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Today's log: 1-22

Bay Park Community Hospital

Alexandra Diaz, Toledo, boy, Jan. 21.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Precious Williams, Toledo, boy, Jan. 19.

St. Luke's Hospital

Karin and Eric Kain, Toledo, girl, Jan. 21.

Toledo Hospital

Elizabeth and Matthew Manges, Toledo, girl, Jan. 20.

Jacqueline Riebe, Oregon, boy, Jan. 20.

Lucas County

Jan. 20, 2010

Kenneth Barker, 20, self employed, and Leah Scouten, 22, cashier, both of Toledo.

Thomas Bentrim, 48, and Melissa Guerra, 33, both of Toledo.

David Boehm, 35, sales manager, and Amy Egan, 40, gardener, both of Toledo.

Jacob Cisneros, 24, steel worker, and Jenna Taylor, 23, both of Toledo.

Joseph Junkins, 19, maintenance worker, and Molly Berman, 20, both of Toledo.

Rabih Ismail, 29, salesman, of Toledo, and Mariam Mahmoud, 19, student, Bras, Brazil.

Jeffrey Pickle, 45, salesman, and Karen Addington, 43, nurse, both of Toledo.

Kevin Schroder, 20, and Heather Worth, 18, both of Toledo.

Lucas County

Adamson-Hoffman, Mary, 54, Freedom Street, anoxic encephalopathy.

Ahrens, Leroy, 62, Anderson Avenue, Maumee, hypertension.

Booth, William, 78, Tiffin, atherosclerotic heart disease.

Carr, Evelyn, 102, Indian Road, atherosclerotic heart disease.

Davis, Ben, Jr., 76, Victory Avenue, acute heart failure.

Gahn, Calvin, 82, Fremont, sepsis.

Green, Betty, 63, Tiffin, anoxic encephalopathy.

Hays, Dora, 82, Bannockburn Drive, bowel infarction.

Henline, Robert, 59, Pemberville, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Hernandez, Julie, 52, Utah Street, pending.

James, Frank, 65, Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, renal cell carcinoma.

Jurski, Martha, 96, Munding Drive, Oregon, emphysema.

Kanthak, Bonnie, 74, Maeterlinck Avenue, cancer.

Kitchen, Rose, 65, Brock Drive, acute myocardial infarction.

Korczak, Tess aka Sr. Mary Anthony, 90, Parkside Boulevard, Alzheimer's disease.

Kott, Richard, 78, Coventry Avenue, hypertension.

Linares, Joseph, 21, West Bancroft Street, homicide.

Mackeown, Laura, 63, South Hampton Drive, Holland, sepsis.

Massey, Kenneth, 54, Detroit, anoxic encephalopathy.

McKinney, Willie, Sr., 69, Denise Drive, sepsis with shock.

Mericle, Roger, 72, Hill Avenue, dementia.

Myers, Holly, 26, Dorr Street, pending.

Newell, Carol, 47, Idaho Street, pending.

Ridley, Josiah, 8, East Central Avenue, metachromatic leukodystrophy.

Rominski, Daniel, 92, East Pearl Street, cardiogenic shock.

Sanders, Gertrude, 94, Norwood Avenue, cancer.

Selwa, Felix, 93, East Manhattan Street, congestive heart failure.

Sheperak, Michael, 80, East Woodside Terrace, severe pneumonia.

Smiczek, Helen, 96, Cass Road, end stage dementia.

Wallace, Ezra, Sr., 95, Scottwood Avenue, acute myocardial infarction.

Felonious assault

Stephen Laraby, assaulted in bar in 3300 block of North Summit.

14-year-old boy, assaulted at bus stop at Oak and Viking.


Little Caesars Pizza, employee pistol-whipped and robbed of cash from cash drawer at restaurant in 2200 block of North Reynolds.

Maletha Hill, 500 block of Lucas, flat-screen television.

James Matthews, 3200 block of North Detroit, handgun, video-game system, cell phone, two digital cameras, two safes with cash, bottle of pennies, medicines, car stereo, and three cell phone chargers.

Jamin Cannon, 300 block of Burger, video camera and two video-game systems with games.

Mary Kowalik, 2200 block of Whitney, television and iPod.

Rayvin Hughes, 1300 block of Shenandoah, computer and DVD player.

Johnny Harper, 4000 block of Heatherdowns, cash.


Ikentina Haynes, 3900 block of Vermaas, health care bag and video-game system with games and accessories.

Calvin Ho, 1500 block of South, jewelry and cash.

Joseph Pozon, 1400 block of Prouty, laptop computer and digital camera.

Theresa Flores, 1500 block of South, black and brown Chihuahua dog.

Neil Blakeman, 3300 block of Maplewood, tools and equipment.

Nancy Sagman, 5500 block of Ryewyck, television, camera, laptop, MP3 player, two cell phones, and wallet/purse with cash and personal papers.

Danielle Mosley, 1400 block of Norwood, flat-screen television, DVD player, clothes, shoes, furniture, and two purses with personal papers.

Raykesha Hicks, 600 block of Avondale, DVD player.

Tonya Solinski, 5700 block of Angola, two televisions.

Charlotte Butler, 1000 block of Woodstock, hot water tank, gas furnace, and freezer.

Wireless Central, 300 block of West Central, cell phones, video games, video game system, and shirt.

Tristan Hernandez, 1300 block of Brooke Park, flat-screen television, DVD player, and converter.

Sandra Stone, 200 block of Ivanhill, laptop computer, jewelry, and video game system with games and controllers.

Ron Isaacson, 1800 block of Arlington, copper pipe.

Will Lyden, 2500 block of Heather Hills, flat-screen television, video game system, and CD player.

Victor Reed, 700 block of Bronson, coat and 38-caliber revolver.

Stephanie Hensely, 4100 block of Commonwealth, television, video-game system with games, cash, and jewelry.

Wendy Clark, 6200 Northview, lock box, cash, and bag with makeup.

Angelo Iagulli, 600 block of Hobart, cash.

Nicole Lavalle, 800 block of Noble, purse with wallet with identification card, cash, and DVDs.

Raquel Lucas, 3600 block of Mayo, furniture, washer, and dryer.

Kellie Santibanez, 500 block of East Central, freezer, stereo system, washing machine, and two speakers.

Osiris Ardrey, 3400 block of Elm, computer.

Darryl Boyd, 400 block of Arcadia, two extendible ladders, gas-fueled generator, box of vinyl/ aluminum siding, and tools.

Christopher Abrams, 3200 Parkwood, computer, modem, and cell phone.

Betty Johnson, 2800 block of Albion, stove, refrigerator, television, and furniture.

Jerrica Papenfuse, 900 block of Byrneport, flat-screen television, piggy bank, and jewelry.

Cristina Rivera, 3500 block of Mayo, large-screen television.

Yusuf Malik, 1700 block of Pilgrim, laptop, cell phone, and video games.


Christine Connally, purse with wallet, cash, gift card, and jewelry from mall in 5000 block of Monroe.

Katherine Lucas, purse with cash, checkbook, and wallet with personal documents from restaurant in 3000 block of North Summit.

Nicole Howe, cash, bank card, and jewelry from vehicle in 1400 block of South Reynolds.

Sandra Kovach, purse with credit cards, cash, checkbook, cell phone, iPod, medicine, Bible, and personal papers from vehicle in 4000 block of Talmadge.

April Pendleton, purse with cash, check, debit card, and planner from vehicle in unit block of East Hudson.

Stacey Scharf, purse/wallet with credit cards, checkbook, savings book, and cell phone from vehicle in 4600 block of Heatherdowns.

Jessica Parks, purse with wallet, bank cards, food stamp card, jewelry, and cell phone from vehicle at North Summit and Bush.

Leigh Kakaty, cash, iPod, car charger, and suitcase with contents from vehicle in 3400 block of Middlesex.

Mark Robinson, wallet with debit card and credit card from YWCA locker in 1500 block of North Superior.

Eric Gray, jewelry and shaver from residence in 300 block of Crittenden.

Victoria Spain, purse with credit cards, check book, and personal documents from vehicle in 3000 block of Arlington.

Jordon Parrish, two shotguns and rifle from residence in 900 block of Searles.

Keyanna Wyley, cable television equipment from residence in 1200 block of North Superior.

Jay Swanson, speaker box, toolbox, and MP3 player from vehicle in 3300 block of West Alexis.

Badri Davish, brown/black/white Yorkshire Terrier from grocery store in 300 block of Main.

Ritchie Lindley, video-game system with controllers and games from residence in 600 block of Thomas.

Carole Licata, washer and dryer from residence in 5800 block of East Benalex.

Juan Vasquez, video-game system with controllers and games from residence in 1600 block of Brooke Park.

Lucas County

Cheryl Jagodzinski from James Jagodzinski.

Barbara A. Dietze from Hans I. Boer ner.

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