrisha and Jerry Brackette, 400 block of Beacon, GPS unit, money, and billfold with contents from two vehicles.

Quentin Burnett, 5800 block of Hagman, TV, computer, and CB radio from truck.

Michelle DeLuca, cash, bank card, and ID from vehicle while at Walbridge Park in

2800 block of Broadway.

Dorr Street Brownstone Corp., 1600 block of Dorr, air conditioning unit.

James Dusseau, Luna Pier, Mich., wallet and contents while shopping in

1500 block of East Alexis.

Environmental Protection, Duluth, Minn., Elutriator square cone bug sampler from Cullen Park in Summit and 101st area; $900 value.

Jule Hollingsworth, unit block of Tiffany Square, Kirby vacuum cleaner from back porch.

Robert Klumm, West Bancroft, Holland, GPS unit, digital camera, and power tools from vehicle in unit block of City Park.

James Matuszak, 500 block of Regina Parkway, stereo and wallet with contents from vehicle.

Richard Mullin III, Geneva, leather bag, laptop computer, leather portfolio containing personal papers, checks, flash drive, wireless mouse, and portable backup drive from vehicle while at restaurant in Clayton and Summit area.

Cheryl Pocino, Elmhurst, purse and contents from vehicle in 4400 block of Secor.

Cassandra Schamp, 900 block of Cloverdale, victim's bank account information obtained and cash taken.

Marie Sullivan, 2500 block of Montebello, victim's identity used to open a credit card account with balance of $1,175.45.

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