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Today's Log: 09-09


St. Luke’s Hospital

Stephanie Lorenzen, Holland, boy, Sept. 7.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Lori and Patrick Parish, Toledo, girl, Sept. 1.

Amie and Roberto Avelar, Toledo, boy, Sept. 7.

Amanda and Bernard Perez, Toledo, girl, Sept. 7.

Toledo Hospital

Stephanie Smith, Toledo, girl, Sept. 2.

Eman and Mansour Aldakheel, Bowling Green, girl, Sept. 8.

Steffanie Hawkins, Toledo, boy, Sept. 6.

Sabrina Hafner, Toledo, girl, Sept. 7.

Carolann Jacobs, Maumee, girl, Sept. 7.

Selfie Hicks, Toledo, boy, Sept. 6.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 4, 2009

David Orman II, 40, estimator, of Elmore, and Holly Ochoa, 33, orthodontic assistant, of Toledo.

Gerald Black, Jr., 35, truck driver, and Victoria Bertonaschi, 26, store manager, both of Maumee.

Andrew Diffenderfer, 26, bank teller, of Toledo, and Lauren Sells, 25, self employed, of Maumee.

Adam Czaja, 27, mechanic, and Abigail Fowler, 27, manager, both of Toledo.

John Rego, Jr., 26, retired, of Jacksonville, and Betty Liittschwager, 68, retired, of Swanton.

Aaron Perry, 20, Navy, of Oregon, and Cortney Pollard, 19, Navy, of East Alton, Ill.

Michael Nicholson, 33, sheet metal worker, and Juliane Forfinski, 34, physical therapy assistant, both of Toledo.

Paul Grimes, 76, retired, and Sheri Hinz, 46, student, both of Toledo.

Blake Westmeyer, 29, electrician, and Samantha Stump, 21, both of Toledo.

Jordan Taylor, 19, U.S. Army, and Elizabeth Rutherford, 20, student, both of Maumee.

Joshua Smith, 26, U.S. Navy, of Oregon, and Katie Cashen, 28, dialysis technician, of Rossford.

Artrell Terry, 28, and Season Smith, 20, sorter, both of Adrian, Mich.

Anthony Watkins, 39, assembly, and Ruby Al dridge, 37, school secretary, both of Toledo.

Scott Roth, 31, truck driver, and Kristen Whyte, 35, assistant manager, both of Toledo.

Justin Webb, 22, laborer, and Donna Moore, 28, direct service provider, both of Toledo.

Bradley Hendricks, 28, carpenter, and Leslie Korotney, 24, aesthetician, both of Toledo.

Larry Houghtlen, 52, self employed, and Jessica Harding, 27, both of Toledo.

Robert McGee, 32, union carpenter, and Heather Lepeak, 30, both of Oregon.

Chad Rex, 36, of Waterville, and Lynn Boomsma, 34, claims representative, of Lansing.

DeMario Bishop, 25, team assembler, and Ciera Parker, 24, hostess, both of Toledo.

Robert Wagner, 54, mechanic, and Yvonne Gillette, 27, both of Toledo.

Scott Pelow, 26, manager, and Tara Croskey, 22, both of Toledo.

David Chio, 25, and Erin Adkins, 22, both of Toledo.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Eliujuan Green, shot in buttocks while standing at gas station in 2300 block of North Detroit.

Tyrice Jones, shot in left thigh while riding bicycle at Dorr and Hoag.


Leo Salpietro, assaulted and robbed of cell phone and cash at residence in 1300 block of Brookview.

Anthony Mendoza, assaulted and searched for money in alley in 1000 block of Page.

Brian Collins, assaulted and robbed of cell phone and wallet with cash in street at Buckeye and Chase.

Thomas Campbell, assaulted and robbed of cash and cigarettes in street at Cherry and Bancroft.


Laura Veronica, 1200 block of Juliet, laptop computer.

Rhonda Thomas, 400 block of Southgate, plasma-screen television, computer with monitor, cash, and jewelry.

Housing and Urban Development, 1300 block of Starr, six padlocks.

Housing and Urban Development, 200 block of Van Buren, kitchen sink with faucets and four kitchen cabinets.

Susanna Zavodyuk, 400 block of East Lake, tools and copper pipes.

Antanette Payne, 2200 block of Franklin, flat-screen television, computer system, monitor, printer, cash, DVD player, and DVDs.


Clinton Dudley, jewelry from residence in 1900 block of Northtowne.

Jesus Avila, cash from residence in 100 block of Bronson.

Valerie Dimasso, laptop computer from vehicle in 4100 block of Crary.

Linda Brooks, wallet with cash and credit cards from restaurant in 3900 block of Monroe.

Marcia Price, food stamp card from residence in 1900 block of Cone.

Douglas Merritt, air conditioning unit, circulation pump, compass, and battery charger from boat at marina in 6200 block of Edgewater.

Ryan Schode, iPod, charger, calculator, and three books from vehicle at Secor and Dorr.

Dawn Reichenbaugh, purse, cash, jewelry, and make-up from vehicle at Airport and Reynolds.

Gina Schmersal, cash, jewelry, brand-name sunglasses, and 70 CDs from vehicle at Jefferson and 13th.

Stephanie Mash, 1400 block of Glenview, two flat-screen televisions, laptop computer, and jewelry.

Joyce Green, 300 block of Hargrave, two televisions, video-game system, two laptop computers, dishes, clothes, toys, and food.

Tameka Rios, 1200 block of Woodstock, flat-screen television.

Julie Brown, 500 block of Elmdale, laptop computer, video-game system, and hand-held video game.

Gerald Howard, 4400 block of North Haven, copper plumbing and pipes.

Kevin’s Auto Sales LLC, 1500 block of Sylvania, 16 sets of car keys.

Uptown Market, 1600 block of Cherry, cash, phone cards, and cartons of cigarettes.

Sabet Younes, 4000 block of Asbury, copper pipes.

Linda Hill, 5600 block of Edgewater, medicines.

Kelly Smith, unit block of Ravine Park Village, flat-screen television.

Bellzora Duhart, 1800 block of Clay, check book.

Raymond Hafemann, 1800 block of Heatherdowns, laptop computer, box with coins, credit card, and jewelry.

Sandra Felder, 800 block of Byrneport, DVD/VCR player, video-game system with seven cassettes, and clothes.

Thomas Swartz, 1800 block of Winston, clock, cash, jewelry, and savings book.

Quontate Burks, 3400 block of Middlesex, two window screens and mountain bicycle.

Crystal Parish, 2300 block of Seaman, flat-screen television.

Marquita Forte, 2200 block of Scottwood, video-game system with four games.

Robert Lebarr, 500 block of South, television.

Brittney Epke, 300 block of Ivanhill, flat-screen television and video-game system.

Cassandra Wyatt, 1200 block of South Byrne, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and video-game system with 50 games.

Anthony Buckson, 900 block of North Huron, cash and video-game system with nine games.

Joane Connolly, 1100 block of Delence, video-game system with four games, beer, and medicines.

Eric Brazier, 600 block of Parkside, laptop computer.

William Onan, 500 block of Navarre, jewelry.

Shane Hinojosa, 5300 block of Lewis, flat-screen television, two video-game systems with 20 games, and DVD player.

Jaquan Coleman, 3300 block of Maplewood, video-game system, cell phone, base guitar, and musical keyboard.

Gary Sefton, 2700 block of Glendale, two flat-screen televisions and jewelry.

Angel Diaz, 1500 block of Palmwood, purse with debit card, gift cards, identification cards, and personal papers.

Kenneth Endicott, DDS, 4300 block of West Sylvania, gold and cash from safe.

Pebbles Smith, 500 block of Elmdale, pair of brand-name tennis shoes and pair of brand-name boots.

Phillip Ball, 300 block of South Reynolds, large-screen television, DVD player, and cash.

Angela Slappy, 200 block of Brand Whitlock, television/DVD combination unit and furniture.

Geraldine Bolden, 3100 block of Enright, digital camera, remote-controlled car, and jewelry.

Thomas Taylor, 300 block of East Lake, jewelry and pair of tennis shoes.

Heather Cruz, 5500 block of Lewis, flat-screen television, video-game system, laptop computer, and speakers.

Regina Coffey, 1100 block of Buckingham, video-game system with 20 games, jewelry, and pair of brand-name sunglasses.

Jacqueline Rodriguez, 300 block of East Hudson, color printer.

Davis Jenkins, 3300 block of Lagrange, copper wires, copper tubes, and scrap metal.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Venus McCorvey from Clifford B. Cargile.

Adrian Rawson-Pierce from Roderick R. Pierce.

Rebecca M. Butler from Lamont J. Butler.

Lamont J. Butler from Rebecca M. Butler.

James H. Fitchpatric III from Athena Fitchpatric.

Athena Fitchpatric from James H. Fitchpatric III.

Glenda M. Koonce from Roderick D. Tatum.

Yara Moubayed from Hassan E. Touma.

Hassan E. Touma from Yara Moubayed.

Jay S. Ciha from Jayme Romines.

Brenda J. Glaspie from Willie V. Williamson.

Vanessa Davis from Robert C. Goldman, Jr.

Erin Runkel from Cory Runkel.

Karen Sue Smith from Charles Hazlett.

Melinda M. Milliken from Kevin J. Milliken.

Kevin J. Milliken from Melinda M. Milliken.

Jeremy C. Holloway from Nancy Elizabeth.

Thomas A. Cavanaugh from Arethi Rosemond-Cavanaugh.

Sarah J. Zahn from Matthew C. Seeley.

Tamara L. Chizmar from John R. Chizmar.

Michael J. Covyaw from Janene Covyaw.

Melissa M. Burnett from Shomari Y. Hannah.

Emily C. Rodriguez from Adam T. Rodriguez.

Laura A. McGhee from Stephen M. Hannah.

Mary Brandeberry from Paul Brandeberry.

Chavina Ulis from Robert J. Ulis, Sr.

Robert J. Ulis, Sr. from Chavina Ulis.

Jill A. Malone from Edward L. Malone.

Jeremy Irelan from Rachel Irelan.

Reena Martinez from Keith Holmes.

James M. Rowe from Elizabeth V. Kovacs.

Johnny Hutton from Gwendolyn Briggs.

Gwendolyn Briggs from Johnny Hutton.

Connie M. Boyd from Anthony N. Boyd, Sr.

Stephanie M. Jenkins from Todd M. Miller.

Mark Pietrowski from Jenny Pietrowski.

Dawn L. Raker from Damon Foreman.

Kimberly A. Miller from Daniel E. Ruby.

John Whitfield, Jr., from Secunda B. Whitfield.

Danielle Thayer from Ammer Ourfall.

Ellsworth Decko from Noreen Decko.

Orin Essing III, from Gayle Essing.

Crystal R. Elliott from Brian M. Elliott.

Brian M. Elliott from Crystal R. Elliott.

Oscar Medina from Claudia M. Cerda.

Ronald Kretzer from Sharon R. Kretzer.

Joe Harris from Peggy Harris.

Jennifer L. Urbanowicz from John M. Urbanowicz.

Diane S. Bitter from John F. Gay III.

Michael J. Jorris from Theresa L. Jorris.

Marcie J. Aldrich from John R. Wern.

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