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Today's log: 09-30

Bay Park Community Hospital

Jamey and Roger Mooney, Port Clinton, girl, Sept. 28.

Precious Musgrove, Toledo, girl, Sept. 28.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

KeeOnnia Wright, Toledo, girl, Sept. 27.

Karina and David Claydon, Perrysburg, boy, Sept. 26.

Toledo Hospital

Loleeta Akins, Toledo, girl, Sept. 28.

Amanda Eloff, Toledo, girl, Sept. 29.

Rachelle and David Johnson, Perrysburg, boy, Sept. 28.

April Collins, Toledo, boy, Sept. 28.

Maria and Brian Deiger, Toledo, boy, Sept. 28.

Rebecca and Peter Adamson, Jr., Toledo, girl, Sept. 28.

Lucas County

Aldrich-Ammerman, Isabella, 20 hours, Lemoyne Road, Northwood, respiratory failure.

Bowlby, Betty, 71, Hudson, Mich., hemorrhagic shock.

Bragg, Sheila, 59, Hill Avenue, acute respiratory failure.

Capotosto, Constance, 88, Fullington Road, congestive heart failure.

Drouillard, Stephen, 51, David Drive, suicide.

Gibbings, Marguerite, 84, Sylvania Metamora Road, Sylvania, brain tumor.

Gibson, Edgar, 76, Vassar Drive, renal cell carcinoma.

Gregory, Frankie, 62, Joffre Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Hubay, Verna, 88, Torisdale Court, debility.

James, Joe, 68, Dahlia Drive, hypertension.

Lewis, Rita, 72, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, sepsis.

Owens, Joe, 74, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, end stage renal disease.

Perkins, Craig, 49, Bedford Township, pending.

Presock, Lilly, 67, Burger Street, congestive heart failure.

Ruckreigle, Elizabeth J. aka Betty Jean, 82, 289th Street, cancer.

Thone, Violet, 89, Elmore, Ohio, Alzheimer's disease.

Thornton, John, 18, Rainier Court, Sylvania, accident.

Wadley, Sr., Marvin, 71, Upton Avenue, end stage cardiomyopathy.

Wilson, Lillian, 84, White Oak Drive, staphylococcus aureus pneumonia.

Youngs, Helen, 87, Greenwich, Ohio, respiratory distress.

Ziefle, Irma, 82, Pelham Road, cancer.

Zunk, Jr., Dale, 57, Yorktown Drive, Oregon, pending.

Lucas County

Sept. 25, 2009

Jeffery Cousino, 26, landscaping, and Melisa Postlewait, 27, waitress, both of Erie, Mich.

Celerino Mejia Palacios, 30, construction, and Ramona Salazar, 48, patient hostess, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Hamrick, 28, warehouse, and Kathleen Pfaff, 28, clerical, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Bagi, 25, maintenance, and Greta Wagenknecht, 25, teacher, both of Berkey, Ohio.

Clarence Griewahn, 77, retired, of Jasper, Mich., and Beulah Giberson, 75, retired, of Adrian.

Jorge Edwards, 34, investigator, and Frances Szabo, 36, nurse, both of Toledo.

Sept. 28, 2009

Paul Gilford, 31, door technician, and Nicole Spurlock, 25, cook, both of Toledo.

Bradley Graham, 27, unloader, of Payne, Ohio, and Lori Anderson, 23, sales associate, of Swanton.

Robert Ganss, 47, X-ray technician, of Toledo, and Danielle Jones, 39, medical secretary, of Temperance.

Melvin Brown III, 25, roofer, and Heather Harwell, 24, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Donald Runion, 43, mechanic, and Linda Craley, 40, both of Swanton.

Elisamuel Espinosa, 45, of Holiday, Fla., and Sonia Espinosa, 45, medical biller, of Toledo.

Paul Board, 60, union representative, and Sheila Lancaster, 54, both of Sylvania.

Thomas Stokes, 53, retired, of Flint, Mich., and Dawn Watson, 51, custodial supervisor, of Toledo.

Robert Brewitt, Jr., 61, retired, and Lauren Boyles, 56, school counselor, both of Sylvania.

Felonious assaults

Stephen Majors, assaulted at residence in 3200 block of Cambridge.

Allen Fell, stabbed at residence in 100 block of Bloomfield.

Stephen Binder, assaulted in parking lot in 100 block of South Byrne.

Diane Russell, assaulted at residence at Alvison and Lewis.

David Jasinkowski, fired at in street in unit block of East Streicher.

Mary Jennings, pistol-whipped at apartment complex in 3100 block of Tremainsville.

Boy about 13 years old, cut with knife in street in 2400 block of Warren.

Lynetta Haynes, assaulted at residence in 2000 block of North 14th.

Melva Adams, assaulted at apartment complex in 3700 block of East Manhattan.

Terrance Davis, fired at on porch in 1100 block of Marmion.

Randy Glynn, assaulted in bar in 3000 block of Arlington.

Ryan McCray, assaulted in bar at East Broadway and Oakdale.

Dion Brown, assaulted and fired at in yard in 800 block of Clark.

Marvin Jones, Jr., fired at in street in 600 block of Greene.


Tara Levally, threatened with handgun and robbed of purse with three pay checks, cash, and digital camera on sidewalk at Huron and Lagrange.

Jami Kember, robbed of purse with wallet and cash and fired at in alley at Elgin and Mott.

Chanda McCant, threatened with handgun and robbed of two purses, bank card, cash, two cell phones, keys, and identification cards in street at Utica and Walnut.

Thomas Brant, assaulted and robbed of wallet in street in 900 block of North Huron.

Terrance McClellan, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of cash and cell phone in apartment complex parking lot in unit block of Southard.

Tajah Hollins, assaulted and robbed of cell phone in street in 400 block of Hamilton.

Anthony Pandy, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in backyard in 1500 block of Western.

Anthony Deluna, assaulted by people who tried to rob him in street at West Sylvania and North Lockwood.

Alan Mathis II, assaulted and robbed of wallet, cash, cell phone, flash drive, and identification cards in street at Central and Scottwood.

Jasmine Boyd, assaulted and robbed of purse, with cash, bank cards, and personal checks in bar parking lot in 2100 block of West Laskey.

Elijah Sanchez, assaulted and robbed of cash, iPod, and identification card in street at Broadway and South.

Alexander Boyer, threatened with handgun and robbed of cell phone, cash, and identification cards in street at North Erie and Albany.

Cathy Perkins, threatened with handgun, Maced, and robbed of vehicle, apartment keys, and purse with cash, credit card, checks, and personal papers in street at Hoag and Woodland.


Lynn Stacey, 3500 block of Doyle, eight rims with tires.

Minnie Burney, 1000 block of Pinewood, two televisions and laptop computer.

ProCon Services, Inc., 1400 block of Oak, can of coffee, snacks, cardboard box with change, and tools.

Edward Taylor, 1300 block of Fitchland, furnace/air conditioner, two televisions, dryer, and stove.

Derrick Forest, 2200 block of Whitney, large-screen television, video-game system with 15 games, clothes, tools, and BB caps.

Denise Ponse, 700 block of Reineck, television, metal shed, refrigerator, and stove.

Deserae Stanley, 100 block of Ravine Park Village, DVD player, cable wire, and computer keyboard.

Family Video, 5200 block of North Summit, cash.

Hot Kikx, 4500 block of Monroe, clothes.

Rada Eltatawy, unit block of East Laskey, 50 catalytic converters.

Consaul Food Mart, 2600 block of Consaul, 24 20-pound propane tanks.

James Dimando, 3500 block of Havenhurst, laptop computer, wallet, two cell phones, and purse.

Erica Moore, 1400 block of Brookview, flat-screen television and video-game system.

Leonard Washington, Jr., 1200 block of North Holland-Sylvania, video-game system with three controllers, flat-screen television, and digital camera.

Richard Kahr, 5800 block of Cook, video-game system.

Charles Roberts, 2400 block of Scottwood, 38-caliber revolver and digital camera.

Neighborhood Properties, 1100 block of Warwick, two aluminum awnings.

Jason Van Ryn, 1200 block of North Erie, copper.

Lisa Heard, 900 block of Pinewood, flat-screen television and video-game system with games.

Sherry Locker, 100 block of East Streicher, laptop computer, DVDs, CDs, DVD player, and stereo speakers.

Marsha Degnas, 4800 block of Ryan, jewelry and two sets of keys.

William Seigfreid, 4600 block of Southaire, flat-screen television and video-game system with controller.

Lester Klug, 2200 block of Locust, wallet, check book, and identification cards.

Derrick Carter, 4900 block of Airport, television, video camera, tote box, and laptop computer.

Tiffanee Watson, 1100 block of Norwood, two large-screen televisions, two laptop computers, cash, and jewelry.

Robert Wood, 3300 block of Mayo, speaker, stereo, DVD player, and video camera.

Lakeisha Davis, 4800 block of Ventura, flat-screen television, flat-screen monitor, and computer keyboard.

Catrina Smith, 1900 block of Fredonia, food, book bag with books, and medicine.

Mary Younk, 4400 block of Hill, medicines.

Greenbelt Place Apartments, 800 block of Cherry, computer and monitor.

Christine McGhee, 400 block of El Centro, flat-screen television.

Jeremy Hawkins, 1900 block of West Alexis, two televisions, video camera, and digital camera.

April Carr, 600 block of Ashwood, 6-month-old black-and-white male pit bull puppy.

Vanice Williams, 1400 block of Walnut, costume jewelry.

Robin Paige, 700 block of Sylvester, power sprayer, snow blower, two leaf blowers, and chain saw.

The Pharmacy Counter, 2600 block of West Central, medicines.

Yolanda Herrera, 2900 block of Jermaine, plasma-screen television, laptop computer, video-game system, and jewelry.

Conwella Darrington, 2000 block of Locust, desktop computer with flat-screen monitor, 9mm semiautomatic pistol, and two video-game systems.

Annie McCloud, 1300 block of Fitchland, furnace.

Nicole Crosby, 3800 block of Glendale, jewelry box.

Cassandra Black, 300 block of Champion, medicines.

Harlene Graham, 3500 block of Chase, cash.

Marina Market, 3700 block of North Summit, 10 cans of powdered baby-food formula, 40 cartons of cigarettes, and 16 cell phones.

MacCafe, 4400 block of Talmadge, flat-screen television.

Mike Hockenberger, 2900 block of 123rd, plasma-screen television and jar of change.

Stephanie Farley, 400 block of Arden Place, video-game system, flat-screen television, and jewelry.

Dorothy Hatch, 1000 block of East Manhattan, copper plumbing, computer equipment, and food.

Samuel Magack, 1200 block of Buckingham, four pairs of basketball shoes, four pairs of dress shoes, three suits, and four pairs of jeans.

Maggie Overton, 3300 block of Franklin, copper pipe.

Andrea Hartford, 3800 block of Hazelhurst, cash, plasma-screen television, and jewelry.

Leandean Barber, 1800 block of Wyndhurst, two televisions.

Lachuanna Smith, 1400 block of Palmwood, washer, dryer, stereo entertainment system, baby clothes, bag of diapers, television, and household supplies.

Jasmina Jones, 100 block of West Streicher, video-game system and safe with cash.

Kristopher Godfrey, 400 block of Lapier, two video-game systems with 23 games, DVDs.

Rene Mays, 300 block of East Central, furniture and lamps.

Romairo Wilson, 100 block of Bronson, flat-screen television, video-game system, laptop computer, and camcorder.

Nadja Boadnax, 1400 block of West Woodruff, flat-screen television, two video-game systems with games and controllers, wallet, cash, food stamp card, and identification cards.

Valentine Bowes, 2400 block of Rockspring, television.

Dave Trumbull, 600 block of Saturn, air compressor, cordless drill, miter box, drill/paint mixer, two exhaust hoods, garbage disposal, and movie projectors.

Najwa Pitts, 1600 block of Cone, video-game system, food, and cell phone.

Gail Purdie, 5000 block of Chatsworth, laptop computer.


Maureen Ahrens, check book and wallet with bank card, and identification cards from purse at restaurant in unit block of Main.

Tyree Slater, four chrome rims from vehicle in 3200 block of Glenwood.

Alex Wolfe, three-wheel cycle from front yard in 900 block of Kingston.

Melissa Strohl, debit card from residence in 3100 block of Meadowbrook.

Michael Varguas, copper plumbing from commercial building in 3100 block of Lagrange.

Oliveanna Baumer, debit card from residence in 1100 block of Shirley.

Joe McNamara, laptop computer from vehicle in 4400 block of Secor.

Eric Coleman, wallet with debit card, Social Security card, and health insurance card from vehicle at Summit and Monroe.

Chris Liber, touch-screen DVD player and amplifier from vehicle in 1000 block of North Westwood.

George Fasline, laptop computer, iPod, and CD player with wiring from vehicle in 1000 block of North Westwood.

Timothy Murphy, checks, cash, cell phone, Bible, and keys from vehicle at Reynolds and Heatherdowns.

Jacek Jamrozy, wallet with cash, credit cards, and driver's license from jacket pocket in street at Cherry and Bancroft.

Tim Moore, air compressor from flea market in 5000 block of Lewis.

Anthony Pope, laptop computer, cash, boots, and two pairs of jeans from vehicle in 1000 block of Buckingham.

Andrea Gentry, purse with bank cards, jewelry, and cash from vehicle in 1200 block of West Alexis.

Margaret Purdue, wallet with bank cards and identification cards from vehicle in 4500 block of Heatherdowns.

Doreen Robideauy, jewelry from vehicle in 100 block of Main.

William Steffey, navigation system with stand from vehicle in 1500 block of East Alexis.

Roxanne Wylie, purse with cash, identification cards, and medicine from vehicle in 800 block of West Alexis.

Ann Sekulski, wallet with cash, driver's license, bank card, and identification cards from purse at residence in unit block of Rochelle.

Troy VanDuzen, flat-screen television and drill from vehicle in field in 800 block of Miami.

William Howard, iPod, navigation system, cell phone, brand-name sunglasses, and wallet with credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and cash from vehicle in 2700 block of West Central.

Robert Wise, bag, laptop computer, external hard drive, two memory sticks, and air card from vehicle in 3900 lock of Heatherdowns.

Matthew Walczak, laptop computer from residence in 900 block of Gribbin.

Amanda Ziegler, wallet with debit card and driver's license, truck key from vehicle in 800 block of Warehouse.

Amy Konwinski, wallet with cash, credit cards, and debit card from purse at store in 5200 block of Monroe.

Charles Slates, two rear van doors and cargo area door from vehicle in 4700 block of South.

Raul Rodriguez, four rims with tires from vehicle in 1000 block of Oakdale.

Lucas County

Roy E. Hall and Carolyn J. Hall.

Martice R. Bishop and James L. Bishop.

Heather L. May and Daniel A. Low.

Rosalyn M. Heath and William H. Heath.

Randy N. Warner and Rose M. Warner.

Stacy L. Bell and Douglas D. Bell.

Maria Snodgrass and Harry R. Snodgrass.

Thereas C. Klar and Martin K. Klar.

Michael L. Tillman and Julie M. Tillman.

Mary Jo Archer and Gerald J. Archer.

James K. Sample and Lori Sample.

Nichole A. Vangelder and Christopher A. Vangelder.

Elizabeth J. Borer and William B. Borer.

Margaret A. Duke and David W. Duke.

Lucas County

Robert C. Smith, Jr., from Donna D. Smith.

Eilynn K. Sipe from Stephen P. Camacho.

Stephen P. Camacho from Eilynn K. Sipe.

Sarah Toth from Shaun Mancini.

Duane A. Howe from Pamela E. Howe.

Amber M. Covert from Vincent Covert.

Michael Swiergosz from Barbara Swiergosz.

Barbara Swiergosz from Michael Swiergosz.

Kimmie S. Aubry from Douglas A. Aubry.

Desiree Stewart from Jason Kirkwood, Sr.

Billie J. Null from Christopher J. Null.

Stesha Foster from James King III.

Melissa M. Moore from Robert R. Moore.

Allen Justice from Lukesha Anderson-Justice.

Evangeline M. Boyd from Kenneth D. Boyd.

Kenneth D. Boyd from Evangeline M. Boyd.

Jonathan Martinez from Ami Martinez.

Edwin Nertey-Hervies from Brandy Rouse.

Jamie Lahey from Kristoffer McCown.

Tamiko Shorter from Crysta Shorter.

Teschelle Humphrey from Efrem Smith.

Darla J. Rusmisel from Dale P. Sutton.

Michelle Burkey L. from Shane M. Burkey.

Jean C. Meyer from Rajendra Temaul.

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